"sao không có bác nào tr? l?i câu h?i c?a em v?y, em th?y c?

u hình 2/2/2 , 4/4/4 nhung khi t ruy?n d?n b?ng viba xài páolink c?a nec thì RBS dó ch? xài có 1 lu?ng E1, v?y thì ch? truy?n c có 30 kênh tho?i cho dù xài c?u hình 2/2/2 hay 4/4/4, v?y thì nâng c?u hình t? 2/2/2 sang 4 4 dâu có tang dc dung lu?ng mà 30 k6enh / lu?ng E1 dã xài, em nghi là mu?n tang dung luong t hì ch? ta9ng lu?ng E1 là d?,'Ðúng không các bác" M?t lu?ng E1 b?n có 32 TS, tuong ?ng v?i m?i TS b?n có t?c d? 64kbps. M?t TRX b?n có 8 TS t?c d? m?i TS là 16kbps nhu v?y c? 2 TS trên lu?ng E1 b?n s? ghép du?c 8 TS c?a 1 TRX. Ngoài ra, m?i m?t TRX thì c?n có m?t TS dành cho O&M vì v?y 1 lu?ng E1 b?n ch? có th? p h?c v? t?i da 12TRX (dây là tru?ng h?p không s? d?ng mux các TS TCH cho tho?i n?u b?n s? d?ng mux thì có th? tang du?c s? lu?ng TRX lên nhung bù l?i ch?t lu?ng tho?i s? kém di). T? lý thuy?t trên b?n s? tính toán tang s? lu?ng TRX khi nào và tang lu?ng E1 khi nào! Tems video Ericsson TEMS CellPlanner | 445 MB ------------- Tems 10.0.5 crack Ericsson TEMS CellPlanner | 445 MB Motorolla GSM video training --------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------- or%20Tilt,VSWR,Wavelenth,dbm%20to%20Watt%20Converter ilt ----------------------- dio%20interfaces%20&%20Protocols NEMO Analyzer 6.0 and NEMO Outdoor 6.0 is ready. TEMS Discovery 4.0 Professional

which is pretty standard. http://www. nh?ng chân còn l?i ko s? d?ng Causes of using Negative DC voltage & -48 V DC: (i) Positive voltage courses comparatively more corrosion in metal then Negative voltage (ii) Negative voltage is safer for human body while doing Telecom activities (iii) Thundering may cause positive voltage in the equipment circuit. It's the highest. safest compromise voltage to ru n over long wires.http://vntelecom. In the cas e negative voltage (Lack of electrons) neutralizes positive charges and protects producing heat (iv) Negative voltage is safer for long telephone line for transmitting power tr ough it (v) A standard lead-acid battery provides This number corresponds to 8 of th (fermale) 3 2 5 ? dây mình dang dùng t? A9100.bandwidthers.php?t=3588 http://forum. cách d?u dây nhu sau: COM 9 (male) . Negative voltage is used so that leakage currents to ground c aused by moisture do not electroplate away the copper in the Cáp COM 2 3 5 d?u dây log vào BTS Alcatel Evolium (male) .COM 9 (female) 5 5 2 3 3 2 7 6 6 7 Ð?t (Grd) Ð?t (Grd) T?t c? s? d?ng 6 chân (tuong du?c v?i 6 s?i dây Lan).php?t=962 Dear all this is a Great&recommended course for all BSS_RF_Optimization_Drive Te sting engineers this course was from "MOTOROLA" on a Swindon training center so you can estimate the value of this documents The course content: 1-Chapter_1 BSS-Overview 2-Chapter_2 BSSC2 Op-Theory 3-Chapter_3 BSSC3 Op-Theory 4-Chapter_4 Horizonmacro Op-Theory 5-Chapter_5 HM O-D 6 6-Chapter_6 HM O-D 12 7-Chapter_7 HM Digital and RF Modules 8-Chapter_8 HM RF Configuration 9-Chapter_9 Horizon II Macro 10-Chapter_10 HII Outdoor 11-Chapter_11 HII Mini 12-Chapter_12 Horizonmicro2 13-Chapter_13 Equipment Appreciation 14-Chapter_14 BSS Software 15-Chapter_15 Customer MMI overview 16-Preface .

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