Avril Lavigne

Answer the questions below:

1. When was she born? 2. How did she begin her career? 3. How did her parents support her music? 4. When did she start writing her own songs? 5. What was her first album? 6. What happened in 2006? 7. What year did she divorce? 8. What has she done besides singing?
Listen again and circle the names of song mentioned in the video:

Sk8ter boy My happy ending Alice Complicated The Best Dawn thing Freak Out Alone When your gone Too much to ask Girlfriend Good-bye Forgotten Wish you were here


Answer key: 1. She was born on September 27, 1984. 2. She began singing in the church when she was 2. 3. By buying her instruments. 4. In her teens. 5. Her first record was in 2002. 6. In 2006, she got married. 7. She divorced in 2007. 8. Besides singing, she has done some acting. She has two fragrances and a clothes line. Songs: Forgotten, S8ter boy, My happy ending, Alice, Complicated, The Best Dawn thing When you're gone, Girlfriend.