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$$ fh ᥠbgÇat®f mUsháíl 2002bjhl§f¥ bg w fha¤âÇ Ô®¤j« ekJ gFâÆY«, , R W¥òw gFâÆY« gy FL«g§f , j§fsJ K ndh®fË ïW⢠rl§Ffis br tnd br a cjÉfukhf c sJ. j©Ù® trâ, R¤jkhd ïltrâf rl§Ffis br a gh¤âu§f M»ait ïU¥gjh , 13 eh fhÇa§f rÇtu el¡f trâahf c sJ. flªj m¡nlhg® 2-« njâ (2.10.2008) áuh®¤j§f k£L« br a trâahf Ô®¤j ïl¤ij mL¤J áuh®¤j§f k£L« br a trâahf $ r§fuh Ah $ uhkhD#® Ah / $ kh¤th¢rhÇah® Ah M»ait Jt§f¥ bg W, gy® áuh®¤j§fis br J tU» wd®. áuh®¤j k©lg« k W« fha¤Ç Ô®¤j« M»ait gyuJ MjuthY«, bgÇnah®fË MáahY« mika¥ bg W sJ. ïitf ahî« KoªjhY« ï D« áy gÂf gh¡» c sd. ekJ ïl¤â F tUtj fhd rÇahd ghij k W« guhkÇ¥ò¥gÂf M»ait Ko¡f nt©o ïU¥gjh e bfhilf tunt f¥gL» wd. %.2000/- k w« mj F nkY« bfhL¥gt®f bga®, bga® gyiffË bgh¿¡f¥gL«. $ fha¤Ç rhÇlã ouÞ£ jdJ mL¤j Ka áahd Kânah® ï y« gÂf Jt¡» c sJ. 21.9.2008 m W $$ fh ᥠbgÇat®f ï¥gÂfis Jt¡» it¤J sd®. ïj F« Û©L« c§fsJ nkyhd Mjuití« e bfhilfisí« vâ®gh®¡»nwh«. Ú§f bfhL¡F« x¤JiH¥ò jh v§fS¡F KG gykhf c sJ. nk T¿a gÂfS¡F bfhL¡F« e bfhilfS«, ãw ciH¥òfS«, kdjhY«, brayhY« MjutË¥gJ«, c§fsJ th É gyÉj K nd w§fis V gL¤J« v gJ bgÇnah®f th¡F . Mfnt $ fha¤Ç rhÇlã ouÞ£ nkY« gy gÂfis br J rKjha¤â F bjh©lh ¿l c§fsJ MjuÉid nt©L» nwh«. D/D. m yJ fhnrhiyf $ fha¤Ç rhÇlã ouÞ£ bgu«ó® v w bgaÇ ÞÕ£ nghÞ£ _y« mD¥gî« mD¥g nt©oa KftÇ 7, ghuâ nuhL, bgu«ó®, br id. e bfhilfS¡F 80G, tÇÉy¡F c©L. áuh®j fhÇa§fS¡F« k‰W« ã¤U fhÇa§fS¡F« mQf nt©oa v©. 044 25585151. fhiy 7.00 k Kjš kâa« 2.00 k tiu. m‹g®fŸ mË¡F« e‹bfhilfS¡F cÇa uÓâid bg‰W¡ bfhŸSkhW nf£L¡ bfhŸs¥gL»‹wd®.

MáÇa®. lh¡l®. N. gunkÞtu M.D

MARCH 2013

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Gayatri Speaks

March 2013

The budget for the next year presented by the finance minister has nothing for the common man to cheer about. The relief is that, given the financial mess that our country is in he has spared the middle class from taxing more. But the hike in, fuel prices and the service taxes keep hitting the middle and the low income hard. The indirect taxes paid by the middle and the low income group to the government is huge. There should be a thought on sparing certain essential items from service Tax. The Finance Minister has decided that eating in an air conditioned restaurant is a luxury which is rather harsh on people who live in a hot country like India. Ordinary eateries should be spared from service Tax which would benefit a majority of working class people. In this regard the idea low priced canteens introduced by the chief Minister of Tamilnadu is laudable and is worthy of emulation on a National scale. We only hope that the good quality food that is being provided now is maintained even when the number of such canteens increase enormously. The Sexual abuse cases seem to be on the rise which is a disturbing trend. What is more worrying is the fact that many youngsters do not feel ashamed of being tagged as a rowdy element. It was painfully surprising that amongst the lower economic strata this tag of a rowdy gave him the aura of a leader who was feared by his fellow men. It would be prudent to analyse the mental make up of men who commit crimes to ascertain and to correct their mindset which will go a long way in reducing crimes in future. The success of the Indian cricket Team is heartening with many youngsters performing creditably. But we should also admit that this Australian team is one of the weaker teams to tour India/ Yet winning matches should boost the sagging morale of Indian cricket. The Italians who were arrested for the killing of two Indian Fishermen were granted permission to leave India for a specific purpose and were ordered to be back in India. But now in a surprise move the govt. of Italy has refused to send them back to India as promised by them in the Supreme Court of India. This seems to be a serious violation and the Govt. of India should do all in its command to bring back the booked Italians to India. It might even be stretched to the extent of snapping of ties with Italy. We must show our strength in times of crisis.

$ fha¤Ç bgu«ó® rhÇl㟠ouÞ£,
$ fha¤Ç rhÇl㟠ouÞ£o‹ khjhªâu¡ T£l« 07-04-2013, PhƉW¡»Hik khiy 6.00 k msÉš eilbgW«. ïl« : $ ehuhazh e®Ì§ nAh«, bgu«ó®, br‹id - 600 011.

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26.03.2013 nAhÈ g©oif /g§FÅ c¤âu« 11.04.2013 ífhâ g©oif /bjY§F tUõ¥ ãw¥ò 14.04.2013 jÄœ tUl¥ ãw¥ò

rªjhjhu®f j§f Éyhr§fË VnjD« kh w« ïUªjh g¤âÇif mYtyf¤â F¤ jgh _y« bjÇÉ¡f nt©L»nwh«.

Dr. N. PARAMESWARAN, M.D., Physician & Director

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8/7, Bharathi Road, Perambur, Chennai - 600 011. Tel. : 25514625 Res.: 2550 4550

Engineer / Builders & Flat Promoters G-4, Asian Peace Homes, No.5, Veerapandian Nagar, 4th West Street,Choolaimedu, Chennai - 600 094.
fh¤ahÆÅ kAhnjÉ kAhkhna knA¢tÇ [®t k§fs kh§fšna Ìnt [®th®¤j [hânf eªjnfhg [&jnfhg [&j« njÉ« gâ« nk jhJk®AÌ ru©na ¤ua«gnf bfsÇ ehuha enkhÞJnj.


Cell : 9444231601

No:62, KKR AVENUE, PERAMBUR, CHENNAI -11. PH : 044 -32456844, 044-45561861, 044-45561851
Gayatri Speaks March 2013 Page 2

We are pleased to announce that we have an email address for easy communication. All members are requested to make use of the same Email ID : gayathri trust Website : gayatri Matrimonial Advertisements can be seen in our website
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g§FÅ c¤âu áw¥òfŸ
ÓjhnjÉia kz« br j ehS« g§FÅ c¤âu¤ âUeh M»wJ. uâÆ nt©LjY¡F ïz§» k kjid átbgUkh vG¥ã¤jªj eh g§FÅ c¤âu« v gjh ïªeh nAhÈ v D« fhk g©oif v W« ngh w¥gL»wJ. kAhghuj« m®#&d ãwªj âd« g§FÅ c¤âu« v W TWtJ k£Lk yhk m®#&dD¡fhf mt _y« cyF¡F« Ñij »il¤jij ngh W« ehshfî« g§FÅ c¤âu« áw¥ò bgW» wJ. át r¡ânjÉia fu« ão¤j eh g§FÅ c¤âu e dh vd Mfk§f bjÇÉ¡» wd. vdnt gy áthya§fË âU¡f ahz c rt§f át gh®tâ¡F el¤j¥gL« c rt§fshf mik» wJ. $u§f¤âY«, $ É È¥ò¤öÇY« eilbgW« g§FÅ¥ bgUÉHh¡f ïiwtÅ fUizia xUÃiy¥gL¤Jtjhf mik» wJ. rgÇí« c¤âuK«: rgÇkiy rh°jh Ia¥g mtjhu âd« g§FÅ c¤âu« v gjh rgÇkiyÆ Muh£LÉHh v D« Ô®¤jthÇ Ãf ¢á Äfî« ÉkÇirahf eilbgW» wJ. ïiwt Úuh£l¥gL« eâÆ ehK« Úuhodh òÅj¥gL¤j¥ gL» nwh«. gy Mya§fË eilbgW« g§FÅ ãu«nkh rt§f ekJ fyhrhu g©òfisí«, e« ehfÇf¤ j ikí« ek¡F« cyF¡F« bjÇÉ¥gjhf mik» wd. FU tÊghL: g§FÅ khj¤â F c©lhd jÅ¢áw¥ò e«ik x W glit¥gjhf mik» wJ. g§FÅ c¤âu« gy FL«g§fË Fy bj t§fis njo¢ br W tÊgL« e dhshf mik» wJ. g§FÅ c ¤ â u « m W e h « e « Fybj t§fis tÊgl cfªj ehshf mik» wJ. ïªehË ekJ Fybj t nfhÉ fS¡F br W tÊghL
Page 3

Old Age Home - Architect's view
Sri Gayatri Charitable Trust, Perambur with the blessings of Almighty and of the Acharyas is engaged in social service activities in and around Perambur for nearly a decade. Lakshmi Srinivasarao Viridhdhasramam - home for the aged is under construction at Manavur, a small town sandwitched between the holy places of Thiruvallore and Thiruvalankadu, famous vaishnavite and saivite places respectively. The inaugural construction work was blessed by Kanchi Kamakoti Peedathipathi His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal on 21-09-2008 and we are desirous of dedicating the home for the aged by the end of year 2012. The Phase I of the project has already been completed and was inaugurated by Mrs Lakshmi Srinivasarao on 4th September 2009. The tenements are to be constructed according to the needs of the inmates, self sufficient one bed room apartments (Around 400 Sq. ft. Area) and a large dormitary which will accomodate around 20 persons. The complex will have a common Kitchen cum Dining hall where only vegetarian food of high quality will be served. ALibrary and a
Gayatri Speaks

recreation hall to be built will be of an added value to the inmates. Regular medical attention to the inmates will also be provided. The Sathyanarayana temple at the head of the complex will be the place of religious activities that will bring tranquility, psychological comfort and spirituality to the inmates. A Gosala and kitchen garden will be added attractions. The approximate cost of single bed room appartment will be around 5 lacs per unit. The cost of construction of the dormitory will be around Rs. 30 Lacs. Donors names will be inscribed for donation over Rs. 2000 and rooms will be named after the Donor for Rs. 1.5 lakhs. Tax Exemption under 80G is available. The Donors are requested to send the donations by cheque / DD in favour of (Sri Gayatri Charitable Trust, Perambur) by speed post. All communications may be addressed to “The Home for aged” Sri Gayatri Charitable Trust, 8/7, Bharathi Road, Perambur, Chennai - 11. Ph : 25514625, 26703676, 26457295. With the divine blessings of the almighty and with the support of the public we are hopeful of completing the project ahead of schedule. Trustees
Page 10

M©o Ãiwthd khjkhf tU« g§FÅ khj« FL«g x Wikia cUth¡F« òÅj khjkhf mik» wJ. g§FÅ khj¤â c¤âu e£r¤âuK«, b g s ® z Ä í « n r U « e h e£r¤âu¤jh bgs ®zÄÆ gy TLjyhf mikí« ehshf mik» wJ. x bthU khj¤â bgs®zÄ bt ntW áw¥òfis ek¡F jUtjhf mik» wJ.mâ g§FÅ bgs®zÄ FL«g x Wikia cz®¤J« ehshf miktJ jÅ¢áw¥ò. bghJthf g§FÅ c¤âu« vd e£r¤âu¤J¡F áw¥ò jU« bgs®zÄ eh v wîl midtuJ c sK« Föfy« mila¡ fhuz« KUfD¡F ÉHh vL¡F« eh v w áw¥ig bgWtnj. jÄ flî KUfÅ Mya§f mid¤J« ÉHh nfhy« milí« âd« v W k£Lnk gy® m¿ªJ it¤âU¥ngh«. ïªehË jh bj t¤ âUkz§f eilbg W sJ v W e k J ò u h z § f e k ¡ F bjËîgL¤J» wd. vdnt jh g§FÅ khj¤â e« FL«g§fË â U k z r l § F f i s e h « el¤Jtâ iy. ï¢áw¥òÄF g§FÅ c¤âu« e dh tU»w 26ªnjâ (br th »Hik) m W tU» wJ, bjŒt¤âUkz§fŸ: g§FÅ c¤âu¤ âUeh M©lh eh¢áah® $u§f k diu fu«ão¤j eh MF«. ïJnghynt uhk®
Gayatri Speaks

March 2013

March 2013

br tJ e« Fy« áw¡f cjî» wJ. eh« e«Fy bj t§fis ïªj ehË br W tÊghL br jh ekJ _jhijaÇ gÇóuz Máf ek¡F »il¡» wJ. mJ k£Lkh ï W ïU¡F« gugu¥ghd N ÃiyÆ eh« ah® vj fhf ãwªâU¡» nwh« v nw ek¡F òÇtâ iy vd òy«ò» nwh«. e« Fybj t¡ nfhÉY¡F br tj _y« ekJ brhªj§f v¤jid y£r« ng®, mt®f th ªJ tU« N Ãiyf , mt®f br J tU« r_f, M Ûf gÂfis bjǪJ bfh tj _y«, ekJ Fy k¡fË áw¥òfisí« brhªj§fisí« bjǪJ bfh S« th ¥ò« »il¥gjh ntiy th ¥ã cjÉ, âUkz gªj§fis Égu§f bjǪJ e« r_f¤Jl ïiza vd Fybj t tÊghL ek¡F e« Fy áw¥igí«, bgUikiaí« cz®¤J« e y ehshf g§FÅ c¤âu« mik» wJ. âUkz °jy« KUf¥ bgUkhÅ mtjhu neh¡fkhd Nuid r«Ahu« br jj fhd gÇrhf ïªâu j kf bj thidia KUfD¡F kz« Ko¤J¤jªj eh g§FÅ c¤âu« m Wjh v gjh ï¤âUkz« e l ª j â U ¥ g u § F w « KUf¥bgUkhÅ mWgil å£o jŤj ik bg wjhf mik» wJ. ï§F eilbGW« âU¡f ahz c rt« fhQ« ng ¿id midtU« bgW« t©znk mid¤J Mya§fËY« KUf¥bgUkhD¡F âU¡f ahz c rt« el¤j¥g£L ïiwtÅ gÇóuz fUiz midtU¡F« »il¡F«goahf br a¥gL» wJ. mL¤J tU« á¤âiu khj« m¡»ÅÆ j ikia mâf¥gL¤J« v gij NÇaÅ e£r¤âukhd c¤âu¤â mnuh muh nghL«nghJ« m¡»Å¤ jh¡f¤â ïUªJ e« Fy¤ijí« KjÈ e«ikí« fh¤J¡ bfh s mnuh muh vD« ghJfh¥ò tisa¤ij ek¡F xU khj« K ghf mik¤J¡ bfh©L th th§F thH
Gayatri Speaks

tÊ tF¡» wJ g§fÅ c¤âu«. Éuj gy‹fŸ: g§FÅ c¤âu¤â F Kªija ehË ïUªJ Éujkhf ïUªJ ekJ Fy¡nfhÉ fS¡F br W tÊgl nt©L«. e«kh Md cjÉia tajhdt®fS¡F br tj _y« bgÇat®fË gÇ óuz Máf e«ik thH it¡F«. bj t¤âUkz§fis jÇá¥gnj e« å£o k§fs ÉHh¡f el¡f nt©oaij eh« áªâ¥gj fhf mikªjitf MF« . ïªj âUkz c rt¤ây fyªJ bfh©L ïiwtid jÇá¡f âUkz« TotU«. ïiwt mtjǤj Muh£L ÉHh¡fis ï W Ãid¥gj _y« FHªij gh¡»a« c©lhF«. g§FÅ c¤âu« Éuj« ïUªJ ehuhazid y£RÄnjÉ milªjij¥ngh e« å£L bg©f fil ão¡F« Éuj¤â _y« t whj br t« c©lhF«. fiykf ãu«khit milªj eh g§FÅ c¤âu« v gjh ïªehË FHªijf Mya« br W tz§Ftj _y« f ÉÆ áw¥ig bgWth®f . f Éí« br tK« nr®tj _y« áwªj bjhÊ mâg®fshfî«, áwªj ntiyia bgWgt®fshfî« eh« mik» nwh«. yhg« bgUF«, ëkâ bjhlU«, c¤nahf ca®î, f ÉÆ nk ik vd mid¤J nahfK« »il¥gJl brhªj§fË mDruizí« mikªJ FL«g x Wikíl , FL«g ghu«gÇa x Wikí« c©lhF«. mWgil åLfŸ: g§FÅ c¤âu« gHÅ, âU¢brªö®, âU¥gu§F w«, RthÄkiy ngh w mWgil åLf k W« v©f , á¡» ngh w KUf Mya§fË Äf Ék®irahf eilbgW» wJ. átf§if kht£l« F w¡FoÆ eilbgW« k¢r¡fhto, nrt fhto, f gf¡ fhto cyf¥ ãu¤â bg wJ, vdnt eh« e«_® mU» c s KUf nfhÉ fË br W g§FÅ c¤âu« e dhË ïiwtid tz§» e ikf bgWnth«.
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m¿ªJ«Tl mt® ÛJ bfh©l nfhg¤jh vH¡Tl ï iy âUkhiy tz§f¢ brh »whnu v w nfhg« jh mJ FUî« mij bgÇjhf vL¤J¡ bfh sÉ iy. Mdh átbgUkhD¡F nfhg« tªJÉ£lJ jdJ m ã FÇa g¡j v W Tl gh®¡fhk fhfò#©l® FUî¡F kÇahij br ahjt vdJ g¡jdhf ïU¡f jFâÆ yhjt Ú ïJtiu #ã¤j kªâu§fË gyid ïHªj É£lh âUkhiy kâ¡F«go, FU brh dij Ú V ¿U¡f nt©L« nkY« nfhg¤â fhuzkhf FUÉ F kÇahijTl brY¤j jt¿É£lh FUÉ F kÇahij brY¤jhj Ú gyfhy« ïªj óÄÆ g¤jhÆu« ãwÉfS¡F Fiwahk ãw¥gh euf ntjid mDgÉ¥gh v wh®. mrßÇahf xȤj ïªj Fu nf£L fhfò#©l® eL§» É£lh® FUÉl« k Å¥ò nf£lh® FUî« ò#©l® ÛJ m ò bfh©L átbgUkhid tz§» rhgÉnkhrd« jU«go nf£lh® FUÉ kÅjhãkhd« f©L k» ªj át , g¤jhÆu« ãwÉfis MÆu« ãwÉfshf Fiw¤jh®. ãwÉfis vL¤jhY« ãwÉ¡FÇa J g§f vJî« mQfhJ v W«, jh V fdnt th¡F bfhL¤jij¥ nghy cyfnk mʪjhY« fhfò#©l mÊa kh£lh v W« th¡fˤjh® ï¥go 999 ãwÉfis vL¤J Ko¤j

fhfò#©l®, filáahf xU mªjzÇ å£o ãwªjh®. mªj ãwÉÆ j Kªija ght¤â F gÇfhukhf uhkg¡juhf kh¿dh® uhkid¡ fhz jt« br jh®. fhf tobtL¤J uhkid gy cyf§fËY« njo miyªjh®. mt® br w cyf§fË v yh« gy m òj§fis Ãf ¤âdh®. rJu»Ç kiy¡F¢ br w fhfò#©l®, nghfÇ Ól®f áyiu jdJ Ól®fsh¡»¡ bfh©lh®. Nunrd v w Ól , fh£o gH« g¿¤J¡ bfh©oUªjnghJ xU Éõ¡fÅia jtWjyhf rh¥ã£L ïwªjh . mtid, ehf jhÈ v w _Èifia¡ bfh©L cÆ®bgw¢ br jh®. ï¥go gy m òj§fis¢ br jh® cyf« gyKiw mʪjnghJ mij c¢áÆ ïUªJ gh®¤jt® fhfò#©l® f®¥g¤â ïU¡F« FHªij Mzh, bg©zh v gij f©Lão¡F« Éj¤ijí« j£gbt¥g Ãiy khWj fisí« g ¿ mt® áy ü fË brh ÉÆU¡»wh® e£r¤ju§fË mÉ£l¤â F brhªj¡fhu® fhfò#©l® xU áy® fhfò#©lnu átdhU¡F mÉ£l e£r¤âukhf kh¿dh® v W« brh » wd® jdJ filá¡ fhy¤ij fhfò#©l® âU¢áÆY s ciwôÇ fʤjjhfî« m§nfna rkhâahdjhfî« brh »wh®f .

The family of Mr. KRR Rao from Perambur have donated an Ambulance to Sri Gayatri charitable trust for rendering service to the people of North Chennai at affordable cost. The Ambulance has been pressed in to service from 14.4.2011 any one in need of an ambulance may please contact 25514625.
Gayatri Speaks March 2013 Page 9

March 2013

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g¡ânyh f ¤ â ãukh©l eld Ãf ¢á e l ª J bfh©oUª j J r ¡ â fz§f Mdªj¡f Ë ¥ ã ïUªjd® mªje l d ¤ i j r ¡ â n y h f ¤ â ï U ª J mid¥gwitfS« uá¤J¥ gh®¤J, mití« mt®fSl nr®ªJ eldkhod átD« gh®tâí« ïªj eld¤ij¡ f©L k» ¢áíl ïUªj ntisÆ átÅ jiyÆY s rªâuÅ fiy x W fhfkhf tobtL¤jJ mªj fhf« m§»Uªj m d¥gwitfË mH» yƤjJ VjhtJ xU m d¤Jl cwî it¤J¡ bfh©lh v d v W v ÂaJ Ãid¤jJ nghynt xU m d¤ij miH¡f mJî« fhf¤Jl cwî bfh©lJ mªj m d« m¥nghnj f®¥gkilªJ 21 K£ilfis ï£lJ mâ ïUªJ 20 m d§fS« xU fhfK« cUthÆd mªj fhfnk kÅj %g« bg w fhf ò#©l® v D« á¤juhf kh¿aJ Ãid¤j neu¤ây fhfkhf kh¿ÉL« r¡âí« ïªj á¤jU¡F ïUªjJ thÇÎ v D« KÅt® ÛJ fztid ïHªj bg© xU¤â fhj bfh©lh KÅt® mtis¢ rã¤J É£lh®. fztid ïHªj ÃiyÆ ï bdhUt ÛJ eh£l« bfh©ljh c tÆ ¿ xU FHªij ãw¥gjhf; vd brh È É£lh® ïj go mªj¥bg© xU M©FHªijia¥ bg wh mªj
Gayatri Speaks

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Gayatri Speaks

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February 2013

March 2013

jir ò¤â el¥ã c st®f . 12 nfJ mik¥ò¥ bg wt®f , ehfnjhõ«, fhyr®¥gnjhõ«, nfJ Ú¢r« Mdt®f , v â Ç f s h b j h i y i a mDgÉ¥gt®f , ó®åf¤â ãu¢id c st®f , Vt , ã È, NÅa« ït wh ghâ¥ò mDgÉ¥gt®f , ïªj $ brh®zhf®õz igutiu tÊgl ãu¢idf ÔU«. $brh®zhf®õz igut® tÊghL $ nfJ gfthÅ Mâ¡f¤â kiw bghUshf c sd. ïªj etigut_®¤â fis tÊgLtjh NÇa Kjyhd et¡nfh fË »uf njhõ§f , jilf Ú§F«. $etigutU¡F¢ br í« ói#ahf« ngh w it$et¡»uA§fS¡F¢ br wilí« v gJ rh°âu r«gªjkhF«. nkY« mZlyºÄf j§fËl¤â bghU nt©o ãuh®¤â¡F« m g®fS¡F¥ bghU jUtj fhf mZlyºÄf midtU« $ igut_®¤âÆl« bghU nt©o ãuh®¤â¡» wd®. vdnt, et¡»uAnjhõ§f Ú§FtJ k£LÄ ¿ mZly£rÄ flh£rK« igut tÊgh£o _y« »il¡F«. Mfnt et¡»uA njhõ§f Ú§» ëkâ V gl, âUkzgh¡»a«, ò¤âugh¡»a«, br t«, òf , muáa , bt ¿, Mnuh¡»a«, f É, bjhÊ K nd w«, ntiyth ¥ò, gjÉ ca®î milj ngh wit $igut tÊgh£lh »il¡F«. m‹djhdk»ik: jhd¤â áwªj f®zid¥ g ¿a gy fijfË

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Sri Gayatri
Oh Mother Gayathri Lay at Thy Lotus Feet, to Grace me for ever Despite my efforts sincere pale into insignificance all over So long my goddess stay beside me, at the moment next or move in a bit No fear at all, for me to steadfast stand, so well and be fit. Gayatri Devl’s power divine, spread all over the universe Her hymn sacred touched to the heart, swell within converse Faith in fathom deep over her, extol in spiritual fervour And at last breath, to reach in peace at eternal bower. The very name of Gayathri, touch of music melodious indicate Her song mystic repeated synchronise with intrinsic, delicate Armoured well equipped, ever she be shield to the devotee true What else one need to earn ever lasting peace as well too? Legal luminary like justice VRK Iyer’s stress on avoidance of Death penalty For every human created by God and by himself only mortal end Ghastly Almost world all over dead against capital punishment Many year of confinement, scope for convicts turn more of refinement. V. Srinivasan
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Gayatri Speaks

bgu«ó® v‹w bgaU¡F fhnrhiy a h f n t h / g z k h f n t h / tiunahiyahfnth j§fshš ca®ªjg£r« Koªj e‹bfhilfŸ mË¡f nt©L»nwh«. %. 2000¤â‰F nkš mË¥gtÇ‹ bga® fšbt£oš gâ¡f¥gL«. j§fË‹ âUkz ehŸ, ãwªjehŸ, ã¤Uâd« M»aitfËš Kânah® ïšy¤âš cŸst®fS¡F áw¥ò czî mˤâl ehbsh‹W¡F %. 2000/-åj« ÉU¥gKŸst®fŸ tH§f nfhU»nwh«. - îth»fŸ
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