Congested Skies-A recipe for Disaster -Sky and congestion don’t really go together..Is it?

-Water has had the same story. 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water yet we see so many water deprived nations, regions etc. -There is a difference between perceived scarcity and actual scarcity. -Fortunately Sky is a perceived Scarcity. How would it affect us, so what if sky is congested, what difference does it make to my life? -Every day when human beings take to the air, there is a danger of aircrafts colliding and that danger is increasing each passing day as aviation industry grows. -This danger is due to congestion .The more the congestion the more is the possibility of two aircraft colliding in the air and this can be lethal. -Congestion causes Delay in flights, Fuel wastage too. -Every month we in India have an average of 2 near misses. Each miss is fatal to everybody on board -Its only GOD’S grace which is saving us from an imminent disaster. -How do we solve this problem? -The purpose of my speech is not to find solutions here, but just to raise an awareness. -We need to wake up before something happens because if GOD forbid something happens it will be too lethal to absorb.