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Legends of Poker (Event 30) Open Face Chinese Poker

Legends of Poker (Event 30) Open Face Chinese Poker

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Published by The Bicycle Casino
$1,100 Buy-in ($1,000 Prize Pool / $100 Entry Fees). Each player starts with 20,000 in tournament chips. Players must present their Bicycle Casino Rewards Club Card to register
$1,100 Buy-in ($1,000 Prize Pool / $100 Entry Fees). Each player starts with 20,000 in tournament chips. Players must present their Bicycle Casino Rewards Club Card to register

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Published by: The Bicycle Casino on Jul 16, 2013
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Open Face Chinese Poker – Event #30

Monday, September 2nd, 2013 @ 4 pm Registration open until approx. 4:45 pm or when all available seats are sold, which ever comes first. $1,100 Buy-in ($1,000 Prize Pool / $100 Entry Fees) Each player starts with 20,000 in tournament chips. Players must present their Bicycle Casino Reward card to register. Level Kondition Royalties 1 100 Top Kondition Middle Kondition 2 200 66 1 Trips 2 3 300 77 2 Straight 4 4 400 88 3 Flush 8 5 500 99 4 Full House 12 6 700 TT 5 Quads 20 7 1,000 JJ 6 Straight Flush 30 8 1,500 QQ 7 Royal Flush 50 9 2,000 KK 8 10 3,000 AA 9 Bottom Kondition K will increase as needed 222 10 Striaght 2 333 11 Flush 4 Level Kondition 444 12 Full House 6 1 200 555 13 Quads 10 2 300 666 14 Straight Flush 15 3 400 777 15 Royal Flush 25 4 500 888 16 5 700 999 17 6 1,000 TTT 18 7 1,500 JJJ 19 No Fantasyland 8 2,000 QQQ 20 9 3,000 KKK 21 10 4,000 AAA 22 K will increase as needed
Round 2 Round 1
Levels will change every 8 hands. There will be a 15-minute break every 90 minutes.

Table Draw scheduled for 4:05 pm

Open Face Chinese Poker – Event #30
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1. Dealing: All players will receive five initial cards, starting from the left of the button and they will each place their cards in turn in their front, middle, or back. Each player shows the setting of his/her starting five cards, beginning with the player to the left of the button. Then each player gets one card at a time and continues until each player has a 13 card Chinese Poker hand, with 3 cards in the front, five in the middle, and five in the back. If the table is 5 handed, the button will sit out. 2. Scoring: Players will compare each of their three sub-hands (front, middle, back) to each of the other players. One point is awarded to the player who wins each comparison. If a player wins all three hands against another player, he is awarded three (3) extra points for the scoop. Players are responsible for counting, assistance will be given when asked. 3. Foul Hand: A hand is considered fouled if the front is a higher-ranking poker hand than the middle or back, or if the middle hand ranking is higher than the back. A fouled hand will lose six (6) points per players and have to pay all subsequent bonuses. 4. Unplayed hand: A player who does not start a hand, will automatically lose three (3) points to each player in that hand, but will not have to pay all subsequent bonuses on that hand. The unplayed-hand will not be exposed, and the remaining 8 cards will be pitched face down and not be exposed. 5. Missing Card: It is a player’s responsibility to protect their hand, if it is discovered that a player has missed a street, they will have a fouled hand and will lose accordingly. 6. Deserted Hand/Penalty: A player who deserts his hand in the middle of a hand, or is on penalty, will have a fouled hand and will lose 6 points per player plus all bonuses. The deserted hand will continue to be dealt in, and all cards will be exposed. A penalized hand will not be exposed. 7. Bonuses: Bonuses only count in non-fouled hands. Bonuses will countermand any other bonus for the same segment (i.e. Player A has a flush in their bottom, Player b has a full house in their bottom, Player B will receive 1 point for winning that hand, and 2 more points for their bonus). 8. Paying Out: Pays begin from the left of the button. Players may not win or lose more than what they began the hand with. In cases of short stacks, chips that are won are separated, and the remaining chips are used for comparing against the remaining players (i.e. If a player has 10 rd points worth of chips, and he scoops the player to the left of the button, gets scooped by the next player, and wins 1 point from the 3 player. He’ll get 6 points from the first player, but only lose his remaining 4 points worth of chips that haven’t gotten action. He will pay off the remaining 4 chips and end the hand with 12 points worth of chips. There will be no action for third Player). 9. Calling the Clock: Any player may call the clock after 30 seconds have lapsed. The slower player will be given 30 seconds to act (20 seconds, then a 10 second count down). If no action is taken by that time, the card will be placed in the front-most sub-hand that does not immediately fouled the hand. 10. Card Placement: A players first 5 cards can be placed face up and be put in any open spot. Once a card is placed and released, it cannot be moved. 11. Late Registration: Late Registrants will start with an adjust stack of 3 point loss per hand dealt. 12. Boxed Cards: A boxed card is treated as a piece of paper, except when the game is four-handed, in that case, the round of cards will be dealt and the boxed card will then be shuffled into the stub. If the boxed card occurs during the final round, the player will have to keep that card. 13. Shootout Format: Chips will carry forward from round to round. Round 1 will play down to 2 players. Round 2 will begin at 7:30 pm or 20 minutes after the last table in Round 1 ends, which ever comes first. Round 2 will play down to a winner. Round 2 will be bracketed by chip count. Round 3 will begin at 11 pm or 20 minutes after the last table in Round 2 ends, which ever comes first. Round 3 players will begin with 500 point Konditions. Players in Round 3 will be in the money.

# of Players Places Paid 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 1 2 3 4 5 100% 65% 50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 30% 25% 20% 15% 15% 10% 10% 10%

$3 from every $100 in the prize pool will be withheld for an administration fee. The Bicycle Casino and/or The Tournament Directors Association govern all tournament rules. The Bicycle Casino reserves the right to revise, suspend, cancel, or modify tournament events at its sole discretion and without prior notice within the parameters of GEGA-00451. Management decisions are final. For tournament updates visit The Bicycle Casino’s website at www.theBike.com or follow us on Facebook.com/BicycleCasino Twitter.com/Bicycle Casino YouTube.com/TheBicycleCasino. Follow Tournament Director Mo Fathipour @MoTheBikeTD on Twitter for more tournament updates.

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