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(a) 1.759 × 1011 C/Kg (b) 17.59 × 10−11 C/Kg (c) 9.107 × 10−31 C/Kg (d) 1.6 × 10−19 C/Kg 2. A charge in an electric field of strength E = 2 V/m is moved from 0 to 5m. Then potential drop V is (a) 2.5 volts (b) 10 volts (c) 2/5 volts (d) zero 3. The velocity of electron accelerated through a potential of 3kv is (a) 3.25 × 107 cm/s (b) 325 × 107 m/s (c) 3.25 × 107 m/s (d) 3.25 × 10−7 m/s 4. An electron is influenced by a magnetic field only when it is (a) in motion perpendicular to the field (b) at rest (c) making an angle θ = 00 or 1800 (d) in motion parallel to the field 5. The signal to be observed on the screen of CRO is fed to (a) Cathode (b) horizontal amplifier (c) Horizontal deflection plates (d) Verticle amplifier 6. The pre-accelerating anode and post accelerating anode are maintained at —— potential with respect to focussing anode (a) high (b) zero (c) Verylow (d) low 7. The pattern on CRO screen when the two signals with 900 phase difference are given (of same amplitude), is (a) dot (b) straight line (c) ellipse (d) circle 8. The electrostatic deflection on CRO screen is independent of (a) Anode voltage (b) Length of the plates −l (c)
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(d) Spacing between plates 9. Ina CRT, the length of deflecting plates in the direction of the beam is 2 cm, the spacing of the plates is 0.5 cm and the distance of the florescent screen from the centre of the plate is 18 cm. Calculate the deflection sensitivity if the final anode voltage is 500 v (a) 0.72 cm/v (b) 0.27 cm/v (c) 0.072 cm/v (d) 0.0072 cm/v 10. If there is a spot on CRO screen intensity knob should be kept (a) very high (b) low (c) high (d) moderate 11. A n-type material has (a) both positive and negative charge carriers are equal in number (b) electrons as majority carriers (c) mobile positive ions (d) holes as majority carriers 12. The volt equivalent of temperature VT is given by (a) 16100/T (b) T/11,600 (c) T/16000 (d) 11,600/T 13. Laboratory data for a si diode described by iD = Io (eVD /η 10mA for vD = 0.7V find the reverse saturation current. (a) 23.97 µA (b) 239.7 µA (c) 2.397 µA (d) 0.2397 µA 14. If the reverse saturation current is 10 Pico Amps what is the forward current for voltage 0.5V at room temperature. Consider silicon diode (a) 22 µA (b) 2.2 µA (c) 0.22µA (d) 220µA 15. The hole diffusion current constant Dp for germanium at room temp is (a) 44 × 10−4 m2 /sec (b) 0.44 × 10−4 m2 /sec (c) 0.044 × 10−4 m2 /sec (d) 4.4 × 10−4 m2 /sec 16. The depletion or space-charge region in a PN junction diode contains (a) mobile donor and acceptor ions (b) majority carriers (c) immobile donor and acceptor ions (d) minority carriers 17. In a forward biased PN diodes the injected hole current in the n - region is proportional to (a) Q (b) Q2 (c) Q3 (d) 1/Q 18. The following represent the small signal model for zener diode (a) Shown in figure18a

− 1) show that iD = 2mA when vD = 0.6V and iD =

Figure 18a (b) Shown in figure18b

Figure 18b (c) Shown in figure18c

Figure 18c (d) Shown in figure18d

Figure 18d 19. In a tunnel diode, depletion layer width is of the order of (a) 1 micron (b) 0.1 micron (c) 10 A0 (d) 5 micron 20. In a varactor diode using alloy junction, the transition capacitance is proportional (a) 1/V (b) 1/V 2 √ (c) 1/ V (d) V 2

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