Word File for Observation

Cost Estimation Process: Raw Material Costing: Rate / kg E Total rate DxE

Micron Material A

Density B

Micron x Density A x B=C

Contribution D=C / Total Micron x Density

Total =

Labour Cost: Attributes Total Material Cost Printing Cost Lamination Cost Slitting Cost Packaging Cost Wastage Working Capital Profit Margin Total Cost Calculation: A-To calculate weight of a single pouch: 1-Take directly the weight of the pouch on weighing machine=___________ gm 2-Using Formula: Open Width of Pouch(mm) x Length of the Pouch(mm) x Volume(Total Material-Micron x Density) 106 B-To calculate no. of pouches produce from the 1kg of Laminate Material: No. of Pouches Produce in 1 kg Laminate= 1000 / Weigth of single pouch C- Cost of Pouching: 1-Cost of a Single Pouch with Pouching=______________ 2-Cost of a Single Pouch without Pouching=________________ Rate / kg

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