Get free Lunch and Step 1 Study Tips.

Make plans to attend. Invite fellow students. Huge savings available.

This no obligation 50-minute meeting delivers tips and strategies for second year medical students that are designed to increase scores and help you learn more, save time and become a better doctor. Strategy Session Highlights:
• • • • Helpful advice and study tips for USMLE Step 1 Exam Instant and substantial discounts on DIT online review courses Discussion regarding available Step 1 resources Free meal and T-shirt

Avalon University School of Medicine Wednesday, July 31 @ 3:00pm

MD3 - 606 FREE Lunch for ALL that attend!
Doctors In Training will be donating $5 per student who attends the presentation to a charity of class choice!

Flexible Course With Proven Results!

• Flexible course viewing options- Watch each online video lecture at your own pace! • Course utilizes DIT's Step 1 Study Guide containing study tips, mnemonics, notes and diagrams that correlate with the videos. • Average USMLE Step 1 Score for Doctors In Training Students is in the 230s* • Chief Educator is Brian Jenkins, MD with additional lectures given by dynamic MDs • Begin your online access any day after March 11, 2013


“I felt like I had a study partner with DIT. I absolutely loved it and am so glad I took the course!”- NEOMED Student, Class of 2013 "DIT helped immensely. I scored around a 184 on the NBME at the end of finals week. A month and a half later after DIT, I got a 244 on Step 1."- Drexel Student, Class of 2013
*All students who complete a Doctors In Training Step 1 course are surveyed by Doctors In Training after they receive their scores. The average score and pass rate data is calculated from all 2009-2011 responses received

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