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Published by: Kevin Krotz on Jul 18, 2013
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Resolved: The United States ought to prioritize the pursuit of national security objectives above the digital privacy

of its citizens.

Torrey Pines KK // Kritik OFF

Your obligation as a judge is to ensure a debate which prevents modes of thought which deliver oppressive mindsets and exclusionary principles. Theory functions as a check for abusive arguments, while the K functions as a check for abusive modes of thought. Abusive modes of thought must be evaluated for prior to abusive arguments because they

1. Are much wider impacting. The affirmation or rejection of a mindset can lead to a shift in entire moral thought, whereas the affirmation or rejection of an argument is not as significant of a paradigm shift. 2. The scope of the pre-fiat implications of abusive arguments are limited to the round. The scope of pre-fiat implications of abusive modes of thought are feasibly delivered to the world because voting for a side signifies the acceptation that their mode of thought is acceptable, which is much worse than a single argument (e.g. the K). And, giving the win to an abusive mode of thought leads to that thought being run again due to its success, because it states that the competitive aspect of debate should come before the actual statements made. 3. If theory can come before the K, then theory itself devolves because theory should function as a check on abuse, but if it itself restricts the check on abusive modes of thought, it becomes paradoxical and meaningless. In order for theory to have meaning, it must come after the K. 4. Extend the discourse arguments out of the framework of the K – these still function against theory because the aff theory serves to repress critical modes of thought which the neg seeks to engage in. They conceded that the obligation of the judge is to vote for these critical engagements, and since theory is a violation of that critical engagement, they conceded that the K comes before theory. The mode of thought transferred through critical literature creates modes of questioning oppression and exclusion which can be observed through certain policy action. Theory functions as a censorship of that mode of questioning, by preventing certain critical ideas from appearing, when it functions on a higher level. Butler1:

Dissent and

debate depend[s] upon the inclusion of

those who maintain

critical views of state policy

and civic culture remaining

part of a larger

discussion of the value of policies and politics. To charge those who voice
juvenile behavior, collaboration, anachronistic Leftism,

critical views with treason, terrorist-sympathizing, anti-Semitism, moral relativism, [and] postmodernism,

is to seek to

destroy the credibility not of the views that are held, but of the persons who hold them. It


it is the naturally logical mandate that the judge reject these modes of screening critical thought. Torrey Pines KK // Kritik OFF produces the climate of fear in which to voice a certain view is to risk being branded and shamed with a heinous appellation. Because it would be heinous to identify as treasonous. Under social conditions that regulate identifications and the sense of viability to this degree. It is precisely because one does not want to lose one’s status as a viable speaking being that one does not say what one thinks. and criticism. however. as a collaborator. including foreign policy. through threatening the speaking subject with an uninhibited identification. To decide what views will count as reasonable within the public domain. To continue to voice one’s views under those conditions is not easy. since one must not only discount the truth of the appellation. and no administration can maintain its popularity. that debate becomes the exchange of views among the like-minded. is). Public policy. 2 . This strategy for through a series of quelling dissent and limiting the reach of critical debate happens a certain not only shaming tactics which have psycho-logical terrorization as their effect. or one speaks in throttled ways. but they work as well by producing what will and will not count as a viable speaking subject and a reasonable opinion within the public domain. that person comes to lack credibility as a speaking person. interestingly. which ought to be central to any democracy. becomes a fugitive and suspect activity. Dissent is quelled. no war can claim popular consent. is to decide what will and will not count as the public sphere of debate. and the media is riot open to him or her (though the internet. in order to sidestep the terrorizing identification that threatens to take hold. The line that circumscribes what is speakable and what is livable also functions as an instrument of censorship. often seeks to restrain the public sphere from being open to certain forms of debate and the circulation of hegemonic understanding of politics is achieved is through circumscribing what will media coverage. but brace the stigma that seizes up from the public domain. One way a and will not be admissible as part of the public sphere itself. Without disposing populations in such a way that war seems good and right and true. one fails to speak.Resolved: The United States ought to prioritize the pursuit of national security objectives above the digital privacy of its citizens. The so foreclosure of critique empties the public domain of debate and democratic contestation itself. in part. Since the aff accepts the role of the judge is to prevent these morally abhorrent arguments from gaining a foothold of acceptance in the round. censorship operates implicitly and forcefully. and the aff theory serves to allow these morally abhorrent arguments to gain acceptance. And if someone holds views that are not in line with the nationalist norm.

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