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02 The Magic of Wisdom [61-115][18] 4-12 Feb 1952

02 The Magic of Wisdom [61-115][18] 4-12 Feb 1952

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The Magic of Wisdom: Part 2

PAGE 4. In the same way there are places in the body. The seven Chakras in the body exist just as geographically, and some people have made the pilgrimage of those places. The transmutation from Malouth to Kether can be done just as can a pilgrimage. As the 7 Chakras of the body, there exists in India a path of pilgrimage, 7 Holy Cities. (Names unrevealed), not big places, from MATARIAN(?) to KAILAS. These 7 centers represent the 7 Chakras, and as at each city the Pilgrim receives an Illumination, so we make a work to illuminate the Chakra in the body. From Kataragama in Ceylon, or Muladhara in the body, to Mt. Kailas in Tibet, or Sahasrara in they body....Both of them a long and difficult pilgrimage.

The pilgrimage to Mt. Kailas is very difficult, not only because of the distance, but because it is a difficult journey in itself. From the last city in India, Mona(?), to Mr. Kailas it takes only two weeks, but the ascent in that two weeks, over snow-covered territory, no tracks, with no nourishment and bare footed, finishes in an ascent of 15,000 - 20,000 feet.

“Paramhansa” is achieved not simply because of the pilgrimage from Ceylon to Mt. (Ref. KEDARNATE(?) and BADRINATE(?). hansa being a Swan. and the Russian Plane. earth. the Himalayas will not receive you. that have to be visited. Yogananda. water. whose pilot had to make a circuitous route. you then have the privilege to use the title. Mt. then you walk from Ceylon to Kailas. param being beyond. The title. Kailas is not the highest mountain. reporting on his return to Russia. Kailas. (you have all ready his work. and then on the other Yoga of the mind. – quoted in a Russian newspaper. Ganges. Kailas is the most important because of the magnetism. Frevda(SP). but Mt. but because the person attempting the pilgrimage is ready in his mind. “Paramhansa”. Everest is higher. we have reached 17. There are 4 smaller mountains around Mt. symbol of perfect Yogi. GEOGRAPHICALLY. Gogra. Names of Rivers: Indus. When we visit the two little Temples. If you are not ready. Brahmaputra. The great importance of Mt. there are two little Temples. Work first with Yoga in the physical body only. that there was a magnetic force which would not permit the plane to pass it. “Autobiography of a Yogi”). From around Mt. and having reached Kailas. Kailas is that it represents the 7th center in the pilgrimage. one for Shiva. walking through the Himalayas. Mayumba.Just before reaching Nana. Jamuna. in the PHYSICAL WORLD. Kailas there flow 7 Holy Rivers from India to Tibet.) . the latter being one of the great teaches of the world.000 feet. and these represent the four elements. There is a co-finite magnetic force which pushes you back and you cannot go past it. Guru of Swami Vivekananda. and Sri Rama Krishna. one for Vishana. there is proof of the work. it is not a mere superstition. fire. Sutzej. Kailas. Mt.) Thus the symbol of Paramhansa means than a Yogi. (Meaning 'beyond the hansa'. 'more' than a Sage. 'more' Two there are who use the title they have earned. Page 5. air . If you don't find the way in working. Well-equipped French expedition which could only reach a certain point. They represent more or less the two Eyes.

ndar Madagascar. 500 reached the boundary line where they could see the mount and are consequently “saved”. Kailas. in the foot of which is set the biggest known . 8 or 9 floors. Page 6. build in the rock. run the magnetic lines of an equilateral triangle. LHASA: capital of Tibet. AUSTRALIA'S PART IN THE MAGNETIC LINES OF THE WORLD. The last 24 hours' stage of the journey was over stones like flint that made the trip very similar to fire-walking. From Tibet to Western Australia to Mozambique. Only two reached Mt. So are located the College of Initiation. 2. Mantras were repeated during the whole of the ascent. (Africa). Palace of the Dalai-Lama. Old Lemurian times. himself and another. On the third attempt. the Po-ta-la. where the real Initiations took place. two important Holy buildings: 1. but UNDERNEATH THE PALACE in the rock is theSecret Temple.The Master stated that he had made the attempt twice and on each occasion had to return after the 5th city because of lack of nourishment and bleeding feet.000 monks. the secret of the Pyramids. A small Temple at the journey's end was a haven of rest and comfort after the perils of the ascent. UNDERGROUND TEMPLE between Pyramid and Sphinx.000 people set out. where is found the Buddha. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE 30 DEGREE LATITUDE: (FIVE IMPORTANT HOLY PLACES): CAIRO: (Egypt). The Monastery where live 25. They journey took four months. 2.

LESSON: MISS P. CANARY ISLANDS: (the most northerly). It contain 19 declinations! There is here an extinct volcano.) Here is a Temple of the MAYA School of Initiation. INSIDE OF WHICH there are Galleries where are held Initiations. summarized to be from the Atlantean. Leading Inwards. There is nothing showing on top. Caves. MANDALAS: Element Air (Ref. it cannot be understood. on the top of the Mountains. there is a spot where the people speak a language of their own. LETTERS: For Meditation. supporting power) Crocodile for water. Solidity for Ether) (i. TACO-HUAH(SP): ancient city of Mexico not existing now. it does not resemble the Canary language. have the same magnetism. AQUARIAN MISSION – PERTH SECTION FURTHER LESSONS ON CHAKRAS SYMBOL OF THE ANAHATA CHAKRA. There are underground galleries where are given Initiations.e. Ram for Fire (fiery nature) . Hermos in Spanish for 'nice'. GANGES ISLAND(SP): North Pacific. NAGEL. here is found a Secret UNDERGROUND TEMPLE.emerald. (near the city of Hermosillo.Symbol of Speed (Wind) Ref. ALL FIVE WORK UNDERGOUND: all five being 30 degrees Latitude. it is most nearly akin to this. Elephant for earth (i. in the rocks. Sub-Planes or States of Matter) GEOMETRICAL FORMS: YANTRAS Special forms or Ether for each sensation (Senses) ANIMALS: Antelope. where is held the College of Initiations. Though not Mongolian.e. ALL UNDERGROUND.

Page 2. Therefore we have to be pointed. ka cha ta ta pa ya sha ha kha chha tha tha pha ra sha ksha ga ja da da ba la ga gha jha dha dha bha va ha nn na na ma or wa MULADHARA: SVADHISTHANA: MANIPURA: ANAHATA: VICUDDHA: AGNE: SAHASRARA: ra .la da .16 VOWELS: a a e ai i i au u u m ri ri h tri tri 33 CONSONANTS: Gutturals: Palatals.ksha 20 times the Whole 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Hearing Touch Air Sight Fire Taste Water Smell Earth 6 4 Ether 16 12 10 1000 2 Union Clairvoyance Clairaudience Sympathy Feeling Memory of Dreams Stirring THE ETHERIC WEB – Protects from the Outside. Dentals. 4th. Cerebrals. MONDAY. FEBRUARY 1952. Aspirant.pha ka . Semi-Vowels: Sibilants. But for all that we must climb the great hill upon which stands the Temple. which is difficult because we are living in a world of things and the world is pressing in upon us. LESSON: MISS P NAGEL SYNTHESIS: “The Way” has been likened to a Razor's Edge.tha 16 Vowels ha . Links the Atomic Astral with the Atomic Etheric. It is so narrow that we need to take only one step aside and we are off the way. Labials. Actually we climb the mountain the easy way by going round .sa ba .

de la Ferriere). resulting in such things as great sorrow. To see with the single eye. and we get there in the long run. GEOMETRICAL FIGURE. The teachings regarding th eChakras vary a little. injuries through accidents. As we work spiritually the Chakras vivify and become very splendid things. but that is not really important. and it is with these symbols that they endeavored to bring attention to the enormous assistance we can receive if we make the effort to visualize them. which is for our own protection as this World contains terrifying things. knitting the Etheric and Astral closely together. . we realize our goal in a few incarnations. We can act as channels and receive help from them. not straight up. We can get tremendous help from that Higher Self who is our God. subjection to drugs. (2) From those who have trodden the Path. LETTERS: There is a letter for every Petal and for every Chakra up to Agna. The Knowledge is not the important aspect of our work. we turn away from all the things of this world and so we come to a study of THE CHAKRAS which are the gates between this Physical World and our Higher Selves. totaling 50 Letters. To realize this goal it is very necessary to develop three qualities: (1) DISCRIMINATION: (We must know. narcotics etc. must learn to know) “He who rules himself is greater than he who takes a city”) (3) DEVOTION: Look to our Ideal and become one pointed. Referring to the Chart. but the important point is to set or eyes upon the top to reach our goal.and round. Page 1. or of us oozing out. TWO DIETIES. As the Prana pours into the Astral it weaves a web similar to basket weaving. that Omniscience on who we shut the door through ignorance. They are the center of our Life and aid us on our Journey. The Chakras are so symbolized by the ancients who had a great knowledge of them. Spiritual Regents. from those Great Ones who are constantly pouring forth help upon our Earth. here illustrated is the Anahata Chakra which is tremendously important (refer to commentary by Dr. As these bodies knit a wall is formed which prevents us from contacting the external Astral World. Letters symbolize Power. ANIMAL. To achieve these three necessary attributes we an gain assistance in two ways: (1) From our Higher Self. there is canker(?) of the Astral World rushing in upon us. (2) GOOD CONDUCT: (The first thing is to govern ourselves. and act as the foroe(?). In effect. If the Web is in any way injured or opened EXCEPT THROUGH THE CHAKRAS. We are endeavoring to obtain an Understanding. We have been told to “set our hand to the plow and don't look back” but should we look back it really doesn't matter. Every Chakra is symbolized in the following ways: COLOR. Sanskrit has only 49 Letters so the ancients added another Letter. LETTER IN SANDSKRIT.

the world of ourselves is pressing so upon us that we cannot hear the Still Small Voice Within”. not till then. the true. he who awakes illusion. or the world of the senses).” . and fleshy eyes be rendered blind to tall illusion. the image (Man) has to become as deaf to roarings as to whispers. not so much an academic knowledge. 4th FEBRUARY 1952. For those of us who are unable to find the way by Faith. when he has ceased to hear the many. “He who would hear the Voice of Nada (the soundless voice.” “Let the Disciple slay the Slayer. or the voice of silence) and comprehend it. shall he forsake the region of Asat. Page 3. he may discern the One – the inner sound which kills the outer. but also to have an understanding of the Chakras in their complete symbolism. Before the Soul can hear. NAGEL. MONDAY. development in the senses. For your contemplation the following is quoted from the “Voice of Silence”. ANIMAL: Strength (qualities) In the case of the Anahata Chakra the Antelope symbolizes speed.” “Then only. TWO DIETIES: God and Goddess (positive & negative) GEOMETRICAL SHAPE: Planes of matter.” “For when to himself his form appears unreal. then we must seek the way by Knowledge which brings Understanding. the through-producer. accompanied by complete abstraction from everything pertaining to the external universe. he has to learn to nature of Dharana (intense and perfect concentration of the Mind upon some one interior object.ELEMENTS: By meditating on the Elements we are really meditating on Balance.” “Before the Soul can see. to cries of bellowing elephants as to the silvery buzzing of the golden fire-fly. “When we are trying to hear the Voice within us.” “Having become indifferent to objects of perception the pupil must seek out the Raja of the senses. to come unto the realm of Sat. the harmony within must be attained.” “The Mind is the great slayer of the Real. the false. as do on waking all the forms he sees in dreams. In conclusion we would say that to vivify the Chakras. LESSON: MISS P. not only is it necessary to do Hatha Yoga.

just as the form to which the clay is modeled is first united with the potter's mind. LESSON: MISS P.” “For then the Soul will hear. TUESDAY 12TH. FEBRUARY 1952. UNIVERSAL GREAT BROTHERHOOD AQUARIAN MISSION – PERTH SECTION. NAGEL.” “And then to the inner ear will speak THE VOICE OF SILENCE”. and will remember. CREMORNE HALL.“Before the Soul can comprehend and may remember. she must unto the Silent Speaker be united. .

TUESDAY 12th. The trend of our thoughts is: 'I will arise and go unto my Father'. United with the Great All means united with All Things. and have lost sight of our Universal Self. NAGEL. Being clothed in the flesh we have forgotten our high calling.” “In our study of the relationship of the Universal with the Individual we find our study of ASTRONOMY – the Great Universe which appears to be very far away. FEBRUARY '52 LESSON: MISS P. The same with the plants and minerals.UNIVERSAL GREAT BROTHERHOOD AQUARIAN MISSION – PERTH SECTION. An endeavor to give Man a better understanding of himself. and we can go back and find union with the Great All. “There are quire a number of roads. Page 2. and consequently his fellow beings – the purpose of the establishment of the AQUARIAN MISSION. The Charts illustrated above pertain to the lesson delivered by Mian Nagel for the benefit and education of those persons interested in understanding Man's relationship to the Universe. THE MANYFOLD MANIFESTATION. but also the animal kingdom. Like the Son who sent into the far country and left his Father's House – we have to come back and link ourselves with the Universal. Not only is the whole Human Race one Brotherhood. They are our younger brothers on the Path – it is just that we are ahead of them. . “Tonight I want to talk about the relationship between the Individual and the Universal and how we are really one although we don't know it. the public vehicle f the UNIVERSAL GREAT BROTHERHOOD.

The whole of creation is moving so that the Sun is moving also. None of the Stars are anywhere near the place where the Solar System is Living.000 miles and Mars 141. They called it the animal round.000. Their time of movement. The atom has 7 fold movement.000. Scorpio.” THE PLANETS PLACES: (Refer Chart on previous page).000. UNIVERSAL GREAT BROTHERHOOD AQUARIAN MISSION – PERTH SECTION. Mercury is 36. Literally.000. Jupiter 483.000.” “Our own Solar System has a space. Saturn 886. Page 3. All have an influence one upon the other and all belong to what we call our Solar System. This gives the student just a faint perception of the magnitude we refer to as “space” and shows also how every planet swings in its own orbit. Capricorn. like our own Sun. It is the source of all our Life. Venus 67. Cancer. Aquarius. We are also concerned with the Planets referred to under heading “Planets Places” as they “rule” these Constellations. Move and Have Our Begin In the Sun. Sagittarius. a little room in this mighty Space where it revolves by itself.” “In actual fact there is nothing static in the Universe. NAGEL. Our Sun thus has its own little space and is surrounded by its Planets in their own orbits. the last mentioned only being observable with the aid of a telescope.” CONSTELLATIONS: Away beyond this system are the great Constellations of Starts. Leo Virgo. There is no such thing in the movement of the Sun as as straight line.” “Everything is a matter of vibration. They are given the names of animals and referred to as the Zodiac. and moving and having its being. Gemini. The reason of this is that the ancient who formulated this wisdom for men's benefit likened the shapes of the constellations to animal forms. it is moving in a curve. but 7 directions in which the force of the atom is going. Without it this Planet could not give Life. This universe of ours in like a mighty atom.” “So we have the movement of the atom itself. probably more. Uranus. Astronomers tell us that the Stars which we see are mighty Suns. It also gives an idea of the plan of the universe.” “The Major Planets. We live in this space and nothing else entered(?) upon us. Libra. the Earth (from the Sun) 93. The Movement of the Earth is spiral and we presume the movement of the Sun is also a spiral. so below.000.Astronomy is a mighty Science which is very exact for we can predict from this Science. Taurus. Venus and Mars. TUESDAY 12th. With all this tremendous space those planets are all clinging to our Sun.000 miles. the name for which is Zodiac.000 miles away.000.000. These twelve are: Aries. Pisces.000 miles.” “As above. to make the complete circle of the Zodiac is as follows: . and although we image the Sun is moving in a straight line. The Constellations which interest us are 12 because they form the Elliptic. we Live. Neptune and Pluto have their positions in unlimited space.. The four Terrestrial Planets (those which are nearest our Earth and can be seen with the naked eye) are Mercury. FEBRUARY '52 LESSON: MISS P.

because each sign is 1/12th of the circle or Zodiac. and then the effects. stability. Thus the Sacrifice of the Lamb). then it become the normal thing for us to think of ourselves as important. so it takes a matter of 2. so we refer to the Epoch of the Earth according to the direction in which the nutation has placed it. The Sun in Taurus gave the Epoch of the Bull (Assyria – the Flying Bull. The Bible quotes Jesus as having said “Behold I am with you always. Taurus represented by the Bull gives us steadiness. it takes 25. This relationship can be seen when we understand that different signs give us different influences. We have records of these ages that have past.000 years to move across a sign. There have seen ages upon Ages and we have named some of these. Every 72 years the Earth moves 1 degree. To make one nutation. Just as we have the study of the mind. The Sun entered Pisces at the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. These Stars influence us and because of these influences or effects we have the study of ASTROLOGY. and the endeavor by another number to enter the same vehicle – a public bus for instance – until the “change over” is finalized there is a disturbance. Astronomy is the framework – Astrology is the effect. the UNIVERSAL.5 yrs Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto 29 yrs. NUTATION OF THE EARTH: The movement of the Earth is such that as it turns it nutates. This is borne out in the little things of Life. If there is anything important.920 years. During Nutation the North Pole changes its direction and is receiving magnetic influences which are different which gives us THE COMMENCEMENT OF AN AGE. The Sun in Aries gave the Epoch of the Lamb (Moses back from Sinai says “Warship no more the Golden Calf”. For instance when the influence of Aries (Ram) is being felt it gives the fighting force of the Ram. the make clear to you what is meant. Whenever there is a switch over of anything at all there is always disturbance of some kind. 7 months 84 yrs 164 yrs 248 yrs (Note the combined time of movement for Uranus and Neptune equals the movement of Pluto). even onto the end of the Age”. you can observe this disturbance for yourself in such an incident as the exit from a vehicle by a number of people.Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter 88 days 224 days 687 days 11. Egypt . When we think and Realize that we are one with the GREAT ALL. Thus the symbol of the Fish in the Christian Teaching. which means that the pole swings slightly out of direction in which it was pointing (as a spinning top running down – Refer to the Chart above). Venus is the ruler because she represents beauty. So it is with the change of the Age. All signs give an influence and it is according to the Sign in which the Sun is that the corresponding influence is being felt upon the Earth. then we are important too because we belong to the Great All. and as an example elementary but relative. Mars has the same effect therefore the Planet Mars is the ruler or Regent of the Constellation Aries. to swing round upon itself once. So where ever we have change we have turmoil.

We have a tremendous part to play. Past teachings give us an inkling of the Truth. UNIVERSAL GREAT BROTHERHOOD AQUARIAN MISSION – PERTH SECTION. We are now moving into the Age of Aquarius – the Water Carrier (When the Sign of the Son of Men shall be seen in the sky”). If we are going to continue at war with ourselves we are going to continue at war with our brothers. The Magnetic center is to be in the South so we are privileged to be in the Southern Hemisphere. NAGEL. represented by the two lines thus. It stopped near them and upon being told of this proximity each man was asked to give his idea of what the elephant appeared to be. The Mission is an endeavor to understand. and will not close upon us. We must be done with intolerance and have a tolerance of the other man. This Age is to be a rather wonderful Age because it is the combination of the Positive and Negative. a tremendous work to do so that the door which is being opened will remain open. Every human being has a right to believe what he wishes or to have his own opinion. Is is going which we have longed to know will be taught us – a Golden great understanding which will last for 2. Our ideals are Brotherhood of All Things. From Tibet in the North to the Southern Hemisphere. 1948. During the Negative Ages we find that our link with the Universal is hidden or closed down. not necessarily to learn anything. There were four blind men standing on the roadside as an elephant approached. Sacred Bull of Memphis). but only to try and understand. se we can expect turmoil. Not to change what we have learnt. We are now moving into the Age where the secret teachings are to be again revealed to Mankind. Page 4.000 years. . At the but some to bring Age when beginning of the of us shall live a time when that we shall reach a New Age there is always stress. when the Sun entered the Sign of Aquarius was 21 March. and we are therefore receiving the influences of this Age. The Actual date of entry . In the positive age the teachings are made known again and so we open out. We are trying to understand. TUESDAY 12th. For your contemplation we give you this little example. FEBRUARY '52 LESSON: MISS P. to see the straightening out – the direction. CHANGES: The magnetic center has moved from north to south. We have to remain closed as the great teachings become hidden or secret. It has already started and the Aquarian Mission is one of the visible signs of the teaching that is being spread abroad at present.the Apis. PEACE because Peace must come. The Sun in Gemini gave the Epoch of Adam & Eve (The Twins).

But when that which is perfect is come. He has saved us. S. each had a part of the Truth. 5 or 6 before Himself.The first Man felt the side of the elephant and said. Why must we learn Astrology and have all this intellectual study? To understand each other we must know the opinion and the conception of the other. As St. “It is like a cord”. De La FERRIERE At the conclusion of the lesson given by Miss Nagel (Refer to the previous pages) Dr. There exists today 300 different religions or religious sects. the story of whose birth was similar to that of Jesus of Nazareth – born of a Virgin Mother and whose father was a carpenter. CREMORNE HALL TUESDAY 12TH. darkly. When I was a child I spake as a child. but then shall I know even as also I am known”. no man had the whole Truth. So you see each Man had his own conception which was logical – none had all the truth but each has a part. The fourth Man felt the tail of the elephant and said. but then face to face: now I know in part. Each Man was right. “For we know in part. we don't need it. For now we see through a glass. Civilizations long before their advent of Jesus of Nazareth held conceptions of heir own particular Christ. Chap 13 said). FEBRUARY 1952 NOTES ON COMMENTARY BY OUR LEADER – DR. Paul (1st Corinthians. I always say the same. The second Man felt the leg of the elephant and said. but when I became a man I put away childish things. and we prophesy in part. to the best of our ability his address. So it is with us. But this is not the time to explain why and when. “It is like a house”. . “Yes I know the first question is to have the Peace and Understanding. You know that before Jesus of Nazareth there existed 3. As usual all were eager to hear and we record as under. “It is like a tree”. I just want to call your attention to the fact that what we have and consider as something very special – the only Truth – the only conception “to be saved” exists in other religions also. we have Christ. The third Man felt the trunk of the elephant and said. As Miss Nagel explained in her lesson about each bind Man having a different conception of what the feel of the elephant represented to himself. “It is like a snake”. de la Ferriere addressed the Students of the Aquarian Mission – Perth Section. The Christian says it is not necessary for us to have this knowledge. 4. Each one has a part of the Truth. to have Spiritual Evolution. then that which is in part shall be done way. A civilization 25. I understood as a child.R.000 years before Jesus of Nazareth – the Mayas-Quiches also had this belief. UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD AQUARIAN MISSION – PERTH SECTION.

the symbol (above) is the same as the color yellow. Then why don't For example and und et y in English in German in French in Spanish story of the Christian teaching. how thou hast Glorified Me”. For example when Christ was on the Coss on the fifth hour He called out “Elie. They are universal symbols. It means that Astrology is not the whole expression of Truth. It does not mean that we have to create new symbols. the same vibration as the Note C in music. Every symbol has a Universal meaning irrespective of race and language. For example again. Elie.We have to understand one another. Actually that is an incorrect translation for the Bible was written originally in Hebrew and the correct interpretation is “God. Truth. the number of the vibration of the planet Saturn is exactly the vibration of the color yellow. That is. The incorrect translation. Lame Sabaohtani” which has been translated as “God. only a step. There exists archi-ometry. It is the same with the sign (shown above – what symbol is this?). why hast Thou forsaken me”. If we can come on this vulgarization of archi-ometry it gives us real understanding. and it can be very hard because of the we use symbols? This symbol “&” conveys the same meaning to each. So we have to understand only the 35 different sects of Christianity. and it is very hard because we have different languages. Of course to come on this synthesis we must start from the beginning. You know what I tell you always abou the Bible. It is the same with Astrology. arohi meaning “all” and ometry meaning “Synthesis” (All Synthesis). God. Actually the same symbol has the same meaning in each language. God. . Today we have each claiming to be the only one with the another. So we have to understand one different languages.

you still have to make the contact after you have turned on the switch. So when people say they have made the contact it means they have opened their minds. Archiometry on one side. a balance.920 respirations. S.UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD AQUARIAN MISSION – PERTH SECTION. and philosophy is becoming more Scientific. Hatha-Yoga is not only exercise to keep the body in good health but is a psychological exercise. The enjoy more privileges that in the Age gone past. The vibration from each gland that we have is exactly in the same vibration as each Planet. CREMORNE HALL TUESDAY 12TH. the philosophy of religion . De La FERRIERE PAGE 3. Yoga on the other. Also today women are more in the public life than before. The Gurus (teachers) have studied each position and because everything is vibration. 72 pulsations. As the sign of Aquarius is represented by the symbol (above) one line represents Science and the other Religion. For example a person suffering from kidney trouble is subject to the inharmonic vibration of Saturn as the kidneys are in the same vibration as the Planet Saturn. How can we have the Light except by combination of the two polarities. We realize that the 7 Planets react on the 7 Glands in the body. You have to dial until you make the contact.R. Science today is becoming mere philosophical. each movement that we do makes a canalization of the fluid and this puts us in contact with the GREAT ALL and then we don't have only 25. It means we actually have to make the contact. They have made the same vibration and that is YOGA. which is the physical part of Yoga. It is the combination of the positive and negative. FEBRUARY 1952 NOTES ON COMMENTARY BY OUR LEADER – DR. If we really make some discipline between the Great All and the Little Universe (ourselves) we make UNION – YOG – YOGA – IDENTIFICATION. So if we can keep the right vibration between the Planet and Glands we are in good health. Just because we have a body doesn't mean we have made the contact. symbolizing the New Age. Yoga is not a cult. positive and negative? How can we have understanding except by this combination? + Positive represents the details of Science . not a religion. For that we start work Hatha-Yoga.Negative represents the subjectivity. We are not only in contact mechanically. It is for that reason that the study of ASTROLOGY (ESOTERIC) gives a realization of the predisposition of the people. It is only an understanding. We can cure people by this understanding of the vibrational relationship of the glands with the Planets and by working with the endocrine glands. If you have the radio and you turn it on because you want to hear the music.

Just take what you like. Not to be just a separate unit. The Bible is a Great Revelation. different kinds of systems without being only in one way. and he referred to the breaths.920 this number being the same as the number of years for one nutation of the earth. but to be part of the GREAT ALL. You don't have to study. There are quite a number of parallels between the two so there seems to be quire a good reason for saying “As above so below”.We need these two forces and as long as we don't realize this we don't have the Peace. NOTES ON LESSION GIVEN BY MISS NAGEL. For instance I suppose the most striking one is the atom which we also mentioned last week. the central sun around which float its number of satellites. but to make it part of ourselves. The research is to see if we can find just how we are linked with the Great Universal. For that we have Science. We are just commencing the New Age. In fact we are beginning to realize it is Truth in all things.R. PEACE WITH YOU. Art. Now we begin to realize the Way. The truth is everywhere. No matter how big or how small it always takes on the atomic structure. Then later we can make a synthesis.000 years before. the Philosopher and Religion – all shall speak the same language. FEBRUARY 1952 NOTES ON COMMENTARY BY OUR LEADER – DR. We haven't widened out understanding enough. we need people who have dispensed with dogma. And it is for this that the School of Initiation tries to give different kinds of methods. the same as Sri Krishna 2. Last Tuesday the Doctor was mentioning the Union between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. Not only to believe and to understand. respirations which we take totaling 25. who will be the vanguard of the New Age. De La FERRIERE Page 4. Remember this that Jesus of Nazareth Sermon on the Mount is exactly the same as the sermon given by Gautama Buddha 600 years before. Religion. people who have the realization. . Each Human Being has a different understanding. There shall come a day when the Scientist. Philosophy and so on. It cannot only be in one place. Study just for preparation. a different comprehension. CREMORNE HALL TUESDAY 12TH. S. but it is not enough for everyone. The reason that we don't realize the Truth completely is just because we haven't acquired sufficient knowledge. You always take something. There are quite a number of other parallels in the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD AQUARIAN MISSION – PERTH SECTION. and he also mentioned the 72 pulse beats of the human being every minute which is the same number as the number of years which it takes for the axis to swing in one degree around the circle – Zodiac.

and we also know that the Ethers are there as well forming part of our physical body. When a person goes on to an operating table he is given an anesthetic. These tenuous bodies which we use belong to us. The ether of the body is driven out and he losses consciousness. That is not the brain. Then we have the Emotions – feeling which are a body ??? still and are invisible to the average human being. CHAKRAS IN RELATIONSHIP TO THE BODIES: The physical body is governed by the two lower Chakras – MULADHARA and SVADHISTHANA. The whole universe is contain in the mind. It is simply a matter of vibration. They are far more garment of flesh that we wear. Doctors today are realizing and saying that we are proven by the fact that is these glands function correctly we are ill. emotionally. and is actually a physical thing. The Astral Body is nearest to the Physical Body but still linked with the Great Universal.So I wish to discuss further tonight the Gates of the Body which are the CHAKRAS – the doors which are the entrance whereby our ??? bodies can make contact with our physical body. their real location being the Fluidic Column know as Sushumana to which I will refer later. the physical link for which is the brain. . The link with the Mental Body is nearer still – so close we are beginning to understand. Page 2. are in reality our our glands. So we are indeed our glands. For example when we see the Sun in our Heavens we actually see it in our mind. are part of us. The Mind is a far greater thing than the brain. TUESDAY 19TH. The higher bodies – emotion and mind are governed by ANAHATA and VISHUDDHA. The Chakras are linked with our endocrine centers and we glands. for the mind contains the universe and the brain is just a physical organ. METHOD BY WHICH WE ARE LINKED: We are really linked with our bodies by the Chakras which are the doors whereby we become one. Astral Body is more in contact with the whole of the Astral plane than the Physical Body with the Physical plane. and once we reach the mental consciousness we are all one. which is we are well. Then we have our Mental Body wherein works the Mind. all united. More in link with the Great All. FEB '52. The More rapid the body the more rapid the vibration. The denser the body the slower the vibration. Their location is on the spine though not in the actual physical sense. are more fluidic. if not then important than this UNIVERSAL GREAT BROTHERHOOD AQUARIAN MISSION – PERTH SECTION. We know definitely that we are composed of solid. liquid and gas. We deal with the 7 Chakras because they are the ones which influence us physically. So everything is in our mind. We are actually invisible. CRENMORNE HALL. NOTES ON LESSION GIVEN BY MISS NAGEL. mentally and spiritually. With the return of the ether he regains consciousness. to be at one. the reality of us because we are clothed in the flesh. The etheric body is closely linked with the physical body.

The people who have studied the Chakras from time immemorial have realized that they are in vibratory accord with certain things. narrow is the way. If we accept this fact or not does not matter. Note the symbols: When we are reaching upward we draw upward in every direction. When we are reaching downwards we draw downward in every direction. Muladhara and Svadhishana represent the foundation of our physical body. MANIPURA – Fire. “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills”. The Tenuous – Viccudha – Thyroid is reaching well up into the emotional plane. SVADHISTHANA – Water. . ANAHATA – Air. “Straight is the gate. we can accept symbolically. Manipura at the Solar Plexus – reaching upward is very important. and the elements they symbolize. showing again the parallel between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. MULADHARA – Earth. certain elements. If we don't accept actually. namely Earth and Water are also the foundation of tour physical world. whilst Anahata is the fusion of the upward and downward. For instance the Chakras 1-4 are in vibratory accord with the four elements. “Will draw all men up to me”. (Refer to lesson on 18h January for Chart depicting Chakras in their relationship to Man).whilst the spiritual body is linked with AGNA and SAHASRARA Chakras. few there be who find it”.

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