June 22, 2007 K-Speed Pawnshop 2nd floor Cristina Bldg.

II Lower Session Baguio City, Philippines


Greetings! I write to reiterate our final demand as per letter dated April 17, 2007 which was received by you but inspite thereof, you have not bothered at all to comply such demand, a copy of which is hereto attached. In this connection, you are hereby demanded to remit payment the amount of ONE MILLION ONE HUNDRED SIXTY SEVEN THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED NINETY NINE and 74/100 (P 1,167,999.74) PESOS, within 5 days from receipt hereof, otherwise, much to my regret, I will be constrained to file the appropriate criminal and/or civil action against you to protect the interest of my client. Your prompt compliance with this demand is necessary to prevent additional expenses on your part. Rest assured that if you will disregard this demand, we will file the necessary action in court. This is not a threat but a promise. Sincerely yours, ATTY. KIMBERLY P. RAFAEL

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