Final e-Portfolio & Portfolio Essay – Ingram 2013

e-Portfolio (Weebly)
What To Include  Final Drafts (embedded) o High School Literacy Narrative o Genre Study Assignment o Midterm o Portfolio Essay  Your Blog (all 5 posts)  3 Process Work artifacts (any drafts, pre-writing or brainstorming, etc that shows your writing process)  2 Feedback artifacts (feedback that you’ve given and/or received that helped you improve your writing)  2 Writer’s Notebook artifacts (anything from your notebook that was important to your learning in the course)  1 ―wild card‖ (any artifact that was integral to your learning in the course that you’d like to highlight) You can organize your Weebly site however you’d like. What to keep in mind as you organize:  Your Portfolio Essay (final draft) should be the first thing, or one of the first things, your readers can find, since it is the explanation of your e-Portfolio.  You want your site to be navigable and easy to use. Readers typically ―read‖ websites from left to right and from top to bottom.  Captions, pictures, and overall design can help you convey information and emphasize your main points.

Portfolio Essay
You probably can’t write a thorough Portfolio Essay in less than 5 pages (MLA format). Audience = Me, your teacher. However, during the process of compiling your portfolio and writing this essay, you will find that you are also your audience. As you work, you will learn a lot about your learning in this class and will work through the best ways to articulate that for yourself and for me. Purposes =  Explain the organization of your e-Portfolio.  Explain how each piece of your portfolio contributed to your learning in the course.  Analyze & Explain how your writing has grown. This requires quoting from your work to show me— not just tell me—about your experiences with writing this semester.  Explain the grade you deserve, based on what you’ve presented and according to the e-Portfolio grade scale (as seen on the syllabus).

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