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Published by: Aakash Khurana on Jul 18, 2013
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Jewellery buying preference: Local retailers or Brands 1. Do you wear jewellery? □ Yes □ No

2. How frequently do you make jewellery purchases? □ Once in a long time □ Once in a year

□ Whenever any occasion comes up 3. From where do you prefer purchasing jewellery? □ Local Dealers □ Brands (Tanishq, D’damas, etc.)

4. If brands, what are the factors responsible for this choice (one or more)? □ I can choose from a wide variety of designs □ The quality of the products is excellent □ The stores are easily accessible as they have their outlets at many places. □ They provide good exchange offers. □ The jewellery is certified. 5. If local retailers, what factors affect this decision (one or more)? □ I can buy the products on credit. □ The store is located near my house, and so is easily approachable. □ The prices are negotiable, I do not have to buy at the M.R.P. □ The products are comparatively priced low. □ The retailer is very reliable as I have been dealing with him since a long time. 6. From where did you get the knowledge of this store/ brand? □ Schemes launched by the store. □ Recommendations from Friends / Relatives. □ Pamphlets distributed. 7. How long have you been making your purchases of jewellery from this store/ brand? □ I recently started visiting this store / brand. □ From past 5 to 10 years

do you compare the designs and prices of the same between the branded showrooms and the local dealers? □ Always □ Rarely □ Often □ Never □ Sometimes 12.□ Since a very long time. 8. almost always. How important is the advertisement campaign followed by the store to make you opt for it? □ Extremely important □ Somewhat important □ Non at all important 10. Before making any jewellery purchases. Do you plan to shift or change the source of purchasing jewellery? □ Yes □ No □ Maybe NAME: _____aakash khurana___________________ ADDRESS: _____________________________________________ PROFESSION: __student________________ MONTHLY INCOME: □ 3 FIGURES □ 4FIGURES □ 5 FIGURES . How satisfied are you with the jewellery you buy? □ Very satisfied □ Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied □ Very dissatisfied 9. Does the ambience and the services provided in the store affect your purchase? □ Very Significantly □ Partially □ Neutral □ Significantly □ Not At All Significant □ Very important □ Not very important □ Satisfied □ Dissatisfied 11.

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