On Monday, Edward Snowden sent a written request for temporary political asylum to the Russian FMS and the

next day it was revealed to the media by the lawyer Anatoly Kucherena who said along with the written request (above) Snowden filled up and completed all necessary documents needed to support his request. President Putin has said that any decision to grant asylum would only be made by the Russian FMS and he need never be directly involved. But that has not pleased the US mad barking dogs one little bit. The White House is shrilly insisting that Putin hand over Snowden immediately so that he can be served with torture and humiliation by well-trained US secret service interrogators around the clock. The US media and their UK lapdog brethren are strongly in support of the US government’s stand on the matter and all of them want to have Edward Snowden skinned alive for daring to poke Uncle Sam in the eye. Thus Russia must stand up and allow Snowden to stay.

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