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Published by Andrew
A collection of Tim Sweeney's news posts to the original Unreal Technology site. Tim is the founder of Epic Games and the lead architect of the Unreal series of engines.
A collection of Tim Sweeney's news posts to the original Unreal Technology site. Tim is the founder of Epic Games and the lead architect of the Unreal series of engines.

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Published by: Andrew on Mar 20, 2007
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rewrite (moving over to C++ from Visual Basic). It’s now more than half-
way done. Architecturally, the new editor code is far more general than
the old UnrealEd. The editor itself is very abstract, and almost all func-
tionality is implemented through plug-ins. There are plug-in interfaces
for brush builders, views of objects (like 3D scenes and the 2D editor),
view controllers, import tools, export tools, browsers, and operations on
arbitrarykindsofobjects. Plug-inscanevendefinetheirownsubplug-in
interfaces, etc.

ing, but the big gains will come in the next-generation engine. A ma-
jor bottleneck in creating the Unreal 1 engine was the complex coupling
between the rendering engine and the editor, which made it difficult to
modify the renderer. The new approach generalizes the concept of edit-
ing, and will make it easier to add cool new features which require editor

I plan to start releasing public betas of the new UnrealEd as soon as it’s
really stabilized, with the first beta in the first week or two of 1999 if all
goes well.

seem to be enough mainstream retail interest to justify it. So, unless
with the manual provided in HtmlHelp format rather than printed.

2.12. NOV 19, 1998

Tim Sweeney Archive



2.12.3 WebSiteNotes

the cool http://www.freshmeat.org/unreal/ page: Please link to the of-
ficial http://unreal.epicgames.com/Versions.htm page for the Unreal
patches,ratherthanmirroringspecificpatchversionslocally. Abunchof
web sites have old Unreal patches in their download sections (as old as
the1.01patch),whicharenolongerrelevent. Ifeveryonelinkstothecen-
tral http://unreal.epicgames.com/Versions.htm page, users are more
likely to get the latest patch. Thanks!

Cool Unreal related things I’ve seen recently...

• http://unrealnation.com/unloaded/, a great ”overhead

view” mod including some custom levels. It feels a lot like the clas-
sic arcade game Gauntlet.

• http://www.astro.uni-bonn.de/~cloewe/unreal/,atotallycoolstats
tool for server administrators.

• http://www.unrealed.com/ has grown to contain more and more
useful UnrealEd resources.

2.12.4 Unrealmodnotes

Mod developers who get the cryptic ”sandbox” error when trying their
mods in network play: This error means you have a .upkg file that says
POSEDtobeserver-side-only). Thisusuallypreventsthemodfromwork-
to players. If you don’t have a .upkg problem, you won’t have a problem.
If you do have a .upkg file, it should read:





2.12. NOV 19, 1998

Tim Sweeney Archive



-Tim Sweeney

2.13 Dec10,1998

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