Kareyce Fotso Can you tell me a bit abot your history with music?

A long long time ago where I grew up in Cameroun, there was a lot of music around. In the area I grew people played a lot of music. When I was a kid there were no musicians in my family. I started music by myself in school. But many young people in my country started playing together. First performance was when I was around seventeen years. It was during the “Fete de la Jeunesse”. It was during a cultural week. It was January of last year we started to work. We were brought together by our producers. This project started about 6 years ago. This is the third edition. We have compositions that we try to do with a new feeling. We all work together. Last May we performed in West Africa and the USA in June. And we are going to continue touring. How is it possible to mix all of this stuff up? All of us come from Africa. And Africa, in general has something in common. And mixing it up is the charm of the project. There are rhythms coming from Ivory Coast. I am not a teacher of Cameroonian music. It’s all about sharing and enriching our music. It’s not about teaching each other; it’s sharing. They will see happy African women. They will see Africa that sings. Africa that wins. It will be women who take charge on stage. Courageous women. They will see cultural diversity. It’s up to us to show another side of Africa. In general, in Africa, we see women as second class citizens. We will show women as first class. This is an Africa that takes charge. Women who have something to show. Future? We want to inspire women to pick up a guitar, to sit down at a drum set. There are women where we are from that are doing this. I hope that the project will continue with other African women.

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