Canning  Workshop   st At  the  Goodman  Manor     JULY  21 ,  2013   16  W  4  Ave.         1-­‐5pm  

During this educational workshop, Kathy Wellman, who has been canning for many years and who recently began selling her product at the Williamson Farmers Market, will be teaching participants to prepare and can two separate items: Concord Grape Jam, which will be harvested directly from an Orchard here in Mingo County, AND Sauerkraut, prepared from locally grown cabbage. Learn to make delicious grape jam, as Kat takes you STEP by STEP through the preparation, canning, and sealing process.  

If possible, please bring your own cutting board and knife to slice cabbage.
To ensure that everyone receives a sufficient amount of cabbage, and that we have enough jars, we ask that you please PREREGISTER To register, contact Maria Arnot at 304-235-3400 or e-mail






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