HD Doctor for Seagate Tutorial:How to view P list, T list, G list respectively by instructions V1, V2, V4 in CMD mode

Step 1: Get your HDD and our console connected well, then launch the program until it shows "Ready". Next, go to HDD Load Management tab to click “From the HDD” to retrieve the related HDD info. See Figure 1.

Figure 1

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See Figure 2.com Tech Support: support@salvationdata.salvationdata. Figure 2 Copyright © 2007 SalvationDATA Technology. Inc.com Phone: (+86) 28 68107757 Fax: (+86) 28 6837680 2 .laura@salvationdata.pat@salvationdata. click “CMD mode” to trigger a full screen window opened.com Sales: sales.Step 2: Go to Other Operations tab. All Rights Reserved Website:http://www.com sales.

then you can view the P list Input V2 (note: V is a capital letter). otherwise you'll get "NO VALID CERT CODE DETECTED" Error. All Rights Reserved Website:http://www. press enter. you can view G list The result shows as follow: Figure 3 Created by Tac Copyright © 2007 SalvationDATA Technology.pat@salvationdata. press enter. you can view T list Input V3 (note: V is a capital letter). Ctrl+Z to get a T> prompt.laura@salvationdata.salvationdata.com sales.com Tech Support: support@salvationdata.Step 3: In CMD mode. Input V1 (note: V is a capital letter).com Sales: sales. Inc. press enter. Ctrl+R to load CERT mod.com Phone: (+86) 28 68107757 Fax: (+86) 28 6837680 3 . do the following procedures: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Click “OFF” button then the “ON” button at the top.

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