I can be a pet One breed would be a Clydesdale I canter a lot.

Messy mud I like I have a big, weird, round nose I eat like a pig. I’m a type of bird I have a massive nose I am pretty big. I’m found in the cold I have the strongest of bites I attack in packs.
I’m from USA I’m fury and I have ears I live in a cave.

Cobras and Tigers It can live in the desert It slithers around. I am sneaky and I like meat and I’m yellow I am endangered. I live in the sea I have no legs and have fins I love to swim lots. Lives in the desert I have two lumps on my back I can carry things.

I run really fast Lives mainly in Africa I have orange fur.
I eat red apples I live in paddocks on farms You can ride on me.

I live in the sea I am very small or big I have tentacles.

Lives in the jungle Preys on other animals It plays all day long.

I live in a tree I eat eucalyptus leaves I carry my baby.

I am very tall I am super fast and brown People can ride me.