the study of language as a system of human communication. Although studies of language phenomena have been carried out for centuries, it is only fairly recently that linguistics has been accepted as an independent discipline. Linguistics now covers a wide field with different approaches and different areas of investigation, for example sound systems (PHONETICS, PHONOLOGY), sentence structure (SYNTAX), meaning systems (SEMANTICS, PRAGMATICS, FUNCTIONS OF LANGUAGE). In recent years, new branches of linguistics have developed in combination with other disciplines, e.g. ANTHROPOLOGICAL LINGUISTICS, PSYCHOLINGUISTICS, SOCIOLINGUISTICS.

Linguistics is the study of language as a system of human communication. Semantics is the study of MEANING. Pragmatics is the study of the use of language in communication, particularly the relationships between sentences and the contexts and situations in which they are used. Anthropological linguistics is a branch of linguistics which studies the relationship between language and culture in a community, e.g. its traditions, beliefs, and family structure. Sociolinguistics is the study of language in relation to social factors, that is, social class, educational level and type of education, age, sex, ethnic origin, etc. Psycholinguistics is the study of (a) the mental processes that a person uses in producing and understanding language, and (b) how humans learn language. Applied linguistics is: 1. 2. the study of second and foreign language learning and teaching. the study of language and linguistics in relation to practical problems, such as LEXICOGRAPHY, TRANSLATION, SPEECH PATHOLOGY, etc. Discourse analysis is the study of how sentences in spoken and written language form larger meaningful units such as paragraphs, conversations, interviews, etc. Computational linguistics is an approach to linguistics which uses mathematical techniques, often with the aid of a computer.

What is discourse analysis? 9. What is anthropological linguistics? 5. What is applied linguistics? 8. What is psycholinguistics? 7. What is pragmatics? 4. What is diachronic linguistics? . What is linguistics? 2. Questions: 1. What is computational linguistics? 10. for example the change in the sound system of English from Early English to Modern British English. What is semantics? 3.Diachronic linguistics is an approach to linguistics which studies how a language changes over a period of time. What is sociolinguistics? 6.

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