Common Errors By Spanish Speakers




Actually (= actualmente) Illusioned (= ilusionado) Really (= en realidad) Impressing How curious! (= Qué curioso) In a future Question (= asunto) To discuss (= disputar) May I take lent your pen? To count a history To assist to class To remember someone to do something The competence (= competencia) Nothing of nothing Particular lessons To learn English is funny Customer fidelity A familiar car Tonight (= anoche) This night (= esta noche) All the days All the day

Currently/presently Hopeful/excited Actually Impressive That’s funny/interesting In the future Issue/matter To argue May I borrow your pen? To tell a story To attend class To remind someone to do something The competition/competitors Nothing at all Private lessons Learning English is fun Customer loyalty A family car Last night Tonight Everyday All day (long)

. To make a purchase To make/take a trip To ask a question To do business To do/carry out research To have a drink/meal To come to/reach an agreement To reach/achieve an objective To make sense People ARE People There are three of us ..CORRECT VERSION!! Call to Mary I am agreed Are you agreed? To explain you To listen me To listen it To propose them An important problem The best important The important is. To do a purchase To make a travel To make a question To make business To make research To take a drink/meal To arrive to an agreement To get an objective To have sense People is Persons We are three Call Mary (NEVER to) I agree Do you agree ? To explain to you (ALWAYS to someone) To listen to me (ALWAYS to someone) To listen to it (ALWAYS to something) To propose to them (ALWAYS to someone) A big problem The most important The important thing is..Common Errors By Spanish Speakers Vaughan S Y S T E M S SPANGLISH ENGLISH ..

A.CORRECT VERSION!! During 4 years It’s for this reason that..Common Errors By Spanish Speakers Vaughan S Y S T E M S SPANGLISH ENGLISH ..] Guarda este documento en tu equipo para conservarlo para siempre.S. It doesn’t matter The same as Different than I am 21 years old A 10% discount 10 thousand people 1 billion [U... It’s the same the same than/that different that I have 21 years 10% of discount 10 thousands of people 1 thousand million (= 1. .000 million) For 4 years That’s why. También puedes compartirlo con quien quieras.

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