Conversation class 1 introduction

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Where were you born? How did you get your name? What can you remember about elementary school? Do you remember your first boyfriend or girlfriend? What is your best memory of childhood? Have you lived in many different places? What was a good decision you made? What would you change about your life if you could? What's the best thing that happened to you recently? What is the motto of your life?
Do you wish you lived in another country? Why? Do you wish you were the opposite sex? Why? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? How is your way to study?

Games: Never Have I ever. Conversation Class 2 University Life

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Do you think cars/motorcycles should be banned from university? What do you think, about traffic jam around UB? What do you think about parking ticket? Do you agree or not? Why? What do you think about canteen? What do you think about your classes? (facilities, the lecturer, the room, etc? What do you think about organization in college?
Which do you prefer more, morning or afternoon classes? Why?

The cost of university education is becoming very expensive in many countries. How can we make the cost of education more affordable to the general public? Games: Spelling Bee Presentation tips and trick

Conversation Class 3 Presentation Idol / Re Model The presentation is about each person’s idol. Presentation is just 5 minutes, every person in group should make their own presentation.

Case : Conversation Class 5 Discussion mass Media Conversation Class 6 News Anchor Show the video of the news anchor (download it in youtube. CNN. Hansen Andersen (for story telling) Conversation Class 7 Story Telling Conversation Class 8 movies -ask about the movies. BBC.Conversation Class 4 Debate -Globalization Debate rules Globalization. ABC. etc) -General : -Crime -Politics -Sport -Showbiz Grimm Brothers. hohohoho .

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