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John Calvin* Foundation laid by Augustine John Wesley Foundation laid by Arminius Total Depravity - human eigs 2s sec ye eee teat terete ete cele i teeter ected ov Deprivation - suman tig 2 sin and dou ot icp (deprived) nt vm fing rights; herr thy arora sf and canbe asfored by Gea ace; Gots prevent grace estes tohumany he feed of Wi Unconditional Election - since human beings cannot choose for themselves, Godby His etemal decree has chusen or elected some to be counted a righteous, without any concitons being paced on that elton. Conditional Election - cod has chosen that all, humanity be righteous by His grace, yet has called us to respond to at grave by exercising our Go-restred human ‘reed as a coniton offing election Limited Atonement - the effects of tre atonement, ‘by which God forgave sinful humanity, are tmited only to those ‘hom He has chosen. Unlimited Atonement - the effects of the ‘Atonement are freely avaiable al thse whom He has chosen, which incdes all humanity, “whosoever wi Irresistible Grace - the grace that God extends to human beings to effect their election cannot be refused, since ithas been decreed by God. Resistible Grace - God's grace is free and otferec without merit; however, human beings have bean granted freedom by God and can refuse His grace. Perseverance of the Saints - since God has eared the elect, and they cannot resist grace, they are ncondtionaly and etemaly secur in that election, Assurance and Security - there is secur in Gs wae that lows esurence of sation, bt that sect nln omteuad fates we ca sti defiant ject Go,