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Calendar of Rites

Calendar of Rites

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Published by Xavier Sa
calendario de ritos
calendario de ritos

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Published by: Xavier Sa on Jul 16, 2013
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February 14 Disting April 27 Heathen Reclamation - This is a brand new observance and as far as we k now, we are the first

organization to officially observe this day. On April 27th in the year 2250 of the Runic Era (2000 C.E.) for the first time in almost 1000 years a Heathen Rite was held at the ruins of the Old Uppsala temple, the site of the last known Heathen Temple. One of the members of our organization was pre sent at this historic event. We believe this day is an extremely important day f or Heathenism in general and in remembrance intend to celebrate this event each year on this day.. April 30 Valpurga Night: - Normally celebrated in conjunction with May day. May 1 May Day: - Celebrated in conjunction with Valpurga Night and a celebratio n of life in general. June 21 Midsummer: - Perhaps the most important blot of the year. The All-Thing was often held at this time. October 13-15 Winter Nights: - A blessing in which the Blessing of the Dises is performed. Blessings for the Alfs can also be performed at this time. December 20-31 Yule-Tide: - The Yule tide blessings includes Mothernight on the 20th and The festival of Yule and the oath boar on the 31st. December 24 Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson (died December 24, 1994). This is a day or r emembrance in which we remember Sveinbjorn by raising a horn in his memory. He w as the first Asatru leader to get the religion legally recognized in Iceland, in the mid-80s.

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