In 1933, many highly intelligent German scientists including some of Jewish origin fled Germany after the unmistakable

rise of the nazis or German fascists after they seized federal power in Germany through sinister political hanky-panky. Eighty years later, in 2013, highly intelligent people are fleeing the US after the unmistakable rise of the American fascists or the ultra right-wing ‘neocons’ and their creeping seizure of control of US politics. Like their German cousins of the 1930s, these present day fascists want nothing less than seizing total control of the whole world (all these fascists are very good at genocides). In the 1930s, the German fascists made good use of their NSDAP to consolidate their power and the present day fascists are doing exactly the same thing by making very good use of their NSA. Many top level scientists fled Germany when they saw that there was no stopping the fascists with their shrill campaigns to denounce and harm those considered as outsiders or not regarded as their own. Today, there is no stopping the fascists in the US who think they are destined to cleanse the world of all those not considered as their own, i.e. those who dare to think and live differently. The man named Snowden like those brilliant scientists of Germany fled the US out of fear of zealous prosecution, terrible torture and very possibly the death penalty at the hands of shrill genocidal fascists.