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Crm Initatives by Hotel Taj

Crm Initatives by Hotel Taj

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Published by: Devika Johar on Jul 16, 2013
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In the coming years, Hotel Taj will see growth through the addition of 80 Luxury Residences at theTaj Wellington Mews, Mumbai, as well as rooms added atTaj Lands End, MumbaiandTaj West End, Bangalore.The Taj Lands Endis a hotel built with a capacity of 500 rooms with an additional 50,000 sq. ft. approximately that is yet to be built. Hotel Taj will reach this capacity over the next two years, which will include adding rooms and developing high-end offices or retail space created in the new 50, 000 sq. ft. block.Taj West Endwill have approximately 175 rooms added to it over the next two years. Associate companies viz. Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts Limited and Oriental Hotels Limited are also in the process of setting up properties in Chandigarh and Bangalore respectively, which would add to the properties under the Taj group. Taj groups has secured two management contracts for a high end luxury resort and an upmarket resort in Kovalam, Kerala. Both the hotels are under construction and will open in the current financialyear.

Taj group successfully launched the Taj Spa in theTaj Mahal Palace & Tower, Mumbaiand is in the process of launching Spas in a number of hotels. These will be a combination of Day and Destination Spas of international standards, with a unique treatment menu developed by the Taj. They will be the first and one of a kind - Indian Spa. Spas are being planned inTaj Wellington Mews, MumbaiandTaj Lands End, Mumbai. The Spas being rolled out in the key properties will be state-of-the-art, having areas in excess of 10,000-12,000 sq. feet.

Ginger Hotels
Taj group is in the process of rolling out its Smart Basics hotels, under the brand name "Ginger". The first prototype has been launched in June 2004 in Bangalore, with roll out being planned in a number of cities and towns subsequently. These hotels will cater to the economy or 'value for money' segment and being predominantly domestic clientele based, are far less prone to fluctuations than the luxury and upscale segments. In the long run, this segment will help in derisking the current revenue stream of the company.

Brand Architecture
Taj is in the process of clearly defining the product and service standards in order to have consistency across properties under each brand. This will help in further enhancing the brand value of Taj. Brand value builds customer loyalty and is one of the approaches of building customer relationship.

Product Upgradation
Hotel taj continues to invest in renovation and relaunch of key / brand defining properties. In the last financial year Taj upgraded rooms at theTaj Mahal Palace & Tower, MumbaiandTaj West End, BangaloreThe lobby and public areas ofTaj Lake Palace, UdaipurandRambagh Palace, Jaipurwere also renovated to provide a luxurious sense of arrival. The Sea Lounge and Harbour Bar atTaj Mahal

Service Excellence In the last few years Taj has undertaken a number of steps to significantly enhance service levels to be in line with the best in class and to build superior customer relation.Taj conducted Internal Assessments based on the Tata Business Excellence Model for Luxury. Taj has also completely revamped its Concierge services. Bangalore. has at its core. Some of the key initiatives deployed across key hotels of the Taj group to enhance customer relation in the year 2003-04 are: Raising the bar in terms of product & service quality: In order to raise the standards of service & product quality to international levels. MumbaiandTaj West End. Leisure. The rooms atTaj President. The Centers of Excellence have been strengthened considerably to train staff to meet the exacting standards of a truly luxury hotel. the properties are being relaunched to be at par with international level upscale hotels. Mumbai. JaipurandTaj Holiday Village. action plans to improve processes which finally impact the overall organizational effectiveness. Business SBUs as well as for Taj SATS Air Catering Limited. which is to be facilitated by Tata Quality Management Services.Palace & Tower. while a new Vietnamese restaurant 'Blue Ginger' was opened inTaj West End. Bangalorehave emerged as the price leaders in the respective cities. Based on the External Assessment (2003) feedback report and the feedback from the Internal Assessment. In the coming year taj intends to open a number of F&B outlets by celebrity Chefs with international cuisine. Mumbaiwas relaunched. Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) will play a significant role in raising the bar of service provided. The TBEM has been rolled out in all the three hotel divisions and will be rolled out to the international properties also. BangaloreThe renovated products and the new outlets were very well received in the market. . including butler services in its luxury properties. Goaare being renovated and relaunched. have been drawn out and worked upon. processes and culture.Jai Mahal Palace. The Luxury Division has also applied for External Assessment. Taj has taken a number of steps to provide highly personalized service to the discerning customer. In the upscale segment. In order to take care of the entire stay experience. delivery through our people. Taj has constantly benchmarked itself with the key international luxury chains and strived to raise the bar.Taj Residency. Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) In order to intensify the drive for Business Excellence. taj has benchmarked & gauged the performance against international luxury and super-luxury hotels and has upgraded its standards. Taj's service excellence philosophy. The renovated rooms atTaj Mahal Palace & Tower.

In-room dining. They have launched the concierge service. Chambers and several other operational areas. which did not meet brand standards. resulted in a net inflow of Rs. being managed jointly with McKinsey & Company. Rollout of the Customer Feedback System (CFS) The CFS was launched in November 2003 and has taken root in 30 hotels across Taj group. Purchase. All the SBU scorecards are aligned with the corporate scorecard. In addition. 37. Corporate Restructuring In order to make Taj leaner and carry brand standards across domestic and international properties. Engineering. so as to make the corporate setup leaner and more agile. Such restructuring. The feedback from all sources gets recorded and aggregated and analyzed to improve the service quality in areas of concern at each of the hotels. Chiplun. The focus of the TOP team for the next few . and car hire service in key hotels of the group. The key focus of BSC is to build strategy that will help in retaining and building customer relationship. taj sold the Gateway Riverview Lodge. Feedback is not restricted to only guest difficulties (complaints) but also consists of compliments and suggestions.25 crores. Till date. This has resulted in a steep change in service levels beside increasing the overall customer experience.The customer feed back is used to deliver excellent services to the customer. The key strategic objectives are captured in the BSC and cascaded across the units & departments. Mini-bar. It is the primary and sole customer feedback system of the group. in the previous year. Business and Leisure divisions. has made significant progress since its inception in July 2002. Reinforcement of the use of the Balanced Scorecard The use of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) has been strengthened across the organization. the TOP team has been working with a cross functional team to develop a strategy for maximising revenues from key corporate accounts. the International division was merged with the Luxury.000 pieces of customer feedback. as well as the HR & Sales & Marketing scorecard. Banquets. The programme has identified improvement ideas across areas like Rooms. We also continue to restructure the balance sheet and reduce the number of under performing / non-performing assets. It is used as the key strategy deployment tool.Introduction of international best practices Taj group is using the expertise of international consultants and domain experts who work in different functional and operational areas in order to introduce world-class practices. TOP Taj's operational improvement programme. The programme's main focus is to improve customer relationship and providing superior services to the customer. the system has clocked around 12. In the last financial year. The feedback would ultimately be used for product planning as well. Wines. butler service. TOP (Total Overdrive for Profits).

In addition. Result: Using a laptop. a guest can log on to the Internet from anywhere in the hotel.months will be in ensuring that all identified improvement ideas are fully implemented.Taj is running an updated website to support customer services. Website helps in providing quick and easy services to the customer which results in customer delight. reserve rooms in advance. the profile pops up at the reception desk with multilevel information and the hotel is ready to take care of the customer's needs and choices. In a unique development. hotels often become a second home. The customers can book rooms. Each time a frequent traveller checks in.com/doc/40000878/CRM-TAJ-ppt . So top-end hotels are investing heavily on systems that help them look after their customers better. Sms services . check status of reservations etc. a comprehensive back office system. Some of the key IT initiatives being under taken by IHCL are Orion.scribd. Taj has introduced wireless broadband solutions �Wireless Fidelity (WiFi)�for its guests. Taj group has today achieved domestic leadership in deploying IT to leverage its competencies and is rapidly approaching benchmarks set by international highly regarded chains. Interactive TV Systems and National Call Center. Customer database . Whenever the hotel receives a call in the absence of the guest. with a view to enhancing customer services through customer information and recognition systems and better inventory management. Website . especially with the help of the customers' history with them. Other customer focus services WIFI -For business travellers. the team will continue to focus on cost areas and address new areas like restaurant revenues and capital expenditures. This is one of the most important strategies to build customer relationship. The first three phases of implementation of the IT strategy included putting in place the physical infrastructure across the Taj Group and getting customer relationship applications to ride on this physical infrastructure. This will help a business traveler keep track of the missed calls and act on important ones while away from the hotel. the message from the caller will be passed on to the guest through SMS.The hotel is also planning to introduce an SMS service.Taj Hotels have created databases of customers' history�on stay information and profile which sit on a centralised server connected to each of the locations. http://www. arrange parties. implementing Revenue Management system. IT initiatives From a situation in 1999 where there was limited IT application. It enhances the customer experience each time the customer book a room in Taj.

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