JLT 8404

Flexible Vehicle Computer
The JLT8404 is a flexible vehicle computer with everything built-in, and rugged enough to withstand the tough conditions when docked in a vehicle. It handles vibrations, shock, temperature variations and poor power supply, while still offering all the benefits of a tablet. JLT8404 is the perfect tool inside and outside the vehicle. The JLT8404 comes with the powerful Atom N270 processor at 1.6GHz and can be equipped with 2GB RAM, perfect for Windows 7. Furthermore you can order your 8404 with integrated GPS.

Storage temp. SWEDEN Phone: +46 470 53 03 00 Fax: +46 470 445 29 Email: info@jltmobile. Connector sealing Humidity Dust and water Vibration Shock -20°C to 50° C -30°C to 70° C Rubber plug for ports 10 . 16. 32 or 64GB Operating Systems Windows Windows XP Pro Windows 7 Pro RF Options Radio WLAN 802.11b/g Bluetooth v2. GPS and 3G Physical Characteristics 260 mm (w) x 198mm (h) x 43 mm (d) Weight: 1.com www. 450 Nits Resistive 4-wire Touch Screen Power Supply Input Battery Power Consumption 9-21 VDC Battery 44Wh. SE-118 26 Stockholm.com/8404 JLT Mobile Computers AB Head Office: Isbjörnsvägen 3.com . max 30W Storage PATA SATA HD 80GB automotive SSD 8.JLT8404 Product Specification Base unit Processor Memory Display Intel Atom 1. SE-352 45 Växjö. Plan 8. SWEDEN Sales Office: Medborgarplatsen 3.0 + EDR Class 1 GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA (Optional) GPS Antennas Built-in GPS (Optional) Integrated antennas for WLAN.500 Hz/4. 7.9 kg Environment Operating temp.6GHz N270 2GB DDR2 8.0 Speakers Waterproof stereo speakers HD Audio Accessories 90W AC/DC Vehicle Dock JLT: Care™ Service Level Agreement Ball joint mount Screen Protector www.jltmobile.5 g RMS 3 hours X Y Z (non-rotating disks) 30 g for 11 ms (non-rotating disks) Interfaces Ports 1 x Docking Connector 1 x Ethernet 10/100 1 x USB 2.4” SVGA 800x600.jltmobile.4V Hot swappable 5W Standby / 15W idle.95% RH IP65 5 . Bluetooth.

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