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Pg in Public Relations an Advertising

Pg in Public Relations an Advertising

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Post Graduation In Relation And AD
Post Graduation In Relation And AD

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Published by: Kush Tripathi on Jul 16, 2013
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(One Year P.G. Diploma Program)


       Public-Crowd-Mob-Audience-Mass. Relations-Behavioral Science-Organizational Behavior. Public Relations: Introduction, Background, Definitions, concept, scope, Public Relations- Propaganda, Advertisement, Publicity, Public Opinion, Marketing, Laisioning, Lobbying, Campaign, Promotion. P.R, Model of PR change process. Common misconceptions about PR, Ten components of systematic approach to PR problem solving, Checklist of PR, SWOT analysis of PR in the present changing scenario. Corporate PR. Basic Knowledge of the following terms for successful and effective PR person: Understanding self, Self Esteem, Effective Listening, Patience, Conquest of anger, Negotiation power for win, Behavioral adjustment, Motivation Capability, Leadership quality, Body language, Positive thinking in any circumstances, Team spirit, Dealing with conflict, Instincts, Human Learning, Personality, Attitude, Belief, Reason, Will, Knowledge of Mass Behavior and crowd psychology, Prejudice, Rumors, Stereotypes, sensory process and perception, emotions, Ambiguity.

    

Structure of Public Relations Department. Budgeting of PR. PR Agencies. PR publications: Newsletter, House Journal, Brochure, Leaflets, Pamphlets, Booklets, Manuals, Annual Reports, Handbills, Sticker, and posters. Writing for PR: Press Release, Press note, Handout, Feature, Articles, Speech writing, special speech, Tips of writing of writing for expert and Top management of the organization, Background materials, citizen charter of the organization, creative writing, report writing, Agenda and Minutes of the meeting, Scheduling and handling of press Conference, Press get-together, Press Meet, Checklist of Press kit. PR tools and techniques. PR and Media Relations,


 

 Types of communication: Intrapersonal communication. PR.  Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communication. Fashion show. HRD and public relations: Complementary role. Defamation. Organizational communication pattern in any organization: downward communication. crisis communication. sports. workshops. Interactive communication. oral and written communication. Seven C’s of effective communication. reaction to crisis. Sponsored events. PR and Press Council. 2).  Crisis Management: Predictable and unpredictable crisis. conference. trade fair. Tours etc. Counseling. Personal stage 3). The relationship between individual and organization stress. coping with stress. more than just debunking the damage. PR consultancy: Pros and Cons. Interpersonal communication /face-to-face communication. crisis situations. Music and cultural programmes. meetings.  Convergence Model of communication. Theme dinner. Official Secret Act 1923 Copyright Act 1957. Discussion on opinion survey of PR in Public and Private enterprises. PAPER-II PR Management & Advertising Unit-I  Event Management: Exhibitions. Contempt of court .  Time Management & Stress Management. Evaluation. post crisis communication. upward communication. Unit-II PR LAWS: PR code of ethics. Phatic stage. Press Registration of Book Act 1867. Marketing PR (MPR). Seminars. Intimate Stage  Group community and Mass communication.       Unit-III Corporate Governance: The Transparency Mantra of PR. Unit-IV Elements of communication process. three stages of interpersonal communication: 1).Research. Feedback: The art of giving. Marriage. Out of adversity. and horizontal communication.

deciding on the media. Effects on values and lifestyles. Nature and content of Advertising. reference group . concept of market and classification of market The importance of knowing consumer target group Consumer motivation process: Family influence. Origin and evolution of advertising History & development of Advertising Types of Advertising Characteristics of Advertising Advertising and Society A structuring of the issue.Unit-III Introduction –Definition. AAAI Unit -IV Developing and Managing in Advertising Programme Selling the Advertising objectives. functions. Remedies Ethics in Advertising Advertising AgencyTypes of agency. deciding on the Advertising Budget. Advertising and competition. societies influence. & scope Agency client relations. structure. roles. opinion Leader’s influence. Apex organizations: DAVP. ISA. Evaluating Advertising effectiveness Advertising and marketing. INS. Economic effects of advertising. Meaning concept. Choosing the Advertising message.

V. Desire. Graphic designer. Presenter. life style. Musical etc. Action. Blocks to creativity Models of Creativity: Roger von model. straight announcement. Copy Basic mechanics of storyboard development Formats for Radio and T. Analyzing consumer markets and buying Behaviours. Dummy etc. Illustrators. Planning and advertising campaigns: market research.Paper III Advertising Production & Creativity Unit I The creation of Advertisements Creativity in advertising. Demonstration. Western culture v/s Indian culture Cross-national differences in culture and consumer behaviour Global branding and positioning. James Young Model Role of Advertising Artist for print: Art director. Types of Headlines and body copy Unit-III Writing Effective Radio Copy Writing Effective T. Photographers etc Use of Layouts for print the print design process: Thumbnail. advertisements. animation. Interest. consumer analysis Measuring effectiveness of advertising campaign Unit-IV The globalization of markets. animation techniques Media planning and scheduling Consumer Behaviour Consumer attitude and interest .V. Rough. Testimonial. Advertising Pyramid Brain Storming: Idea generation. Big Idea Transforming Concepts (Idea) in to copy Unit II Basics of Advertising copy writing Copy Platform. Graham Wallas model. Style of Thinking: Fact v/s Value based thinking Creative Pyramid: Attention. credibility. computer in creating. product research. Commercials: Slice of life.

8). 6). 3). Preparation of citizen’s charter of L.Write three adv. Copy for social advertisement. 7). Paper -V Practical/Viva-Voce 1).IV Dissertation Each student will prepare dissertation to develop their own critical perspectives on recent developments in Pubic relations practices and advertising in consultation with the concerned faculty member of the department. 4). 2).U. 5). Production of House Journal.Write three radio jingles (60 sec. Preparation of Five Press Releases. Production of Newsletter by the students. Organize the press conference.Paper. Write a Feature as advised by the concerned teacher.) .

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