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Customer Number Skips

Customer Number Skips

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Published by Muthu Gnansekaran
Oracle Apps AR Customer Number Skips
Oracle Apps AR Customer Number Skips

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Published by: Muthu Gnansekaran on Jul 16, 2013
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Customer Number Skips: Customer Number may skip when the automatic numbering for the customer is ON.

This is because of Sequence used for customer number automatic which has a default cache of 20. Sequence Name: HZ_ACCOUNT_NUM_S The database might skip sequence numbers if you choose to cache a set of sequence numbers. For example, when an instance abnormally shuts down (for example, when an instance failure occurs or a SHUTDOWN ABORT statement is issued), sequence numbers that have been cached but not used are lost. Also, sequence numbers that have been used but not saved are lost as well. The database might also skip cached sequence numbers after an export and import. In order to avoid skipping of sequence, you can set the cache to 0 or nocache in sequence. Below query will give the details of the sequence used. SELECT sequence_owner ,sequence_name, increment_by, cache_size ,last_number FROM dba_sequences seq WHERE seq.sequence_name like 'HZ_ACCOUNT_NUM_S' ; The cache_size should be zero in the above query. If not, alter the sequence to set it for 0. ALTER SEQUENCE AR.HZ_ACCOUNT_NUM_S nocache; COMMIT; If you want to restart the sequence with some other number as already your sequence is skipped. You have to drop the sequence and create with the new start value as below drop sequence hz_account_num_s; --Alter sequence for no cache and start with numbers. CREATE SEQUENCE hz_account_num_s INCREMENT BY 1 START WITH (Start number you want) MINVALUE 1 MAXVALUE 999999999999999999999999999 NOCYCLE NOORDER NOCACHE / -- Grants for Sequence GRANT ALTER ON hz_account_num_s TO apps WITH GRANT OPTION / GRANT SELECT ON hz_account_num_s TO apps WITH GRANT OPTION / Reference:  Customer Number Skips When Automatic Customer Numbering On [ID 397212.1]  Oracle Database administrator Guide – Sequence

If you have any queries you can get clarified at appsexplorer@gmail. or any other tool to modify Oracle Applications tables. Oracle Data Browser.com . database triggers. unless we tell you to do so in our guides.Note: Oracle STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you never use SQL*Plus.

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