The Monster Under the Bed

By Elton Camp That it’s under her bed, Suzy can’t prove However, she’s sure she’s heard it move And the rasping sound it does make Causes her, with great fear to shake Suzy pulls the cover over her head It can’t grab her from under the bed Whenever she does cry and scream Her parents say that it’s only a dream Under the bed they both will peer Assure Suzy there’s naught to fear “But we will leave the light turned on. You won’t be afraid when we’re gone.” But the shining lamp doesn’t help She sees its hands and gives a yelp When, exhausted, she falls asleep Horrid dreams come when it’s deep The next night, it will be the same A terrible dread she cannot name When Suzy has children of her own, Occasionally, a monster may moan An adult, she knows it isn’t true Yet, cover her head, she’ll still do

A common childhood fear

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