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Letter to Provost Cauce from petition signer. 7.15.13

Letter to Provost Cauce from petition signer. 7.15.13

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Published by: huskies4fairness on Jul 17, 2013
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Email I sent to Dean Cauce: Dear Dean Cauce: I am one of the people who signed the change.

org petition, and I have worked as a parole board-certified sponsor with ex-felons who are in work release in the Seattle area. For over twenty years. Two of the men I worked with were sex offenders, so I happen to know that is not just Level 3 offenders who have to register, but all sex offenders, including Levels 1 and 2, So the net that you're about to throw out is going to be much wider than you assume. One of the men I worked with, who now counts me as a family member, was in Washington prisons at a time when prisoners could still take classes and earn two year degrees. He had finished his two year program, and I assisted him in applying to WSU, where he was subsequently accepted and graduated with a degree in Computer Science. But I know that he has a very, very difficult time talking about that part of his past, or what it means to 'register', so I'm not at all convinced that he would have completed the WSU application if your question had been on the form. The other sex offender I worked with was a Level 2 offender, and while he hasn't gone to college, he also has never had another sex offense, and he has been out of prison for 6 years. I think the question regarding sex offenses just continues forward a situation of treating these offenders like they have been branded with a Scarlet Letter. The housing problems of sex offenders (because of registration) are enough of a burden to their returning to society without places like the University of Washington piling on with this outrageous change to its application process. I am not ceding you the high ground on this subject simply because you are a Dean and have had one experience with one successful former felon. And I think the tone of your correspondence on this subject is extremely condescending to those of us who signed the petition. Yours truly,

XXXXXXXXX (Retired staff, UW) XXXXXXXXXX Seattle, WA 98122 * HFF received permission from author to share

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