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FBI Trap Trial for the Blind

FBI Trap Trial for the Blind

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Published by mary eng

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Published by: mary eng on Jul 16, 2013
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FBI Trap Trial for the Blind

for tiresias now clearly the blind were leading the blind now in 1998 bill siesser got me a job as an assistant for a blind woman, estelle condra, a heroic actress and teacher and writer---who was using technologies to keep her work pace in high motion. text to speech. sometimes i helped her with her mnuscripts. other times i did silly things like pick up a lobster bisque in hillsboro village. all in all, i was tremendously moved by her adherence to her own dignity, integrity. moved. so now, a funny thing happened to me this year. i fell in love with a blind boy benjamen pickering, also a portland police brutality victim. what one must understand that blindness in one eye is not just 50% blindness, but more like 70% blindness with the loss of depth perception and spatial limitations. Not to mention the crushing effects of Traumatic brain Injury, and that's before the skull-crushers of the Portland Police come along to bash blindey. so never would i expect to be looking the portland police ineptitude in the face again. the horror story of a car fire accident victim being enguled in flames and then tasered by police---a story which i read on portland indy media in 2005 or 2006 sent me running again from alphabet town. now truly. what is fascinating about the lowbrow lowball ineptitude of the FBI is that now they can in some ways race the Portland Police for the bottom. so while portland Police will beat a blind boy, "scrubbing" his blind eye across the ground as they smash his head beset by a grievous Traumatic Brain Injury and subsequent coma and blindness and a host of maladies . . . well . . . it is rather fanciful---and grotesquely tragic---to imagine the FBI Trap Trial for the Blind. you see what is so fortunate for my friend---who was designated "special education" prior to the horrific blinding accident at age 10----is that by virtue of his blindness and dyslexia---or rather the severe head pain he gets upon attempting to read---the Portland Police merely elected to smash his head, bruise and maim his blind eye, and nearly gouge out his right seeing eye---whilst if he were given an FBI Trap Trial for the Blind he might have got agent provocateur violence coaching to blow stuff up in Braille or via books on Tape, or some such. Why doesn't the FBI want blind or vision impaired FBI Trap Trial victims? Much as the FBI fails to provide equality of Fake Bomb Acccessibility to Women and Girls, the FBI fails to provide equality of access to fake bombs to the blind in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

now don't get me started on their predation on medically vulnerable teens and suicidal youth.  that's obviously messed up. So if the FBI is going to Pre-select for suicidal thoughts, drug addiction, social isolation, past history of psychosis, etc, to launch an FBI Fake Bomb Trap Trial Extravaganza---they might as well start putting it in Braille of Accessible Formats for Vision Impaired and other Special Needs. There is an Ap for that. No, dog. sorry. So when the Portland Police are taking potshots at the Blind beating them in nondescript trailer park tavern locations near the Nude Girls establishments on Sandy 8800 block, i just wonder why the JTTF doesn't get involved with the Portland Police Barbarians and start giving them a "How to Build a Fake Bomb in Braille" books for Total Counterterrorism Effectiveness predation on the Medically Vulnerable---so the public can know how big and manly the FBI is on any given day---to not just sit around smashing the cracked skulls of blind kids, but actually turn around a blind kid and turn him into a Pimped-out FBI Fake Bomb Show superstar like any or all of their Fake Bomb Extravanganzas making lotsa dough up at DC's famous Senior Center called Senate Intelligence Committee. Now i am just kidding. Sadly my sarcasm burns with the fury of Michael Hastings' Mercedes. Now---i often wonder about the small town realpolitk of the FBI Bomb-Pushers and their Bomb-Pusher Welfare Recipients and assorted contrarians and wonder how many of them secretly work for the Whitey Mob or the KGB etc. At the end of the day, we are still the blind leading the blind. and by now, the broke leading the broke, as sixpence none the richer, Ransom told me "tell them what they are doing wrong" and i say, by Jove Super-entrapment of the Ultra-vulnerable. das ist schlecht they'll have FBI Trap Trials in Braille in no time, at this rate, god willing. eng, mary rose lenore for hellen keller 15 july 2013 happy birthday bill siesser chief bromden in our 1990's adaptation of one flew over the cuckoo's under bart weitman of montgomery bell academy

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