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Training & Tools
President & C.E.O.
As a new member of the Nikken family, you have taken the first step toward positively changing lives — for you,
your family and the people you’ll introduce to our revolutionary products and unique business opportunity.
This guide contains a summary of the Nikken programs, products and rewards, and shows you how to get your
business up and running. Starting off the right way is one of the most important elements in becoming
successful. Use the steps outlined in this guide and you can begin to build a strong Nikken business quickly.
Nikken is much more than a business. It’s an organization that embodies Humans Being More
— which means
living the full and satisfying life that you can achieve when you attain balance in the 5 Pillars of Health
: a
Healthy Mind, Body, Family, Society and Finances. Nikken will help you to discover the difference this can make
for you.
We invite you to begin today. Schedule a meeting with your Nikken sponsor and work together to create your
plan of action. Your sponsor and upline can be a tremendous asset in guiding you every step of the way.
Nikken has also prepared a wide range of proven business-building, education and management tools to
support your efforts. You can access these at myNikken any time, day or night. Visit today to
familiarize yourself with its many resources.
The next step is up to you. We encourage you to share the Nikken opportunity, and help us create a world of
Humans Being More.
Available for instant download at
• New Consultant's Guide Training & Tools book
• Product catalog
• Business Opportunity brochure
• Policies & Procedures
• 90-Day Planner
• Retail receipts
• A Wake-Up Story — Healthy Child, Healthy World video
Nikken at a Glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
Getting Started . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
Step 1: Learn the Basics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
Step 2: Get to Know Nikken Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
Step 3: Discover Autoship and Nikken Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
Step 4: Understand the Keys to Success . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
Step 5: Attend Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
4 | Nikken at a Glance
Nikken is based on the idea of Humans Being More
, which means not only having
more, but living more, being more – enjoying the kind of life you can attain when
every part of it is in harmony with nature, with others and with yourself.
It is our mission to inspire people to discover a new way of life through the Nikken
philosophy of a healthy mind, body, family, society and finances — and to provide
them the means to live it by creating wellness around the world.
A Global Movement Since 1975
Nikken has evolved from its humble beginnings in a small, three-room office in Fukuoka,
Japan into a worldwide wellness phenomenon.
With hundreds of thousands of Independent Nikken Consultants around the world,
Nikken has built a solid reputation globally that is worthy of your confidence and
committed to your success.
The 5 Pillars of Health
Isamu Masuda, the founder of Nikken, believed that true wellness begins with
prevention, and that prevention begins with balanced living in each of five key aspects.
Mind | Body | Family | Society | Finances
” Sharing this concept of total, balanced wellness – together with the products and business
opportunity necessary to make it all possible – became his life's passion.
Today, the 5 Pillars of Health lifestyle has become a reality in hearts and homes around
the world.
Nikken Products
Our products represent the application of a simple but revolutionary principle: they
use advanced technology based on the natural forces in which we live and thrive.
Each product is designed to address one or more of the necessities of life — for
example, air, water, food, or sleep. In combination, they help create an environment
that supports lifelong good health.
Nikken at a Glance | 5
“I believe that we have the most innovative health products and
the best business opportunity in the world.”
-Carol Ann Gruendl, Florida
6 | Getting Started
Now that you have decided to become a Nikken Consultant, we want to help you get started right away! Channel your
excitement and commitment into real dollars, quickly and simply.
What to Know
• Define your why. Consider your reason for starting a
Nikken business. Understanding your why can
empower you.
• Learn about the 5 Pillars of Health
. The Nikken
concept of balance in five areas forms the foundation
for total wellness: Mind, Body, Family, Society,
• Meet with your upline team as soon as possible after
signing on. Contact them often and learn from them.
• Be aware of how Nikken communicates with you.
Check your mailbox, inbox and myNikken account
for Nikken Family magazine, e-newsletters, special
announcements, product news, training information
and more.
• Become familiar with Nikken products. Experience
the product benefits firsthand and you will develop
personal testimonials—a powerful way to share
Nikken with others.
• Understand the Nikken Vital Pack strategy. Ask
your upline coach how to leverage Nikken Vital
Packs to establish a thriving business (see page 12).
• Practice the ABC method of demonstration and
sponsorship. This three-way interchange involves
your upline coach (A), you (B) and your prospect (C).
Watching an experienced business builder deliver
Nikken presentations is excellent training
(see page 15).
What to Do
• Review your Business Success Kit. This kit brings
together all the essential elements you need to build
your new business, along with top-notch tips on making
the most of your first few weeks as a Consultant.
• Order one or more Vital Packs. The Nikken Vital Day,
Environment and Sleep Packs each contain key
products to help familiarize you with Nikken
technologies. (See page 12 for details).
• Enroll in the Nikken Autoship program. To ensure you
never run out of your favorite products for personal use,
demonstrations and samples, the Autoship program
is a smart option. And when you enroll others in
Autoship, you’re also building stability in your
business for a consistent residual income.
• Discover Nikken University. Register for a Humans
Being More
training event in your area. Expedite your
journey to success with this proven, life-changing tool
for personal development. Enroll in Silver training
online to learn about network marketing and more.
(See page 14 for details).
• Establish a list of 100 prospects. From your list of 100,
highlight the 10 people you want to contact first. (See
page 15 for more information).
• Meet with your sponsor or upline coach to work on
your 90-Day Planner. This simple tool helps you
define and master your short-term goals, such as
reaching the rank of Silver, your first Nikken
leadership level.
• Attend Wellness Previews and other events hosted
by local leadership. These events are a great
opportunity to meet other business builders in your
area, gain support, share tips and learn from
successful Nikken leaders.
The Ideal Business
Here are a few benefits of your new enterprise as an
Independent Nikken Consultant.
• Unlimited income potential
• Low start-up cost
• Proven, unique high-quality products
• Comprehensive corporate support
• The benefits of being your own boss
• Flexibility – work the hours you choose
• No paperwork hassles
• No wasteful overhead expenses
• A “portable” business you can take anywhere
• No inventory requirements
• Potential tax advantages
Putting the Multiplication Principle to Work
You can create financial freedom by harnessing the
power of the multiplication principle. As you begin to
build a downline of Consultants, they will share the
products and business opportunity with others.
These individuals will sponsor new Consultants who in
turn sponsor others, and as your sales organization
multiplies, you’ll qualify to earn increasingly lucrative
bonuses and other rewards.
Your Nikken income is not limited by the number of hours
you work, so you can achieve financial prosperity as well
as the balanced, happy, healthy lifestyle you desire.
Eight Ways to Earn
Your Nikken business provides a multitude of income-
producing opportunities. We believe Nikken has the most
generous plan in the industry. At Senior and higher
ranks, Nikken Consultants in good standing are
automatically eligible to begin expanding their business
internationally — no certification necessary!
• Retail Sales Profit
You can order Nikken products at Consultant prices.
That means you earn up to a 25% retail profit when you
sell the products at suggested retail prices to customers.
• Commissionable Volume (CV) Rebate
You can qualify for progressively higher rebates on the
commissionable volume of the Nikken products ordered
through your distributorship. These rebates start at
5% and climb to 20% at the Silver rank and above.
• Personal Group Commissionable Volume (PGCV)
This override, or bonus, is based on the commissionable
sales volume of the Consultants in your Personal Group,
or all the Consultants in your downline organization who
hold the rank of Direct, Senior, Executive and Bronze.
The amount of this override depends on your rank and
the ranks of those you have personally sponsored.
• Business 21 Club
Designed to help newer Consultants gain valuable
experience by utilizing the ABC method (see p.15), the
The Basics STEP 1 | 7
For complete details on how to earn, read the compensation
plan section in your Policies & Procedures book.
Learn the Basics
8 | STEP 1 Learn the Basics
Business 21 Club rewards you for completing 21 presentations
or demonstrations to 21 new prospects within a 30 day period.
Those who successfully meet the requirements will earn
recognition and a reward check.
• Paragon Award
A Nikken Consultant at any rank who develops three or
more Silver (or higher) legs in a period of three consecutive
months may be eligible for the prestigious Paragon award,
which includes a valuable prize or reward check.
• Leadership Bonus
This lucrative bonus is based on the commissionable sales
volumes of the Personal Groups of all Silver and above
Consultants in your downline. Depending on your rank
(beginning at Silver), you can earn a 6% Leadership Bonus
on each descending line or leg, down through as many as
six qualified leadership organizational levels.
• Lifestyle Bonus Program
This streamlined incentive offers a generous cash bonus.
Just maintain the qualification requirements pertaining to
your pin rank at Gold or above for three consecutive months.
• Home Bonus Program
Lifestyle Bonus program participants are also eligible to
earn the Home incentive when they qualify consistently at
Gold pin rank or above. Recipients can use this generous
bonus to pay down their mortgage, refinance an existing
home or purchase a new home!
Special Awards and Incentives
In order to help Consultants grow a successful organization
and create long-term stability, Nikken offers exciting awards
to recognize consistent performers.
President’s Club
Reserved for selected Consultants who attain the rank of
Platinum and above, membership in the President’s Club is a
defining honor. President’s Club members also receive a
covetable array of special recognitions, awards and privileges.
Millionaires’ Club
The qualification for membership in this group is its own
reward. You become a member when your Nikken
cumulative earnings reach $1 million.
Top Annual Awards
Consultant of the Year
The most coveted Nikken honor, the Consultant of the
Year is selected from among members of the
President’s Club whose achievements are carefully
reviewed in the areas of sponsorship, total PGCV,
organizational rank advancements, and earnings.
Heart of Nikken
Members of the President’s Club nominate the
Diamond or Royal Diamond Consultant who best
exemplifies the 5 Pillars of Health
and demonstrates
a philosophy of service.
Understanding PV, OV and CV
Each Nikken product is assigned a Personal Volume (PV)
and a corresponding Commission Volume (CV). A
product’s PV value is expressed in “Nikken points,” used
to calculate pin rank and pay rank qualifications in the
Nikken compensation plan.
Commission Volume is the basis upon which all bonuses,
rebates and overrides are calculated and paid.
Organization Volume (OV) is a Consultant’s Personal
Group Commission Volume (PGCV) plus the point volume
from his/her entire breakaway downline organization.
When attending an event with a prospect, it's always more
effective when you arrange to pick up your prospect, rather
than meeting them there.
Learn the Basics STEP 1 | 9
• Subject to a monthly $5 (US/CN) processing fee.
• Minimum net monthly earnings of $25 (US/CN) for payment.*
• Must be deposited manually.
• Waiting period for check to clear before funds are accessible.
• Requires excess consumption of paper, labor and fossil fuels.
Payment options for your monthly earnings
All distributorship accounts default to paper check
payment of commission earnings, resulting in an
automatic $5 monthly processing fee. Enroll in free
Nikken direct deposit, and save!
A completed direct deposit application – including a
voided check on the account to be enrolled – must be
received by the 20th of the month prior to the desired
start date for the direct deposit of monthly commission
checks. For applications received after this deadline,
automatic deposit will commence on the following month.
Enjoy the convenience of having Nikken commission
earnings sent directly to a personal checking account
or other financial institution (account holder name
must match name on distributorship). And help us
reduce unnecessary consumption of paper and fuel in
the interest of preserving our planet’s natural
resources — and building a healthy world.
For detailed information on payment of commissions,
rebates, overrides and bonuses, please see page 14 in
the Policies & Procedures manual provided in this
Business Success Kit.
*For Independent Nikken Consultants enrolled in
direct deposit, net monthly commission earnings of
less than $5 (US/CN) are credited to the Consultant’s
distributorship account in lieu of payment via
electronic transfer. For those not enrolled in direct
deposit, net monthly earnings of less than $25 (US/CN)
are credited to the Consultant’s account in lieu of
payment via a paper check.
To download a direct deposit application, visit the
document library in the Information Center at
• FREE for all Consultants.
• Minimum net monthly earnings of $5 (US/CN) for payment.*
• Instant electronic transfers and access to funds.
• Safe, secure delivery.
• Convenient, reliable service.
• A minimal carbon footprint!
10 | STEP 2 Get to Know Nikken Products
Nikken —Ancient Wisdom and Modern Design
Our pioneering innovations include:
• Advanced Magnetic Technology
• Far-Infrared Technology
• Negative-Ion Technology
• Full-Spectrum Light Technology
• Kenko™ Sleep Technology
• Kenzen® Wellness Organic-Based Nutrition
• PiMag® Water Technology
• True Elements® Swiss Organic Skin Care
We bring these technologies to life through products of
superior design, based on the principles of nature.
Nikken continues to research and test new products and
designs—and to foster scientific advances. We provide
support to the University of California, Irvine Medical
Center and have endowed the Nikken Imaging Center at
that facility.
Nikken also provides support to Japan's Magnetic Health
Science Foundation and publicizes the results of its
research studies.
• Study the product catalog to become familiar with all
Nikken products and technologies.
• Use Nikken products so you can experience their
benefits first-hand.
• Try new products each month so you can become a
knowledgeable resource for customers.
1. By Phone
Call us toll-free at 800-669-8859 option 2 (US) /
800-669-8890 option 2 (CN)
Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time.
2. By Mail
Send your orders to:
Nikken Inc., 2 Corporate Park, Irvine, CA 92606
Orders processed Monday through Friday.
3. By Fax
4. By Internet
Get to Know Nikken Products
Nikken products are designed
to address Rest & Relaxation,
Environmental and Nutrition &
Skin Care solutions.
“Being involved in Nikken allows me to help a lot of people, which was my biggest motivation as a pharmacist.
It also allows me to take care of my family. And the people I help go on to help others by paying it forward.
That’s the beauty of Nikken.”
-Sheila Loughlin, Virginia
Sign Up for Autoship STEP 3 | 11
Compared to the compensation plans of other network marketing
companies, many Nikken Consultants earn more with fewer
downline members.
Sign Up for the Autoship Program
There’s no better way to ensure that you’ll always have
the products you depend on than by signing up for
Autoship – an optional program that lets you choose
your favorite consumable Nikken products, like
Kenzen Wellness
nutritionals, True Elements
Organic Skin Care, or PiMag
and Air Wellness
replacement filters, to create a standing regular order.
With the Nikken Autoship Program, you’ll also secure
the monthly volume you need to qualify for bonuses
and incentives consistently.
Better still, order 100 PV or more of consumable
products on Autoship each month, and qualify for an
extra 10% discount! Contact your sponsor for
personalized assistance in putting together your own
custom Autoship order, or follow the simple steps below.
It's Easy to Sign Up!
• Decide which consumable Nikken products you want
to receive each month, bimonthly, quarterly, or twice
a year.
• Make sure your order has a minimum 100PV to
receive the discount.
• Order online at, by mail or by fax
• Pay by automatic credit or debit card charge.
You can adjust your Autoship order to meet your
changing needs at any time using To
ensure timely fulfillment, please submit any change
requests at least three business days prior to your next
scheduled Autoship date.
Nikken Business Tools on the Web
A one-stop business Web site, is
designed to be your highly efficient digital dashboard.
Free, basic myNikken offers round-the-clock online
access to functions like sponsoring new Independent
Nikken Consultants, ordering, and important
breaking news and updates.
Upgrade to myNikken Premier
Subscribers save 3% on orders and enjoy a robust
offering of additional tools and information sources,
including genealogy and downline activity tracking.
And each myNikken Premier subscription includes an
e-commerce capable Nikken Personal Web Page (PWP)
— the most powerful way for Nikken entrepreneurs
reach out to prospective business partners and
customers! Best of all, your Nikken PWP is
customizable to your business.
Nikken Sales Tools
Nikken maintains a complete line of product and business
support materials – including catalogs and Quick
Reference Sheets, business opportunity and product
brochures, CDs, DVDs and more.
• Browse the video or document library in the Information Center for free resources
and business forms.
• Order product catalogs at
Discover Autoship and Nikken Tools
Nikken provides you with a clear path to follow for earning money and
making your dreams a reality. It’s a simple process, because Nikken
believes that you shouldn’t have to be a financial expert in order to
see success in your business.
In fact, you begin earning an income after only one month in your
Nikken business by duplicating the key steps, with these tools.
1. Nikken Vital Packs
2. Business 21 Club
3. Autoship sales
Nikken Vital Packs
At Nikken the product focus is on creating quality, useful and life-
changing products and technologies that can assist you in maintaining
a natural state of balance. Nikken Vital Packs combine a set of
powerful products to meet a defined objective.
These are:
• The Day Pack #4068 US / #4069 CN
• The Environment Pack #4072 US/CN
• The Sleep Pack (item codes vary by size)
For building a Nikken business, each of these packs offers dramatic
advantages over individual purchases or sales:
• Discounted Pack Price
• Simple and fast way to gain familiarity with company products
Order by telephone in the US: 800-669-8859
option 2 or in Canada: 800-669-8890 option 2.
Order online by visiting
Pack contents are subject to change without
For an up-to-date listing, please visit and select the “New Products”
tab under the “Products” menu in the
navigation bar.
12 | STEP 4 Understand the Keys to Success
Business Tools Success Pack
The Business Tools Success Pack includes an expert
selection of sales aids to help you share the Nikken
#4070 US / #4071 CN
Understand the Keys to Success
Vital Environment Pack
Vital Day Pack
Business 21 Club
Designed to help newer Consultants gain valuable
experience by utilizing the ABC method, the Business 21
Club is an incentive to complete 21 presentations or
demonstrations to 21 new prospects within 30 days. Those
who successfully meet the requirements will earn
recognition and a $250 award check.
This incentive supports up-and-coming Nikken leaders as
they advance to Silver, Gold and beyond!
Autoship Sales
The Autoship program is another valuable tool for
sustaining a solid residual Nikken business. Autoship
orders provide a reliable income stream. Talk to your
upline coach for details on how to promote Autoship with
your customers and downline.
Understand the Keys to Success STEP 4 | 13
Vital Sleep Pack
Available in Twin, Full, Queen*, King* and Cal King* sizes. All sizes
are 20% off when purchased by new Consultants within 60 days of
• Kenko Naturest
mattress topper
• Kenko Naturest
custom pillow(s)*
• Kenko Dream
or Kenko Dream Light comforter
*Queen, King and California King packs each
include two pillows
14 | STEP 5 Attend Training
Attend Events and Trainings
Regular event attendance is one of the best ways to
ensure success and stay informed of new announcements
and cutting edge business practices that will take your
business to another level. Invite your prospects and newly
sponsored business partners to accompany you to all
Nikken group meetings, Wellness Previews, trainings
and events in your area. These events are a great way to
leverage a local team to help you build your business.
There's nothing like the synergistic excitement of group
interactions to inspire people!
Ask your sponsor when and where meetings and events
in your area will be held. Update your personal
appointment calendar on a regular basis and attend as
many of these events as possible.
Discover Nikken University
Nikken University training was created to help support
growth, business knowledge and personal
development through a powerful series of targeted
courses for Consultants.
• Silver training online
• Humans Being More
• Gold training
These courses are facilitated by highly experienced
professionals and hosted at Nikken world headquarters
in Irvine, California and in key locations throughout
North America.
Silver training online
A targeted curriculum for Consultants on the
leadership track, Silver training online sheds light on
the basics of network marketing while teaching
budding business builders how to create a simple,
duplicatable and proven system for success. New
Consultants are strongly encouraged to enroll. This
virtual training course can be audited by students from
anywhere they have internet access — free!
Humans Being More training
Since 1975, hundreds of thousands of people from all walks
of life have benefited from Humans Being More. Graduates
gain the tools and insights needed to experience more
passion and better results in every aspect of their life. This
signature training represents the company’s core
philosophy – to help people to do more, earn more, and be
more than they ever dreamed.
Designed to help Consultants become leaders, Humans
Being More training focuses on helping students identify
their goals, dreams and vision for achieving balance in the 5
Pillars of Health
Open to everyone — Independent Nikken Consultants,
customers and their guests — this strategic program
constantly attracts repeat attendees. And any graduate
may repeat the course free when accompanied by a
paid first-time attendee! In addition, Nikken University
offers the Youth Scholarship Program to support both
the Healthy Family and Healthy Society pillars. The
program enables anyone between the ages of 16 and
22 who is not a Consultant to attend Humans Being
More training free.
Gold training
For more experienced Nikken Consultants, Gold
training delivers relevant, advanced business strategy
content designed to show leaders how to manage a
growing organization, taught by the very pacesetters
who have already been there.
Enroll now and discover the possibility of living a life beyond
your dreams. Visit for more information.
Attend Training
“This business is about helping
others find what they need.”
-Chris Thayer, Louisiana
Attend Training STEP 5 | 15
The Foundation of Your Success
On-the-job training is the most valuable way to learn
how to do business. The top Nikken business builders
have all benefited immensely from hands-on coaching
with their upline sponsor, and you can achieve success
the same way.
Before you begin, complete your 100 Prospects List. This
list represents the seedbed of future Independent Nikken
Consultants who will form your downline and help you
create a balanced, healthy, prosperous life. Don’t
hesitate to list anyone and everyone you know, and don’t
eliminate anyone before giving that person the
opportunity. You never know who may be interested!
Download a blank 100 Prospects List from the document
library in the Information Center. You can
also download a memory trigger sheet to help you think
of potential prospects for your list.
Use the ABC Method
As your coach, your upline sponsor will help you review
your completed 100 Prospects List and identify the 10
most promising candidates to form the basis of your
downline organization. Then, you and your coach can
utilize the ABC method to approach your prospects.
The Nikken ABC method is a three-way interchange
between your upline coach (A), you (B) and your prospect
(C). There are a number of reasons why the ABC method
works so well:
• Your coach’s experience, knowledge and skills add
power and synergy to these interactions.
• On-the-job training enables you to learn the skills
needed to make effective calls and presentations.
• Your prospects appreciate the credibility of a third-
party expert in the presentation.
Role-Play with Your Coach
To get a feel for how you and your coach will handle the
ABC conversation as a team, pretend that a prospect
has just answered the phone and practice role-playing
a number of scenarios with your coach.
Here are a few tips:
• Work on building the credibility of your expert.
• Give prospects quick teasers to spark their interest
for a meeting to learn more.
• Avoid long and involved conversations about
individual products or the compensation plan.
• Your goal should always be to set an appointment to
make a presentation.
Successful Presentations
Applying the ABC method, schedule a minimum of three
appointments as you work through the top 10 names on
your 100 Prospects List with your coach. You can leverage
the ABC method again to deliver a successful presentation
during each appointment. Follow your coach’s lead to:
• Choose a comfortable environment with minimal
distractions for each appointment.
• Establish a warm, friendly atmosphere by asking about
the prospect’s family, occupation and interests.
• Learn about the prospect’s priorities, needs and desires.
• Show them how Nikken products and/or the business
opportunity can help them achieve what they want.
Before long, you will be confident in leading your own
presentations — and teaching your downline Consultants
how to duplicate these techniques to build their own
successful organizations! For additional tips, tools and
resources, visit the Information Center.
2 Corporate Park, Irvine, CA 92606
Nihon Kenko Zoushin Kenkyukai, Canada Corp.,
6300 Edwards Blvd., Building 2, Mississauga, ON L5T 2X3
2014 Nikken Inc. • Printed in USA
Reproduction of this printed literature is prohibited.