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I Get So Lonely

I Get So Lonely

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Published by Amy Dabalos
Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson

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Published by: Amy Dabalos on Jul 17, 2013
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I Get Lonely

Bass & Drums

Janet Jackson

D m7

B maj7

? 4 .. b 4

œ œ œ ‰ œ œ J œ


G m7

œ ‰ œ œ œ œ J œ

j œ œ œ ‰ œ œ œ

E m7

A m7




To infinity and beyond.

"I Get Lonely" [CHORUS: (2x)] I get so lonely Can't let just anybody hold me You are the one that lives in me, my dear Want no one but you V1 Sittin here with my tears All alone with my fears I'm wonderin if I have to do Withoutcha But there's no reason why I feel asleep late last night Cryin like a newborn child Holdin myself close Pretendin my arms are yours I want no one but you [CHORUS (2x)] V2 I still remember to the day In fact is was a 3rd Monday You came along to be the one for me Now I'm alone Sittin here by the phone Call and say that you're okay So that I'll have the chance To beg you to stay I want no one but you [CHORUS (4x)] Gonna break it down Break it down, break it down Gotta break it down Break it down, break it down Whoa

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