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An Eclectic Torah Compilation Publication SECOND EDITION – APRIL 2013
Covers in this series have been prepared by Avromie Brauner


This work is an extremely comprehensive English-language thesaurus of over thirty-three hundred Hebrew verb roots (Shoroshim) from all historical periods dating from the Biblical through modern times. SHOROSHIM PER LETTER

196 119 163 164 294 121

‫פ‬ ‫צ‬ ‫ק‬ ‫ר‬ ‫ש‬ ‫ת‬

3306 Total

86 123 132 101 171 203 168 182

‫ט‬ ‫י‬ ‫כ‬ ‫ל‬ ‫מ‬ ‫נ‬ ‫ס‬ ‫ע‬

202 160 137 121 159 9 93 202

‫א‬ ‫ב‬ ‫ג‬ ‫ד‬ ‫ה‬ ‫ו‬ ‫ז‬ ‫ח‬

Although the primary purpose of this work is to provide the reader with the basic and derivative meanings (synonyms) of a specific root and related roots, a secondary objective is to demonstrate how what may first appear as dissimilar roots are actually related and stem from a common, primal root. Since the definitions and derivatives are gleaned from all grammatical forms including ‫ נפעל‬,‫ התפעל‬,‫הפעיל‬, etc. the roots used herein may not be immediately obvious or intuitive. It is advised, therefore, that the reader peruse the following sets of Guidelines to get a better feel for how to locate the root. It should also be noted that a significant number of roots and definitions listed in this work are obscure and/or obsolete.
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= Root is of Biblical origin IAW J.D. Eisenstein’s Otzar Ma’amareTanach (1925, New York) or = IAW M. Clark in his Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew (1999, Jerusalem).


the second. alternatively. doubled letter of a four-letter root (e. Drop the prefix letters ‫א‬.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR FINDING A ROOT 1. Two or five-letter roots are typically found under their basic three-letter root (e. This is simply our convention. can be found with a ‫ ה‬at the end. well-known Hebrew-English dictionaries were consulted for the vast majority of entries. Shapolsky Publishers. based on the Commentaries of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch – Matityahu Clark. ‫ ש‬or ‫ ת‬. rather. roots for which no other source was found were taken from the Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew. ‫ חס‬can be found under ‫ חסה‬and ‫אהבהב‬ can be found under ‫)אהב‬. for ‫ איד‬check ‫אדה‬. 3. It should NOT be implied that these are the actual roots of the words but. e. e. for ‫ אית‬see ‫אות‬. and check the other letters of the root. Drop the middle. 5. New York 1989 – marked IM. doubled letter of a three-letter root and replace it with either a ‫ ו‬or ‫( י‬e. a root with either a ‫ י‬or a ‫ ו‬in the middle. unless no root was found with an ending ‫ ה‬in which case root with a middle ‫י‬ are found under the root with a ‫ו‬. Jerusalem 1999 – marked MC. 2 . Although conventional.g. for ‫ אצצ‬check ‫ )אוצ‬ well as the ‫ה‬ particularly with words which begin with the letters ‫הת‬. 4. ‫נ‬. in exceptional cases. roots have been grouped for uniformity and convenience of search only. Feldheim Publishers.g. and Isaac Mozeson's work The Word.g. doubled letter is substituted with a ‫ ה‬at the end of the word.g. for ‫ אבקק‬check ‫)אבק‬. 2. Drop the second. Frequently. 6.

SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" SPECIFIC LETTER GUIDELINES ‫א‬ 7. check the root zyx. for ‫ התאבל‬check ‫אבל‬.‫ זכר‬. the ‫ א‬word is not listed and the reader should directly refer to its following three-letter root. 11. for ‫הסתגל‬ check ‫סגל‬. for ‫ התאבכ‬check ‫אבכ‬.If your word is in the form of y-x-‫ט‬-‫צ‬-‫ ה‬check the root y-x-‫צ‬. Examples: for the word ‫ השתאה‬check ‫שאה‬.‫ הזדעזע‬. In such cases. The prefix ‫ א‬is occasionally dropped as with . i. e. 12. ‫ה‬ 10. Examples: For ‫ התאבד‬check ‫אבד‬.‫אבגד‬.g. etc. ‫ כזר‬. 13. 3 . for ‫ בדא‬see ‫בדה‬. etc. ‫ ע‬if a 8.If you have a five-letter word which begins with ‫ הת‬drop the ‫הת‬ and look at the rest of the root. ‫השתיק‬ (‫)שתק‬. for ‫ השתבח‬check ‫שבח‬. (‫השתינ )שתנ‬. for ‫ הסתבר‬check ‫סבר‬.‫ אכזר‬. if this root was found written with a ‫ה‬.‫ אזכר‬. except in a few instances where the ‫ ת‬is part of the root. Roots ending in an ‫ א‬are listed under ‫ ה‬at the end. (‫ השתית )שתה‬and in the case of ‫ השתיר‬whose root is listed as ‫נשר‬. 9. specifically: (‫השתיל )שתל‬.If your word is in the form of z-y-‫ת‬-x-‫ה‬.If your word is in the form of y-x-‫ד‬-‫ז‬-‫ ה‬check the root y-x-‫ז‬ except in these cases: ‫ הזדקר‬.‫הזדגג‬.‫אכזב‬ . Words with an ‫ א‬in the root are typically listed under source was found with this root written with an ‫ע‬.‫בגד‬.‫ כזב‬. for ‫ הסתבכ‬check ‫סבכ‬. etc.e.

If you have a six-letter word which begins with ‫ השת‬drop all three of these prefix letters and look up the remain letters.כלל‬for ‫ השתכנע‬check ‫ . for ‫ מחזר‬check ‫חזר‬.Wherever possible.Often. ‫ ס‬have been listed 4 . e. ‫מ‬ 16. unless those latter three letters are not part of the root. Therefore. words beginning with a under the letter of ‫שׂ‬. simply look up the remaining three-letters. e. ‫ נאוה‬and ‫נאות‬. etc.Drop the ‫( ה‬and the ‫ ו‬and the ‫ )י‬from words exceeding four letters. for ‫ נאמנ‬see ‫אמנ‬. etc. the prefix ‫ מ‬has been dropped in four-letter roots.(‫האדימ )אדמ‬ (‫ההביל )הבל‬. for ‫ מדרג‬check ‫ דרג‬and so forth. for ‫ נאבד‬see ‫אבד‬. e.g. such as . etc. 15.g. for ‫ נבנה‬see ‫בנה‬.כנע‬for ‫ השתלהב‬check ‫להב‬. ‫ס‬ 18. Examples: For ‫ השתכלל‬check ‫ . ‫נ‬ 17.g. for ‫ מחשב‬check ‫חשב‬.(‫ האדיר )אדר‬.Not listed herein are many four-letter roots beginning with the letter "‫ "נ‬which can easily be found by dropping the ‫ נ‬and checking the remaining three letters.(‫ האביד )אבד‬.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" 14.

e. Israel 26 Nissan 5772 . 20. for ‫שלהב‬.A number of words in the forms of ‫ה‬-X-‫ ש‬or X-‫י‬-‫ ש‬or X-‫ו‬-‫ש‬ can be found under the form of X-‫ש‬-‫נ‬.Wherever a ‫ ש‬is not presented indicating if it is a ‫ שׁ‬or a ‫ שׂ‬it should be assumed to be a ‫שׁ‬. ‫ שאנ‬and ‫שוב‬.g.g.For four-letter words beginning with a ‫שׁ‬. e. 2012 brauner1@actcom.g. and let me know of your comments and corrections. such as in ‫ שאננ‬or ‫ שובב‬in which case drop the doubled letter and check the root without it.Not listed are many four-letter Shoroshim beginning with the letter "‫ "ת‬which can simply be found by dropping the prefix ‫ת‬ and looking up the remainder three letters. e. drop the ‫ שׁ‬and look up the remaining three-letter root. Reuven Brauner Eclectic Torah Compilations Raanana.חזר‬for ‫שעתק‬.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ש‬ 19. check ‫עתק‬. ‫ת‬ 22. The reader should check BOTH ‫ שׁ‬and ‫ שׂ‬for definitions and derivatives as there may be overlap between them. check ‫גבר‬. unless a letter in the word repeats itself. for ‫ תבלט‬check ‫ .ברג‬for ‫תגבר‬. עבד‬for ‫שחזר‬. 2013 5 . check ‫ . check ‫ . check ‫ . check ‫ .בלט‬for ‫תברג‬.il Second Edition April 22. etc.April 18.להב‬for ‫שעבד‬. 21. Enjoy.

deprive To thicken. perish To desire. have an appetite. yearn.‫ זכר‬.e. destroy. be repulsive. i. exterminate. detest. the ‫ א‬word is not listed and the reader should directly refer to its following three-letter root. clasp. go astray. fasten with a buckle To slay. be lost. DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To father. kill by sword. abhor. soar. ruin. lose one’s way. make plump To coat/cover with zinc ‫שורש‬ ‫אב‬ ‫אבב‬ ‫אבגד‬ ‫אבד‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ ‫אבה‬ ‫ תעב‬. interfere ►rise (as with dust/smoke).‫אבגד‬. ‫ כזר‬.‫ כזב‬. spiral up. billow out ►heterodyne To mourn. fossilize. grieve ►faint. roll up (smoke). commit suicide. obey.‫תאב‬ ‫אבזמ‬ ♦ ‫אבח‬ ‫אבחנ‬ ♦ ‫אבטח‬ ‫אבינ‬ ♦ ‫אבכ‬ ‫אבל‬ ♦ ‫אבנ‬ ♦ ‫אבנט‬ ♦ ‫אבס‬ ‫אבצ‬ ♦ 6 . parent See ‫נבא‬ To spell. abominate ►become corrupt/crooked To buckle. turn into stone ►benumb See ‫בנט‬ To fatten. consent ►loathe.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫א‬ The prefix ‫ א‬is occasionally dropped as with . etc. make poor. wither. long/wish for. crave.‫ אכזר‬. waste. In such cases. stuff/digest food. droop To petrify. want. appetize ►be willing. rue.‫ אכזב‬.‫ בגד‬. bewail. forfeit. kill See ‫בחנ‬ See ‫בטח‬ To impoverish. lament. mix. arrange alphabetically To lose.‫ אזכר‬.

neutralize. edge ►close/shut a door. win by maneuvering See ‫גרפ‬ To afflict. grind into powder. border. like. seal a jar To hoard. steam. bunch. ascend To ruffle. have affection for To cry out. adore. impound water into a lake/pool To contain [MC] To flank. heap. grieve. yowl ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫אבק‬ ‫אבקק‬ ‫אבקק‬ ♦ ‫אבר‬ ♦ ‫אגד‬ ‫אגז‬ ♦ ‫אגל‬ ♦ ‫אגמ‬ ♦ ‫אגנ‬ ♦ ‫אגפ‬ ♦ ‫אגר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫אגרפ‬ ♦ ‫אדב‬ ‫אדה‬ ‫איד‬ ‫אדוה‬ ♦ ‫אדמ‬ ♦ ‫אדנ‬ ‫אדק‬ ♦ ‫אדר‬ ‫אדש‬ ♦ ‫אהב‬ ‫אהבהב‬ ‫אהבהב‬ ‫אהד‬ ♦ ‫אהה‬ 7 . leave unheeded To love. grapple with. sadden. bind/join together. distress To vaporize. immunize ►hold one’s peace. harden one’s heart To tie. spread one’s wings ►be strong. collect. flush To call someone “sir” ►master. gather. govern See ‫הדק‬ To glorify. rule. praise. stock.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To wrestle. amalgamate. soar. cause waves To redden. desire ►flirt See ‫אהב‬ To like. trickle. fly. lust. magnify. volatilize ►soar. dust. collect. fight ►cover with/raise/remove dust. evaporate. wail. struggle. blush. unite. accumulate ►departmentalize ►register ►outflank. be/turn ruddy/red. be mighty/glorious/majestic To be indifferent/apathetic/inert. pain. ripple. powder See ‫אבק‬ To fly. sympathize with. cluster. dribble To collect. be fond of. combine To remove from tree To drip. attack indirectly.

press. camp. curb. manacle. go away To lance To poise. shine. aspire. vanish. cease. balance. be suitable/willing ►enjoy ►spell a word. restrict To acquire [MC] To hurry. pay attention ►probe and search To shackle.‫אותת‬ ‫אתת‬ ‫אותת‬ ♦ ‫אזב‬ ♦ ‫אזה‬ ♦ ‫אזל‬ ‫אזמל‬ ♦ ‫אזנ‬ ♦ ‫אזק‬ 8 . impel. wish. chain up. make wind. agree to. lust after. push To light (up). cover up. fan. exhaust. illuminate. covet. beam ►air. overshadow. long for. put in irons. brighten. crackle ►be angry/annoyed/irritated ►recover See ‫אוש‬ To consent. crunch. urge. fetter.‫ אית‬. ponder ►listen to. check. rush. boost. shade. ventilate. hasten. signal See ‫אות‬ To cover with hyssop To order events. be used up. crave ►set boundaries To goosestep See ‫אוז‬ To scurry forth [MC] To vacillate [MC]. bind ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫אהל‬ ♦ ‫אוב‬ ♦ ‫אוד‬ ♦ ‫אוה‬ ‫אוז‬ ‫אוזז‬ ‫אוזז‬ ♦ ‫אוח‬ ♦ ‫אול‬ ♦ ‫אומ‬ ♦ ‫אונ‬ ♦ ‫אוצ‬ ‫אצצ‬ ♦ ‫אור‬ ‫אורר‬ ‫אורר‬ ‫אוש‬ ‫אושש‬ ‫אושש‬ ♦ ‫אות‬ . run out of. lack clarity of purpose [MC] To limit. make a sign. aerate See ‫אור‬ To rustle.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To pitch/live in a tent. shelter To fill with rainwater [MC] To affect results To desire. accelerate. past or future [MC] To go. speed. weigh carefully. sold out ►disappear. spur.

hesitate. join. detain. fill up. homogenize. be a friend To unite. retard ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫אזר‬ ♦ ‫אזרח‬ ‫אזרר‬ ♦ ‫אח‬ ‫אחוה‬ ♦ ‫אחד‬ ♦ ‫אחה‬ ‫אחוה‬ ♦ ‫אחז‬ ‫אחל‬ ♦ ‫אחר‬ ♦ ‫יחר‬ ‫אחש‬ ‫אטאט‬ ♦ ‫אטד‬ ‫אטה‬ ♦ . amalgamate. delay. decelerate. egg on ►take courage To acquire citizenship. shut a hole/gap. shut up To be hostile to/an enemy of ►show enmity See ‫אדה‬ To isolate [MC] To qualify ♦ ♦ ‫אטט‬ ‫אטמ‬ ♦ ‫אטנ‬ ♦ ‫אטר‬ ♦ ‫איב‬ ♦ ‫איד‬ ♦ ‫איה‬ ♦ ‫איכ‬ 9 . clutch. be one. normalize. lag behind ►cover camels To attend royalty with alacrity [MC] See ‫אטה‬ To penetrate [MC] To slow down/up. fasten ►take possession ►be strong and closely knit To congratulate. unify. unite. be one. grasp. support. naturalize To divide into areas To brother ►be friendly/brotherly. strengthen/ready oneself. catch. bring together See ‫אח‬ To seize. cheer ►wish To tarry. applaud. linger. associate with ►make unique ►standardize. take hold of. fortify ►encourage. grow together ►sew. attach. equip. stitch up. seal. join. postpone. put on ►overcome. enclose. be late. obstruct To luxuriate in fancy clothes [MC] To be left-handed/sinister ►close.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To gird. cling ►settle in ►cover. fraternize. delay. even out To put/piece together. hold. make impermeable.‫אטאט‬ ‫אטט‬ See ‫אטה‬ To slow up ►close. combine. guard.

plow. stay as a guest To urge. appeal ►lament. lord. tie together. warn To negate. inhabit. rust. threaten. bemoan To dirty. confine. give hospitality. devour. study. contaminate. put under oath ►deify. deny. dry out. peasant. worship ►adjure. accommodate. taint ►curse To transmit by radio To alchemize To anesthetize. restrict ‫שורש‬ ‫איל‬ ‫אימ‬ ♦ ‫אינ‬ ‫איר‬ ♦ ‫איש‬ ♦ ‫אית‬ ♦ ‫אכל‬ ♦ ♦ ‫אכלס‬ ‫אכמ‬ ♦ ‫אכנ‬ ‫אכסנ‬ ‫אכפ‬ ♦ ‫אכר‬ ♦ ‫אלה‬ ♦ ‫תאל‬ ‫אלח‬ ‫אלחט‬ ‫אלחמ‬ ‫אלחש‬ ♦ ‫אלל‬ ♦ ‫אלמ‬ ♦ ‫אלמת‬ ‫אלממ‬ ‫אלמנ‬ ‫אלמת‬ ♦ ‫אלפ‬ ♦ ‫אלצ‬ 10 . numb. secure ►bind. pinpoint (military) To lodge. compel. rustic. press ►constrain. colonize To blacken To locate. leave ►bereave See ‫אלמ‬ To learn. use up. abscond. desiccate To become a widow/er ►desert. infect. corrupt. awe. fortify. grieve. entertain a guest. deaden To search. fasten To dehydrate. strengthen To frighten. identify. digest. enforce. espy. restrain. settle. tame ►bring forth thousands To compel. swear. consume. sedate. dine. reinforce. teach. press. urge. bewail. dope. agriculturist ►farm. force ►saddle To be a farmer. people. force. be chief/noble/courageous. train animals.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To head. burn ►corrode. repudiate To illustrate To man See ‫אות‬ To eat. adore. limit. till. decay ►feed. nourish ►cause to enjoy To populate. cultivate To curse. put up. track To be dumb/silent ►bind sheaves ►strengthen.

educate. command. appraise. speak. surmise See also To serve [MC] To be weak/depressed/languid/despondent/unhappy/unfortunate/ miserable ►enamel. rise. tease. teach. mean To darken. disclose. nurse. affirm ►elevate. order. relate. assess. divulge To strengthen. glaze vessels. befall ►wrong. groan. bring about. tell.‫אננ‬ ‫אנח‬ ♦ ‫אנכ‬ ♦ ‫אננ‬ 11 . substantiate. verify. go too far. practice ►believe. soar.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To deodorize. secure. utter. extemporize. cleanse. strain. raise prices ►pretend ►declare a strike ►deduce. tone up. try hard ►adopt ►make firm. nurse. endeavor. coach. brace To say. validate. proclaim ►intend. be faithful/reliable/trusty/true/established ►arrange in lines ►confirm. make fragrant To improvise. be determined/bold/courageous/brave. bewail ►complain. deceive. dim To verify. tend. betide. avow. paint with shiny finish See ‫אמל‬ To block a form To rear. make vertical ►cover with lead/zinc ►polish. authenticate ►confide in. freshen. foster ►train. wail. bring up. authenticate. make an effort. abuse ►find an excuse/pretext ►overreach. weep. infer. exert oneself. provoke. state ►boast. reveal. ad-lib To mother. shine See ‫אנה‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫אלרח‬ ‫אלתר‬ ♦ ‫אמ‬ ‫אמבט‬ ‫אמד‬ ♦ ‫ מאד‬and ‫מוד‬ ‫אמה‬ ♦ ‫אמל‬ ‫אמלל‬ ‫אמלל‬ ♦ ‫אממ‬ ♦ ‫אמנ‬ ♦ ‫אמצ‬ ‫אמר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫אמש‬ ‫אמת‬ ♦ ‫אנב‬ ♦ ‫אנה‬ ♦ ‫ תאנ‬. sigh To plumb. mourn. glorify. grumble ►cause (to happen). wash. murmur. clean To estimate. trust. care for. persist. confirm To spring out [MC] To lament. prove true. straighten. encourage. overstretch ►masturbate To moan. nurture. look after. protect To bathe.

baffle. harness. groan. turn a wheel ►systemize. fetter ►forbid. contain To anger. dim. nullify. compel.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To force. overshadow. model ►torture. tie. ban To gird. finish. grunt. negate. clothe To bake. scoff. join. congregate ►act as rear guard ►draw back ►put away. end To imprison. hold back. be characteristic of ►modulate. bind. torment. personify To convert to Islam To store away grain To distress [MC] ►absorb tragedy [MC] To gather. bind. black out (windows). arrest. personalize. confuse. remove ►die. wrap oneself. jeer See ‫אפנ‬ To darken. act violently ►rob. be wroth ►nasalize. obscure ►mystify. steal ►restrain. cook in the oven To laugh at. prohibit. collect. adjust. perplex. afflict. classify. rape. stupefy. characterize. disappear. reset ►fail To tether. confine. speak through one’s nose. sob. accumulate. violate. bewilder. sigh See also ‫חנק‬ To hook To be seriously ill/sick/unwell ►humanize. assemble. sneer. tie. secure ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫אנס‬ ‫אנפ‬ ‫אנפפ‬ ♦ ‫אנפפ‬ ♦ ‫אנק‬ ‫אנקל‬ ♦ ‫אנש‬ ‫אסלמ‬ ♦ ‫אסמ‬ ‫אסנ‬ ♦ ‫אספ‬ ♦ ‫אסר‬ ‫אפד‬ ♦ ‫אפה‬ ♦ ‫אפז‬ ‫אפינ‬ ♦ ‫אפל‬ ♦ ‫אפלל‬ ‫אפלל‬ ♦ ‫אפנ‬ ‫ אפננ‬. gird. arrange. puzzle ►be late in ripening ►set (as the sun) [IM] See ‫אפל‬ To ride a bicycle.‫אפינ‬ ‫אפננ‬ ♦ ‫אפס‬ ‫אפסר‬ 12 . chain. restrain. persecute See ‫אפנ‬ To cease. tie. come to an end ►zero. snort See ‫אנפ‬ To cry. enrage. meet.

encompass. hoard. preserve To be wild [MC] To acclimate. continue. suppress ►take out. inspire. cover See ‫אפר‬ See ‫פשר‬ To finger. abstain. surround. withdraw. remove To make oneself up. treasure. reorganize. stay as a guest. waylay. journey ►lodge. quarrel. reserve. acclimatize. hold back. dispute To make a deep red. gather/pick fruit ►curse To pack. arrange in a line. entertain a guest. give away ►withhold. identify To separate. put on make-up. prolong. ambush. integrate To lie in wait. store. last ►live a long life To rise [MC] ‫שורש‬ ‫אפפ‬ ‫אפצ‬ ♦ ‫אפק‬ ♦ ♦ ‫אפר‬ ‫אפרר‬ ‫אפשר‬ ♦ ‫אצבע‬ ♦ ‫אצל‬ ‫אצצ‬ ♦ ‫אצר‬ ♦ ‫אקה‬ ‫אקלמ‬ ♦ ‫ארב‬ ‫ארבל‬ ‫ארג‬ ♦ ‫ארגמנ‬ ‫ארגנ‬ ‫שרגנ‬ ♦ ‫ארד‬ ‫ארה‬ ♦ ‫ארז‬ ♦ ‫ארח‬ ♦ ‫ארכ‬ ♦ ‫ארמ‬ 13 . deny ►emanate. accommodate ►go through To lengthen. take time. cover ►beset To make contiguous. bestow. systematize To bronze To pluck. be long. distance ►impart. originate. ennoble See ‫אוצ‬ To gather. accost. accumulate. arrange. paint purple To organize. extend. adapt exactly To restrain oneself.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To encircle. contain. lurk. protract. point/pick (out). lay aside. elongate. collect. disguise ►paint/turn gray ►burn to ashes. refrain. radiate ►influence. fix closely. delegate. layup. intercept See ‫ערב‬ To weave. bundle. set apart/aside. interlace ►argue. tie up To travel.

pour To create material [MC] To enclose [MC] To cluster. long for. blame. flow. crave To cascade. engage. advance. accommodate To finish textiles See ‫שפר‬ To march. certify. go straight. move forward ►set right ►attest. speak. reject. spurn To express. reinforce. earth To curse ►poison ►abhor. congeal. go to (see) To solidify basic needs [MC] To ground. become engaged ►desire. group To make one an Ashkenazi ►behave like an Ashkenazi To bind with ropes To be/find guilty. articulate ►betroth. fortify ►praise. congratulate ►make happy See ‫אשר‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫ארמל‬ ‫ארס‬ ♦ ‫ארע‬ ‫ערע‬ ‫ארצ‬ ‫ארק‬ ♦ ‫ארר‬ ♦ ‫נאר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫ארשׁ‬ ‫ארשׂ‬ ‫ארס‬ ‫אשד‬ ‫אשה‬ ♦ ‫אשכ‬ ‫אשכל‬ ‫אשכנז‬ ♦ ‫אשל‬ ♦ ‫אשמ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫אשנ‬ ‫אשנב‬ ♦ ‫אשפ‬ ‫אשפז‬ ♦ ‫אשפר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫אשר‬ ‫אשרר‬ ‫אשרר‬ 14 . commit an offense. charge with To stiffen. pour down. request. progress. lead. authorize ►strengthen. visit. solidify. commend. bear punishment ►accuse. become rigid To fenestrate To heap [MC] ►gather [MC] To hospitalize. thicken.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To become a widow/er See ‫ארשׂ‬ To happen. ratify. occur. harden. guide. walk. bunch. befall ►meet. verify. confirm.

penetrate [MC] See ‫אות‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫אשש‬ ‫אשת‬ ‫אתא‬ ‫אתגר‬ ♦ ‫אתה‬ ‫אתא‬ ‫אתחל‬ ♦ ‫אתנ‬ ♦ ‫אתק‬ ♦ ‫אתר‬ ♦ ‫אתת‬ ♦ 15 . strengthen. recover To protrude [MC] To localize. create. convalesce. pinpoint ►etherize To cut. muster courage ►found. convalesce. set up ►recuperate. initialize. firm.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To encourage. establish. locate. recover To hide [MC] See ‫אתה‬ To challenge To come To reset. commence To recuperate.

dissociate oneself. be open. wonder ►bewilder. reach adolescence See ‫בדה‬ To be alone/lonely. vilify ►be in an early stage of ripening To reflect on To cover a focused point [MC] To deal treacherously ►be faithless. rejoice. set apart. divide. detach. examine. sever. disperse. insulate. betray. disperse. segregate. mend.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ב‬ DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To explain. amuse. make plain/distinct ►expose To rot and stink. astonish. perplex. separate. clarify. isolate. grow up. confuse. mature. distinguish. elucidate. keep aloof ►recite the Havdoloh To crystallize To inspect. test. become repulsive ►defame. lie. prove false ►exaggerate [MC] ►come to nothing To be glad/joyful. isolate. scrutinize. cover To produce food [MC] To come of age. denigrate. check ►repair. seclude (oneself). concoct. strew ►clear one’s mind See ‫בהה‬ To amaze. be odious/abhorred/bad. retire ►scatter. disparage. joke. putrefy. amuse ►scatter. overhaul To entertain. baffle. deprecate. be different/distinct ►isolate oneself. grow foul. entertain See ‫בדח‬ To separate. spread (out) ►diverge To invent. devise. confound ‫שורש‬ ‫באר‬ ♦ ‫באש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫בבא‬ ‫בבה‬ ‫בוב‬ ‫בגד‬ ♦ ‫בגה‬ ‫בגר‬ ♦ ‫בדא‬ ♦ ‫בדד‬ ♦ ♦ ‫בדה‬ ‫בדא‬ ‫בדח‬ ‫בדחנ‬ ‫בדחנ‬ ♦ ‫בדל‬ ‫בדלח‬ ♦ ‫בדק‬ ♦ ‫בדר‬ ‫בהא‬ ♦ ‫בהה‬ ‫בהא‬ 16 . emit a bad smell. fabricate.

despoil. perplex. go/lead in. confound. embarrass ►delay. summon To brutalize. knead.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To compact. fail ►be ashamed. waste. enlighten.‫בושש‬ . go astray To come.‫ביש‬ . glisten. exult See ‫בצה‬ To empty. neglect ►dig pits To disappoint . dismay. terrify. roll together ► confuse. rejoice. be late ‫שורש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫בהט‬ ‫בהל‬ ‫בהמ‬ ♦ ‫בהנ‬ ♦ ‫בהק‬ ♦ ‫בהר‬ ♦ ‫בהת‬ ♦ ‫בוא‬ ‫יבא‬ ‫בוב‬ ♦ ‫בוז‬ ♦ ‫בוכ‬ ♦ ‫בול‬ ♦ ‫ בלבל‬. stir. hesitate. glitter. hurry.‫בלל‬ ‫בומ‬ ♦ ‫בונ‬ ♦ ‫בוס‬ ♦ ‫בוע‬ ♦ ‫בוצ‬ ♦ ‫בוק‬ ♦ ‫ בקק‬. celebrate. tarry. abuse. assimilate To raise [MC] ►list up [MC] To mediate [MC] ►be in between [MC] See ‫בסה‬ To shout. waste ►guzzle. bewilder.‫ בשס‬. mingle. lie fallow. clarify. densify [MC] To alarm. blaze. boast To shame. bring. perturb.‫בקבק‬ ‫בור‬ ♦ ‫בוש‬ ♦ . arrive. be successful/unsuccessful ►have no desire ►arrive at by chance ►set (sun) See ‫בבה‬ See ‫בזה‬ To perplex. enter. shine. thumb. shine ►make one illustrious ►vaunt. brighten. maltreat ►drive animals To toe. assault. frighten. disgrace. gurgle. embarrass ►frighten. flash ►clear To make clear/bright. swig To be empty/uncultivated. confuse. point (ballet) To be white. gulp. cause to hurry ►fetch. confound. shame.‫בשש‬ ‫נבשש‬ See ‫בוש‬ ‫בושש‬ 17 . bewilder. shock ►hasten. stand on one’s tiptoes. come to pass ►import ►get "turned on". let down. go astray To mix (up). glare. cheer. scare. bring.

develop To test. utter words. bulge To speak rashly. abrogate. mature. trample. remove. diagnose. protect To stop. probe. observe ►distinguish. treat with contempt. dissipate ►give charity/liberally/lavishly To tear to pieces. beat To canalize ‫שורש‬ ‫בזא‬ ‫בזבז‬ ♦ ‫בזה‬ ♦ ‫ נבז‬. strew. tread. grow. pick.‫בוז‬ ♦ ‫בזז‬ ‫בזבז‬ ‫בזע‬ ♦ ‫בזק‬ ♦ ‫בזר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫בחה‬ ‫בחל‬ ♦ ‫בחנ‬ ‫אבחנ‬ ‫בחר‬ ‫בחש‬ ♦ ‫בטא‬ ‫בטבט‬ ♦ ‫בטה‬ ♦ ‫בטא‬ ♦ ‫בטח‬ ‫אבטח‬ ♦ ‫בטל‬ ‫בטנ‬ ‫בטננ‬ ‫בטש‬ ‫ביב‬ ♦ 18 . proclaim To be confident/at ease ►trust. notice. combine. rend. decentralize See also ‫פזר‬ To bark. contemn. vacate. interrupt. stir. lay/call off ►keep back ►vent ►deface. inquire. loathe. upset To be pregnant ►line. mar ►disturb. pledge. spoil. cease. cease to exist. hunt. scatter. express (oneself). sicken ►ripen. negate. look for. slash To bomb. divide. assure. select. elect. waste. ensure. make a lining To ventriloquize To stamp. squander. rob. annul. seek (out) See ‫בטה‬ To swell. babble. suspend. void. insure. neglect. separate See ‫בזז‬ To scorn. mock. dispense with. spoil. secure. abolish. despise. pillage. pronounce. sound fearful noise [MC] To nauseate. prefer ►improve. prove. season. discern. disdain. shell ►strew. be idle. loaf. cancel. examine. disperse. blend ►search. scan To choose. make sure ►rely/depend upon. spurn ►degrade oneself. articulate. try. humiliate. discriminate. tell apart. divide booty ►spend. sprinkle ►flash To scatter. assay. abhor. disgrace To plunder. interfere with. distend. promise.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To cut through. develop To mix. neutralize. progress.

mix up. bear up. wail. survey. project. puzzle ►restrain oneself. cry. ponder. perish. contain ►look cheerful ►cause to flash See ‫בלנ‬ To wear out. move to tears. reflect. destroy. bewail. watch. train See ‫בכה‬ See ‫בכה‬ To weep (continuously). make a relief. ripen early. observe. look attentively. interpolate ►neutralize (chemistry) See ‫בסה‬ See ‫בעה‬ To mix with egg To isolate tall structure [MC] See ‫בוש‬ To domesticate. outlast To flicker. discern.‫בכא‬ ‫בכינ‬ ‫בכבכ‬ ‫בכינ‬ ♦ ‫בכר‬ ‫בלא‬ ‫בלבל‬ ♦ ‫בלג‬ ♦ ‫בלגנ‬ ♦ ‫בלגנ‬ ‫בלה‬ ‫בלח‬ ‫בלט‬ ‫תבלט‬ ‫ נבל‬. emboss.‫ בכבכ‬. cry softly See ‫בכה‬ See ‫בכה‬ To produce early fruit. twinkle To stand/stick out. outlive. exhibit. deduce. ruin. lament ►speak in a crying voice. emphasize. consider. glimmer. flaunt ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫ביה‬ ‫ביל‬ ‫בימ‬ ♦ ‫בינ‬ ‫בננ‬ ‫ביס‬ ‫ביע‬ ♦ ‫ביצ‬ ♦ ‫ביר‬ ‫ביש‬ ♦ ‫בית‬ ♦ ‫בכא‬ ‫בכבכ‬ ♦ ‫בכה‬ .SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To distress [MC] ►feel pain [MC] To stamp See ‫במה‬ To understand. favor See ‫בלה‬ See ‫בול‬ To pluck-up/muster courage. wither ►spend/waste time ►survive. study. mourn. contemplate. perceive. be/grow old. protrude. be prominent/eminent/outstanding. know. housebreak. bulge. tame. strengthen ►confuse. consume. be wise. teach. emphasize ►display. decay. bear for the first time ►invest with the birthright ►prefer. explain.‫בלא‬ 19 .

halt To declassify To cultivate figs ►mix. settle See ‫בשׂמ‬ See ‫בסה‬ To tread upon. roll. devour. crush. found. terminate. engulf. annihilate To search. be fed up with ►treat lightly ►uncover. be frothy ►struggle in water. loot. step on.‫ ביס‬. destroy ►slur over ►elide. plunder. destroy. raid. be overbearing. form. combine. enclose ►mingle. consolidate ►establish. omit To be exclusive To bluff To lay waste. establish ►design To gird oneself See ‫בינ‬ To speak in deep and low voice/tone To trample. reveal To bubble. close. disappear. include. erect. obliterate. (present on) stage. swallow up. blister. defeat ►despise. loathe. confound. flounder To exclude others [MC] ‫שורש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫בלל‬ ‫בלמ‬ ‫בלמס‬ ♦ ‫בלס‬ ♦ ‫בלע‬ ‫בלעד‬ ‫בלפ‬ ♦ ‫בלק‬ ‫בלש‬ ‫במבמ‬ ♦ ‫במה‬ ♦ ‫בימ‬ ‫בנאמ‬ ♦ ‫בנה‬ ‫תבנת‬ ‫בנט‬ ♦ ‫בננ‬ ‫בסבס‬ ‫בסה‬ ♦ . brake.‫בוס‬ ‫ בשס‬. check. restrain. inspect ►ransack. raise. produce To internationalize To build.‫בסס‬ ‫בסמ‬ ♦ ‫בסס‬ ♦ ‫בסר‬ ‫בעבע‬ ♦ ‫בעד‬ 20 . blend ►huddle To swallow. detest ►wallow. flounder ►base. muzzle. pillage To hum To direct (a play). lay bare. tread down/upon. strengthen. stop. keep quiet. syncopate. boil. investigate. bolt down food ►absorb.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫בול‬ To curb.

express ►bubble. master. break. decay ►graze ►desire. exterminate. scorn. kick against. gush forth To stamp. swell. complete. be contumacious See ‫בעט‬ To marry. perform. break through/open. chop. accomplish. boil. push away ►spurn. bubble/burst forth. spice/flavor with onions. carry out To trickle. cook. reveal ►flow. rebel. shine To swell. exude. season To cut. ooze. withhold. lay bare. kindle. be too difficult. wish. seethe. possess. take away ►grow stupid. finish. commit ►execute. restrain. scare See ‫בצה‬ See ‫בצצ‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫בעה‬ ‫ביע‬ ‫בעטט‬ ♦ ‫בעט‬ ‫בעטט‬ ♦ ‫בעל‬ ♦ ‫בעצ‬ ‫בער‬ ‫ = בצה\בצא‬To muddy [MC] ►‫ = בוצ‬To soften [MC] ►‫ = בוצ‬be mucky [MC] To flavor. defraud. inquire. sprout. cut/break off ►be greedy for gain. clear. tread. rule over. unable ►fortify. hatch. take possession To cover with zinc To burn. set on fire. split. kick. be brutish ►graze.‫בוצ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫בצל‬ ‫בצע‬ ‫בצצ‬ ‫בצבצ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫בצק‬ ♦ ‫בצר‬ ‫בקא‬ ♦ ‫בקבק‬ ‫בקה‬ ‫בקא‬ ♦ ‫בקע‬ ♦ ‫בקק‬ 21 . strengthen. conclude. destroy. erupt. cross ►short cut See ‫בוק‬ ‫בעת‬ ♦ ‫בצא‬ ‫בצבצ‬ ♦ ‫בצה‬ ♦ ‫ בצא‬. have sexual intercourse with. want ►uncover. blister To weaken ►prevent.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To ask. root out ►remove. frighten. feed To be startled/afraid/horrified/appalled ►terrify. kick lightly. burst open. kick out at. achieve. blaze ►consume. entrench ►gather/pick/harvest grapes ►dissect [IM] See ‫בקה‬ See ‫בוק‬ To become versed To cleave. trample. drip. be firm. divide. slice.

clarify. unscrew. censure ►control. actualize ►cut down/fell trees. partake. deforest ►make fat ►recover. inspect ►visit. ask (a question). give food to a mourner ►pick. run. search. gossip To screw. recuperate. welcome. broach. polish. convalesce. wish ►summon ►claim ►exact penalty ►intend.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To examine. regulate ►become morning To seek (favor). bolt See ‫רגז‬ To become bourgeois To hail ►separate [MC] To eat. pick. test. prove To brush. select. shine. sweep. strive/pray for. thread/cut a screw. glitter. thank ►“curse” (euphemistically) ►greet. clean To separate out parts [MC] ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫בקר‬ ‫ברא‬ ♦ ‫בקש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫ברבר‬ ‫ברג‬ ‫ברגז‬ ‫ברגנ‬ ♦ ‫ברד‬ ♦ ‫ברה‬ ♦ ‫ברז‬ ‫ברזג‬ ♦ ‫ברזל‬ ♦ ‫ברח‬ ‫ברינ‬ ♦ ‫ברכ‬ ‫ברמ‬ ‫ברס‬ ‫ברסק‬ ‫ברצ‬ ♦ ‫ברק‬ ♦ ♦ ‫ברר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫ברש‬ ‫ברת‬ 22 . praise. form. elucidate. feed. request. desire. nourish. burst with To flash (lightning). salute ►engraft. turn out ►cleanse. wash ►shine. implant To separate out [MC] To bray (donkey) To tan To fill to the brim. attach permanently. investigate. attend. become clear. be a hooligan To kneel ►bless. beg. sparkle. run away. monitor. gloss ►investigate. find. pray. drill. cable To choose. shape. call on ►criticize. babble. check. polish ►be blind ►telegraph. rejuvenate. penetrate To couple To iron. perforate. overflow. escape. mean To create. purify. elope ►smuggle ►go through ►chase away To terrorize. choose ►cut down trees To bore. be healthy To prattle. cover with iron. sort ►explain. bolt. chatter. congratulate. iron-plate To flee.

spice. announce. raze ►cut off To seclude. be fragrant. boil. separate See ‫בתה‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫בשל‬ ‫בשלל‬ ‫בשלל‬ ♦ ‫בשׂמ‬ ‫בסמ‬ ‫בשס‬ ‫בשׂר‬ ♦ ‫בשש‬ ‫בתד‬ ♦ ‫בתה‬ ♦ ♦ ‫בתת‬ ‫בתל‬ ♦ ‫בתק‬ ♦ ‫בתר‬ ♦ ‫בתת‬ ♦ 23 . preach See ‫בוש‬ To cut. cut off/open. be tipsy/intoxicated See ‫בסה‬ To bring/gladden with good tidings. dismember To cut up/in two. part the inheritance [IM] To destroy. herald. stew. cleave. split. seethe ►ripen. develop ►digest. separate. dissect. lay waste. mature. stab. detach To cut. dissect.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To cook. scent ►get drunk. cut off. divide. absorb ►be repetitious See ‫בשל‬ To perfume.

collect. blend in See ‫גבש‬ To protect [MC] ►cover [MC] See ‫גדה‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫גאה‬ ‫גאל‬ ♦ ♦ ‫גבא‬ ♦ ‫גבב‬ ‫גבה‬ ♦ ♦ ‫גבח‬ ♦ ‫גבל‬ ♦ ‫גבנ‬ ‫גבננ‬ ‫גבננ‬ ‫גבס‬ ♦ ‫גבע‬ ♦ ‫גבר‬ ♦ ‫גבש‬ ‫גבשש‬ ‫גבשש‬ ♦ ‫גגג‬ ♦ ‫גדד‬ 24 . harden. ransom ►defile. pollute. raise. assimilate. border. overcome. deliver/set free. receive payment ►backup To shave bald To set/draw boundary. accomplish. honor ►fade-in To redeem. save. profane To concentrate fluids [MC] To gather. exalt. boost. limit ►adjoin.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ג‬ DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To rise. confine. increase. restrict. stain. curdle. swell. prevail. strengthen. consolidate. reinforce. make a hill/mound ►crystallize. soil. be fouled. bound. liberate. be victorious. abut ►knead To make cheese. enclose. contaminate. amplify ►conquer. boast. stack. release. mount ►be proud/haughty. accumulate. materialize ►be definite (opinions) ►integrate. grow. condense. be verbose. grow. prevail upon. overpower. curve See ‫גבנ‬ To put in a cast To hunch ►put on a hat To be/grow strong/mighty. raise on high. desecrate. hunch. sustain ►confirm To fill with stones. jack up. round. amass ►blab. rise. mount ►collect payment of debts/taxes. lift. purge. elevate. exalt. expatiate ►bend in an arch form To be high/tall/haughty/proud/lofty/elated. lift. heap/pile up. congeal ►be humped-back.

boast. scorn. braid See ‫גדה‬ See ‫גדה‬ To insult. presumptuous ►cut/stab oneself ►define. groan To heal. burp. stoop. divide. chop/lop off. prostrate oneself To depress [MC] To react. separate. be great/strong/big/magnified/haughty.‫גדד‬ ‫ גוד‬. tint. bend ►dazzle. sever. bend. educate ►come of age. glorify ►clarify. answer See ‫גדה‬ To concentrate disparate elements [MC] See ‫גזה‬ To break through/out.‫ גדמ‬. emerge. assemble. praise oneself. fell. light. bring up. revise a manuscript. cultivate ►twist. bow down. ward off ►repair/restore a wall. variegate. be glad ►mourn See ‫גמה‬ To color. invade ►pick dates To grow (up). rear. exaggerate. respond. keep out ►distinguish oneself ►show off. cheer To belch. curse.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To cut (off/down). shelter. add a nuance. augment. cure ►incline. stain glass. delight. vary ►protect. hiccup To crouch. enlarge. enclose. stack ►overdo. proofread To iron. smoothen ►polish. maim. expand. be boastful. overfill. hew (down) ►cut oneself in mourning ►gather troops. restrain. shine. press. blaspheme. wall up/off. form groups/factions ►attack in bands. delineate ►excel. increase. glow. cripple. revile. shine. guard against. tinge. plait. explain. blind. sally/burst/thrust forth To rejoice. celebrate. buff ►rejoice. describe. exceed To sigh. be bright ►correct. change shades. yawn. shade. be proficient ►pick dates To heap/pile up. moan. boast. amputate. defend oneself ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫גדה‬ ‫גדל‬ .‫גדע‬ ♦ ‫גדמ‬ ♦ ‫גדע‬ ♦ ‫גדפ‬ ♦ ‫גדר‬ ‫גדש‬ ‫גהא‬ ♦ ‫גהה‬ ♦ ‫נגה‬ ‫גהצ‬ ‫גהק‬ ♦ ‫גהר‬ ♦ ‫גוא‬ ♦ ‫גוב‬ ♦ ‫גוד‬ ♦ ‫גוה‬ ♦ ‫גוז‬ ♦ ‫גוח‬ ‫גיח‬ ♦ ‫גול‬ ‫גיל‬ ‫גומ‬ ♦ ‫גונ‬ ‫גוננ‬ 25 . raise. abuse To fence in.

separate. gate). cork. devastate ►remove.‫גוז‬ ‫ גיז‬. stand in awe ►gather together for war ►burst forth ►quarrel. shut To dwell. cut. stir. cut down/off/up. close/lock (door. light. fear. clip.‫ גזז‬. giggle To burn slowly ignite. move toward See ‫גזה‬ To serve as a treasurer To shear. intimidate ►exaggerate. frighten. clip. turn to coal See ‫גחל‬ To be obstinate/stubborn. shear. prune ►threaten. laugh. circumcise ►destroy. prohibit To butt repeatedly/frequently To hang over ►take out ►incline (wall) To smile. overstate. bow ‫שורש‬ ‫גוננ‬ ‫גוס‬ ♦ ‫גוע‬ ♦ ‫גופ‬ ‫גיפ‬ ♦ ‫גור‬ ‫יגר‬ ♦ ‫גוש‬ ‫נגש‬ ‫גזגז‬ ♦ ‫גזבר‬ ♦ ‫גזה‬ . spark like coals. embezzle. snatch To trim/cut/lop off branches. harden. blend ►be bold/arrogant ►be familiar with ►break To die. destroy. vanish. confiscate ►decree. cut to pieces. expire. excite oneself To lump/group/compact together. seize by violence. derive. wipe out. go by ►remove. pass away. perish To stop up. differentiate. clip. lop off To cut.‫גזגז‬ ‫גזז‬ ♦ ‫גזל‬ ♦ ‫גזמ‬ ♦ ‫גזע‬ ♦ ‫גזר‬ ♦ ‫גחגח‬ ‫גחה‬ ‫גחכ‬ ♦ ‫גחל‬ ‫גחלל‬ ‫גחלל‬ ‫גחמ‬ ♦ ‫גחנ‬ 26 . take away. cut off. plunder. decide. change ►flee. go too far To cut. stir up. pillage. trim. make a mass ►approach. inhabit. stoop. live. come close/near. block.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫גונ‬ To mix. order. abide ►sojourn ►seek hospitality ►be afraid. divide into pieces/two. move (in the wind) [IM] See ‫גזה‬ To rob. split. put to fire. insist To bend (over). shear. disappear ►bring over. fleece.

revolve. lift ►assail. steal. spot. detect. form a rind/crust. find. lay bare. turn. notice. furl To wrap. sense. expose. rotate ►move away. assault ►wallow. reveal. cove. be a Jew See ‫גלה‬ To shave. hold up To roll up/away. scrape To laugh at. expose. enfold. gel. burst out. uncover. coagulate ►freeze. envelop ►embody. banish. remove. solidify. be lonesome/forlorn/barren/sterile. enclose. swathe. chill To reveal. conscript. stone ‫שורש‬ ‫גיד‬ ‫גיז‬ ♦ ‫גיח‬ ♦ ‫גיל‬ ‫גיס‬ ♦ ‫גיפ‬ ‫גיצ‬ ♦ ‫גיר‬ ♦ ‫גלא‬ ♦ ‫גלב‬ ‫גלג‬ ‫גלגל‬ ♦ ‫גלד‬ ♦ ♦ ‫גלה‬ ‫גלא‬ ‫גלונ‬ ♦ ‫גלח‬ ♦ ‫גלל‬ ♦ ‫גלמ‬ ‫גלמד‬ ♦ ‫גלינ‬ ‫גלנ‬ ‫גלינ‬ ♦ ‫גלע‬ ‫גלענ‬ 27 . cut.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To cut veins. emigrate. attack. fluctuate To break into quarrel ►open (wound). crust over. revolve. disclose oneself. turn. flounder ►unfold. enlist See ‫גופ‬ To cut (grooves). disclose. isolate See ‫גלנ‬ To undulate. mill To proselytize/convert to Judaism. uncover To core. be open. bleed to death ►porge the sinews See ‫גזה‬ See ‫גוח‬ See ‫גול‬ To mobilize/join an army. perceive ►(go into) exile. lay bare. discover. cover ►congeal. wander ►knead ►cause to happen. trim ►rob. ridicule To roll. depart To galvanize To shave. call up. mock. deport. unfurl. fold. shear. bring about To grow skin over a wound. exemplify To bereave ►make solitary/miserable. spool. drape.

cut off. kidnap. level See ‫גמה‬ To hollow out [MC] To cease. censure ►kill off To use letters as numerals. elasticize To steal. insert stealthily ►sneak.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To dig. prune ►criticize (severely). sigh. surround To belch. growl ►cough and spit To protect. finish. shelve. carve. decide. hoard. slide. pit. pierce. end. dimple ►sip. gulp. become obsolete. engrave To glide. cover over. censure. chop. sup ►absorb ‫שורש‬ ‫גלפ‬ ‫גלש‬ ♦ ‫גמא‬ ‫גמגמ‬ ♦ ‫גמד‬ ♦ ‫גמה‬ ♦ . slink To decorate oneself. raze. seethe. requite. mislead. shorten. retaliate ►deal with ►wean. compensate. burp To be dying/moribund. grunt.‫גומ‬ ‫גמע‬ To lop off branches. complete. break a habit ►drive a camel To cut the upper part ►peel. resolve ►ripen (fruit) ►burn spices on coal To be flexible. pay. rob. run over (vessel). thieve. expire ►be rude See ‫געה‬ ‫גמז‬ ‫גמטר‬ ♦ ‫גמל‬ ♦ ‫גממ‬ ‫גמע‬ ♦ ‫גמצ‬ ♦ ‫גמר‬ ‫גמש‬ ♦ ‫גנב‬ ‫גנדר‬ ‫גנה‬ ♦ ‫גנז‬ ‫גנח‬ ♦ ‫גננ‬ ‫גסה‬ ‫גסס‬ ‫געגע‬ 28 . shrink. conclude. glide down ►boil over. dwarf To dig holes. deprive oneself. table ►gather. dress up. conceal. speak hesitatingly To measure ►contract. give finishing touch to. deceive. denounce ►put to shame. practice numerology To ripen (fruit). delude ►interject indirectly. defend. recompense. flaunt To blame. creep. stammer. drink. swallow. reduce. ski. beguile. incise. store (away) To groan. make oneself repulsive To hide. overflow See ‫גמה‬ To stutter.‫ גמא‬. condemn. mature ►reward. quaff. be coquettish.

storm. tease. hug. mend. strive To cut. incite. cry. rub between fingers To abhor. curve. twist To sulfurize ►make watertight To sparkle. agitate. break/crush bones ►slide knife during slaughter To gather. take into a granary See ‫גרשׂ‬ To lessen. lubricate To discard. enucleate ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫געה‬ ‫געגע‬ ♦ ‫געל‬ ‫גער‬ ♦ ‫געש‬ ♦ ‫גפל‬ ‫גפס‬ ♦ ‫גפפ‬ ♦ ‫גפר‬ ‫גצצ‬ ♦ ‫גרב‬ ‫גרגר‬ ‫גרד‬ ‫גרדד‬ ‫גרדמ‬ ♦ ‫גרה‬ ♦ ‫גרז‬ ‫גרט‬ ♦ ‫גרל‬ ♦ ‫גרמ‬ ♦ ‫גרנ‬ ♦ ‫גרס‬ ♦ ‫גרע‬ ♦ ‫גרענ‬ 29 . dry fruit ►gargle (one’s throat). store up. gurgle. peel See ‫גרד‬ To cut off a stalk. cut off ►grease. cause disgust ►scald ►cleanse. engage in strife. excite. yearn ►bellow. take from To pick berries. sneeze To accelerate. push. quack ►roll. withhold ►form kernels of fruit To pit/stone/core a fruit ►nucleate.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To long. rinse. restrain. moan. howl. pull out ►prevent. stick up. plaster ►harden. shake. miscarry To scold. affect ►gnaw. start a quarrel. gormandize To scratch. rebuke. speak hoarse ►glut. enrage. encircle. convulse. cuddle. empty ►be soiled ►cause to cast away. diminish. enkindle. reel. glow. wail. irritate ►produce. rage ►cough. loathe. moo. low (oxen). bleat. excite. solidify. shine To wear stockings ►rob. toss. burst out. cast/draw lots To cause. stimulate. consider as junk To raffle. caress. curse To quake. subtract ►withdraw. scrape. push into To seal. congeal To embrace. behead To provoke. bring about. stir up. chide.


To sweep (away), clean, wipe, scour, shovel, rake ►gather, collect ►make/clench a fist, box, fight, grapple ►snatch, grab, grasp, seize To pull, drag, draw, tow, haul, tug ►scrape, plane, saw, do carpentry work ►affect, involve, influence ►dwell, reside, inhabit ►burst forth, flow, pour out, spill, drip, stream ►thrust down ►chew cud ►deliver up, give over, emigrate To cast/drive out/away, expel, banish, deport, divorce, dismiss ►toss ►put forth To crush, grind, crunch, crumble, make grits, break ►study, learn, accept a variant reading in a text, formulate, read See ‫גשש‬ To materialize, execute a plan, realize, actualize, carry out/through ►incorporate, be a body ►cause to rain To (build a) bridge, connect To run a boat aground, touch the bottom of the sea ►feel, grope, probe, touch lightly, stroke, tinkle, rustle ►wrestle, fight, struggle, grapple, tussle, brawl ►track down To siphon, draw/drain off, tap To play a musical instrument by this name ► press [MC]




‫גרשׁ‬ ‫גרשׂ‬

‫גשגש‬ ♦ ‫גשמ‬ ‫גשר‬ ♦ ‫גשש‬


‫גשת‬ ♦ ‫גתת‬



To hurt, be in pain/distress/faint, cause pain ►pine (away), languish ►weep, grieve, sorrow, be sad To worry, fear, be concerned/anxious/distressed, care, trouble ►look after To fly, dart, soar, hover, glide See ‫דבה‬ To say, speak, chatter, whisper, murmur, pray ►move gently ►drip, drop, dribble ►hate, abhor, oppose See ‫דבב‬ To be affluent, overflow, run/brim over To ruffle, disturb, perturb ►make lumpy See ‫דבל‬ To dye hides using tannin To cling, cleave, adhere, attach, glue, paste, join/bring close together, stick, affix ►strive, catch up with, overtake, reach ►infect, be contagious (disease), contaminate, taint To speak, talk, say, express, woo, command ►think, agree, concur ►subjugate, subdue, vanquish, quench ►overwhelm, overpower, overcome, engulf ►disinfest, exterminate, eradicate To spoil, ferment, turn bad ►make honey from dates/figs To tickle, titillate, stimulate To fish, angle, cast a line ►multiply, increase, be plentiful



‫דאג‬ ♦ ‫דאה‬ ♦ ‫דבא‬ ♦ ‫דבב‬


‫דבדב‬ ♦ ‫דבה‬


‫דבלל‬ ‫דבע‬ ♦ ‫דבק‬


‫דבש‬ ‫דגדג‬ ♦ ‫דגה‬

‫ דיג‬,‫דוג‬



To raise/run up/wave a flag, gather under/raise the banner/standard, present arms, exalt, celebrate, glorify, signal ►mislead, deceive, misinform ►argue, discuss, advocate, stand for See also ‫דקל‬ See ‫דגל‬ To give an example, demonstrate, sample, exemplify, illustrate To gather corn, stack grain To brood, hatch, incubate ►gather, collect, heap To mark/point with a Dagesh, stress, emphasize, accentuate See ‫דדה‬ To move nipples [MC] To lead slowly, walk babies/calves, walk solemnly, sway, walk like a baby, go softly/slowly, stumble, wander, hop ►throw To astonish, confuse, distress ►redden one’s face with shame/fear To fade, discolor, change color, bleach To startle, shock, astonish, astound, amaze, surprise, confuse To pomade, polish black (leather) To gallop, prance, canter, trot See ‫דהר‬ To cause to pine See ‫דגה‬ To support [MC] ►service needs [MC] To be sick/ill/in distress, be sorrowful, cause pain, grieve, suffer pain during menstruation To report, inform, give an account ►rinse, flush, cleanse, scrub, wash See ‫דכה‬ See ‫דמה‬ See ‫דמה‬



‫דגלל‬ ‫דגמ‬ ♦ ‫דגנ‬ ♦ ‫דגר‬ ‫דגש‬ ♦ ‫דדא‬ ♦ ‫דדד‬ ♦ ‫דדה‬

‫דהב‬ ‫דהה‬ ♦ ‫דהמ‬ ‫דהנ‬ ♦ ‫דהר‬


‫דהרר‬ ♦ ‫דוב‬ ♦ ‫דוג‬ ♦ ‫דוד‬ ♦ ‫דוה‬ ‫דוח‬ ♦ ‫דוכ‬ ♦ ‫דומ‬ ‫דוממ‬


expel ►be compelled See also ‫דכנ‬ To laugh. repel. beat small. heap up. cram. thin. reside ►kindle ►pile.‫ דכה‬. scuff ►pedal ►be accustomed to/familiar with.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To judge. crush.‫ דחפ‬. deduce.‫דחה‬ To push. pressure. tremble. compact.‫דחח‬ .‫ דחח‬. delay. stack. pulverize. drive. examine carefully/minutely/punctiliously. thrust away. drive.‫דחח‬ See ‫דחה‬ ‫דחח‬ ‫דחכ‬ ♦ ‫דחל‬ ♦ ‫דחנ‬ ‫דחס‬ ♦ ‫דחפ‬ . think over ►be ground. litigate ►sentence.‫דשדש‬ ‫דשש‬ ‫דות‬ ♦ ‫דחה‬ ♦ ‫ ידח‬. celebrate. contend. dismiss. weigh. inflame See also ‫דכנ‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫דונ‬ ‫דינ‬ ♦ ‫דוצ‬ ‫דצ‬ ♦ ‫דוק‬ . grin To fear. lodge. thrust.‫ דכה‬. trudge. live. deal repeatedly ►cohabit To conduct law [MC] To push. investigate. thrust. distress To dwell.‫ דחס‬. rule. chop ►thresh ►watch/observe carefully. spring. jam. hasten To scrutinize. make fine. rush. hasten. amass To thresh. impel. press down. upset.‫ דחק‬. dance ►hurry. propel. pack tight. powder.‫ דחק‬. rule. depose. urge on. postpone.‫דחה‬ 33 . stuff See also ‫ דכנ‬. press. trample. worry To grind [MC] To compress. pound into small pieces. drive/push away.‫ דקדק‬. argue. express joy ►jump. put off.‫ דחפ‬. get used to. consider. be accurate/precise/meticulous/strict/punctual/exact with detail/pedantic ►take special note ►deal with grammar ►afflict. leap. tread.‫ דחח‬. squeeze.‫ דחק‬. grind. condemn ►govern. discuss. provoke. move aside.‫ דחס‬. punish. defer. decide. reject. deliberate. smile. refuse.‫ דכה‬. oppress ►insert ►incite. pound. administer To rejoice.‫דיק‬ ‫דקק‬ ♦ ‫דור‬ ‫דיר‬ ♦ ‫דוש‬ . dispute.

subdue. beat. bow.‫דחה‬ See ‫דגה‬ To suffice [MC] ►limit [MC] See ‫דונ‬ To grout See ‫דפה‬ See ‫דוק‬ See ‫דור‬ See ‫דוש‬ To retouch. dissuade See also ‫דכנ‬ To declaim.‫ דחס‬. deject. hurry ►intrude. jump. hurt ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫דחק‬ . be contrite. dismay. dishearten. urge (on). oppress. pound.‫ דחח‬.‫ דחה‬. disseminate See ‫דכה‬ See ‫דכה‬ To oppress.‫ דחק‬. crush. encroach. recite.‫דחח‬ See ‫דכה‬ ‫דככ‬ ‫דכלמ‬ ‫דכנ‬ ♦ . prod. humble.‫ דחק‬. restore. leap. shatter. grieve. declare To bend downward.‫ דחפ‬.‫ דחס‬.‫ דחס‬. press/put down See also ‫דכה‬ To strengthen [MC] To skip. repress. ink ►perspire ►diffuse.‫ דחפ‬. depress. suppress. infringe See also ‫דכנ‬ To cause pain.‫דוכ‬ ‫ דככ‬.‫ דחפ‬.‫ דכה‬.‫דכדכ‬ . cast down. bruise ►discourage. repress ► be impatient ►drive. disperse. push. omit See ‫דלה‬ ‫דיב‬ ‫דיג‬ ♦ ‫דיה‬ ♦ ‫דינ‬ ‫דיס‬ ‫דיפ‬ ♦ ‫דיק‬ ‫דיר‬ ♦ ‫דיש‬ ‫דית‬ ♦ ‫דכא‬ ‫דכדכ‬ ♦ ‫דכה‬ .SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To press.‫דחח‬ ‫דכפ‬ ‫דלג‬ ‫דלדל‬ ♦ ♦ 34 .‫ דחה‬.‫ דכא‬. break.

anticipate ►be still/silent/dumb. inform on See ‫דלה‬ To drop. immobilize. make sparse ►trim trees To make muddy/turbid. exhaust. alight. leak ►tear To burn. loosen. crush ►be on verge of crying See ‫דפפ‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫דלה‬ . cease. sob To cover with wax To ring a bell To repose [MC] ►rest permanently [MC] To cut a lawn. go/fade/die out. sleep. glow.‫דמינ‬ ‫נדמ‬ ‫דמינ‬ ‫דמכ‬ ♦ ‫דממ‬ ♦ ‫דמנ‬ ♦ ‫דמע‬ ♦ ‫דנג‬ ‫דנדנ‬ ♦ ‫דננ‬ ‫דסק‬ ♦ ‫דעכ‬ ‫דפדפ‬ 35 . reproduce ►wait. dilute. move. kindle. imagine. dirty. weep. catch fire ►energize.‫ דממ‬. slumber See also ‫דמה‬ See ‫דמה‬ To fertilize To shed tears.‫דלל‬ ‫הדל‬ ‫דלח‬ ‫דלטר‬ ♦ ‫דלל‬ ♦ ‫דלפ‬ ♦ ‫דלק‬ ♦ ‫דמדמ‬ ♦ ‫דמה‬ . expose ►dwindle. drip. be poor/low/wretched/detached/humiliated. waste away. befoul. weaken. quiet. impoverish. silence. quench. refuel. chase. thin/draw/bring out. hallucinate To resemble. backbite. pull up a bucket ►raise. trellis ►swing.‫דומ‬ . replicate. follow To be hysterical/confused from fever/dazed. deplete. pretend. mow grass To flicker. bleed ►destroy. terminate See also ‫דמכ‬ See ‫דמה‬ To lie down. ignite. liken.‫ דלדל‬. fancy ►simulate. strengthen ►fuel. run low. hang (limp)►elicit/extract information. extinguish. decline. inflame. pollute.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To draw (water).‫ דוממ‬. destroy. cry. hope. reduce (to poverty). light. reveal. invigorate. lift up. stop. compare ►think. make extinct. refill ►pursue. corrupt To slander.

pronounce See ‫דוק‬ To pierce. harry See also ‫ דפתר‬. enforce.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To find fault. glance through. line. throb. stick into. paginate.‫ דפס‬. press to the wall. abhor To goad with sharp instrument [MC] To spur on.‫דפנ‬ To page.‫דפפ‬. plate ►force. bore. perforate. type See also ‫ דפתר‬. jab ‫דקרר‬ ♦ ‫דרא‬ ♦ ‫דרב‬ ‫דרבנ‬ 36 . pierce. prepare a document See also ‫דפס‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫דפה‬ ‫דיפ‬ ‫דפלמ‬ ‫דפנ‬ ‫דפס‬ ‫דפפ‬ ‫דפדפ‬ ♦ ‫דפק‬ ‫דפקק‬ ‫דפקק‬ ‫דפתר‬ ‫דצ‬ ‫דקדק‬ ‫דקטר‬ ♦ ‫דקל‬ ‫דקלמ‬ ♦ ‫דקק‬ ♦ ‫דקר‬ ‫דקרר‬ .‫דפס‬ To print. print out. be hypercritical To grant/receive a diploma To mount. shame. be riddled with ►penetrate sharply [MC]►be sarcastic/pungent/ mordant See ‫דקר‬ To disgrace. stab. urge ►prick. pulsate ►drive a flock ►overdrive See ‫דפק‬ To record. declare. set. press.‫ דפפ‬. surf See also ‫ דפתר‬. goad. reprint. pound. publish. push. puncture. pound. recite.‫דפנ‬ See ‫דוצ‬ See ‫דוק‬ To be a dictator To grow tall [MC] ►raise [MC] See also ‫דגל‬ To declaim.‫דפנ‬ To knock. egg on. turn pages ►browse. beat. stab. prick.‫ דפס‬.

do gradually ►make stairs See also ‫דרס‬ To teach beginners. give detailed instructions ►squeeze. wish. free To seek. brief. require. squash. explain. class. terrace. preach. push ►deteriorate. walk. foreclose See also ‫דרס‬ To face/go South To give a gift/present To tread upon. lead. follow. trample. grade. interpret. charge.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To step. consult. educate. guide. demand. grow grass/green See ‫דוש‬ To grow/make/remove fat ►fertilize ►be full of marrow ►clear away ashes ►be prosperous See ‫דוש‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫דרג‬ ‫מדרג‬ . conduct. attack by wild beasts ►slaughter by pressing knife on throat See also ‫דרכ‬ To liberate. study.‫דרכ‬ ‫דרדק‬ ♦ ‫דרדר‬ ♦ ‫דרכ‬ . expound. practice To sprout. degenerate ►scatter. run over. march. claim. simplify To roll down. stamp ►tear with claws. request . trample. inquire. classify. release. decline. direct. disperse To step. draw.‫דרג‬ ‫דרר‬ ♦ ‫דרש‬ ♦ ‫דשא‬ ‫דשדש‬ ♦ ‫דשנ‬ ♦ ‫דשש‬ 37 . press wine ►bend the bow ►de-safe. stagger. lecture.‫דרג‬ ♦ ‫דרמ‬ ‫דרנ‬ ‫דרס‬ . ascend step by step. gradate. go. tread. cock ►make an attachment. desire ►teach. ask for. investigate.

Drop the ‫( ה‬and the ‫ ו‬and the ‫ )י‬from words exceeding four letters like (‫ ההביל )הבל‬. for ‫ התאבכ‬check ‫אבכ‬. wink See ‫יהב‬ To look. If you have a six-letter word which begins with ‫ש‬-‫ת‬-‫ ה‬drop all three of these prefix letters and look up the remaining letters. Examples: for the word ‫ השתאה‬check ‫שאה‬. 4. (‫השתיק )שתק‬. bring forth [MC] See ‫יהב‬ To roast. for ‫ התאבל‬check ‫אבל‬. for ‫ הסתבכ‬check ‫סבכ‬. sacrifice.‫ הזדעזע‬. DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To agree. (‫ השתית )שתה‬and in the case of ‫ השתיר‬whose root is listed as ‫נשר‬.(‫האדימ )אדמ‬. etc. consent.כלל‬for ‫ השתכנע‬check ‫ . 3. for ‫ השתבח‬check ‫שבח‬. give permission. singe.כנע‬for ‫ השתלהב‬check ‫להב‬. If you have a five-letter word which begins with ‫ת‬-‫ ה‬drop the ‫ הת‬and look at the rest of the root.(‫ האדיר )אדר‬.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ה‬ 1. If your word is in the form of z-y-‫ת‬-x-‫ ה‬check the root z-y-x. 5. surrender To give. ‫השתינ‬ (‫)שתנ‬. except in a few instances where the ‫ ת‬is part of the root. 2. etc. Examples: For ‫ השתכלל‬check ‫ . for ‫ הסתבר‬check ‫סבר‬. If your word is in the form of y-x-‫ד‬-‫ז‬-‫ ה‬check the root y-x-‫ ז‬except in the case of the following exceptions: ‫ הזדקר‬. Examples: For ‫ התאבד‬check ‫אבד‬. flip ►blink.(‫ האביד )אבד‬. etc. specifically: (‫השתיל )שתל‬. for ‫ הסתגל‬check ‫סגל‬. allow To offer. broil. etc. parch.‫הזדגג‬. scorch ►flick. 6. If your word is in the form of y-x-‫ט‬-‫צ‬-‫ ה‬check the root y-x-‫צ‬. glance. peek ‫שורש‬ ‫האל‬ ♦ ‫הבב‬ ♦ ‫הבה‬ ‫הבו‬ ♦ ‫הבהב‬ ‫הבו‬ ‫הבט‬ 38 .

baffle. quiet. plead (law). acknowledge. hush. leap ►scratch. steam. utter sounds. argue. hop. cut. reach. dance. mist See also ‫יבל‬ To build out of wood [MC] To be expressed To divide. articulate See ‫הגה‬ To say. scrape. moan. acquainted ►cast. muse. speak To speak.‫הדה‬ ‫הדהד‬ ‫הדח‬ ‫הדיט‬ ♦ ‫הדכ‬ ‫הדל‬ ♦ ‫הדמ‬ ‫דממ‬ ♦ ‫הדס‬ 39 . enunciate. deserve See also ‫יגע‬ To emigrate. tell. utter. jump (chickens). coo ►read. meditate ►remove To be worthy/suitable/appropriate ►protect. growl. destroy ►knock down See ‫דלה‬ To dismember. murmur. safeguard To arrive. hear confession of ►become known. destroy ►silence. attain. shoot. tread upon. shush To spring. proofread. praise. defend. think someone a fool To cast down. admit. throw.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To bewilder. embarrass To be vain/foolish ►lead astray ►give off vapor. split. segregate ►pronounce. stretch out a hand ►stretch [MC] See ‫הוד‬ See ‫נדח‬ To make a fool of. emend ►reason. come. offer. pronounce. serve See ‫הוד‬ To thank. think. immigrate ►spill or pour out [IM] ► isolate from social contact [MC] To present. confess. graze ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫הבכ‬ ‫הבל‬ ‫הבנ‬ ‫הבע‬ ♦ ‫הבר‬ ♦ ‫הגג‬ ‫הגד‬ ♦ ‫הגה‬ ♦ ‫הגג‬ ♦ ‫הגנ‬ ‫נגנ‬ ‫הגע‬ ♦ ‫הגר‬ ‫הגש‬ ♦ ‫הדד‬ ♦ ‫הדה‬ ‫ ידה‬.

tie. appear. ‫הד ד‬ ‫ תהד‬. glorify (oneself). rant. hazard. shout ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫הדע‬ ‫הדפ‬ ‫הדק‬ ‫אדק‬ ♦ ‫הדר‬ ♦ ‫ההה‬ ‫ההנ‬ ♦ ‫הוא‬ ♦ ‫הוד‬ . ramble See ‫זהב‬ To clamp See also ‫נזק‬ ♦ ‫הוה‬ ‫היה‬ ♦ ‫הומ‬ ♦ ‫הונ‬ ‫הינ‬ ♦ ‫הות‬ ‫התת‬ ‫הזדגג‬ ‫הזדעזע‬ ‫הזדקר‬ ♦ ‫הזה‬ ‫הזהב‬ ‫הזק‬ 40 . accomplish. happen. pulverize. assault. assail See ‫זיג‬ See ‫זוע‬ To stand out To dream. pepper. profit from. resonate. fasten. challenge. abide. form.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫ודע‬ To thrust. drive To press/join together. scatter ►rave. cause to be. squeeze. repulse. hallucinate ►sprinkle. come upon/to pass. challenge. do. provoke ►venture. exist. comprise. attach. pay respect to ►be zealous in religious observance ►compile See also ‫נדר‬ To express pain [MC] See also ‫נהה‬ To dare. finish. honor. pushback. daydream. boast. taunt To fall To echo. dress up.‫הדהד‬ To be. undertake ►capitalize. remain. push. become. arise. decorate. tighten ► grind. macerate To adorn. constitute. exploit To attack. make See ‫המה‬ To dare. reverberate. resound. exhaust. produce. repel. connect.


To begin, start, commence See also ‫חיל‬ See ‫חוש‬ See ‫נטה‬ See ‫טחה‬ See ‫נטל‬ See ‫נטל‬ See ‫הוה‬ See ‫המה‬ See ‫הונ‬ To kill, defeat, beat, strike, hit, knock See ‫נכח‬ See ‫כיל‬ To be prepared See ‫כונ‬ To trouble, do injury, deal harshly ►estrange oneself ►recognize, know, acquaint, acknowledge See ‫נכש‬ To remove, cast away, eliminate See ‫ילד‬ To fault [MC] See ‫לטא‬ To lead, follow, carry, bring, go, walk, move about, proceed, conduct, go/pass away, depart, disappear ►cause bowels to move See ‫תהל‬ To smite, strike down, hammer, force, press, pressure, pound, blow, throb ►join, weld, paste on, fit, suit, become See ‫שנה‬

‫החל‬ ‫החש‬ ‫הטה‬ ‫הטח‬ ‫הטל‬ ‫הטל‬ ♦ ‫היה‬ ♦ ‫הימ‬ ♦ ‫הינ‬ ‫הכה‬ ‫הכח‬ ‫הכל‬ ‫הכנ‬ ‫הכנ‬ ♦ ‫הכר‬ ‫הכש‬ ♦ ‫הלא‬ ‫הלד‬ ♦ ‫הלה‬ ‫הלט‬ ♦ ‫הלכ‬
♦ ♦

‫הלל‬ ‫הלמ‬




To discomfort, agitate, be anxious, confuse, confound, stun, set in commotion ►be noisy/boisterous, make noise, moan, growl, howl, coo, wail, rustle, stammer, murmur, hum, buzz ►desire ►cover See ‫המה‬ See ‫מוט‬ To roar [MC] See ‫המה‬ To do ill ►be turbulent See ‫מסה‬ To bet, gamble, wager ► change, exchange, convert, stake, heap [MC] To cause to feel [IM], to feel in order to discern [IM] See ‫מות‬ To argue out of, dissuade, prevent See ‫נבא‬ To engineer, geometrize To deceive, cheat, mislead, trick, hoodwink, defraud, dupe ► give pleasure, benefit, enjoy, cause joy, please To say yes, nod See ‫נוח‬ See ‫מאכ‬ To grant [MC] ►bestow [MC] See ‫נוס‬ See ‫נוצ‬ See ‫סוב‬ To silence, quiet, still To toggle See also ‫הסס‬



,‫המהמ‬ ,‫ הימ‬,‫הומ‬ ‫הממ‬

‫המהמ‬ ‫המט‬ ♦ ‫המל‬ ♦ ‫הממ‬ ‫המנ‬ ♦ ‫המס‬ ♦ ‫המר‬

‫המש‬ ‫המת‬ ‫הנא‬ ‫הנב‬ ‫הנדס‬ ♦ ‫הנה‬ ‫הנהנ‬ ‫הנח‬ ‫הנמכ‬ ♦ ‫הננ‬ ‫הנס‬ ‫הנצ‬ ‫הסב‬ ♦ ‫הסה‬ ‫הסט‬



To hesitate, waver, vacillate See also ‫הסט‬ See ‫נשׂק‬ See ‫סור‬ See ‫סות‬ See ‫ ועד‬,‫עוד‬ See ‫יעז‬ See ‫עמה‬ See ‫עקה‬ See ‫עור‬ See ‫פוג‬ To ensnare [IM] See also ‫פוח‬ To turn (over), overturn, invert, capsize, change, reverse, upset, subvert, prevent ►scheme, plot, conspire See ‫נפל‬ See ‫פול‬ To hypnotize See ‫יפע‬ See ‫פוצ‬ See ‫פוק‬ See ‫פור‬ See ‫יצב‬ See ‫צוג‬ See ‫ צול‬and To arm [MC] ►equip [MC] See also ‫צננ‬

‫הסס‬ ‫הסק‬ ‫הסר‬ ‫הסת‬ ‫העד‬ ‫העז‬ ‫העמ‬ ‫העק‬ ‫הער‬ ‫הפג‬ ‫הפח‬



‫הפל‬ ‫הפלה‬ ‫הפנט‬ ‫הפע‬ ‫הפצ‬ ‫הפק‬ ‫הפר‬ ‫הצב‬ ‫הצג‬ ‫הצל‬ ♦ ‫הצנ‬


meditate. venturesome See ‫רוצ‬ See ‫רוק‬ See ‫הרה‬ See ‫ריש‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫הצע‬ ‫הצפ‬ ‫הצק‬ ‫הצר‬ ‫הצת‬ ‫הקא‬ ‫הקל‬ ‫הקמ‬ ‫הקע‬ ‫הקפ‬ ‫הקצ‬ ‫הקר‬ ‫הקש‬ ♦ ‫הרג‬ ♦ ‫הרה‬ ‫הרר‬ . entertain impure thoughts See ‫ראמ‬ To harmonize To break. murder To conceive. surround See also ‫ קופ‬.‫רעע‬ ‫הרהר‬ ♦ ‫הרמ‬ ‫הרמנ‬ ♦ ‫הרס‬ ‫הרע‬ ‫הרפתק‬ ‫הרצ‬ ‫הרק‬ ♦ ‫הרר‬ ‫הרש‬ 44 . encircle.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫יצע‬ See ‫צופ‬ See ‫צוק‬ See ‫צור‬ See ‫צות‬ See ‫קאה‬ See ‫קלה‬ See ‫קומ‬ To denounce.‫נקפ‬ See ‫קוצ‬ See ‫יקר‬ See ‫קיש‬ To kill. hang To circle. destroy. throw/tear/break down. revolve. be pregnant To think. demolish. condemn. slay. ruin See ‫רוע‬ To be adventurous.

strike off. deflate ►make steep. chuck. raise. joke. pitch See ‫יספ‬ See ‫ותר‬ To caution. dash.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫נשׂה‬ See ‫שבה‬ See ‫שׂגה‬ See ‫ישט‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫השׂא‬ ‫השב‬ ‫ה שׂג‬ ‫השט‬ ‫השל‬ ‫השלה‬ ‫השמ‬ ‫השׂמ‬ ‫השק‬ ‫השר‬ ‫התז‬ ‫תזז‬ . deceive. loft ►mock. warn. behead ►sprinkle. mound. shake To pile. admonish See ‫ראמ‬ See ‫נתש‬ See ‫הות‬ ‫התכ‬ ♦ ‫התל‬ ‫תלל‬ ‫התספ‬ ‫התר‬ ‫התרה‬ ‫התרמ‬ ‫התש‬ ♦ ‫התת‬ 45 . heap up. trifle with. steepen ►lob. jest. scorn. chop.‫שוט‬ See ‫שלה‬ See ‫נשל‬ See ‫ישמ‬ See ‫שׂומ‬ See ‫נשק‬ See ‫שבר‬ See ‫נתכ‬ To cut.

care for. select ►inform. meet. assign. meet ►fix a time for an appointment. stand out ‫שורש‬ ‫ודא‬ ‫ודה‬ ‫ודע‬ ‫ ידע‬. declare. admit. reprove. drape. consider. yield. That aside. control To appoint (a committee). untie. certify. perceive. determine. understand. authenticate ►state with certainty. Words whose basic form does begin with a VAV are usually part of the ‫ פה"פ( פ"י‬is YOD) family of roots". teach ►chastise. summon. surrender. plead guilty To know. forgive. hang curtains To regulate. live together See ‫נכח‬ To curtain. arrange. make certain/sure ►confess. permit. confirm. add ►excel. validate. relinquish. notify. loosen. invite. give away/up. enable ►remain. rebuke. increase. regard. punish ►cohabit.‫הדע‬ ‫וכח‬ ‫ולנ‬ ‫וסת‬ ‫ועד‬ ‫ יעד‬. adjust. assign. reveal oneself. designate. allow. leave. spend freely. forgo. be acquainted with. be destined To make rose-colored To make steady To renounce. dedicate ►betroth. announce. reprimand. be superfluous/abundant.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ו‬ Matityahu Clark makes the following interesting comment in his work Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew: "There are no roots that begin with the Hebrew consonant VAV (‫)ו‬. assemble. we are presenting several possible ‫ ו‬roots.‫הדע‬ ‫ורד‬ ‫ותק‬ ‫ותר‬ ‫ יתר‬. outclass. earmark.‫התר‬ 46 . intend. be aware of something. concede. castigate. DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To verify. respect ►be skillful ►appoint.

reside. drip. mate. negotiate ►sell To make worse than before See ‫זיג‬ To zigzag. purchase.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ז‬ DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To kill (rend)/resemble/behave like a wolf See ‫זהה‬ To move to and fro [MC] To bestow. seethe. glitter like gold. pollute ►be loathsome/infected/contaminated ►smear with rancid oil To shine. honor. match. stream. wed ►happen. gleam. haggle. name. acclaim To buy. beware. radiate. wind. live. brown See also ‫צהר‬ To identify. dirty. fertilize ►exalt. pack up. give a present/gift To slaughter. cohabit. join.‫ צהב‬. caution See also ♦ ‫זהמ‬ ‫זהר‬ ‫זהרר‬ ♦ ‫ צהר‬. coincide. act arrogantly/rebelliously ►package. be strict/careful/cautious. gush. barter.‫זהב‬ See ‫זהר‬ To flow. acquire ►bargain. occur To boil. soil.‫זהר‬ ‫זהה‬ ‫זאה‬ To make filthy.‫ צהב‬. copulate. laud. slay. reflect light ►teach. meander ►make clear like glass To gild. be bright. take heed/care. admonish. bind together ‫זהרר‬ ♦ ‫זוב‬ ♦ ‫זוג‬ ♦ ‫זוד‬ ‫ נזד‬. issue. discharge ►meet ►pine away To pair. endow. inhabit ►manure. kill. recognize ‫שורש‬ ‫זאב‬ ♦ ‫זאה‬ ♦ ‫זבב‬ ♦ ‫זבד‬ ♦ ‫זבח‬ ♦ ‫זבל‬ ‫זבנ‬ ‫זבר‬ ♦ ‫זגג‬ ‫זגזג‬ ♦ ‫זהב‬ ♦ ♦ .‫ צהל‬. cook lentils/porridge ►plan/mediate evil ►dare ►be insolent. glow.‫זיד‬ 47 . flow over.‫ צהל‬. sacrifice To dwell. warn.

underrate. treat with contempt.‫ זעע‬. degenerate. brighten See ‫זוז‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫זוה‬ ♦ ‫זוז‬ ‫זיז‬ ♦ ‫זוח‬ ‫זול‬ ‫זונ‬ ‫זינ‬ ‫ נזח‬. remove. sustain. be worthless/vile. shift ►be overbearing/proud/haughty/unsteady. polish. furbish See ‫זוד‬ To be brilliant/resplendent/bright. displace. neglect ►pour out. creep.‫זחח‬ ♦ .‫זעה‬ ‫ יזע‬. startle. shove. decorate See ‫יזנ‬ To tremble. turn away See ‫זור‬ To side with. move slowly ►flow. go away ►displace. support. scorn.‫הזדגג‬ ‫זיד‬ ♦ ‫זיו‬ ‫זיז‬ 48 .‫ זלל‬. eat greedily ►tremble. be a glutton. run ►fear. budge. drop ►lavish. panic To lessen. sweat. stream. adorn. budge. disparage. be afraid. lower. satisfy needs ►equip. move ►perspire. push off. tremble. rebuff.‫זעזע‬ ♦ ‫זוק‬ ‫זור‬ ‫זורר‬ ♦ ‫זורר‬ ♦ ‫זות‬ ♦ ‫זחח‬ ♦ ‫זחל‬ ‫זטר‬ ‫זיג‬ ‫ זגג‬. glaze ►make transparent. boast.‫הזדעזע‬ . stir To move. diminish. despise. shake/move violently. debase. shake To feed. lower To cover with glass. scintillate. reduce. agitate.‫זלזל‬ ‫יזל‬ ♦ ♦ ‫זוע‬ . shake. minimize. nourish. reduce price. shock. diminish. make corner-like ►angle ►to flow out slowly [MC] See ‫זוח‬ To crawl. decrease. agitate. worry See also ‫זעה‬ To bind [MC] See also ‫זקה‬ To press. shed. arm.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To make angles ►shine/shed light on To move. loosen. disdain. quake. furnish ►ornament. squeeze out ►sneeze ►be a stranger. quiver. shift. disregard. remove. quake. brag ►blight ►rise ► restrain [MC] To cheapen.

flow. fake. spray.‫ זכזכ‬. win (a prize). be worthy. water See also ‫זלח‬ To lust [MC] ►indulge in sexual excesses [MC] To buzz. clear. attain. refer to ►make a memorial. remind. spray. notch See ‫ זונ‬and See ‫זקה‬ To compare with an olive To be innocent. purify. recollect. pour. sprinkle. be clear/bright/transparent/just/righteous. do justice. gulp To terrify. frighten exceedingly. drip See also ‫זלפ‬ See ‫זול‬ To swallow without chewing. commemorate. recite. declare innocence. reach. counterfeit. adulterate ‫זכזכ‬ ♦ ‫זככ‬ ‫זכפ‬ ♦ ‫זכר‬ ‫זלג‬ ♦ ‫זלזל‬ ‫זלח‬ ♦ ‫זלל‬ ‫זלע‬ ♦ ‫זלעפ‬ ♦ ‫זלפ‬ ‫זמה‬ ‫זמזמ‬ ♦ 49 . take possession ►bestow a privilege/right. praise ►offer a sacrifice ►treat as masculine To drip. credit ►cleanse.‫זככ‬ ‫זכפ‬ ‫זנק‬ To falsify. align. recall. be fortunate See ‫זכה‬ See ‫זכה‬ See ‫זכה‬ To remember. tremble See ‫זעפ‬ To drip. filter ►succeed. communicate. bestow. acquit. gain. stream See ‫זול‬ To be wet ►sprinkle. be clear/guiltless. hum. forge. ooze. right. mention. exonerate. notice. drone ‫שורש‬ ‫זיח‬ ‫זינ‬ ‫זיפ‬ ♦ ‫זיק‬ ♦ ‫זית‬ ♦ ‫זכה‬ .SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To indent.

summon. foreshorten. play a musical instrument. go after false gods ►feed. terrify To quiver from exhaustion [MC] ►exert energy [MC] ►move [MC] See ‫זוע‬ See ‫זוע‬ To extinguish. dock See ‫זנב‬ To go astray. silence ►refute. prepare. curse. order. make available. cut off To anger. destroy the rear. consider. excite. muzzle. perjure. prostitute. lop off ►sing. jump. tail. score. rage. sing-song ►praise. be caught lying See ‫יזמ‬ To invite. attack. dash. pare. neglect. start off ►tantalize To shock. be a harlot. extol. happen. be put out. ready. sputter ►leap/spring forth/out. trail along. fornicate. be unfaithful. call. prune. be indignant ►denounce See ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫זממ‬ ‫זמנ‬ ‫זמרר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫זמר‬ ‫זמרר‬ ♦ ‫זנב‬ ‫זנבב‬ ‫זנבב‬ ♦ ‫זנה‬ ‫זננ‬ ‫זנח‬ ‫זננ‬ ♦ ‫זנק‬ ♦ ‫זינ‬ ‫זעב‬ ♦ ‫זעה‬ ‫זעזע‬ ♦ ‫זעכ‬ ♦ ‫זעמ‬ ‫זעע‬ ‫ זעק‬. dispute. orchestrate.‫זעפ‬ See ‫זוע‬ ♦ 50 . shear. cast-off. devise. nourish See also ‫זונ‬ To reject. forsake ►make negligible See ‫זנה‬ To squirt. clip. trim a vine.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To plot. purpose ►tie up. be angry with. stun. assign ►meet by chance To trim. scheme. cut short. fix. abandon. glorify See ‫זמר‬ To cut off the tail. schedule. book. convict of plotting. force passage ►track. appoint. spurn. commit adultery. time ►designate. follow. express anger.

winnow. toss See also ‫זרק‬ See ‫זרה‬ To scorch. shout. be angry with ►glower. proclaim ►assemble. convoke. sparkle. flash ►storm. anger. heave. stand upright ►credit. age. quicken. burn. hustle ►be alert/zealous/conscientious See ‫זרפ‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫זעפ‬ ♦ ‫זעק‬ ‫זער‬ ‫מזער‬ ♦ ♦ ‫זפפ‬ ♦ ‫זפת‬ ♦ ‫זקה‬ ♦ ‫ זיק‬. straighten out/up. lament. strew. fling. miniaturize To cover with pitch/rock material See also ‫זפת‬ To coat with pitch.‫זעמ‬ To make small/tiny/minor. gather together. expedite. sear. strengthen.‫ זעמ‬. urge. deceive ►sneeze ►vomit. fan. dissolve ►spill forth. grill To grow old. char ►melt. summon See also ‫ זעפ‬. spread. encourage.‫זלעפ‬ To cry/call out. gag To stimulate. pour To howl (wolf) ►trim. mature To raise.‫זרא‬ ‫זרז‬ ‫הזדרז‬ ♦ ‫זרזפ‬ 51 . scowl See ‫ זעק‬. hurry. throw away ►mislead .‫זוק‬ ‫זקנ‬ ♦ ‫זקפ‬ ♦ ‫זקק‬ ‫זקר‬ ♦ ‫זרא‬ ♦ ‫זרב‬ ‫זרד‬ ‫זרה‬ ♦ ♦ ‫ זרר‬. lift/set up. broil. charge on account See ‫יזק‬ To throw.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To enrage. singe. vex. tar. nip shoots off To scatter. flow. lower. misinform. scream. erect. disperse. thaw. asphalt See also ‫זפפ‬ To spark. blast ►barbecue.

radiate light ►come out. flow. cast away.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To rise (sun). produce/scatter seed. sweep away To sow. fling ►inject. blend To throw. irrigate [MC]. pour. drop. gleam. shine. fructify To flow over. drip. orientalize To flood. sprinkle. sprinkle. water [MC] ►mix. appear. inseminate ►bear a child. carry off. pour down. toss. glint ►go eastward. measure ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫זרח‬ ‫מזרח‬ ♦ ‫זרמ‬ ♦ ‫זרע‬ ‫זרפ‬ ‫זרזפ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫זרק‬ ‫זרר‬ ♦ ‫זרת‬ ♦ 52 . trickle. combine. sparkle. scatter. emerge ►glisten. infuse See also ‫זקר‬ See ‫זרה‬ To span. orient. breed. instill. reseed. stream.

grasp ►comprise. unite See also ‫חבש‬ See ‫חבר‬ ♦ ‫חבק‬ ‫חבר‬ ‫חברת‬ ♦ . join.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ח‬ DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫חבה‬ To endear. bruise. realize. love. write. act corruptly ►bind. unite. associate ►switch on ►bewitch ►socialize ►splice.‫חבר‬ To compose. contrive (stratagems). tie. struggle ►thresh. like. sabotage ►scheme. be fond of To withdraw. mix. damage.‫חבט‬ To embrace. blend ‫שורש‬ ‫חבא‬ ♦ ‫חבב‬ ♦ ‫חבה‬ ♦ ‫חבא‬ ♦ ‫חבט‬ ‫חבל‬ ‫חבלל‬ ♦ ‫חבלל‬ ‫חבס‬ ♦ . attach. knock. press See also ‫חבצ‬ To make butter. couple.‫חבק‬ ‫חברת‬ 53 . add. include. plot. encompass. fix/tie together. ruin. fall/knock down ►exert oneself. fence in with ropes. cover To beat (with a stick). plan evil. hold back See ‫חבל‬ To crush. cherish. pledge ►wound. fasten. fold hands ►comprehend. encircle. embrace ►be idle See also ‫ חבש‬. connect/join together. injure. conceal. hug. devise. club ►hurt. destroy. strike. harm. hock. clasp.‫חבט‬ ‫חבצ‬ See also ‫ חבס‬. churn. arrange ►attach.‫חבס‬ To pawn. beat off fruit See also ‫ חבצ‬. hide.

‫חבק‬ ♦ ‫חבת‬ ♦ ‫חגא‬ ♦ ‫חגב‬ ♦ ‫חגג‬ ♦ ‫חגה‬ ♦ ‫חגר‬ ♦ ‫חדד‬ ♦ ‫חדה‬ ♦ ‫חדל‬ ♦ ‫חדק‬ ♦ ‫חדר‬ ♦ ‫חדש‬ ♦ ‫חוב‬ ‫חיב‬ ♦ ‫חוג‬ ‫ חיג‬. compel ►undertake ►give a positive answer To draw/form/make a circle. renovate. incriminate ►impose a disadvantage. stop.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To bind. tie. invent. pledge. discover. do afresh. force. innovate ►put on new clothing To be indebted/legally bound. resume. shuffle ►jump/leap forth See ‫חוד‬ To rejoice. oblige. draw round ►dial ►reel ►celebrate/observe a festival. go around. bind. bandage. inculpate. enclose. convict. (be in) debit ►be/declare/find responsible/guilty. omit. invade. puzzle ►sharpen. walk lamely. insert. instill See also ‫חדק‬ To renew. loop.‫חגג‬ ♦ ‫חוד‬ ‫חדד‬ 54 . be keen/acute/fierce/whetted ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫חבש‬ . drive/stick in See also ‫חדר‬ To penetrate. clasp. make happy To cease. make an enigma. encircle. be giddy See also ‫חול‬ To propose/ask a riddle. dance. hobble. owe. limp. charge. forbear To press/cut into. delve into. enter. dress a wound ►imprison. restrain ►saddle ►put on/wear a hat See also ‫חבר‬ To pan-fry To tremble [MC] To hop [MC] ►jump forward [MC] See ‫חוג‬ To break a flat surface [MC] ►create unevenness [MC] To gird (a sword). desist. pervade. surround. tie/put on/wear a belt ►halt. infuse. detain. be glad. limit ►turn/leave off. refrain.

‫חננ‬ ♦ ‫חוס‬ ♦ ‫חופ‬ ♦ ‫חוצ‬ ‫חיצ‬ ♦ ‫חוק‬ ‫חקק‬ ♦ ‫חור‬ ♦ ‫חוש‬ ‫חות‬ ‫חזה‬ ‫חזז‬ ‫חזמ‬ ‫חזנ‬ ♦ ‫ מחש‬. feel.‫חוג‬ To favor. watch. compress ►make perceptible/real/actual See ‫חתה‬ To prophesize. forgive. perceive. revolve. sense. whiten. tie To fall ►dance.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To declare. behold. decree. bestow. exalt someone. legislate. make evident See also ‫חרר‬ To hasten. prescribe ►fix limits [MC] To grow pale. regard ►feign. pretend. grant ►speak kindly. trim To act as/sing like a cantor ‫חומ‬ ♦ ‫חונ‬ ‫ חנחנ‬. coquet. accelerate ►feel pain. hurry. whirl. expect ►be firm See also To darken [MC] ►blacken [MC] ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫חוה‬ ♦ ‫חוז‬ ‫חוח‬ ♦ ‫חוט‬ ♦ ‫חול‬ ♦ ♦ ‫ חלה‬. writhe. hope. be gracious.‫ חיל‬. endow. carve ►enact. foresee. wriggle. undergo To strive for a goal [MC] To restrain [MC] ►hold back [MC] To wire. fasten. enjoy ►be indisposed ►press. shake ►bring forth. pity. pardon. quake. suffer. simulate To flash To lop off. thread. pronounce. implore. occur ►wait. beg/grant/show mercy. be pallid/blanch ►clarify. move swiftly. supplicate. engrave. be blessed with See ‫חסה‬ See ‫חפה‬ To externalize ►partition. speed up. adorn. go/live through. become clear. express an opinion ►experience. state.‫החש‬ ♦ ♦ 55 . screen off ►extrapolate To inscribe. forecast. rush. compartmentalize. happen. depress. see. twist ►tremble. entreat ►make graceful. turn around. hollow out.

reconsider. court. cleanse. take courage ►seize. be cheerful. chop/hew/gather wood. carve. bend. spy. repeat. maintain. support. hump See ‫חוב‬ See ‫חוג‬ To neutralize. be/keep alive. honor. hijack. be hard/severe/strong. scratch out ►snoop. speed up. curve. accelerate To sew. counteract. sculpture. sculpt. hold. alter To encircle quickly [MC] ►move actively due to inner drive [MC] To smile. rake. err. abduct. revive. pick. fortify. cut up ►praise. laugh lightly ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫חזק‬ ‫אחזק‬ ♦ ‫חזר‬ ‫מחזר‬ ♦ ‫חטא‬ ♦ ‫חטב‬ ‫חטה‬ ‫חטא‬ ♦ ‫חטחט‬ ‫חטט‬ ‫חטחט‬ ♦ ‫חטמ‬ ‫חרטמ‬ ‫חטממ‬ ♦ ‫חטפ‬ ♦ ‫חטר‬ ‫חיב‬ ‫חיג‬ ‫חיד‬ ♦ ‫חיה‬ ‫חיט‬ ♦ ‫חיי‬ ‫חיכ‬ 56 . reply. reflect. recycle. repair. regret. disinfect See ‫חטט‬ To dig. press. dig up. counterbalance. fit. exist. extol. cross out with a line To incur guilt. return. applaud ►erase. deactivate To live. follow after. scrabble. rob. restore. bow. scratch. restore. defuse. enliven. reinforce ►encourage. arc. survive. recover health.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To strengthen. shape. firm. exhume. woo. tailor. search ►beg for alms See ‫חטה‬ To cut. charge a battery. keep. miss mark ►purify. sin. heal. resurrect. support ►quicken. animate. uphold. make holes. bore. pry ►carp at To thumb one's nose ►restrain/control one’s anger. kidnap. muzzle See also ‫חטממ‬ To speak with a blocked nose (as with a cold) See also ‫חטמ‬ To do hurriedly/hastily ►snatch. form. transgress. grab To use a pointer ►arch. catch. reconstruct ►repent. seize. be urgent. revoke. contain ►maintain. retract. preserve To turn/bring/give back.

suffer. wait. begin. tarry. cultivate. permeate. ensnare. pierce. fear. waver.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To strengthen. rent. shake. reinforce. corrode. redden To be wise/intelligent/clever/learned/subtle ►sophisticate To lease. feel pangs. beseech. vacillate. intensify ►apply. dig. feign sickness. wish ►ambush. adhere. wait in vain. hope. occur ►unfix ►peculate. doubt ►create friction ►investigate [MC] ►taste [MC] To sparkle [MC] ►emit color [MC] To blush. open. flush. let ►farm. till See ‫חלה‬ To milk. hope/wait for. entreat ►sweeten ►apply. tarnish To be feeble/weak/sick/ill/diseased.‫חלחל‬ ‫חלה‬ ‫חינ‬ ‫חיפ‬ ♦ ‫חיצ‬ ♦ ‫חיק‬ ♦ ‫חכה‬ ♦ ‫חכחכ‬ ♦ ‫חככ‬ ‫חכחכ‬ ‫חכל‬ ‫חכלל‬ ♦ ‫חכמ‬ ‫חכר‬ ♦ ‫חלא‬ ♦ ‫חלב‬ ♦ ‫חלד‬ ♦ ‫חלה‬ ♦ ‫חלא‬ ‫חול‬ ‫חלזנ‬ ‫חלחל‬ 57 . twist See ‫חיל‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫חיל‬ ‫ יחל‬. hire. disillusion ►tarry ►trust ►frighten. impose ►assemble army. emulsify. oxidize. enforce. rub (against). embezzle. cause pain. be unsteady ►mollify. hold fast ►fat To burrow. be in/writhe with pain ►soil ►be rusty ►tremble. fall on. let down. make lotion ►stick. mobilize. placate. call to arms ►wait. appease. fall on. roll. be shocked ►perforate. occur See also ‫ חיל‬and To wind. enlist. misappropriate See also ‫ חול‬and To vitalize See ‫חפה‬ See ‫חוצ‬ To receive [MC] To await. penetrate. undermine ►rust. be due. infiltrate. clear one’s throat ►hesitate. start ►disappoint. pacify ►implore. trap ►fish with angle/hook See ‫חככ‬ To scratch. expect. expect.

extricate. change. recover. inflame. make slippery. wish. glow To treat violently. pull out. differentiate. be free from a vow ►redeem. restore to health. restore ►dream. deliver. transform. deliver ►begin. heat. wrong. infringe. ravage ►profane. convalesce. desire. burrow ►play the flute ►fenestrate ►whirl. strengthen. pioneer. scrape. create. rescue. secularize ►laicize ►rage. grab. destroy ►devise. have pity/compassion To warm. glide. loosen. visualize To remove the yoke from an egg See ‫חלל‬ To pass by/away. concoct ►shed. slay ►violate. cajole ►soften like butter To covet. be formed. switch. cure. scoop out. brew ►snatch up. skate. fume. subrogate ►sprout. vanish ►exchange/re-exchange. degrade. scuff. alter. defile. perform. score ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫חלט‬ ‫חלל‬ ‫חלנ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫חלמ‬ ‫חלמנ‬ ‫חלנ‬ ♦ ‫חלפ‬ ♦ ‫חלצ‬ ♦ ‫חלק‬ ♦ ‫חלש‬ ♦ ‫חמא‬ ♦ ‫חמד‬ ‫תחמד‬ ‫חמה‬ ♦ ‫חמט‬ ♦ ‫חמל‬ ♦ ‫חממ‬ ♦ ‫חמס‬ ♦ 58 . determine. strip ►gird/equip for war ►invigorate. withdraw. desecrate. extort. compliment. liberate. discard ►scratch. smoothen. be feeble/faint ►cast lots ►rule ►prostrate See also ‫קלש‬ To flatter. take place ►hollow. barter. apportion. perforate. substitute. puncture ►wound. spin. rob. smooth ►create To weaken. gouge. recuperate. pour boiling water on. germinate ►pierce To draw off/out. renew. bud. rant and rave ►loosen. lust (after).SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To decide. seize To pierce. impart ►flatten. do. slide. see visions. free (up). conclude ►scald. shame. distinguish ►allot. kill. envisage. remove ►take off shoe. pass. twirl To be healthy/strong ►heal. equip ►exercise To divide. transfer. formulate. tear off. take pleasure in ►make precious To protect [MC] To faint To spare. release. replace. polish. escape. knead with hot water. rearrange. separate. distribute. share. excavate. oppress. commence. assign. extract. emancipate. alternate. slip.

marinade. desecrate ►flatter. seethe. whine. elude duty. leaven. spice ►ripen. ferment. mummify. turn aside/away. deteriorate. turn hither and thither. miss ►be red ► oxydize. mature To educate. churn. pickle. toady. acidify ►go bad.‫חמרמר‬ ‫חמרנ‬ ‫חמרמר‬ ‫חמרנ‬ ♦ ‫חמש‬ ‫חנב‬ ‫חנג‬ ‫חנגג‬ ‫חנגג‬ ♦ ‫חנה‬ ‫חנחנ‬ ‫חנחק‬ ♦ ‫חנט‬ ♦ ‫חנכ‬ ‫חננ‬ ♦ ‫חנפ‬ ♦ 59 . settle down ►park (a car) ►incline See ‫חונ‬ See ‫חנק‬ To embalm. gripe. fuss To visit a grave ►dance joyously ►celebrate a festival See ‫חנג‬ To encamp. burden ►be strict/severe/stringent/serious. flavor. moan. camp. slip away. embitter. prepare for war. render materialistic See ‫חמר‬ See ‫חמר‬ To divide/multiply by five ►arm. make into silage See ‫חמע‬ See ‫חמצ‬ To evade. fawn. consecrate. hide.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To sour. shun. bubble. nag. leaven See ‫חמצ‬ To grow/turn sour. hold over. dedicate. be ruthless ►delay. formally open See ‫חונ‬ To be profane/godless/wicked/hypocritical. pollute. supply ammunition To bleat. settle. train ►inaugurate. put off. deceive ‫שורש‬ ‫חמע‬ ♦ ‫חמצ‬ ‫חמצנ‬ ‫חמצנ‬ ♦ ‫חמק‬ ♦ ‫חמר‬ . burn ►cover with asphalt ►heap. teach. worsen ►cause pain ►knead ►drive an ass/donkey ►materialize. bring up. run off. rest. preserve ►season. ferment. boil ►be hot/reddened/parched. sneak To foam. degenerate. oxygenate ►silo ►ensile.

fabricate. deduct. veil. overspread. act rashly. clasp. scrape. diminish. shampoo. cause loss/damage. prevent. commiserate with. asphyxiate. stop. startle. overlie ►snatch. wrap. clench ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫חנק‬ ‫חנחק‬ ‫חנקנ‬ ♦ ‫חסד‬ ‫חוס‬ ♦ ‫חסה‬ ‫חסכ‬ ♦ ‫חסל‬ ♦ ‫חסמ‬ ♦ ‫חסנ‬ ‫אחסנ‬ ‫חסס‬ ♦ ‫חספ‬ ‫חספס‬ ♦ ‫חסר‬ ♦ ‫חסת‬ ♦ ‫חפא‬ ♦ ‫חפה‬ . humiliate ►accuse of baseness and impiety [IM] To seek refuge. temper. subtract. clean. panic To take a measure by the handful. miss. preserve. store up. admonish. encircle. douse. have sympathy for. instigate [IM] See ‫חפה‬ To cover. seize ►invent. vaccinate ►proof against ►dry up ►strengthen. form a rim. deprive. plug. omit ►decrease. want. be kind. comb. annul. feign piety ►reproach. wash one’s hair/the head ►overlap. stifle. conserve. end To muzzle. throttle See also ‫ אנק‬and ‫חנקנ‬ To nitrify. eliminate. smother To store. pity. show mercy to See ‫חשׂכ‬ To devour. dwindle. protect ►scratch. lessen.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To suffocate. bar. close. treasure ►immunize. hurry. lock-out. grab. choke. jam. rub. implicate ►be congruent To be hasty. reduce. pretend ►impute. run away ►frighten. mock. squeeze. reprove ►shame.‫חופ‬ ‫חפפ‬ ♦ ‫חפז‬ ‫חפנ‬ ♦ 60 . hasten.‫ חפא‬. have faith in ►have compassion. place a barrier. find shelter/protection ►trust. liquidate. spare. block. slander. cancel. obstruct. be short/absent/missing/without. cause to disappear. restrain. retard. harden To consider [MC] See ‫חשפ‬ To make scaly/uneven/rough ►be grain-like/roughened To lack. minus To incite [IM]. exterminate. nitrogenize See also ‫חנק‬ To do good. rush. hemstitch ►glaze ►quench. cup ►grasp. strangle. consume.

investigate. masquerade. cleave. explore. separate. part. brag. modify To hew. roll/turn up sleeves ►adapt. adjust. chisel. make folds in a garment. screen ►cross (a street/road/river.) ►pick teeth ►form bands ►shoot arrows ►extrapolate See also ‫ חצד‬. mow. act conceitedly. cut. split. be willing. want. search for. dress up. wag a tail. halve. buffer.‫חצד‬ ♦ ‫חצה‬ ‫חצצ‬ ‫חצחצ‬ ‫חצל‬ ♦ ‫חצנ‬ ♦ ‫חצפ‬ ♦ ‫חצצ‬ ‫חצצר‬ ♦ ‫חצר‬ . excavate. partition (off). quarry. etc. boast To be impertinent/impudent/arrogant/bold. bend down To dig. desire.‫חצב‬ To turn in a particular direction To make mats To turn outward.‫חצצר‬ ‫חצרצ‬ 61 . kill ►dig. cut/wall off. expose to another ►bluster. be liberated ►disguise. be ashamed/disappointed ►entrench oneself See ‫חפש‬ To seek. scythe See also ‫ חצה‬. thrash. search. dare See ‫חצה‬ See ‫חצר‬ To trumpet. spy ►shame.‫חצב‬ To divide. make holes/passages/channels. blow/sound the trumpet/bugle ‫שורש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫חפפ‬ ‫חפצ‬ ‫חפר‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ ‫חפשׁ‬ ‫חפשׂ‬ ‫חפת‬ ♦ ‫חצב‬ ‫חצד‬ . draw water See also ‫חצה‬ To cut.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫חפה‬ To wish. examine. set free. trim. please. bisect. mask ►hide oneself See ‫חפר‬ To fold up. look for. carve ►beat. delight ►move. expose.

resent. arrange ►rhyme. battle See ‫חרב‬ To move about (convulsively) To quake ►spring forth. alarm ►be orthodox See also ‫חרה‬ To incense. digress. inquire. excite with anger/vexation. ruin. contend. conceive of See also ‫חקר‬ To give an enema See ‫חוק‬ To investigate. destroy. be remorseful ►engrave. carve. blow. study. be angry ►kindle. diverge To tremble. etch. write. chisel. burn ►be zealous. slacken ►deviate. terrify. foul up. be afraid/anxious/worried. parch. draw. ensnarl. lay to waste. fear. rival ►be sorry. frighten suddenly. follow in someone’s footsteps. spoil. repent. find out. trace. resemble.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫חצר‬ To imitate. copy ►set limit ►inquire. investigate. pantomime ►inscribe. regret ►forget See also ‫חרד‬ To string together. print ‫שורש‬ ‫חצרצ‬ ♦ ‫חקה‬ ‫חקנ‬ ♦ ‫חקק‬ ♦ ‫חקר‬ ‫חרא‬ ‫חרינ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫חרב‬ ‫חרבנ‬ ‫חרבנ‬ ‫חרבש‬ ♦ ‫חרג‬ ♦ ‫חרד‬ ♦ ‫חרה‬ ‫חרז‬ ‫חרחר‬ ♦ ‫חרט‬ ♦ 62 . leap out ►loosen. explore. debrief ►dig for essence [MC] See also ‫חקה‬ To defecate. startle. describe. thread. dream up. evacuate. be desolate/done. inscribe. engrave. quake. ascertain. vie. make verses See ‫חרר‬ To regret. fail ►fight. portray ►imagine. to act with zeal/ardor ►compete. wage war. model. void To dry up. search. be uneasy.

grind one’s teeth. quarrel ►set free. ban. deafen. burn. inscribe. grunt ►smoke out bees. creak ►grind. aggravate. adjudicate. confiscate To fill with anger. pronounce judgment. curse. sear To cover with thorns To excommunicate. hibernate. till ►engrave. place in protective custody ►consecrate. roast. devote. make a cavity ►scorch. shackle To squeak (lightly due to a smile). work in metal ►devise. make a trench. manufacture ►be silent. defy ►designate To cut into. demolish. liberate. determine See also ‫חרש‬ To fetter. blaspheme. emancipate. provoke/stir up strife. inflame. till. reproach. decide. whisper See also ‫חרצ‬ To scrape [MC] ►smooth [MC] To engrave.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫חטמ‬ See ‫חרא‬ To singe. parch ►be heated/burnt/dry (throat). exempt ►have play See also ‫חור‬ To plow. revile. bind. decree. boycott. worsen. char. cultivate ►sharpen one’s tongue. taunt. mutilate ►be sharp/diligent/alert ►plow. find relief. perforate. wedge in See ‫חרק‬ To bore. cut in. carve ‫שורש‬ ‫חרטמ‬ ‫חרינ‬ ♦ ‫חרכ‬ ♦ ‫חרל‬ ♦ ‫חרמ‬ ‫חרנ‬ ‫חרס‬ ♦ ‫חרפ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫חרצ‬ ♦ ‫חרצב‬ ♦ ‫חרק‬ ‫חרקרק‬ ‫חרקרק‬ ♦ ‫חרר‬ ‫חרחר‬ ♦ ‫חרשׁ‬ ‫חרשׂ‬ ‫חרת‬ ♦ ♦ 63 . grate ►notch. cultivate. groove. spend the winter ►betroth ►expose oneself to danger ►insult. restrain. keep separate. flare-up To glow [MC] To winter. plot. clear the throat. scorch. swear ►make a net ►destroy. devise evil. tie. kindle. chain. burn. gnash. notch. devastate ►segregate. release. abuse.

imprint. doubt. finish. lay bare. complete. articulate.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To think. plan. fear ►shatter. stop. swathe. grow weak. uncover. settle account. stir ►abhor. drip. toughen. gird. frighten. expose. dismay. be without. mean ►account. pledge. recoil from. gather ►rake coals ►confound. loathe. put a diaper on (a baby). long for. sever. spare. promise ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫חשב‬ . put on a wheel. ring. break. shape. fear. cut-up. sum up. design with skill. scare. decide. swaddle. break the yoke of slavery. collect spoils See ‫חשב‬ To suspect. temper. reckon. discover. snatch up. dissect ►sentence. attach. abhor. lack ►be assuaged To be faint/tired/exhausted. tie around To pass through a sieve. refrain. enunciate To bandage. end ►subscribe. plot To rob.) ►pronounce. be anxious/afraid. calculate. apprehend ►pay attention To seize. mistrust To be silent/quiet/inactive/still To grow dim/dark. economize. value ►invent. figure. arbitrate. regard. hammer. reveal ►draw water To ornament ►desire. save. detest ►break. covet ►rim. devise. respect. crave. worry. reduce. compute. darken ►be saved To have pity. wrap up. esteem. mediate. distill To feel pain. envelope To stamp. sign up. disclose. consider. crush See also ‫חטפ‬ To cut. strip. love. close. intend. hoop ►fasten/press together. crush To silence [MC] ►demand obedience [MC] To electrify. terrify. affix signature. be lustful. distrust. withhold. harden. shut up. stumble ►crystallize. intersect (geom. lag/remain behind. detect. despise. thrill To shield [MC] ►protect chest [MC] To divulge. charge. purpose. appreciate. forge.‫חות‬ ♦ ‫חתכ‬ ‫חתל‬ ♦ ‫חתמ‬ ♦ 64 . reveal. computerize. seal.‫חשבנ‬ ‫מחשב‬ ‫חשבז‬ ‫חשבנ‬ ‫חשד‬ ♦ ‫חשה‬ ♦ ‫חשׁכ‬ ♦ ‫חשׂכ‬ ‫חסכ‬ ♦ ‫חשל‬ ♦ ‫חשמ‬ ‫חשמל‬ ♦ ‫חשנ‬ ♦ ‫חשׂפ‬ ♦ ‫חספ‬ ♦ ‫חשק‬ ‫חשר‬ ♦ ‫חשש‬ ♦ ‫חתה‬ ♦ ‫ חתת‬. be steeled. sign. imagine. restrain. anneal.

take ►tear away See also ‫חטה‬ To dig. strive See ‫חתה‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫חתנ‬ ‫חתפ‬ ‫חתר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫חתת‬ 65 . search. subvert ►row with oars. undermine. paddle.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To marry (off). sabotage. wed. be related through marriage To snatch. seize. scull ►breakthrough.

brown To be clean/pure/purged. push. be merry/glad/ content/joyful/pleasant/happy See also ‫טיב‬ To spin. squeeze ►press. be ranged (gun target) See also ‫טיח‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שורש‬ ‫טאט‬ ‫טאטא‬ ‫טאטא‬ ♦ ‫טבח‬ ♦ ‫טבל‬ ‫טבע‬ ♦ ‫טבר‬ ‫טגנ‬ ♦ ‫טהר‬ ♦ ‫טוא‬ ♦ ‫טוב‬ ♦ ‫טוה‬ ♦ ‫טוח‬ .‫טוט‬ 66 . bathe. slaughter. find range. find favor. smear. sprinkle ►season. spice ►stain. knock against ►shoot. improve. discolor See also ‫טבע‬ To sink. submerge ►coin. drown. immerse. daub. coat. stick. imprint. plunge. purify To sweep [MC] ►clear away [MC] To be good/well/better. baptize. roast. prepare a meal To dip. impress. weave To plaster. stamp. twist fibers. flavor. embed ►formulate See also ‫טבל‬ To center [MC] To fry. dye. ameliorate. soak. implant.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ט‬ DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To sweep with a broom See ‫טאט‬ To kill. slay ►cook.

besmear. thrust.‫טיפ‬ ‫ נטפ‬. cross/rub out.‫טחח‬ ‫טחטח‬ ♦ . elevate. muddle [MC] See also ‫ טיח‬.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To smear.‫טוח‬ To cast. smudge. moisten. written out in thorough ►mire [MC]. pulverize. strike. get better See also ‫טוב‬ To raise. grind. chew To strain at stool/in urination To improve (soil or field). ameliorate ►be well-manured ►do well. lift. coat ►be dim (eyes) ►press. expunge. dirty ►soften. dart. cover up. hurl ►lay eggs ►take ►urinate ►pull into ►take/go for a walk/excursion/trip. knock. blur. soar. obliterate ►draft (a letter).‫ טיס‬.‫טוח‬ ‫טיט‬ ‫טיל‬ 67 . make indistinct ►make to nothing ‫טור‬ ‫טוש‬ ♦ ‫טושׂ‬ ♦ ♦ . crush. throw. wet To push. stain ►erase. shoot See ‫טיח‬ See ‫טיח‬ To mill.‫טפטפ‬ To line up [MC] To fly (swiftly). blot. lift up To plaster. rattle See also ‫טוט‬ See ‫טוט‬ See ‫טול‬ ‫טחב‬ ♦ ‫טחה‬ ‫הטח‬ ‫טחח‬ ‫טחטח‬ ♦ ‫טחנ‬ ♦ ‫טחר‬ ‫טיב‬ ♦ ‫טיד‬ ‫טיח‬ .‫טוס‬ ‫טשטש‬ To dampen. float in air ►rush ►polish ►smear. tour To seal. throw. close up See ‫טושׂ‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫טוט‬ ‫טיט‬ ♦ ‫טול‬ ‫טיל‬ ‫טומ‬ ‫טוס‬ ♦ ‫טופ‬ . smear.

wire To patch up. taint. organize a ceremony/rite/ritual/ sacrament/pageant/observance ►take council ►adorn. dampen See ‫טושׂ‬ See ‫טופ‬ To draw (with ink) To arrange. stupefy ►knead into a lump. array. bury. moisturize. defile. intermix. call To be unclean/defiled/impure. profane ►be stupid/idiotic/dull.‫טמטמ‬ ‫טממ‬ ♦ ‫טמה‬ ‫טמטמ‬ ♦ ‫טממ‬ ♦ ‫טמנ‬ ‫טמע‬ 68 . be cohesive ►fill. put away See also ‫טמר‬ To assimilate. repair See ‫נטל‬ To cover with dew. cable. roof To hoof ►prowl [MC] To telephone. maneuver.‫טכסס‬ ‫טקס‬ ‫טכסס‬ ♦ ‫טלא‬ ‫טלגרפ‬ ♦ ‫טלה‬ ‫טלא‬ ‫טלטל‬ ♦ ‫טלל‬ ♦ ‫טלפ‬ ‫טלפנ‬ ♦ ‫טמא‬ . enhance See ‫טכס‬ See ‫טלה‬ To telegraph.‫טמה‬ . plug ►be claimed To ruin completely [MC] See also ‫טמא‬ See ‫טמא‬ To dull [MC] ►dose off [MC] See also ‫טמא‬ To hide. mend. garnish. mix up ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫טינ‬ ‫טננ‬ ‫טיס‬ ‫טיפ‬ ‫טיש‬ ‫טכס‬ . stop up. phone. pollute. contaminate. set in order.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To make/cover with clay/silt/mud ►make dirty ►moisten. conceal.

knock. paste ►attach. stereotype To fly off. fly To trip. shimmer ►preach. shine. wander. eject ►drip continually ►trouble. reason. sense. reprint. type See ‫טכס‬ To drive away. clamber ►copy. totter To fatten. perceive. add. plead To drip. beef up ►be stupid/gross/dull/foolish To tick. infer To load. slap. look after. thicken. reload. exile. charge. stick. cling to.‫טופ‬ ‫ נטפ‬. foster. deduce. accentuate.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To hide. try. pat ►puff up ►moisten ►stretch out ►nurse tenderly. mince (gait). educate. obscure See also ‫טמנ‬ To dip To offer [MC]. expel. prophesize To jump. bring up. confuse To argue ►infect ►fester ►make/preserve freshness. distress. drop (rain). mistake. cultivate. refresh. bother. emphasize ►make intelligible. go/lead astray. scale. occupy oneself. handle. deceive. realize ►stress. be tended. tackle ►be busy/burdened. cheat To taste. dance To clap. impute To climb. bestow [MC] See ‫טינ‬ To make dirty/filthy.‫טפטפ‬ ‫טפז‬ ♦ ‫טפח‬ ‫טפטפ‬ ♦ ‫טפל‬ ‫טפס‬ ‫טפסר‬ ♦ ‫טפפ‬ ♦ ‫טפש‬ ‫טקטק‬ ‫טקס‬ ♦ ‫טרד‬ ♦ ♦ ‫טרה‬ ‫טרז‬ 69 . plaster. gleam. soil. nurture See ‫טופ‬ To smear. care for. speak. attribute. annoy. strike. flow. vex. join. sparkle. ascend. deport. allege. mislead. ascribe. walk jauntily. sprinkle. claim. make wedge-like ‫שורש‬ ‫טמר‬ ‫טמש‬ ♦ ‫טנא‬ ‫טננ‬ ♦ ‫טנפ‬ ♦ ‫טעה‬ ♦ ‫טעמ‬ ‫טענ‬ ‫טפה‬ ♦ . hover.‫ טיפ‬. overflow ►glisten. be befouled To err. feel. return to life To wedge in. experience. burden ►transship ►argue. cherish. conceal. pester ►attend. banish.

adorn. do before To weave using metal (gold. engage in difficult and oppressive activities for the sake of punishment or revenge To trill ►drive someone crazy To anticipate. be deranged ►beat. chug ►harass. exert. prey upon ►declare unfit for food. pluck off. be bothersome/nagging/fussy/annoying/boring. devour. declare not kosher. infringe To shake/mix (drinks) ►shut a door To make hard/rocky ground See ‫טוש‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫טרזנ‬ ‫טרח‬ ‫טרחנ‬ ‫טרחנ‬ ‫טרטנ‬ ‫טרטפ‬ ‫טרטר‬ ‫טרלל‬ ♦ ‫טרמ‬ ‫טרס‬ ♦ ‫טרפ‬ ‫טרפד‬ ‫טרק‬ ‫טרש‬ ‫טשטש‬ 70 . snatch. decorate To take pains. disorder. tear ►confuse. make Treif To cause to fail. stir. make noise. comb. mix.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To beautify. trouble. clatter. burden. strike. saunter. be busy. pour out To rattle. mix together. seize. shape ►feed. shuffle. bother ►make an effort. silver) threads To tear apart/to pieces. rend. hum. embellish. scramble. weary See ‫טרח‬ To straddle. hackle. toddle To be a hypocrite ►wash. knock.

enfeeble. consent. love ►throw. labor. drain ►put to shame ►confuse To plough. debilitate See ‫בוא‬ To wail. desire. take pains See ‫גור‬ To befriend. be proper/appropriate/suitable To be foolish/faulty ►do a favor. lament. afflict To shudder from fear [MC] To be sorrowful. conduct . exhaust. till To grieve. be weary. carry. resolve To collect water [MC] To despair. sob. drive. bewail To toil. beat competitors To marry one’s childless brother’s widow To fallow land To dry. wish To suit. be willing. lead. dry up.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫י‬ DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To long for. agree. cast See ‫הדה‬ See ‫דחה‬ To yodel ‫שורש‬ ‫יאב‬ ♦ ‫יאה‬ ♦ ‫יאל‬ ♦ ‫יאר‬ ♦ ‫יאש‬ ‫יבא‬ ♦ ‫יבב‬ ♦ ‫יבל‬ ♦ ‫הבל‬ ‫יבמ‬ ‫יבר‬ ♦ ‫יבש‬ ♦ ‫יגב‬ ♦ ‫יגה‬ ♦ ‫יגל‬ ‫יגנ‬ ♦ ‫יגע‬ ♦ ‫הגע‬ ‫יגר‬ ♦ ‫ידד‬ ♦ ‫ידה‬ ‫ידח‬ ‫ידלל‬ ♦ 71 . befit. ululate To bring. whimper. be friendly. lament. trouble. please. tire. give up hope ►weaken. guide ►remove warts ►weed. lead. wither. grow corns. cultivate. complain. transport. undertake. whine.

bind. attend See also ‫צוק‬ To be together. compel. set. be special See ‫חיל‬ To become pregnant. plan See also ‫זממ‬ To be lustful See also ‫זונ‬ See ‫זוע‬ To purify. become day To Hellenize See ‫זול‬ To initiate. conceive ►execute ►be hot/heated/lustful/sexually excited ►rut ‫שורש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫ידע‬ ‫יהב‬ ‫הבה‬ ‫יהד‬ ♦ ‫יהה‬ ♦ ‫יהר‬ ♦ ‫יוה‬ ♦ ‫יומ‬ ♦ ‫יממ‬ ‫יונ‬ ‫יזל‬ ♦ ‫יזמ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫יזנ‬ ♦ ‫יזע‬ ‫יזק‬ ‫זקק‬ ♦ ‫יחד‬ ‫יחל‬ ♦ ‫יחמ‬ ♦ 72 . segregate/seclude oneself. act proudly. attack. be a Jew To exert power [MC] To be haughty/arrogant/overbearing. allocate. set a part for special use. take notice of ►join battle. unite. oblige. be indebted ►connect with. smelt.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫ודע‬ To give. join. couple/live with ►be engaged in. assign. tie. undertake. commune with ►cause to be alone. single out. distill. strain ►obligate. concentrate. (be in) need (of). force ►depend on. boast. refine. dare To connect [MC] To become clear in the day. put To convert to Judaism. provide.

ascribe. assign. overcome. benefit ►be cheerful/joyful. behave towards. regard ►derive. refer. weep. go. bear. be strong/distinguished ►prepare. better. be born. deliver. can. pass To howl. produce. imagine. please To press out [MC] Se ‫נכח‬ To be able. cause ►declare one’s pedigree See ‫לוז‬ See ‫ילל‬ To walk. vanish. act as a midwife. trace/prove descent. enroll in. swank ►enjoy. wail. be enrolled in genealogical records. register To be barefooted/exposed See ‫אחר‬ See ‫יחס‬ To do good. suffer To give birth. treat. lament ►ululate ►mew (cat) See ‫לעה‬ To fall off [MC] To feed greedily [MC] See ‫מאכ‬ See ‫יומ‬ To turn to the right. attach. create. feign To let feel/touch ‫שורש‬ ‫יחס‬ ‫יחש‬ ‫יחפ‬ ‫יחר‬ ♦ ‫יחשׂ‬ ♦ ‫יטב‬ ♦ ‫מטב‬ ‫יינ‬ ♦ ‫יכח‬ ♦ ‫יכל‬ ♦ ‫ילד‬ ♦ ‫הלד‬ ‫ילז‬ ‫יליל‬ ♦ ‫ילכ‬ ‫הלכ‬ ♦ ‫ילל‬ ‫יליל‬ ‫ילע‬ ♦ ‫ילפ‬ ♦ ‫ילק‬ ♦ ‫ימכ‬ ♦ ‫יממ‬ ♦ ‫ימנ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫ימר‬ ‫ימש‬ 73 . depart. bear. belong to.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To attribute. carry ►go away. be of legitimate descent. relate to. mend. be well. exalt oneself. may ►prevail. head. delight oneself ►pretend. appoint To boast. improve. proceed ►lead. bring forth. claim a pedigree. beget. originate. connect with. record. to use the right hand. guide.


To oppress, vex, destroy ►deceive, dupe, delude ►wrong, extort, take illegally See ‫נוח‬ To ionize See also ‫נינ‬ To signal [MC] See ‫נוק‬ To found, establish, set up, appoint, ordain ►come together, take counsel together ►institutionalize Pour out wine/oil/water To become blind To add to, increase, continue, go on ►revaluate To bind, restrain, contain ►admonish, chastise, discipline, correct, improve, reprove, chasten, instruct ►try, punish, torment, afflict, suffer See ‫ועד‬ To sweep away, brush, clear ►uproot, remove, displace, evacuate To be vigorous/defiant/insolent/impudent/barbarous, strengthen, firm ►prevail, triumph ►dare, give courage to ►have an intense color ►take/seek refuge, gather, assemble, strengthen oneself ►bring to/flee for safety To clothe, cloak, cover To benefit, profit, avail, be useful, help, make effective/efficient, progress, flourish See ‫עופ‬ To advise, deliberate, decide, consult, (give) counsel, suggest, plan


‫ינה‬ ‫ינח‬ ‫יננ‬

‫ינס‬ ♦ ‫ינק‬ ♦ ‫יסד‬



‫יסמ‬ ‫יספ‬


‫יעד‬ ♦ ‫יעה‬ ♦ ‫יעז‬

,‫ עוז‬,‫העז‬ ‫עזז‬

‫יעט‬ ♦ ‫יעל‬

‫יעפ‬ ♦ ‫יעצ‬

,‫ עוצ‬,‫הצע‬ ‫עיצ‬

To forest, afforest




To be beautiful/pretty/fair/distinguished, adorn, embellish, beautify, preen ►improve, make stronger ►appear, emerge, materialize To cry out bitterly, bewail, sob, sigh, pant, gasp, exhale, breathe See ‫יפה‬ See ‫יפה‬ To appear, emerge, become visible, materialize ►shine, radiate, emit ►defy, resist, disobey ►phase To wonder [MC] ►be open and receptive [MC] See ‫צאה‬ To set, set up, erect, stand, place, endure, hold/stand up, firm, fix, establish, stabilize, station/present (oneself), muster up, report See ‫צוג‬ See ‫צדה‬ To spread, unfold, lay out, arrange, extend ►make a bed ►propose, suggest, submit, offer, postulate, hypothesize See ‫צופ‬ See ‫צוק‬ See ‫צור‬ To burn, kindle, light, set fire to, ignite To hollow out ►make a wine vat, crush grapes, press To burn, kindle, set on fire, blaze, glow To weaken from age [MC] To sprain, dislocate, be out of joint, be torn away ►turn away, estrange, alienate ►hang, impale, hang up ►stigmatize ►destabilize ►suspend See ‫קוצ‬ To be dear/rare/scarce/precious/heavy, honor ►treat with respect, revere ►raise the price of, make more expensive, appreciate, value See ‫קוש‬ To fear, frighten, dread, be afraid ►revere, stand in awe, honor



,‫ יפיפ‬,‫הפע‬ ‫יפפ‬

‫יפח‬ ‫יפיפ‬ ‫יפפ‬ ♦ ‫יפע‬
♦ ♦

‫יפת‬ ♦ ‫יצא‬ ♦ ‫יצב‬ ‫יצג‬ ‫יצד‬ ♦ ‫יצע‬

‫ נצב‬,‫הצב‬


‫יצפ‬ ‫יצק‬ ♦ ‫יצר‬ ♦ ‫יצת‬ ♦ ‫יקב‬ ♦ ‫יקד‬ ♦ ‫יקה‬ ♦ ‫יקע‬


‫יקצ‬ ♦ ‫יקר‬


‫יקש‬ ♦ ‫ירא‬



See ‫רוב‬ To go/let down, descend, decline, deteriorate, bring down, lower, sink, fall, reduce ►emigrate from the Land of Israel To cast, shoot, fire, throw ►teach, instruct, order, point out, show ►lay To impact [MC] To be contrary ►hurl down ►precipitate ►intercept To extend [MC] See ‫רעע‬ See ‫רקק‬ See ‫ריש‬ To sit (down), dwell, live, reside, inhabit, abide, settle, colonize, establish, place, remain, stay, endure, tarry, be inactive/at ease, set ►refresh, return, restore, replace ►explain, clarify, solve a difficulty, adjust To exist [MC] To cramp [MC] To stretch/hold out a hand, reach, extend To terrify, cause horror, be appalled/stupefied/desolate/deserted/laid to waste, destroy, ravage ►wonder, astound, astonish, amaze, marvel To apply, bring into force To be old/aged/inveterate, mature, season ►become obsolete ►sleep To save, help, be victorious, deliver To be straight/honest/right/upright/pleasing/agreeable ►direct, go straight, straighten, align ►level, make flat, smooth ►justify, be just To be old, age, preserve To project [MC] To contain [MC] To drive a peg ►secure To catapult [MC]


‫ירב‬ ‫ירד‬


‫ירח‬ ♦ ‫ירט‬ ♦ ‫ירכ‬ ♦ ‫ירע‬ ♦ ‫ירק‬ ♦ ‫ירש‬ ♦ ‫ישב‬

‫ישה‬ ♦ ‫ישח‬ ♦ ‫ישט‬



‫ שממ‬,‫השמ‬

‫ישׂמ‬ ♦ ‫ישנ‬ ♦ ‫ישע‬ ♦ ‫ישר‬ ‫ישש‬ ♦ ‫יתא‬ ♦ ‫יתב‬ ♦ ‫יתד‬ ♦ ‫יתח‬


SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To be an orphan. cause bereavement See ‫ותר‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫יתמ‬ ‫יתר‬ 77 . be orphaned.

be submissive ►have surreptitious intercourse ►pave a road ►conceal. whiten. bring into bondage. feel pain. clasp.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫כ‬ DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To ache. boast. tread down. force. chain. launder To cover [MC] ►protect head [MC] To sift ►increase. mar See also ‫כאה‬ To afflict. tidy up ►offer refreshments to a guest. imprison. tie. conquer. go/put out (fire) To chain. cremate. wrap up See also ‫כבל‬ To wash/clean clothes/linen. glorify ►multiply. fetter. suffer. fetter. press. grieve. hurt. heap up ►riddle To subdue. subjugate. pickle To incinerate. preserve. master. quench. scrub. restrain See also ‫כבנ‬ To fasten. be ungainly To roast meat on a skewer. respect. be cowed/dejected See also ‫כאב‬ To bend To be ugly. multiply. exalt. tie. help oneself To extinguish. reduce to ashes ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫כאב‬ ♦ ‫כאה‬ ‫כאפ‬ ‫כאר‬ ♦ ‫כבב‬ ♦ ‫כבד‬ ♦ ‫כבה‬ ♦ ‫כבל‬ ‫כבנ‬ ‫כבס‬ ‫כבע‬ ♦ ‫כבר‬ ♦ ‫כבשׁ‬ ♦ ‫כבשׂ‬ ‫כבשנ‬ ♦ ♦ 78 . be numerous ►receive ►harden. be hard ►sweep. afflict. make kebab ►orbit [MC] To be heavy/weighty/wealthy/burdensome/grievous/important. burden ►honor.

weaken To alcoholize To ordain. retract To purify [MC] ►repair and correct [MC] To lessen in value [MC] To lie. intend. form. plot. establish. fail ►dry up (brook) See ‫כזב‬ To be cruel/hard. rebuke. fix. measure.‫ כוננ‬. hold ► calibrate. plan. found. automate See ‫כונ‬ To shrink. compress. order. erect. tune. scorch. inhibit. uphold See also ‫נכל‬ To venerate [MC] To be resolved/firm/steadfast/right/honest/reliable. program ►make ready.‫ כננ‬. chide. adjust. attune. arch ►encircle ►bounce/throw/dribble/shape (a ball) See ‫כדר‬ To become jaundiced To grow dim/weak/faint. disillusion ►disappoint. gauge ► bear. constitute. contract. maintain. mechanize. be a priest To scald.‫ כיל‬.‫הכל‬ ‫מכל‬ ♦ ‫כומ‬ ♦ ‫כונ‬ . treat cruelly. preclude. wind (up). minister. scheme. prepare. containerize. time. be savage [MC] ‫שורש‬ ‫כדד‬ ‫כדנ‬ ♦ ‫כדר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫ כדרר‬. be a yes-man/robot-like. contain. round off. darken ►discourage.‫כדד‬ ‫כדרר‬ ‫כהב‬ ♦ ‫כהה‬ ‫כהל‬ ♦ ‫כהנ‬ ♦ ‫כוה‬ ♦ ‫כוח‬ ‫כחח‬ ♦ ‫כול‬ . line up. burn (oneself). coil ►say yes. alert. determine. orient. provide. hold an office. mislead. set up. arrange. blow the nose To comprehend. include.‫הכנ‬ . be shaded. mean. cough. set. brutalize. direct.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫כדד‬ To fix bayonets ►yoke ►work To make round. aim.‫אכזב‬ ‫כזבנ‬ ♦ ‫כזר‬ 79 . officiate. straighten. annoy ►prevent. deceive. sustain. reproach. cauterize To spit.‫כנכנ‬ ‫מכנ‬ ‫כוננ‬ ‫כוצ‬ ♦ ‫כור‬ ♦ ‫כוש‬ ♦ ‫כזב‬ ‫ כזבנ‬.

cough up phlegm. prepare ►hear. express in general terms. lie. contain. tile. listen to. excel. bear ►equip. pout To become senile To sustain. hide. run out of. etc. gurgle ►hawk To exert power [MC] ►be able to act [MC] See ‫כחה‬ To paint blue (eyelids). wipeout. cringe..‫כחכח‬ ‫כחח‬ ‫כחכח‬ ♦ ‫כחל‬ ♦ ‫כחלל‬ ‫כחלל‬ ♦ ‫כחש‬ ‫כיב‬ ♦ ‫כיד‬ ♦ ‫כיה‬ ‫כיח‬ ♦ ‫כיל‬ ♦ ‫כיס‬ ♦ ‫כיפ‬ ♦ ‫כיר‬ ♦ ‫ככב‬ ♦ ‫כלא‬ ‫כלב‬ ♦ ‫כלה‬ ♦ ‫כלח‬ ‫כלכל‬ ♦ ♦ ‫כלל‬ 80 . restrain. withhold ►destroy. nourish. contain. stop. dwindle. withhold. annihilate. waste away. improve. make/appear/turn blue ►be hypocritical See ‫כחל‬ To grow lean/thin. comprise ►complete. adorn a wall. come to an end. deceive ►contradict . endure. fulfill. shoplift ►to enwrap (fruit/vegetables) for protection See ‫כפה‬ To model (in clay). imply. sulk. finish. feed. flatter. be implicit. renounce ►humiliate oneself. hem ►go mad/sick with rabies To consume. grovel To ulcerate To destroy [MC] To be the cause See ‫כחה‬ See ‫כול‬ To pickpocket. hold. maintain. shut up ►hybridize. complete. baste. finish. vanish. brood. fail ►pine. abjure. panel To star in a film. interbreed To make irregular stitches. decorate ►found ►equip ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫כחד‬ ‫כחה‬ ‫ כיח‬. clear one’s throat. use blue make-up. support. elaborate. spit. incarcerate. provide. feature ►shine. accomplish. heed To include. stand out To imprison. crossbreed. destroy. jail. equip ►generalize. squirm ►fawn. efface ►disown To expectorate. prevent. perish. annihilate. mold ►cement. embrace. exhaust.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To deny ►conceal. crown. perfect. reduce ►deny.

convene. marry ►hide ►form a recess ►introduce See also ‫כנה‬ To humble. shrivel up. bring home a wife.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To put to shame. subjugate ►convince. burn. wrinkle. hide. summon. be ashamed ►confound. yield. pine. store away To heat. congregate. languish. bring/go in. perplex To chisel. surrender. fiddle See ‫כנס‬ To separate [MC] To cover (up). dishonor. baffle. fashion. admit. humiliate ►submit. call by name. fade. give a title See also ‫כנס‬ See ‫כונ‬ See ‫כונ‬ To call together. wrinkle ►stir with pity ►hide fruit in the ground ►lay a trap. dry To name. gather. shape. carve. confuse. subdue. insult. capitulate. assemble. express by a substitute. warm up. nickname. give in. enter. converge. prove to. form To chlorinate To desire eagerly. long for. keep secret ►clothe oneself ►pardon ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫כלמ‬ ‫כלפ‬ ‫כלר‬ ♦ ‫כמה‬ ♦ ‫כמז‬ ♦ ‫כמנ‬ ♦ ‫כמס‬ ♦ ‫כמר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫כמש‬ ♦ ‫כנה‬ ‫כונ‬ ‫כנכנ‬ ♦ ‫כננ‬ ♦ ‫כנס‬ ‫כנשׂ‬ ♦ ‫כנע‬ ‫כנפ‬ ♦ ‫כנר‬ ♦ ‫כנש‬ ♦ ‫כסא‬ ♦ ‫כסה‬ ♦ 81 . braise ►ripen ►shrink. conceal. spread a net To wither. encase. collect. wrap. subject. yearn. offend. persuade To hide/cover oneself To play the violin. mold. humiliate. thirst To clasp [MC] To hide away To hide.

mow ►cut with a sharp knife See also ‫כסמ‬ See ‫כסס‬ To be foolish/silly/stupid/stubborn To crop. unearth ►engrave glassware ►pack To cover ►bend.‫כפפ‬ ‫קרפפ‬ ♦ ‫כפל‬ ‫ שכפל‬. make crooked ►circle.‫כסכס‬ ♦ ♦ ‫כעכע‬ ♦ ‫כעס‬ ‫כער‬ ♦ ‫כעשׂ‬ ‫כעס‬ ‫כפא‬ ♦ ‫כפה‬ . depose. bite nails.‫ כפא‬. reckon See also ‫ כרסמ‬. fence in. enjoy life/oneself. consider. fade. turn over. fold/roll up ►duplicate. enclose ►subdue. incline ►be hungry/famished/starved ►pine To connect [MC] See ‫כפה‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫כסח‬ ‫כסכס‬ ♦ ‫כסל‬ ♦ ‫כסמ‬ ♦ ‫כסס‬ ‫כספ‬ ‫כעכ‬ ‫כעכע‬ ‫ מכס‬. be repulsive To be vexed/indignant. allocate. scour ►count.‫כיפ‬ . bend.‫ קפפ‬. cut. clip. invert. taper ►count. wither. number amongst.‫כסמ‬ To desire. mimeograph ►displace. yearn.‫ כסס‬.‫כסח‬ To grind.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To cut off/down. clear thorns/branches/weeds. lop off. dig. reckon. stoop. curve. have fun To double. fold. anger irritate. scrub. be an epileptic ►have a good time. gray ►grow pale with shame. compel ►bow. calculate. rage See ‫כפה‬ To press.‫קפל‬ ♦ ‫כפנ‬ ‫כפס‬ ♦ ‫כפפ‬ ♦ 82 . set measure ►pay a toll See also ‫ כרסמ‬. enforce. long for ►silver. join. gnaw. genuflect. retreat ►scrape/eat away. stencil. multiply. ►rub off. deteriorate To cough lightly/loudly ►hawk See ‫כעכ‬ See ‫כעשׂ‬ To make ugly. force. trim. enrage. chew. include. shear. supplant.

devour ►trim. appease. make dirty ►mourn. envelope. imprison. confine. reject ►wipe. subdue To card-index To twine. grieve. serrate See also ‫ כסס‬. make a rim ►dance in a circle. cover ►(shake a) sieve.‫כסמ‬ To kneel. declare To force. truss To button up To plow. resolve ►atone. pacify. cringe ►wallow. bind. skip round To paint yellow/red/saffron ►stain ►be angry/defiant See ‫כרכ‬ To work in a vineyard ►pile/heap up To box. connect. prepare a banquet ►plot ►gather. disbelieve. roll. hire ►arrange a feast. till. dance in a circle. bow (down). (put on a) cloak. mill. bind (books). trade. chew. hop. smear. wrap up. pardon. wind. dance. tar. propitiate To cower. caper To turn on a lathe. shrink. settle. refute. heap up To announce. jail ►press down To tie. attach.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To deny. subdue ►afflict ►decide ►outweigh ►harmonize To roll [IM] See ‫כרכ‬ To break up [MC] ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫כפר‬ ♦ ‫כפש‬ ‫כפת‬ ♦ ‫כפתר‬ ♦ ‫כרב‬ ♦ ‫כרבל‬ ♦ ‫כרה‬ ♦ ‫כרז‬ ‫כרח‬ ‫כרטס‬ ♦ ‫כרכ‬ ♦ ‫ כרר‬. sift To dig (up) mine ►buy. punch with one’s fist To grow a stomach To gnaw. proclaim. connect. expiate. pitch ►reconcile. combine. forgive. tie together. fetter. tear/bite/cut/chop off. bend.‫כרכר‬ ‫כרכב‬ ♦ ‫כרכמ‬ ♦ ‫כרכר‬ ♦ ‫כרמ‬ ‫כרמז‬ ♦ ‫כרס‬ ♦ ‫כרסמ‬ ♦ ‫קרסמ‬ ♦ ‫כרע‬ ‫כרק‬ ♦ ‫כרר‬ ♦ ‫כרשׂ‬ 83 . compel. muffle. nibble. herald. round. cultivate To clothe. coerce ►constrain. lament ►incarcerate. encircle ►jump around. wrap. subject.

circumvent ►wait. exterminate. grind. hew. soil To clothe in light-weight garment [MC] To carry on the shoulders. seduce ►be weak/faint/ feeble To bewitch. amputate. move. inscribe. make a covenant To deceive [MC] To be strange [MC] To be fat/stout/coarse. stagger. prosper. record ►bequeath. pulverize. fell. fail ►agree to. assign See ‫כתב‬ To wall off [MC] To stain. encircle. smite. perish. practice magic To succeed. crown. charm. prepare. mistake. break to pieces. endure ►be worthy/skilled/gifted/talented/suitable/ kosher/right/zealous. destroy. wiggle To stumble. let down ►go/lead astray. mince. pound ►forge. dictate. totter. make fit. bear weight To surround. crush. qualify. hammer (flat). authorize To write. cease to be. shake. shoulder. correspond. blot. powder ►fight ►bray ►heat To crush. beat. tarry To pound. enchant. overthrow ►set up obstacles/ stumbling blocks ►fail. pestle. sated ►cover with To wag a tail. beat. register. will. form. fashion ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫כרת‬ ‫כשׁב‬ ‫כשׂב‬ ♦ ‫כשׂה‬ ‫כשכש‬ ♦ ‫כשל‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ‫כשפ‬ ‫כשר‬ ‫כתב‬ ‫כתבב‬ ♦ ‫כתבב‬ ♦ ‫כתל‬ ♦ ‫כתמ‬ ♦ ‫כתנ‬ ♦ ‫כתפ‬ ♦ ‫כתר‬ ♦ ‫כתש‬ ♦ ‫כתת‬ 84 .SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To cut off/down. cause to fall. train. rewrite.

tire (out) ►fail To speak softly/gently/slowly. dress. shield To set ablaze/alight. ridicule To be weary/exhausted/impatient. mock. combine. inflame. bleach. captivate ►endear. bloom. polish. shame ►clarify. sip. unite ►proclaim as unique ►laminate. coat. package To serve [MC] ►work which completes goal [MC] To express a negative opinion To nationalize To be lion-like/cruel like a lion See ‫לבה‬ To join. be loud To clerk To whiten. explain ►make bricks To trample. wrap. offend. cry. torment ►have doubts To sprout. wash. clothe. whisper ►cover. ruin. kindle. grow tired. thrust down.‫להב‬ To fall. vex. purify ►insult. fortify ►be wise/good ►make doughnuts/cakes/ latkes See also ‫ להט‬. fascinate. flame/flare up ►enthuse. stumble. interest. take a mouthful. drink ►absorb [MC] ‫שורש‬ ‫לאב‬ ♦ ‫לאה‬ ♦ ‫לאט‬ ♦ ‫לאכ‬ ‫לאלא‬ ♦ ‫לאמ‬ ♦ ‫לבא‬ ♦ ‫לבב‬ ♦ ‫לבד‬ ♦ ‫לבה‬ ♦ ‫לבב‬ ♦ ‫לבט‬ ‫לבלב‬ ‫לבלר‬ ♦ ‫לבנ‬ ♦ ‫לבס‬ ‫לבש‬ ‫לגז‬ ‫לגלג‬ ♦ ‫לגמ‬ 85 . take the shape of. make white-hot. attract. brighten. be clear. tire oneself ►gad about ►trouble. tread/stamp/step on To wear. enkindle. array To stack with a pitchfork See ‫ליג‬ To gulp. put on. strengthen. capture the heart ►encourage. blunder ►toil. blossom. bud ►shout.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ל‬ DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To scorn. fail.

tabularize. consume. transpose. assemble. enthuse. set on fire. slander ►elude attention To tabulate. set alight. mumble See ‫לעה‬ To mock. banter.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To shine.‫לבה‬ To prattle. pronounce To languish. be perverse/crooked. dissolve. remain ►complain. shoal To center [MC] To liquefy. express. excite. blaze. sweeten ►recommend. twist. flame ►inspire. be exhausted/faint To burn. be enthusiastic/keen. inflame. lodge. melt To borrow/lend money ►accompany. arouse ►be gilded See also ‫ להט‬. gibe. enwrap. be ardent/fervid. seek shelter. fume. talk silly/nonsense. trick To play the fool ►behave madly To strike a blow ►excite To gather together. depart . sprout ►appear.‫ לצלצ‬. heat See also ‫להב‬ To juggle. quip. deride.‫לינ‬ ‫לוע‬ ♦ ‫לוצ‬ ♦ . conceal. scoff. turn aside. abide. accommodate. stray ►bend. dwell. glow. kindle. tease ►intercede for. wrap up. envelope. bloom. conjure. glitter. chart ► form a flat surface [MC] To cover.‫ילז‬ ‫לוח‬ ♦ ‫לוט‬ ♦ ‫לול‬ ♦ ‫לונ‬ ♦ ‫ לננ‬. glow.‫ליצ‬ ‫ מלצ‬. pop up. flash ►set on fire.‫לצצ‬ ♦ ‫לוש‬ 86 . sparkle.‫לבה‬ ‫להטט‬ ‫להלה‬ ♦ ‫להמ‬ ♦ ‫להק‬ ♦ ‫לוב‬ ♦ ‫לוג‬ ♦ ‫לוה‬ ♦ ‫לוז‬ ‫ נלז‬. speak flowery/pleasant language. jest. emerge ►be pleasant/sweet/eloquent/smooth. flame. manipulate ►blossom. counsel ►interpret To knead dough ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫להב‬ ‫צלהב‬ ‫להג‬ ‫להה‬ ♦ ‫להט‬ ♦ ♦ . escort. advocate. murmur. make bright. enclose ►curse To blend together [MC] To stay overnight. join ►adhere [IM] To turn aside. joke. scorn. pass the night. burn.

stutter See also ‫לעה‬ To spend the night. sleep overnight ►use the cover/darkness of night ► become night See ‫לונ‬ See ‫לוצ‬ ♦ ‫לטה‬ ‫לטפ‬ ♦ ‫לטש‬ ‫ליג‬ ‫ לעג‬.‫לגלג‬ ♦ ‫ליל‬ ‫לינ‬ ‫ליצ‬ 87 . enchant ►incite. forge To jest. murmur. fuse. press. improve. refresh See ‫לחה‬ To lick. utter magic formulas/ incantations. squeeze ►oppress. stress To whisper. conspire.‫לחח‬ ‫לחח‬ ♦ ‫לחכ‬ ‫לחלח‬ ♦ ‫לחמ‬ ♦ ‫לחנ‬ ♦ ‫לחצ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫לחש‬ ‫לחשש‬ ‫לחשש‬ ‫לחת‬ ♦ ‫לטא‬ ‫הליט‬ See also ‫לטה‬ To curse ►cover [MC] See also ‫לטא‬ To caress. press See ‫לחש‬ To pant. loll the tongue (dog) To cover.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To moisten. polish. contest. fight. seduce. humidify. gasp. pet. wheeze. dispute ►eat bread To tune. make fun of. consume (fire) ►chew. laugh at. link. mask. whet. do battle. sneer. join. dampen. huff. stroke To sharpen. insert ►wage war. curtain ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫לחה‬ ‫ לחלח‬. laugh at ►stammer. ridicule. crush. veil. arrange To compress. puff. distress. graze See ‫לחה‬ To solder. pat. grind. deride. mock. slurp. hiss ►charm a snake. compel. jeer. force. sand ►furbish ►hammer. lap. hone. make wet. fondle. scoff. repair ►fit. shroud. compose.

add lemon flavor See ‫לונ‬ See ‫לסטמ‬ To rob. entrap. stammer ►talk wildly See also ‫ליג‬ To slander. hold together To varnish. steal.‫לעע‬ ‫לעז‬ ‫לעט‬ ‫לעלע‬ ♦ ♦ 88 . veer. make dirty. integrate. jest See ‫ליג‬ To drink much. ridicule. feed See ‫לעה‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫לכד‬ ‫מלכד‬ ‫לכה‬ ‫לכלכ‬ ‫לכסנ‬ ‫ללב‬ ‫ללינ‬ ‫ללנ‬ ‫ללינ‬ ‫למג‬ ♦ ‫למד‬ ♦ ‫למכ‬ ‫למלמ‬ ‫למנ‬ ♦ ‫לננ‬ ‫לסט‬ ‫לסטמ‬ ♦ ‫לסט‬ ‫לסלס‬ ♦ ‫לעב‬ ♦ ‫לעג‬ ♦ ‫לעה‬ . twist To stand out. mock. join. insult ►speak a foreign language ►speak indistinctly To glut. take. combine. give to eat. instruct.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To capture. pilfer See ‫לעס‬ To deride. choke ►chew [MC] ►stutter. gulp down. catch. shellac. swallow the wrong way. deduce. insult. coil. be compact. conquer.‫ילע‬ ‫ לעלע‬. swallow (greedily). stain wood To soil. slant To attach to a Lulav See ‫ללנ‬ To spiral. be rare [MC] To learn.‫ לוע‬. booby-trap. sully To look out of the corner of one’s eyes. trap. intercept. twirl. stuff. study ►teach. swallow greedily. exercise. turn aside. gulp. conclude To lead [MC] See ‫מלל‬ To mix with lemon. rally. lacquer. train. accustom ►infer. practice. take prisoner ►unite. seize. grasp.

wrap. whip. wet To triple ►have diarrhea See ‫שנה‬ See ‫שנה‬ To store [MC] To measure [MC] ‫שורש‬ ‫לענ‬ ‫לעס‬ ♦ ‫לסלס‬ ‫לעע‬ ♦ ‫לפד‬ ‫לפלפ‬ ‫לפפ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫לפת‬ ‫לצלצ‬ ♦ ‫לצצ‬ ‫לקה‬ ‫לקח‬ ♦ ‫לקט‬ ♦ ‫הלקט‬ ‫לקלק‬ ♦ ‫לקק‬ ‫לקלק‬ ‫לקש‬ ♦ ‫לשד‬ ‫לשלש‬ ♦ ‫לשנ‬ ‫לשננ‬ ♦ ‫לתח‬ ♦ ‫לתכ‬ ♦ 89 . clutch. make cynical To chew. make tasty See also ‫לפפ‬ See ‫לוצ‬ See ‫לוצ‬ To flog. pick (up) ►stuff a bird’s pouch. feed birds ►whither ►smoothen ►pucker up ►pluck out hair one by one See ‫לקק‬ To lick/lap up. delay To fatten. despoil. grip. swathe. suffer. flop ►eclipse. step back ►combine dishes. grasp. add vigor ►become juicy. strike. turn around/ aside. choose. embrace. masticate. entwine. overshadow See ‫קוח‬ To glean. lick up to To gather late fruit. gather. smite. chomp ►trill (voice) ►curl/wave hair See ‫לעה‬ To glitter. emit pus from the eyes To swaddle. moisten. wrap up/ around See also ‫לפת‬ To embrace. set aflame To suffer from purulent eyes. twist oneself. eat with bread ►garnish. clasp. scourge. clasp. sparkle. wrap. beat. flavor.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To embitter. wind. afflict. collect. be stricken ►affect/ afflicted with disease.

SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To project one’s teeth/jaw To moisten/dampen grain ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫לתע‬ ‫לתת‬ 90 .

‫אמד‬ ♦ ‫מאה‬ ‫מאכ‬ See also ‫מאד‬ To lower. humiliate ►be poor. defeat. detest. for ‫ מחשב‬check ‫חשב‬. refuse To pierce. e. perforate.‫ימכ‬ ‫נמכ‬ To lack [MC] To refuse. spread ►become malignant See ‫מוג‬ To make delicious. multiply See also To multiply a hundred times ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫מאד‬ ‫ מוד‬. for ‫ מחזר‬check ‫חזר‬. give delight. overwhelm. contaminate. grant. sweeten. destroy ►infect. humble. loathe ►feel disgusted/loathsome ►throw away. suppurate. bestow ►defend.g.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫מ‬ Often the prefix ‫ מ‬has been dropped for four-letter roots beginning with the letter ‫מ‬. simply look up the remaining three-letter root. prick. reject. DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To increase. abhor. rout. repudiate To despise. fester To mix.‫ מוכ‬. Therefore. depress . for ‫ מדרג‬check ‫ דרג‬and so forth. be excellent (fruit) To form pus. withhold. stir with ladle. protect To magnetize To pull/cast down. hurl ►destroy. add to. shield. infect (with pus).‫ מאה‬. knock-out (boxing) ‫מאמ‬ ♦ ‫מאנ‬ ♦ ‫מאס‬ ♦ ♦ ‫מאר‬ ♦ ‫מגג‬ ‫מגד‬ ♦ ‫מגל‬ ‫מגמג‬ ♦ ‫מגנ‬ ‫מגנט‬ ♦ ‫מגר‬ ♦ 91 . throw. impoverish. smelt To deliver.

bevel To modernize. wear out To mix.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫מוד‬ To crush. bring. hesitate. cause See ‫מאכ‬ See ‫מהל‬ To deform. dissolve. be afraid ►melt. renovate To shatter. adulterate. tremble ►crumble.‫מטט‬ ‫מטמט‬ ‫מוכ‬ ♦ ‫מול‬ ♦ ‫מומ‬ ♦ ‫מונ‬ ♦ ‫מוס‬ ♦ ‫מוצ‬ ♦ ‫מוק‬ ♦ 92 . dilute. revise. water down. forsake. cripple. incline. melt away. smash. rush. destroy ►be shabby. hurry. drop. weaken ►destroy ►circumcise. decline. push over. sink ►cast upon. shake. stagger. waver. make a fringe To linger. scorn. renew. tilt and fall. extend ►compete. bring misfortune. vanish ►steep To measure. desert. hasten. tremble. contend ►prolong [MC] See also To soften ►fatten [MC] To slip. cut (off) ►purify one's heart ►hem. survey. tarry ►cause confusion/turmoil/tumults/ commotion/riots/panic To buy a wife. deny [MC] See ‫מצה‬ To mock. scoff at ‫שורש‬ ‫מדד‬ ‫מדכ‬ ♦ ‫מדע‬ ‫מדפ‬ ‫מדר‬ ‫מדרנ‬ ♦ ‫מהה‬ ♦ ‫מהל‬ ♦ ‫ נמל‬. totter. stretch out. deride. knock over. fall down/over. precipitate To shake. ridicule. update. defer To slant. abandon.‫מול‬ ♦ ‫מהמה‬ ♦ ‫מהר‬ ♦ ‫מוג‬ ‫מגג‬ ‫מדד‬ ♦ ‫מוד‬ ‫ מאד‬. mash To do scientifically To shelve. vie. table. squash. overthrow ►disintegrate. give a dowry ►be overzealous/rash. cancel. soften.‫אמד‬ ♦ ♦ ‫מוח‬ ‫מוט‬ . flow. collapse. be late/tardy. blemish To define group or species [MC] To abandon. depreciate. contest.‫המט‬ .

entertain. shatter ►dip ►kick in a spasm of death ►wound severely.‫משמש‬ ‫משש‬ ♦ ‫ מתת‬. search ►manipulate. spin. cover with a web ►spoil an egg See ‫מחה‬ To blot/wipe out. elucidate To weaken. prevent from doing. excise. cancel ►pardon. destroy. delete ►protest ►draw/draft a check. concretize See ‫יטב‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫מור‬ ‫מיר‬ ♦ ‫מוש‬ ‫מות‬ ‫מזג‬ . pierce To erase. barter[MC]. level ►pierce through To cost. watch ►throw off. belt. cut. dilute. scrape ►smooth. clap together ►hinder. weave. attach To be lucky To soften ►to neck (in love-making).SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To exchange. blow a nose ►snuff a wick. operate ►approach. convert (religion) To touch. attend to. amalgamate. moderate. smite. melt. exterminate. mix. blot/rub out. fuse together. yarn. exchange [MC] To illustrate. debilitate ►thin [MC] ►lose essence [MC] To fasten. slay. combine. mash. merge. dissolve. crush. repudiate. applaud. forgo. trim/snuff a candle ►miscarry To renounce. withdraw. flirt. assuage ►clarify. make love. dally To sing. remit (debit).‫המת‬ ♦ ‫מזה‬ ‫מזח‬ ♦ ‫מזל‬ ‫מזמז‬ ‫מזמט‬ ♦ ‫מזר‬ ♦ ‫מחא‬ ♦ ‫מחה‬ ♦ ♦ ‫מחא‬ ‫מחז‬ ♦ ‫מחח‬ ‫מחט‬ ‫מחל‬ ♦ ‫מחצ‬ ♦ ‫מחק‬ ♦ ‫מחר‬ ‫מחש‬ ‫מטב‬ 93 . let off To smash. coalesce. wipe. enfeeble. delete ►shave. perform To twist. rub off. erase. assign payment ►practice. destroy To pour out liquids. wipe off. perish. examine. blend. pet. change. mitigate. forgive. palpate. realize. remove. depart To die. forewarn. clean ►strike. feel. clap/strike (hands). probe. mingle ►temper. alleviate. specialize ►be fatty To dramatize To add substance [MC] To wipe. dispatch ►kill. handle. grope.

bear ►lay eggs ‫שורש‬ ‫מטה‬ ‫מטט‬ ‫מטמט‬ ♦ ‫מטר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫מיי‬ ‫מימ‬ ♦ ‫מיי‬ ‫מינ‬ ‫מיצ‬ ♦ ‫מיק‬ ‫מיר‬ ♦ ‫מכה‬ ‫ מכמכ‬. be disloyal to. crush. impoverish. confirm ►set. liquefy To classify. vend. beat. deliver over. hydrate. draw water To scald (a bird) before skinning/plucking it ►pluck a bird/hair ►profit from dividends. press ►make slim/weak To foul [MC] See ‫מור‬ To deal one a heavy blow ►sink/fall morally. season. run. set with jewels ►gather. relinquish. catalogue. stuff. bow See ‫מכה‬ See ‫כול‬ See ‫מכה‬ See ‫כונ‬ See ‫כסס‬ To sell. hand over ►betray. sort To churn. tear. satisfy.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To lie in a bed ►to cause to fall down See ‫מוט‬ See ‫מוט‬ To be wet with rain. shower ►bring down. dilute. rescue. categorize. deceive ►be addicted to To be accomplished/ended. extricate. fulfill ►authorize. macerate ►be acute/clever ►disperse. be low. squeeze. degenerate. arrange. overflow ►keep. escape. humiliate.‫מככ‬ ‫מככ‬ ‫מכל‬ ‫מכמכ‬ ‫מכנ‬ ♦ ‫מכס‬ ♦ ‫מכר‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ ‫מלא‬ ‫מלה‬ ‫מלג‬ ♦ ♦ ‫מלה‬ ‫מלח‬ ♦ ‫מלט‬ 94 . benefit from usufruct See ‫מלא‬ To salt. trade ►devote/give oneself. diffuse To save oneself. empower. rain on. send down upon ►shoot towards the target See ‫מימ‬ To water. fall into ruins. mix. rain. scatter. slip away ►cement ►give birth to an animal. flee. deliver. fill. pickle ►pulverize.

prevent. execute. hinder. proclaim. indistinctly slander. put in charge. murmur. allot.‫המס‬ ‫נמס‬ ‫מסחר‬ ♦ ‫מסכ‬ 95 . assign. reconsider. mumble. invest in. squeeze ►melt. absorb. dispense To coin word/terms. be temperate ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫מלכ‬ ‫מלל‬ . enumerate. fade ►rub. crown. pronounce. soften ►cut down/off. darken ►have an even temperament. damper. refrain. blend. ponder. ask advice. materialize See ‫מנה‬ To count.‫למלמ‬ ‫מלמל‬ ♦ ‫מלמל‬ ♦ ‫מלצ‬ ♦ ‫מלק‬ ♦ ‫ממזר‬ ‫ממנ‬ ‫ממק‬ ‫ממש‬ ‫מנא‬ ♦ ‫מנה‬ ‫ מננ‬. decay ►make run/faint ►acquire good manners See ‫סחר‬ To mix. languish.‫מנא‬ ‫מנח‬ ‫מנחת‬ ‫מנמס‬ ♦ ‫מננ‬ ♦ ‫מנע‬ ♦ ‫מנר‬ ‫מסד‬ ♦ ‫מסה‬ ♦ . rule. number. dose. allocate. name something ►bring a meal-offering To attenuate. usurp a throne ►change one’s mind. consider. make illegitimate To finance. parry. keep back/apart. capitalize To melt. reckon. take counsel. consult. determine. apportion. scrape ►speak. think over To wither. mutter. avoid. mouth ►talk maliciously. stop. register. grumble. vanish ►languish To realize. utter. implement. decompose. ordain.‫ מסס‬. decide by vote. chatter. actualize. mingle ►pour out ►set up a screen/curtain.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To be/make king. dissolve. reign. talk. nominate. appoint. refuse ►motorize To beam See ‫יסד‬ To melt. sneer. dissolve. withhold. stutter ►write lyrics ►give a sign ►hem. liquefy ►rot. empower. express. crumble. edge See ‫מלל‬ See ‫לוצ‬ To wring/nip off the head of a bird ►kill by pinching/nipping ►wring off To bastardize. abstain. thaw. buffer See ‫מסה‬ See ‫מנה‬ To restrain. dry up.

sip ►summarize. hollow out To map. do little. blink ►demodulate See ‫מצה‬ To divide into two. deceive. come upon. waver. abbreviate.‫ מצמצ‬. lessen. assign. secure. crush. press. limit. guilty of sacrilege. devaluate. seize ‫שורש‬ ‫מסכנ‬ ‫מסמס‬ ‫מסמר‬ ♦ ‫מסס‬ ‫נמס‬ ‫מספר‬ ‫מסק‬ ♦ ‫מסר‬ ‫מעד‬ ♦ ‫מעה‬ ♦ ‫מעט‬ ♦ ♦ ‫מעכ‬ ♦ ‫מעל‬ ♦ ‫מענ‬ ♦ ‫מער‬ ‫מפה‬ ♦ ‫מצא‬ ‫מצג‬ ‫מצה‬ ♦ . rub To be treacherous/faithless. be small/few in number ►exclude. place in the middle. discover. get. please ►dare ►exist ►be present ►furnish. provide ►invent. decrease. notify. befall. extract ►wink. suffice. peculate To be humbled ►be addressed (letter) To make a cave/empty spaces/air bubbles. inform (against). let attain. squeeze. find the average ►measure exactly ►intercept. liquefy To nail. chart To find. abridge. melt. stumble To disintegrate [MC] ►break down food [MC] To diminish. betray ►give/devote/sacrifice oneself ►saw To totter. devise. précis. capture. suck.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To impoverish. exhaust.‫מוצ‬ ‫ תמצת‬. circumvent. halve. sustain. happen. shake. drink to the last drop. be sufficient. meet someone. conceive. obtain. encourage. hand over. reduce. condense. concoct To drive/stick in To wring/press/squeeze/drip out (moisture). be poor To feed. supply with.‫מצצ‬ ‫מצמצ‬ ♦ ‫מצע‬ 96 . fasten See ‫מסה‬ See ‫ספר‬ To harvest/pick olives To deliver. squash. purge. embezzle. be familiar with ►find favor. make small. deprive. maintain ►be scarce ►stimulate. create. nail down. transmit. plot. find out. rinse. wash/rinse out the mouth. slip. abstract. drain. urge ►be bloody ►be soft/flabby ►mash. defraud. guess. transfer. squeeze ►dissolve. cover up. cause to fall. crumble ►press. deliver. interrupt. tack. reach ►meet. qualify To break up.

frighten. hyphenate To make professional. mash ►winnow. decay. soften. be obstinate ►run. horrify ►anger. anoint. rebel. irritate ►argue. take off ►expand. increase. clown. rot. crush. scour a sword ►pull out See ‫מרט‬ To be soft. incite. fall apart. molder. specialize. concentrate. dispute ►wage. defy ►offend. incite. bet ►stuff To spread (butter).SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫מצה‬ See ‫צוק‬ To fix boundaries ►twist. smooth a pile of grain To pluck hair/feathers. insult ►terrify. enlarge. haggle. build up. smear (over). liquefy See ‫רכז‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫מצצ‬ ‫מצק‬ ♦ ‫מצר‬ ‫מקד‬ ‫מקח‬ ‫מקט‬ ‫מקינ‬ ‫מקמ‬ ‫מקמק‬ ‫מקפ‬ ‫מקצע‬ ♦ ‫מקק‬ ♦ ‫מקמק‬ ‫מקר‬ ‫מקש‬ ♦ ‫מרא‬ ‫מרב‬ ♦ ‫מרג‬ ♦ ‫מרד‬ ♦ ‫מרה‬ ♦ ‫מרח‬ ‫מרטט‬ ♦ ‫מרט‬ ‫מרטט‬ ♦ ‫מרכ‬ ‫מרכז‬ 97 . besmear. fly high. spin. weaken. weaken. rub. quarrel. annoy. pine away ►enervate. debilitate. bare ►polish (furniture). tear/wear out. inflate ►fatten. stuff (cattle). fool around See ‫קומ‬ See ‫מקק‬ To hyphen. oppose. crush. daub. rotate. smooth ►sharpen. barter. sap one’s strength To make/appear to be authentic/original See ‫קוש‬ To soar. dissolve. stuff See ‫רבה‬ To thresh by means of a sledge To rebel. be refractory. smooth ►bruise. crumble. revolt. dedicate To fester. make plump. make threadbare. focus. wind. upset. resist. negotiate See ‫קנט‬ To act clown-like. turn To focus To bargain. discharge matter To disobey.

govern. begrudge To be bitter/grieved/in distress. purge. use a proverb. draw near ►continue. digest ►finish. resemble ►speak metaphorically. retard. complete. seize. make rapid To polish. use similes ►use. handle See ‫שומ‬ See ‫שמע‬ See ‫מוש‬ To interface with See ‫מוש‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫מרמר‬ ‫מרס‬ ‫מרפק‬ ♦ ‫מרצ‬ ♦ ‫מרק‬ ‫מרר‬ ‫מרמר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫משא‬ ‫משה‬ ‫משח‬ ‫משטר‬ ♦ ‫משכ‬ ♦ ‫משׂכל‬ ‫משכנ‬ ♦ ‫משל‬ ‫משׂמ‬ ‫משמע‬ ‫משמש‬ ♦ ‫משק‬ ♦ ‫משש‬ 98 . cleanse from sin by suffering ►make-up (cosmetics) ►remove. wipe out. scour. levy a debt To rule. draw up ►follow. rub in/off.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫מרר‬ To stir. lengthen. have dominion ►compare. pawn. flow. fish up ►pit ►massage See ‫משכ‬ To anoint. speak in parables. mix. spur on. measure See ‫שטר‬ To pull. drag. energize. stimulate. draw/stretch out. delay. blend ►squeeze out grapes. extend. carry on ►grant favor ►take possession by drawing/pulling an object See ‫משה‬ See ‫שׂכל‬ To pledge. wash off completely ►resent. oil ►draw an outline. irritate. cry/complain bitterly ►engage To tear out To pull out of/draw from water. embitter. crush ►be filled with pus See ‫רפק‬ To be energetic/forceful/strong/vehement/grievous. defer. prolong. seduce. purify. cause to extend ►withdraw money. smear. urge. mortgage. provoke. quicken. withdraw ►attract. cleanse. liken. dislike. draw.

swap. calm ►take counsel See ‫מות‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫מתג‬ ♦ ♦ ‫מתה‬ ‫מתח‬ ‫מתכ‬ ♦ ‫מתנ‬ ♦ ‫מתק‬ ‫מתת‬ ♦ 99 . coat with metal To wait. extend. temper. be delightful. control ►mark with a Methag ►switch. soften. replace. make pleasant/tasty. tarry. alter To live on To stretch/spread (out). be moderate. change. act patiently ►stipulate. season ►indulge in ►assuage. strain.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To bridle. criticize ►underline ►make nervous/curious ►tighten To metalize. moderate. go easy. make condition To sweeten. fault. pull his leg ►censure. lighten punishment. postpone ►do slowly. substitute.

‫ נאות‬. etc.g. glorify. sigh See also ‫נאצ‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫נאד‬ ♦ ‫נאה‬ ♦ . adorn oneself. be bawd ►worship idols To contemn.g. spurn. agree. fit.‫נאצ‬ To commit adultery. decorate. deliver a speech ►utter a prophesy See also ‫ נאק‬.‫נאוה‬ ‫נוה‬ ‫נאוה‬ ‫נאות‬ ♦ ‫נאמ‬ ♦ ‫נאפ‬ ♦ ‫נאצ‬ ‫נאק‬ ‫נאר‬ . pronounce. revile. despise.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫נ‬ Not listed herein are many four-letter Shoroshim beginning with the letter "‫ "נ‬which can easily be found by dropping the ‫ נ‬and checking the remaining three letters. abuse See also ‫נאק‬ To groan. for ‫ נאבד‬see ‫אבד‬. praise ►consent. insult. for ‫ נבנה‬see ‫בנה‬. lecture.‫נאמ‬ See ‫ארר‬ ♦ 100 . beautify.‫נאמ‬ ♦ . DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To separate liquids [MC] To befit. unless those latter three letters are not part of the root. address. scorn. e. be becoming/suitable/appropriate/desirable/decorous/ ostentatious ►be comely/pretty/beautiful. be wrathful ►curse. condemn. for ‫ נאמנ‬see ‫אמנ‬. blaspheme. abide ►set at rest ►enjoy See ‫נאה‬ See ‫נאה‬ To speak. moan. ‫ נאוה‬and ‫נאות‬. e.

turn up ground ►act haughtily/cunningly ►carp ►scrabble about To wipe. make ugly. have a vision. talk obscenely ►despise. penetrate [MC] To oppose. beat ►rule. express. make eloquent ►deduce ►bark ►prophesize. forecast. wither. be fertile. perceive. prophesy. grow weak. flog. sprout.‫נוב‬ ‫תנב‬ ♦ ‫נבב‬ ‫נבה‬ ‫נבז‬ ♦ ‫נבח‬ ♦ ‫נבט‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נבכ‬ ♦ ‫נבל‬ ♦ ‫נבע‬ ‫נבר‬ ‫נגב‬ ‫נגד‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ ‫נגה‬ 101 . wilt. bring forth shoots. pollute.‫ הנב‬.‫נבח‬ .‫אבב‬ .‫ ניב‬. speak/chant under divine influence ►be in a state of ecstasy ►retreat See also ‫ נבט‬. be fluent. relate. loathe. utter. contradict. govern. foretell ►inspire. dry. decay.‫ נבע‬. declare. inform. communicate. dishonor. ripen. look at. shine See also ‫נבא‬ To extract [MC] To fade. consider ►sprout. object. drop down ►be foolish/senseless. bore through See also ‫נבא‬ To blow. fade ►make an animal ritually forbidden by improper slaughtering See also ‫בלה‬ See ‫נבא‬ To dig with a snout. shrivel. sink. cause to bear fruit. result ►speak. bear fruit. disgrace. contend/be against. see. produce. scorn ►dirty. narrate ►lash. scour. resist ►tell. pour forth copiously. make hollow. blaze See ‫בזה‬ See ‫בחה‬ To look. gush out/forth. blaspheme. burrow. germinate. report . announce. flow. ripen. bubble up. burst forth. soil. ferment. degrade.‫ בעה‬. yield.‫בוא‬ To hollow out. predict. flourish. be parched/dried up/bared ►interject ►go/turn South ►strike. administrate ►isolate [MC] See ‫גהה‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫נבא‬ . show regard.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To spring/bring/stream forth. start growing.

impel ►harass. thrust ►rock. distance ►be compelled ►anathematize See also ‫ נדפ‬. press. injure. punish. be deposed.‫נדה‬ See ‫דמה‬ ‫נדמ‬ ♦ ‫נדנ‬ ‫נדנד‬ 102 . defend To break/bite off. thrust/drive away. handle ►strike. come to pass ►reach. recede To donate. chew To touch. move.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To collect [MC] See also ‫גזה‬ To butt. smite. hesitate See ‫גרר‬ To bring/draw/come near. persecute. thrust To make/play music. impel ►lead astray. banish. intonate ►protect. wrestle. injure. infect. incite ►be liberal To lay rows of stones/bricks/planks See ‫נוד‬ To remove. arrive. defeat ►stumble. start ►clash. give as a gift/charity. expel. drive. offer willingly. afflict. collide ►accost To urge. present. exact a debt. orchestrate. ostracize. go up ►offer ►begin. volunteer ►impel. oppress. slip/move away ►banish. excommunicate. punish. strike against. stagger. push. obtain To smite. inflict. gore. beat. encounter. feel. attain. thrust out.‫נדח‬ To expel. approach. befall. inflict. swing. conflict. argue. approach. contend. tyrannize. dedicate. seduce See also ‫נדפ‬ To sheathe See ‫נוד‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫נגז‬ ♦ ‫נגח‬ ♦ ‫נגנ‬ ‫נגס‬ ♦ ‫נגע‬ ♦ ‫נגפ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נגר‬ ‫נגשׁ‬ ‫נגשׂ‬ ‫נדב‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נדבכ‬ ♦ ‫נדד‬ ♦ ‫נדה‬ ♦ ‫נדח‬ ‫הדח‬ . collide. bruise. plague. play an instrument.

beam. cheer To frustrate. be drawn to. groan. give light ►rejoice. give off scent. practice. groan. sustain ►walk on.‫ נהה‬. mourn ►yearn.‫נהג‬ ♦ See also ‫ נהמ‬. evaporate ►smell sweet See also ‫ נדח‬. bray. lament See also ‫ נהק‬. stream. accustom. coo. criticize See also ‫נהק‬ To cry out. be in the habit ►wail. spread (odor). snarl ►complain. blow away. hinder. guide ►behave. refuse. prohibit by a vow ►make infrequent To drive. long for ►follow eagerly See also ‫ נהק‬.‫ נהה‬. be wafted. lead. roar.‫ההה‬ To lead. lament.‫ נהמ‬.‫ נהל‬.‫ נהג‬. heehaw ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫נדפ‬ ‫נדר‬ ‫הדר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נהג‬ ♦ ‫נהה‬ ‫נהל‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נהמ‬ ‫נהק‬ ‫נהר‬ ‫נוא‬ ‫נוב‬ .‫ נהל‬.‫נהג‬ To flow. conduct.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To drive about/away. scatter. protest. drive off.‫ נהמ‬. hold back ►turn/keep from See ‫נבא‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ 103 . disperse. throng ►shine.‫ נהה‬. conduct. guide.‫הגה‬ To wail. run ►provide for.‫נדה‬ To vow. moan. administer. wont to. illuminate. celebrate. go on slowly ►give rest to See also ‫נהג‬ To growl. introduce a custom. bring to naught ►restrain. direct ►manage.

make ugly. be unstable. keep awake ►chase. quiver. transport. decay. fly. drive away. quake.‫ נחח‬. shake. wander ►set in motion. condole ►drive out/away. presume ►admit ►encamp ►bring an offering of sweet savor To shake. please.‫נדד‬ ‫ תנד‬. move and push forward. move. mobile. decline See ‫נונ‬ To flee. put ►permit. stagger. die. depart. settle down. pester. totter. nap. hide. deteriorate. toss. put to flight. move about. sway ►navigate. nod. bemoan oneself. bolt. sway. let.‫ ינח‬. vibrate. stir (up). place. wave. be a fugitive ►nag.‫הנח‬ .‫נעע‬ ‫תנע‬ ♦ ‫נופ‬ 104 . laid to/let/set at rest/ease. move about. fall asleep. flutter. empathize ►bewail. repose. start an engine ►blow one’s nose See also ‫נוד‬ See ‫נפה‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫נוד‬ . sympathize. convey. doze. calm. discredit. comfort. start. consent ►assume. shake.‫ניד‬ ♦ ‫נוה‬ ♦ ‫נוז‬ ♦ ‫נוח‬ .‫ שנע‬.‫ נענע‬. quake. deform ►disgrace. ramble. demolish. devastate. roam. hasten. swing. tremble. totter.‫ניח‬ ‫תנח‬ ♦ ‫נוט‬ ♦ ‫נול‬ ‫נומ‬ ‫נמנמ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נונ‬ ‫נונה‬ ‫נונה‬ ♦ ‫נוס‬ ‫הנס‬ ♦ ‫נוע‬ . retreat ►commiserate. disappear. damage To slumber. steer To disfigure. swing. immobilize ►leave alone/behind. lie/lay down. atrophy. flee. suppose. flutter. rock. lament.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To wander about. vibrate. wander ►shake (head/with grief). rest satisfied. move to and fro. toss. be sleepless. satisfy. waste away. deposit. be drowsy ►speak To be highly thought of ►continue ►degenerate. degrade ►destroy. sway. move. abandon. escape. relax. badger See also ‫נוע‬ See ‫נאה‬ To combine [MC] To rest. separate ►move. be quiet. fly away ►distance. oscillate.‫ניע‬ . lie. pilot. totter.‫ נדנד‬. make unsteady. roam ►make changeable ►flee. drive away To wander about. pacify.

soften To dangle [MC] To rebuke. possess. enkindle ►rise (sun) To nurse. glitter. reprove. spurt. grieve. gleam. console. regret ►reconsider. twinkle. be blessed with To press. understand To build an oven To be incurably sick. settle ►hasten bees to make a swarm To be sorry. impart. pity. suckle ►absorb. censure. weaken [MC]. devote/consecrate/separate oneself. emphasize To kill by stabbing in the throat/knife-thrust ►snore. injure. spark. harm. bequeath. shine. abstain from. bud. acquire. conduct. discharge mucus See ‫נחר‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫נוצ‬ ‫ינק‬ . bring See ‫נוח‬ To inherit. get. grow ►sparkle. obtain. snort. damage To vow to be a Nazirite. take/keep/divide possession ►allot. be dependent [MC] See ‫זוד‬ To splatter. soak up. pressure [MC] To be amnestied. renounce. grunt. chide To be hurt. rue To urge [MC]. distance. guide. sprout. drip. urge.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To bloom. pardoned ►be gifted with grace. repent ►comfort. solace ►take vengeance/revenge. flash. reprimand. stress. fall away from To lead. flicker. condole.‫ נצנצ‬. dissolve. give. reproach. admonish. direct. sprinkle ►move sporadically [MC] To be unsteady See ‫זוח‬ To flow. leak ►distil ►liquefy.‫הנצ‬ ‫נצצ‬ ‫נוק‬ ♦ ‫נור‬ ‫תנר‬ ♦ ‫נוש‬ ‫נזד‬ ♦ ‫נזה‬ ‫נזז‬ ♦ ‫נזח‬ ♦ ‫נזל‬ ♦ ‫נזמ‬ ‫נזפ‬ ♦ ‫נזק‬ ♦ ‫הזק‬ ♦ ‫נזר‬ ♦ ‫נחה‬ ♦ ‫נחח‬ ♦ ‫נחל‬ ‫נחמ‬ ‫נחס‬ ‫נחנ‬ ♦ ‫נחצ‬ ♦ ‫נחר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נחרר‬ 105 . hurry.

deflect. spread ►bend. handle ►hang on ►attach ►assume shape of. lay (upon). depart. lean. fix. decline (gram. make use of abbreviations. till. quit. expand. lower. go down. leave. extend ►sharpen. practice sorcery/divination.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To guess. stretch out. inflect. develop To plant. set up. move ►bear. incline. be tempestuous To descend. desert. permit ►spread out. replant. cast. detune ►throw. establish. take up. remove. observe omens ►twist like a snake To create a storm. divert. forsake. shake. bend. land ►attenuate ►penetrate. grind See ‫בעה‬ See ‫נוד‬ See ‫נוח‬ To make regular/permanent ►set up See ‫נוע‬ To break ground. influence To extend. put (into) ►lay eggs ►decouple. transfer. press down. toss ►move about. bow. turn (aside). stick in. pervert judgment To lift. leave ►tend ►conjugate. implant. wander.) ►seduce. alight. prophesize. conjecture. relinquish. stretch. entice.‫הטל‬ ‫טלטל‬ ‫נטע‬ ♦ ‫נטפ‬ ♦ ‫נטר‬ ‫נטרל‬ ‫נטרק‬ ♦ ‫נטש‬ ♦ ‫ניב‬ ‫ניד‬ ‫ניח‬ ♦ ‫נינ‬ ‫ינונ‬ ‫ניע‬ ‫ניר‬ ♦ ‫נכא‬ ♦ ‫נכד‬ ♦ 106 . hurl. plow See ‫נכה‬ To remove by one generation [MC] ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫נחש‬ ‫נחשל‬ ♦ ‫נחת‬ ♦ ‫נטה‬ ‫הטה‬ ♦ ‫נטל‬ . degauss. swing ►impose ►wash one’s hands. clear ►break up fallow land. hone. level. initialize To abandon. polish. bring/come down. carry off. deviate ►go away. watch ►bear a grudge/ill-will. keep anger To neutralize To abbreviate. release. scatter. throw away. receive. conjure. keep. lower. fasten See ‫טפה‬ To guard. demagnetize. let alone. surmise ►divine. whet.

wound. scourge ►exile. wound. slaughter ►acquire assets ►mark.‫ וכח‬. subtract. misconstrue. base. beguile. be crafty. reprove. admonish.‫הכש‬ ‫נכת‬ ♦ ‫נלה‬ ‫נלז‬ ‫נמכ‬ ♦ ‫נמל‬ ‫נמנמ‬ ‫נמס‬ ♦ ‫נמק‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נמר‬ ‫נמרר‬ 107 . putrefy. deal fraudulently. fake To strike. spot. give up. disable. sting ►weed. punish. judge To deceive. mottle See also ‫נמש‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫נכה‬ ‫נכא‬ ♦ ‫נכח‬ ‫נכל‬ . know. clarify. give reason. hedge. estrange ►treat as a stranger/foreign ►dissemble. confute. destroy. regard. banish ►storm at sea ►echo ►clap hands ►strike root. use as a hoe. slay. observe.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To strike. smite. alienate. pay attention to ►misunderstand. understand ►be acquainted with ►distinguish. isolate. argue ►rot. discern. pretend. debate. injure ►bite. plunge ►deduct. kill.‫הכח‬ ‫יכח‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נכס‬ ♦ ‫נכר‬ ‫נכש‬ ‫ נכת‬. acknowledge. justify by argument. afflict. misinterpret ►renounce. chasten. reduce. prove. thrust. reject ►discriminate against. evade ►deliver. attend ►realize ►discuss. drive away. speckle. decay ►pine To give striped/checkered appearance. be blighted ►defeat. give up ►be grateful ►feign. discount To be present. count To recognize. lop off See also ‫נשכ‬ See ‫נכש‬ To finish See ‫לוז‬ See ‫מאכ‬ See ‫מהל‬ See ‫נומ‬ See ‫מסה‬ To explain. scheme See also ‫כול‬ To kill. conspire against. afflict ►be right/correct. make patchy. rebuke. beat. convince. crush. dispute. demonstrate. plot. argue. show. reason.

repair. uproot. lead/set/pull out. veil See ‫נסה‬ To drive ►display as a banner. be sweet ►cause pleasure ►sing. knot. distract. anoint.‫נופ‬ ‫נפפ‬ 108 . make small See ‫נסה‬ To remove. fan. move/draw/push back. water. repudiate ►wake up To sprinkle. lock. depart ►pick/pluck up ►quarry. fix ‫שורש‬ ‫נמרר‬ ‫נמש‬ ‫ננס‬ ‫נסא‬ ♦ ‫נסג‬ ♦ ‫נסה‬ ‫נסח‬ ‫נסכ‬ ‫סוכ‬ ‫ נסנ‬. abandon. wear shoes To be lovely/delightful/pleasant. swing. carry/drive away ►remove a boundary ►encroach upon. lever. display as a banner. cast metal. brandish ►be proud ►debug. discard. winnow. trespass ►retreat. attempt. attract.‫ נפנפ‬. move. remove. vex. rise. drive out. be sick ►perform miracles/wonders To travel. backslide. formulate. close. draft ►tear away/out. cover with freckles. neigh. wave/raise a flag. march. extract See ‫נשׂק‬ To saw. assay. hoist ►offer ►wield a tool. brandish. remove. please. pull down. puncture. install a king ►offer a libation ►inspire ►weave. sift. lift To arrange/alter a text. empty ►loosen up. flap. journey. experience ►carry. hackle (flax) ►growl. drive. evacuate. challenge. adjourn ►put shoes on. insert ►cut a ditch To shake. shower ►shake. flutter. lift. sieve. wave. bray. try. plane. divert. penetrate ►stick/fix/wedge in. accompany musically ►compose melody See ‫נוע‬ See ‫נוע‬ To prick. split To bar. experiment. fan. flourish ►soar. go. raise. flutter ►lift up. beat (a carpet). roar. hoist ►glitter. heehaw ►shake/cast out. pluck To pour out. be freckled See also ‫נמר‬ To dwarf.‫נסא‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ ‫נסנ‬ ‫נסס‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נסע‬ ‫סעסע‬ ♦ ‫נסק‬ ‫נסר‬ ♦ ‫נעל‬ ♦ ‫נעמ‬ ‫נענע‬ ‫נעע‬ ♦ ‫נעצ‬ ♦ ‫נער‬ ♦ ‫נפה‬ . infringe. sparkle. tempt.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫נמר‬ To freckle. prove. displace To test. shut. glisten ►pine away. discard. shake off. cover. mine. stir. bolt. found. blow.

commemorate sparkle. overthrow ►happen. direct ►conduct an orchestra ►make everlasting/illustrious. utilize. manage. squirt into mouth See ‫נפה‬ See ‫פוצ‬ To go out. dispute. fight. survive. sink. make desolate. gin. strip. resist To be victorious. quarrel ► superintend. triumph. fall down/away/apart. bring forth ►issue. distribute. blow (air into lungs). overcome. flee. defeat. snatch. surpass. occur ►result ►apply ►spoil See ‫נפה‬ To beat (flax) To revive. take advantage of. vanquish ►argue. equip. die ►be prostrate ►miscarry ►attack. export. excel. shine. free up. conquer. agitate against. save. contend/struggle with. strip oneself ►exploit. throw/cast/throw down. tear away. divest ►spoil. desert ►(let) drop. turn/drop out.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫פוח‬ To beat/hackle wool/cotton. fall in battle. rescue. card To mine small stones [MC] To fall. charge. win. glorify To deliver (oneself). oversee. defeat. justify oneself ►sprout [IM] ►flow [IM] See ‫נוצ‬ See ‫נוצ‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫נפח‬ ‫נפט‬ ♦ ‫נפכ‬ ♦ ‫נפל‬ ‫הפל‬ ‫נפנפ‬ ‫נפס‬ ‫נפע‬ ♦ ‫נפפ‬ ♦ ‫נפצ‬ ♦ ‫נפק‬ ♦ ‫נפש‬ ♦ ‫נפת‬ ‫נצא‬ ♦ ‫נצב‬ ‫נצג‬ ♦ ‫נצה‬ ‫נצא‬ ♦ ‫נצח‬ ‫נצל‬ ‫הצל‬ ♦ ‫נצנצ‬ ♦ ‫נצצ‬ 109 . beat. escape. fall into ruins ►strive. abuse ►apologize. quarrel. escape ►lay to waste. obtain See ‫פוש‬ To flow honey-like [MC] See ‫נצה‬ See ‫יצב‬ See ‫צוג‬ To cover with feathers ►fly. supply ►derive. perpetuate.

bruise. contain. let blood. dot. point. preserve.‫ נקז‬. blaspheme See also ‫נקר‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫נצר‬ ‫נצת‬ ♦ ‫נקא‬ ♦ ‫נקב‬ ‫נקבב‬ . reach out. strike (off). conceal. procure. chop off. state ►curse. move in a circle. perforate. pure. beat. keep. punish See ‫יקע‬ To go around. pierce. retaliate. disgust. take vengeance/revenge ►cleanse. observe. keep secret/from danger ►lock as safety catch (of a gun). complete a circuit. puncture. be blameless/free from guilt. encompass. clean To drain. watch. punch a hole/line of holes. hemorrhage See also ‫ נקר‬. clear. name. empty ►puncture. mark with points. hate ►take vengeance ►hold. avenge. pierce. be empty ►acquit. bring close together ►knock. absolve ►leave unpunished ►avenge.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To guard. enclose. seize. take. dry up swampland.‫נקב‬ To be weary of ►loathe. provide ►take measures/steps. blockade. specify. glean olives ►give/sell on credit/trust ►compare To crack open and penetrate [MC] ‫נקדד‬ ♦ ‫נקה‬ ‫נקא‬ ‫נקז‬ ‫נקט‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נקמ‬ ‫נקע‬ ♦ ‫נקפ‬ ‫הקפ‬ ♦ ‫נקק‬ 110 . adopt measures To take revenge. destroy ►beat an olive tree. bang. injure. stab ►bleed. distinguish. punish. be speckled/ spotted ►punctuate. besiege.‫נקב‬ See ‫נקד‬ To be innocent.‫ נקז‬. surround. vocalize ►sting ►purify See also ‫נקר‬ ‫נקבב‬ ♦ ‫נקד‬ ‫נקדד‬ . draw a dotted line. tap.‫ נקד‬. riddle ►designate. rotate. cut.‫נקד‬ See ‫נקב‬ To prick. close ►become a Christian See ‫צות‬ See ‫נקה‬ To bore. grasp.

inhale. remove ►drive/cast out. transcribe. borrow. drive/take away ►demand/claim (payment of debt).‫השא‬ . make foggy. attack. eject . lead astray. lend. receive. show favor ►destroy. outdo ►draw near. disengage.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To bore. exact payment. negotiate. enclose See ‫נשה‬ To blow. fall ►draw off a shoe. support. plummet ►delude. elevate. damage ►argue. endure ► remove. dig out. be high/bold. pant.‫נקב‬ See ‫קוש‬ ‫נקש‬ ♦ ‫נרד‬ ‫נרה‬ ‫נרמל‬ ‫נרתק‬ ♦ ‫נשׁא‬ ♦ ‫נשׂא‬ ♦ ‫נשב‬ ♦ ‫נשׂג‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ ‫נשׁה‬ ‫נשׂה‬ . aspire.‫ נקד‬. rise up/high. pick. vex. suffer. breathe. gasp ►be destroyed [IM] ►be appalled [IM] To blow. dupe To breathe. aid. drop. remove veins from meat ►keep clean. boast. hiss (snake) ►darken. gasp. evict. puff. carry. drop. sweep away ►be partial. transact. stabilize To encase. seduce ►sacrifice. exhale. standardize. transfer. paste. throw/cast/fall off. gnaw at ►gouge out eyes. poke out. translate ►marry (off) ►forgive. pant. approach. pardon. oust. obtain ►be able ►understand. offer ►signal ►kindle ►forget To bite. pass.‫נשׁא‬ ‫נשש‬ ♦ ‫נשכ‬ ‫נשל‬ ‫השלה‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נשמ‬ ‫נשפ‬ ‫נשפפ‬ ♦ 111 . dim ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫נקר‬ . count. accept. take. maintain. pierce. perceive To lift. obligate. lend with usury ►oppress. breathe ►drive away/off To overtake. deceive. deceive. beguile. cleanse See also ‫נקז‬ To overpower with scent [MC] See ‫ירה‬ To normalize. adhere See also ‫נכש‬ To slip. regularize. number ►deal. sustain. plunge. attain. reach.‫ נשׂא‬. do business. sheath. raise. impose upon ►swear ►show independence ►advise. penetrate. be disposed. peck. press together. comprehend. be borne. bear. dispossess ►shed. stumble. infuse with breath of life. take interest on a loan. assist ►exalt oneself. jab. endure.

carve. go up.‫ נתצ‬. allow. come together ►launch a ship.‫ נתס‬. smash. emphasize See also ‫נתח‬ To cut in pieces.‫ נתצ‬. withdraw. dissect. lacerate. burn. demolish. operate surgically. put on ►raise ►devote ►suffer To tear up. prepare ►arm ►conclude. lay. destroy See also ‫נתק‬ To break.‫ נתס‬. saw off ►be left. articulate distinctly. permit. set afire.‫השק‬ ♦ ‫נשׁר‬ ‫נשׂר‬ ♦ ‫נשש‬ ♦ ‫נשת‬ ♦ ‫נתב‬ ‫נתז‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נתח‬ ‫נתכ‬ ‫התכ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫נתנ‬ ♦ ‫נתס‬ ‫נתע‬ ‫נתצ‬ . molt ►protect by distancing [MC] To separate [MC] ►saw off [MC] See ‫נשׁה‬ To dry up.‫נתכ‬ To break/pull/tear down. destroy. fix ►appoint. spray. touch. treat as ►yield fruit/produce ►put. route. direct. destroy. be dry/parched To trace the way. cause to fly off ►cut/chop off ►stress. splash.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫נשפ‬ To kiss. heat To drop.‫ נתצ‬. fall off/out/away. sever. sprinkle. shed. separate.‫נתס‬ To give/deliver up. tear. deduce ►kindle. place.‫נתכ‬ ♦ See also ‫ נתק‬. channel To squirt. be possible ►regard. climb ►manage. track. disconnect. remain. infer. shatter. deliver ►make. set. break down. place.‫ נתע‬.‫ נתע‬. tear out ‫שורש‬ ‫נשפפ‬ ♦ ‫נשׁק‬ ♦ ‫נשׂק‬ . soften ►cast metal See also ‫ נתק‬. melt. analyze See also ‫נתז‬ To pour forth/out/down. assign. inject ►cause to spring/jump off. flow ►dissolve. ascend. consider. requite.‫הסק‬ ‫ נסק‬. cut up. grant.‫נתכ‬ 112 . cut off See also ‫נתק‬ ♦ . rise. bestow.‫ נתע‬. let.

‫התש‬ ‫תשש‬ ♦ ‫נתש‬ 113 . sever. decimate ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫נתק‬ ♦ ‫נתר‬ . cut. set free. unfasten. skip ►tremble ►loosen. grow feeble ►dry up ►destroy. unbind. protest. disconnect. hop. be left. leap. release ►remain.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To tear away/out/up/apart. drag. exterminate. root/tear out. cause oozing. permit. pull/cut off. ►scratch a head ►burst. draw away.‫נתכ‬ To spring/start up. annihilate.‫ נתס‬. secrete ►snap. break. detach ►remonstrate.‫ נתע‬. drag away. uproot ►weaken. remove. linger To tar/pluck up. gripe See also ‫ נתצ‬. jump.

drink to excess. arrange a text. venerate ► See ‫שׂגה‬ To acquire. appropriate ►get. be characteristic/capable of ►lay by To act officially [MC] To formulate. conceive. make filthy/unclean/unfit for sacrifice To measure [MC] To step. be of opinion. conform. greet ►imagine. adore. schlep ►suffer. visualize. guzzle See ‫סוב‬ See ‫שׂבכ‬ To carry a burden. tread on ►make noise To imbibe. shoulder. treasure. words prefixed with a ‫ ס‬have been listed under the letter ‫שׂ‬. understandable. adulate. trample. bear a load. picture See ‫שׂגב‬ See ‫שׂוג‬ To bow down. suppose ►be evident. soil. DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To defile. endure. unambiguous. clear. lucid ►welcome. revere. sustain ►be burdensome ►carry on a tradition ►send gifts to the betrothed To (prepare) soap See ‫סוב‬ To subsidize To think. explain. understand. save ►adapt/adjust oneself. prostrate oneself.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ס‬ Wherever possible. stylize. accustom. genuflect ►worship. comprehensible. make fit. tolerate. improve the style ►be polished ‫שורש‬ ‫סאב‬ ♦ ‫סאה‬ ♦ ‫סאנ‬ ♦ ‫סבא‬ ♦ ‫סבב‬ ♦ ‫סבכ‬ ♦ ‫סבל‬ ‫סבנ‬ ‫סבסב‬ ‫סבסד‬ ♦ ‫סבר‬ ‫סגב‬ ♦ ‫סגג‬ ♦ ‫סגד‬ ‫סגה‬ ♦ ‫סגל‬ ‫סגנ‬ ‫סגננ‬ ♦ 114 . be intelligible/probable. be friendly.

frame.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫שׂגה‬ To afflict. pour ►fence/shut in. chip off. castigate. organize. rotate. suffer. loiter ►change. feel privation To close. mortify. get even with ►assess one’s value ►arrange Passover eve ceremony To attest by witness. give/shut/lock/deliver up. separate ►screen. grease. shield. sanction ►recline at a table/a meal/with a chair See ‫שׂוג‬ See ‫שׂוד‬ To cover. alter. block ►surrender. set type ►settle (oneself). support. lubricate. cleave. fix. hide. testify. entangle. enclose. surround ► yaw (navigation) ►walk/march/go/ hang about. do. arouse. shut in. serrate See ‫סמה‬ To move quickly [MC] ‫שורש‬ ‫סגסג‬ ‫סגפ‬ ♦ ‫סגר‬ ♦ ‫סדד‬ ‫סדרר‬ ♦ ‫סדה‬ ♦ ‫סדנ‬ ‫סדק‬ ♦ ‫סדר‬ ‫סדרר‬ ♦ ‫סהד‬ ‫סהר‬ ♦ ‫סוב‬ ♦ .‫ סבב‬. evolve. turn/move/come/go around. encircle. instigate ►singe. initiate ►endorse. stir up. tear apart To arrange. enclose. sit. crack. imprison. transform. encompass. instigate. captivate. ensnare ►cause conflict. veil See ‫שׂיח‬ See ‫שׂטה‬ To anoint. revolve. betray. incite.‫סככ‬ ♦ ‫סומ‬ ‫סוס‬ 115 . notch (knife). fascinate ►confuse. (rub with) oil. extradite ►be secretive To impede movement [MC] See also ‫שׂוד‬ See ‫סדר‬ See ‫שׂדה‬ To retard by covering [MC] To split. cover (over). manage. thatch. give evidence See ‫שׂהר‬ To turn. hand over. order. torture. transfer ►cause. dispute ►intrigue. camouflage. make brittle ►indent.‫הסב‬ ‫סבסב‬ ‫סוג‬ ‫סוד‬ ♦ ‫סוה‬ ♦ ‫סוח‬ ‫סוט‬ ♦ ‫סוכ‬ ♦ ‫ סכסכ‬. chisel. group. quarrel.

flood. instigate To drag. entice. conquer.‫סיר‬ ♦ ‫סות‬ ‫ סית‬. pull. allure. box one’s ears ►turn sideways See ‫שׂיב‬ See ‫שׂוג‬ See ‫שׂוד‬ See ‫שׂיח‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫סופ‬ ‫סור‬ ‫ סרר‬. wipe off. go away. patrol. drift. reconnoiter. distance. commercialize ►go/turn around/about. defeat. seduce. agitate See ‫סחר‬ See ‫סחר‬ To grow high [MC] See ‫שׂטה‬ See ‫שׂטה‬ See ‫שׂטמ‬ See ‫שׂטנ‬ To crack. pile. leave undone. deport. flog ►overthrow. scarify. inspect.‫סחרחר‬ ‫סחרר‬ ‫סחרחר‬ ‫סחרר‬ ♦ ‫סחש‬ ‫סטא‬ ♦ ‫סטה‬ ‫סטמ‬ ‫סטנ‬ ‫סטפ‬ ‫סטר‬ ‫סיב‬ ♦ ‫סיג‬ ‫סיד‬ ‫סיח‬ 116 .‫הסת‬ ‫סחב‬ ♦ ‫סחה‬ ‫סחט‬ ♦ ‫סחפ‬ ♦ ‫סחק‬ ♦ ‫סחר‬ . steal To scrape clean. circulate. amass. incite. tour. reel. ruin. do business. sell. scratch. scrape To slap a face. obscure ►be stubborn/rebellious. split open (skin/fruit) ►scar. depose See ‫שׂחק‬ To trade. tug ►pilfer. deflect. hide. come/drop in ►conceal. sweep away See ‫שׂחט‬ To prostrate ►sweep/carry/wash away. view. erode. trade. rebel. turn off to right or left ►pervert. separate. disobey ►stack. survey. travel. spin. depart ►visit. put aside. heap up To persuade.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫ספה‬ To turn aside. schlep. whirl. draw. load. destroy ►peddle. move. remove. pinch. pirouette. inundate. travel ►be dizzy/woozy/giddy. provoke.

finish. candy. contemplate To count. end. stop. summarize. terrify To conclude. total. hate. shrink (back) ►abhor. maltreat. sum/add up. help. lift up in song. exalt ►derive unnatural sexual gratification To despise. confuse. pardon. cause defeat To dam (up). foil. tally. elevate. convey. expose oneself to danger. pay attention. impoverish. misunderstand ►frustrate. jockey To aid. designate. tread. assist. bring advantage ►accustom. support. benefit. shut up ►hire. praise. thwart ►look at. amount ►compare ►agree. gaze. look. close. be dull/ignorant. acquiesce To be useful/wont. pave a road. raise ►cast up/away ►be arrogant ►be lewd. scare. exonerate See ‫סלה‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫סיט‬ ‫סימ‬ ‫סיס‬ ‫סיע‬ ‫סיפ‬ ♦ ‫סיר‬ ‫סית‬ ♦ ‫סכה‬ ♦ ‫סככ‬ ♦ ‫סכל‬ ‫סכמ‬ ♦ ‫סכנ‬ ♦ ‫סכסכ‬ ‫סכפ‬ ♦ ‫סכר‬ ‫סכרר‬ ‫סכרר‬ ♦ ‫סכת‬ ♦ ‫סלא‬ ♦ ‫סלד‬ ♦ ‫סלה‬ ‫ סלל‬. jump/leap up. employ ►deliver up ►mix with/add sugar. detest. mislead ►endanger. view See ‫סוכ‬ To act foolishly. listen attentively ►be silent ►write a play for the radio See ‫סלה‬ To spring/start back. absolve.‫סלא‬ ♦ ‫סלח‬ ♦ ‫סלל‬ 117 . oppress ►rebound ►be subservient ►weigh. stroke To forgive. frighten. heap up. exalt. value. distinguish To ride a horse. sugar-coat See ‫סכר‬ To hear. bound. watch. rub against. loathe ►make light of ►trample. risk See ‫סוכ‬ To discourage ►afflict.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To have a nightmare. observe. dislike. reject. excuse. transport. rebound. terminate ►mark. lean on ►drive. fondle. massage. approve. feel disgust at. balance ►flout. praise. consent. recoil. ship See ‫ספה‬ See ‫סור‬ See ‫סות‬ To see. repulsed/revolted by ►extol.

stand up (hair). trust. elevate oneself To petrify. eliminate To produce fine flour. authorize. depart. flavor To mark. dupe. erect. pay off. ascend. signify See also ‫סמנ‬ To poison. dazzle ►deceive. draw near. devour. flush To bristle up. demolish. redden. empower. fund ‫שורש‬ ‫סלמ‬ ‫סלנ‬ ‫סלסל‬ ‫סלע‬ ♦ ‫סלעמ‬ ♦ ‫סלפ‬ ♦ ‫סלק‬ ♦ ♦ ‫סלת‬ ‫סמא‬ ‫סמה‬ ‫סמכ‬ ‫שׂמכ‬ ‫ סמא‬. nail. esteem highly. make/repair sandals To act as a Sandak/godfather ►sponsor. rivet See ‫סמר‬ To defend (in law) To wear a sandal or shoes. be thick/dense. feel chilly. support. destroy. season. count/rely upon. depend. shudder. subsidize. selectively choose See ‫סמה‬ To be/make blind. leave. sift. make a thick mass ►comment ►cover [MC] To use as a symbol. drug. suspend. bristle with fear. harden ►stud with nails. settle a debt. sign. gulp down To pervert. lean. raise ►remove. expire. jet stream To curl/plait/wave hair ►trill voice ►honor. delude To support. defraud. exalt. stiffen. approach. wrest To lift. be contiguous with/close. become a rock. fossilize To consume. falsify. adjoin ►ordain. block. designate. garble. fasten. subvert. die. grow numb. worsen To flow with the current. take drugs/narcotics ►spice. climb/go up. ►take/put/ send away. twist. prop. rise. indicate. blush. back. symbolize.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To modulate ►escalate. withdraw. be apparent See also ‫סמל‬ To be/grow red. sustain ►lay one’s hands on the head of a sacrifice ►pack. adorn. overthrow. distort.‫סומ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫סמל‬ ♦ ‫סממ‬ ♦ ‫סמנ‬ ‫סמק‬ ♦ ‫סמר‬ ‫סמרר‬ ‫סמרר‬ ‫סנגר‬ ‫סנדל‬ ‫סנדק‬ 118 .

match To filter. daze.‫סופ‬ 119 . ruin. uphold. remove. bear a grudge To synchronize. eulogize. mock. as if it were the letter ‫ שׂ‬or “s” To attach. assist. bewail. strain.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To fend off To blind. (wipe) dry. saturate. vex. murmur. extend. collect ►receive lashes. fortify ►eat. heap up. kill. blend. taunt. purify. dazzle. harmonize. destroy. stun To make fun of. die. increase ►give a portion of food. refresh by food To storm [MC] See ‫נסע‬ See ‫שׂעפ‬ See ‫שׂער‬ See ‫ערב‬ To feed animals [MC]. refine (metals). fall. mourn. pile amass ►clear away. scourge ►shrink To lament. suck up. dine. sift. feast. sustain. sneer. permeate To pronounce the letter ‫ שׁ‬or “sh”. feed ►fence ►ripen late ‫שורש‬ ‫סנה‬ ‫סנור‬ ‫סנט‬ ‫סנטר‬ ‫סנכרנ‬ ♦ ‫סננ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫סנסנ‬ ♦ ‫סנפ‬ ‫סנק‬ ‫סנקר‬ ‫סנר‬ ‫סנתז‬ ‫ססגנ‬ ♦ ‫ססה‬ ♦ ‫סעד‬ ‫סעה‬ ‫סעסע‬ ♦ ‫סעפ‬ ♦ ‫סער‬ ‫סערב‬ ♦ ‫ספא‬ ‫ספג‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ ‫ספד‬ ‫ספה‬ ‫ סיפ‬. receive drippings. coordinate. reject To administer/deliver a knockout To wear an apron/pinafore/bib To synthesize. finish. penetrate. wail. malign To watch jealously. jeer at. strengthen. stay. scoff at. annex To press ►heap up. wipe out ►carry off. provide fodder [MC] To absorb. sweep away. soak. perish. amalgamate To paint in different colors/many shades To penetrate slowly [MC] To support. come to/make an end of. insert. fuse. exterminate. grumble ►infiltrate. branch out. shave a beard ►add. tease. add. help. deliver a funeral oration To destroy. cease. put aside. affiliate. cleanse ► mutter . join. blot. combine.

scan. add. smite. slay To stone to death. please. shave To Sefardize See ‫ספר‬ To slice and eat. suspect. hide. survey. revolt To cover over. attach. singe ►cut end off. hurt. crowd together ►pour out ►make new land ►be afflicted with psoriasis To hold [MC]. be inquisitive/curious. dissent. clap hands ►suffice. gaze. exhort ►rebel. stuff. narrate ►write ►cut/trim hair. wrap (up) ►make/be cumbersome/awkward. be sufficient/adequate. profiteer To stand at the threshold ►find shelter. pelt with stones ►clear of/away stones To make knots on a tree/things rough/scaly/rugged. relate. pry ►cover a story ►jump back ►paint red ►paint a face See ‫סקר‬ To refuse. have misgivings. graze (fire). use circumlocutions ►happen to come together ►attack a person To look at. become calloused To turn over. wink. gratify ►join closely. panel ►respect. cut up. glance. plead. decline. provide ►satisfy. question ►engraft To count. trim To speculate. harm To cut. feed. honor. draw/drain off. review. transfer. adhere. enter ►visit often To strike. number. proclaim. attach. cut. content oneself ►supply. numerate ►tell. resupply. offer ►doubt. make clumsy ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫ספח‬ ‫ספל‬ ‫ספנ‬ ‫ספננ‬ ‫ספספ‬ ‫ספסר‬ ♦ ‫ספפ‬ ♦ ‫ספק‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׂפק‬ ♦ ‫ספר‬ ‫ספרר‬ ‫ספרד‬ ‫ספרר‬ ♦ ‫ספת‬ ‫סקב‬ ‫סקד‬ ♦ ‫סקל‬ ‫סקס‬ ‫סקפ‬ ‫סקר‬ ‫סקרנ‬ ‫סקרנ‬ ♦ ‫סרב‬ ♦ ‫סרבל‬ 120 . beg. roof. fasten ►have/give the opportunity. press. chip ►dip ►season food To make sore. recount. furnish. intrigue. esteem ►lay up To siphon. act as a broker.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To join. snub ►urge. implore. contain [MC] To cover. tap To pull out ►flicker. have enough. shear.

jumble. paint. transpose. lace. vex. comb hair. uproot ►disarrange. injure. clutch. pervert. attach. destroy. hurt. chip. stink. maim ►be stupid/dull See ‫שׂרט‬ See ‫שׂרט‬ To cause cancer To join. hand down ►wound. score See also ‫סרג‬ To castrate. irritate. plait. search thoroughly See ‫סור‬ To change To become Autumn/a mourner/gloomy See ‫שׂתמ‬ See ‫שׂתר‬ To hew. mediate To remove To nettle. upset. rebel ►hang over. hatchel ►stain wood. muddle (text). work in zigzag. interlace. stretch oneself out. annoy. degenerate. weave. spread out. be vapid/putrid ►sin. redden ►scan. vitiate See ‫רהב‬ To smell bad. corrupt. saddle See also ‫סרכ‬ To draw/rule lines See ‫שׂרד‬ To cause to decay. chisel. distort To negotiate. alternate. cut. emasculate.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To knit. cross-examine ►strap. reverse. overhang. sprawl. exasperate To comb. dangle. take hold of ►scratch. polish /cut stones ‫שורש‬ ‫סרג‬ ‫סרגל‬ ‫סרד‬ ♦ ‫סרה‬ ‫סרהב‬ ♦ ‫סרח‬ ‫סרט‬ ‫סרטט‬ ‫סרטנ‬ ♦ ‫סרכ‬ ♦ ‫סרס‬ ‫סרסר‬ ♦ ‫סרפ‬ ♦ ‫סרפד‬ ‫סרק‬ ‫סרר‬ ‫סתה‬ ‫סתו‬ ♦ ‫סתמ‬ ♦ ‫סתר‬ ‫סתת‬ ♦ ♦ 121 . card. adhere. interweave. make impotent. extend. mutilate. act as an agent.

transfer. intercalate a month/year. be gross ►condense. pervert To lust. borrow ►confuse. move. labor. pick holes in ‫שורש‬ ‫עבב‬ ♦ ‫עבד‬ ♦ ♦ ‫עבה‬ . become pregnant ►enrage. flirt. pardon ►emigrate ►impregnate. press To be sad/distressed. love passionately. fix. grimace ►smoke swell. obligate. venerate ►elaborate To be/grow cloudy. disfigure. enslave. smooth skin. round off roll. dote on ►sound a musical instrument like a pipe organ To make/become round. tire ►revise. lend. change. darken ►overload ►scowl. be weary. improve. plough ►worship. postpone. serve. till. coarsen. amend. correct. concentrate To give/take a pledge. cover with clouds. pledge ►prepare. be compact. shrivel To twist. overlook. pass away/beyond. restrain. get angry. adapt. take across ►transgress. frown. entangle. bring over. displace. subdue ►mortgage. cross. draw a circle. rework ►cultivate (soil). pawn. make love. tan (hides). stammer.‫ עוב‬.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ע‬ DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫עבה‬ To work. pray to. conceive. entangle. pass/switch over. rot. modify. moor. thicken. remove. alter. fat. tie. oppress. form globules. falter To cast anchor. dress ►finish. grieve ►stutter. subject. forgo. stay. employ. overstep. adapt. make even. be furious/arrogant ►spoil.‫עברר‬ ‫עברת‬ ♦ ‫עברר‬ ‫עברת‬ ♦ ‫עבש‬ ♦ ‫עבת‬ ♦ ‫עגב‬ ♦ ‫עגל‬ ♦ ‫עגמ‬ ♦ ‫עגנ‬ ‫עגעג‬ 122 . travel. arrange ►work out. scan. guy ►rely on ►prevent from marrying ►desert a wife To peck. sin.‫עבב‬ ‫עיב‬ ♦ ‫עבט‬ ‫עבר‬ . snare To pass. subjugate. commit a crime. proceed. wind. circle. blemish ►be current ►stroke gently ►Hebraize See ‫עבר‬ See ‫עבר‬ To grow moldy/musty. perform.

contort. onslaught. wear ►pass by/along. have surplus. perpetrate. contrast To sin. admonish. pervert. reprove. reduce. invigorate. commit iniquity. affirm. encourage. classify documents ►warn. walk through ►advance ►take off/away. strengthen. dart greedily. accuse falsely ►thrust in. bend ►spoil See also ‫עות‬ See ‫יעז‬ To rush upon. be ennobled ►take pleasure ►bind. refine. indulge To be in excess.‫העד‬ ‫תעד‬ ♦ ‫עוה‬ ‫עוז‬ ♦ ‫עוט‬ ♦ ‫עיט‬ ‫עוינ‬ ♦ ‫עול‬ ‫עלל‬ 123 . illtreat. cause ►glean. support. decrease. swoop down ►rebuke. dig (up) ►lack. rebuke. encompass. scold ►surround. bear witness. decorate. hold superior. array. pounce. remain over. bend. make pliant/pliable/tender/delicate. commit ►bring a false charge. maltreat. remove To update. coddle. attest. transgress. afflict. assail. abuse. chide.‫ עדד‬. be better/larger ►prefer. act. increase. be extensive. cheer up. luxuriate. censure ►assault. liken. reprove. revise. be a sinner. do wrong. deform. act brutishly To hate. delight. continue ►compare. insert ►pluck ►ascend. modernize. praise To hoe. distort. pick figs. act wrongfully. renovate To pamper. act crookedly ►twist. gather ►act ruthlessly/wantonly/ wickedly.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To make a crane-like (bird) sound See ‫עוד‬ To adorn oneself. weed. lessen. rise. refresh. invigorate. relieve. chide. attack. storm. garner. climb ‫שורש‬ ‫עגר‬ ‫עדד‬ ♦ ‫עדה‬ ♦ ♦ ‫עדכנ‬ ♦ ‫עדנ‬ ♦ ‫עדפ‬ ‫עדר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫עדש‬ ♦ ‫עוב‬ ♦ ‫עוג‬ ♦ ‫עוד‬ . set in order To grow [MC] See ‫עבה‬ To draw a circle ►bake a cake To testify. endure. put in battle order. do injustice/wrong. connect. document. fly at. smooth ►improve. be hostile To do. bedeck with jewels. diminish. bind ►pull oneself together. slander ►plan/do evil. reprimand. restore. enter. do/give more. renew. minimize ►be missing/dead/absent ►arrange. work.

strengthen. wave ►to get up and off the ground ►flicker.‫ עיפ‬. secure. hoe. falsify. desert. arise. grieve ►stir up. tire. appeal ►loosen a tooth. protest against ►circumvent a law.‫ערער‬ ♦ ‫עושׁ‬ ‫עושׂ‬ ♦ ‫עות‬ ‫עזב‬ ♦ ‫עזז‬ ‫עזמ‬ ‫עזפנ‬ ♦ ‫עזק‬ ♦ ‫עזר‬ ♦ 124 . be courageous To be insolent/impudent To break ground. accelerate See ‫עשה‬ To pervert. bow.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To practice soothsaying. abandon. gargle the throat ►blind ►bare. swing. offend ►assist. contort. observe ►lament.‫עפעפ‬ ♦ ‫עוצ‬ ♦ ‫עוק‬ ♦ ‫עור‬ . subvert. hasten. undermine. tear/break down To hurry. aid. strip. instigate. initialize. mourn. till ►hold fast To help. dig. energize ►remark. divorce. make weary ►glance at To force up [MC] ►concentrate effort to develop [MC] See also ‫יעצ‬ See ‫עקה‬ To wake. conjure See ‫עונ‬ To confuse. shimmer.‫יעפ‬ ‫ עפפ‬.‫ עער‬. incite. help. assist ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫עונ‬ ‫עוננ‬ ‫עוננ‬ ♦ ‫עוע‬ ‫עועו‬ ‫עועו‬ ♦ ‫עופ‬ . blink. throw. destroy. cheat. grow tired. contest. loosen. set free. rouse. release. cast. be dizzy/distorted See ‫עוע‬ To fly. sputter ►wink. strain. awaken. reinforce.‫הער‬ ‫ ערר‬. flutter. chop. shake. brandish. soar. lend a hand ►pave ►hate. forsake. aid. give vent to See ‫יעז‬ To take heart. arouse (oneself). aid See also ‫עוה‬ To leave (behind). bend. upset. make crooked. brace buttress ►help. comment. excite. disengage ►fortify. move eyelids ►be weary. distort. perform magic. object. veto.

‫ עטפ‬. wreathe. reflect. investigate. garnish ►save See also ‫עטרנ‬ To coat with tar/resin See also ‫עטר‬ To sneeze.‫ עטר‬.‫ עטר‬. fold up See also ‫עטרנ‬ To cut [MC].‫ עטפ‬. enwrap. coat. peruse. decorate. adorn. ponder. cover.‫ עטר‬.‫עטה‬ ‫עטר‬ .‫ עטק‬. envelope.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To wrap oneself. ornament.‫ עטק‬. encircle. crown. insert.‫עטפ‬ ♦ ‫עטט‬ ♦ ‫עטנ‬ ♦ ‫עטפ‬ ‫עטק‬ ♦ . thread a needle To terrify [MC] To look at with anger/hate/carefully/askance. be hostile ►search. be swathed. hide ►be feeble/ exhausted/faint/grieved/famished ►languish See also ‫עטרנ‬ To wrap oneself [IM] See also ‫ עטרנ‬.‫עטה‬ To surround. look up a quotation ►balance/weigh exactly See ‫עופ‬ See ‫יעצ‬ See ‫עקה‬ To urbanize ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫עטה‬ . put on a cloak. read (casually).‫עטה‬ ‫עטרנ‬ . deliberate.‫ עטפ‬.‫ עטק‬.‫עטה‬ ♦ ‫עטש‬ ‫עיב‬ ♦ ‫עיה‬ ♦ ‫עיט‬ ‫עיל‬ ♦ ‫עימ‬ ♦ ‫עינ‬ ♦ ‫עיפ‬ ‫עיצ‬ ‫עיק‬ ♦ ‫עיר‬ 125 . study. dig with a tool [MC] To pack olives in a vat To wrap/cover/envelope oneself. think over. put on. contemplate. consider. flatulate See ‫עבה‬ To isolate [MC] See ‫עוט‬ To bring in.‫ עטק‬.

exult. escape. cost. credit. overlook. raise. stutter. excel. charge. import ►void. elevate. delight ►make love See also ‫עלצ‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫עכב‬ ‫עכז‬ ‫עכל‬ ‫עכנ‬ ♦ ‫עכס‬ ♦ ‫עכר‬ ‫עכשו‬ ‫עלב‬ ♦ ‫עלג‬ ♦ ‫עלה‬ ‫עלו‬ ♦ ‫עלז‬ ♦ . profit. conceal To rejoice. put on ►bring up. sacrifice ►appear ►immigrate (to Israel)►kindle light ►succeed ►exalt. be inarticulate To go up. annul ►prize ►bid for To cover with leaves To be happy. prevent. advance.‫עלז‬ 126 . hinder. triumph. tinkle/jingle (with anklets) To disturb. count in. exalt. shame. be superior to. come. rise. ignore ►vanish. digest. be gay/merry See also ‫עלצ‬ To darken See ‫עול‬ To hide. disregard. jolly. speak haltingly. linger To wiggle one’s rear-side when walking See also ‫עכר‬ To consume. amount. be the best/choicest/superior to. enjoy oneself. consider. delay. befuddle. laud. be above. withdraw. distort To rattle. humiliate. disappear. lift. reach. tarry. disappear. keep from. wind. bring offering.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To detain. pollute ►be gloomy ►bring misfortune/trouble See also ‫עכז‬ To actualize To insult. become extinct ►tie/close up. neutralize. stir up. mount. rotate. surpass. retreat ►reckon. climb/spring up. ascend. grow. be merry/joyful. shoot forth. stop. account. offend To stammer. devour To twist. shut one’s eyes to. extol.‫עלס‬ ‫עלט‬ ♦ ‫עלל‬ ♦ ‫עלמ‬ ‫עלס‬ ♦ . make muddy/foul/turbid. praise. sprout. acclaim ►depart. rejoice. hold up.

faint. intertwine To rattle. put on a tie. skim. endure. heap/pile up ►deal tyrannically. tie. halt. tarry. damp. endure ►abide. clap ‫עלק‬ ♦ ‫עמד‬ ♦ ♦ ‫עמה‬ ‫עמל‬ . rise. remain ►stop. ordain. think deeply. ready. treat as a slave To load. maintain. veil. ponder To bind sheaves. place.‫ עממ‬. dip (lights). browse. set ablaze/afire ‫שורש‬ ‫עלע‬ ‫עלעל‬ ♦ ♦ ‫עלפ‬ ‫עלצ‬ ♦ . maltreat. be profound/absorbed. nod. collapse ►be famished To rejoice. suck up. knead. ill-treat. tie a loop. train To starch See ‫עמה‬ See ‫עמשׂ‬ See ‫עמה‬ To close/shut one’s eyes To deepen. relieve See also ‫עלס‬ To suck out ►burn. abate ►darken. put in a sling. bind tightly. encase ►be frightened ►swoon. establish.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To lap. cease ►insist. add to ►confront. assist. swallow. take pains. paginate ►delay. exercise. withstand. be consistent (liquids) ►curdle.‫עלז‬ To stand. set. dull. be glad. erect ►resist. contrast To fasten. wrap. overlook. continue. persist. be weary. arise.‫העמ‬ ‫עמעמ‬ ♦ ‫עמלנ‬ ♦ ‫עממ‬ ♦ ‫עמס‬ ‫עמעמ‬ ‫עמצ‬ ♦ ‫עמק‬ ♦ ‫עמר‬ ‫עמשׂ‬ ‫עמס‬ ♦ ‫עמת‬ ♦ ‫ענב‬ ‫ענבל‬ 127 . treat harshly ►enslave. be vague. produce ►appoint. be undecided/indistinct/ doubtful. fling ►blow To cover. sour ►be dull (blades) ►be about to To be faint. make merry. drive about. sip ►cover/grow with feathers To turn pages. hesitate. ring. trouble ►massage. prepare. page. drill. teach gymnastics. scan ►hurl. settle ►beget. carry a load. labor. consent without much anxiety ►quench (fire/light) ►overtop To work. oppose. enclose. dim. weaken. disregard. leaf through. help ►set up (printing pages). obscure. wane. toil. burden To join.

fortify. tie around the neck ►load with gifts. speak. make branches To put on as a necklace. intensify See ‫עופ‬ See ‫עופ‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫ענג‬ ♦ ♦ ‫ענד‬ ‫ענה‬ . consent. respond. compel. arouse concern. lace To answer. penalize. please. make delicate/soft/tender/dainty/sport/merry To bind around. violate (a woman).‫ענינ‬ ‫ענו‬ ‫עני‬ ‫ענינ‬ ♦ ‫עננ‬ ♦ ‫ענפ‬ ♦ ‫ענק‬ ♦ ‫ענש‬ ‫ענת‬ ‫עתת‬ ‫עסס‬ ‫עסה‬ ♦ ‫עסס‬ ‫עסק‬ ‫עער‬ ♦ ‫עפא‬ ♦ ‫עפה‬ ♦ ‫עפל‬ ♦ ‫עפעפ‬ ♦ ‫עפפ‬ 128 . bother ►abase oneself. assume. become a giant To punish. be interested in ►listen to. declare. testify. knead See ‫עסה‬ See ‫עשׂק‬ See ‫עור‬ To hide [MC] To darken [MC] To presume. time To squeeze. torture. request ►interest. present. fast ►be occupied/busy with. grant ►press. press. climb. impose an indemnity. chastise. indulge in luxuries. make dough. fire To budget time to perform a particular task. taunt ►strengthen. coerce ►grow greatly. humiliate. enjoy. suffer. be overcast To branch off/out. becloud. detain. bestow. oppress. torment. humble. tie. trouble.‫ עני‬. lift. agree ►sing. reply. strive up ►dare. cause privation ►be poor/impoverished See ‫ענה‬ See ‫ענה‬ See ‫ענה‬ To make/be cloudy. venture ►be arrogant. postpone. hear. inflate with pride. wrap.‫ענו‬ ‫ עננ‬. challenge. raise a cry. delight. award. accept. mash ►fill with juice ►massage. force.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To give pleasure to. crush. be granted (in prayer) refute ►be depressed/humble ►afflict.


To tan leather To throw/pelt with/roll in dust, be covered in dust To be moldy, rot, decay, stink To hurt, grieve, vex, be pained/sad/oppressed/anxious about, mourn for, worry over, be sorrowful ►shape, fashion, model, design, form, mold ►straighten a limb, set a bone To enervate, irritate, make nervous To cut/chop off To (cover with) wood ►shut/close (eyes) To be sluggish/lazy/slothful/careless To be/become/grow mighty/strong/powerful/plentiful/numerous, intensify ►shut/close one’s eyes ►grow/break bones ►actualize, materialize, flourish ►be a substance ►possess, acquire ►quarrel ►enter into agreement with condition of forfeiture To restrain, hinder, shut/close up/in, withhold, detain, apprehend, retain, hold, contain, rule, keep back, stop, halt, arrest ►constipate ►squeeze, press (olives/grapes) ►consist To follow at/grasp by the heel, follow (closely), track, trace ►deceive, circumvent, supplant, supersede ►hold back, withhold, restrain, hinder, undermine ►overreach, overstretch, overextend ►cube To bind (hand and foot), put in fetters, tie, truss ►sacrifice, erect an altar To press, oppress, depress, trouble, stress, distress To bend, curve, be crooked, twist, pervert, distort ►foreclose, confiscate, seize, attach See also ‫ עקש‬,‫ עקפ‬,‫עקמ‬ To bend, twist, curve, wind, make crooked, be tortuous/artful/perverse, distort, circumvent, supersede, use circumlocution See also ‫עקש‬ To sound like a magpie


‫עפצ‬ ‫עפר‬ ‫עפש‬ ♦ ‫עצב‬

‫עצבנ‬ ♦ ‫עצד‬ ♦ ‫עצה‬ ♦ ‫עצל‬ ♦ ‫עצמ‬



‫עקד‬ ♦ ‫עקה‬



‫עקמ‬ ‫עקעק‬

,‫ עקפ‬,‫עקל‬



To surround, go round-about, circle, circumvent, overtake, evade, by-pass, supersede ►diffract ►paraphrase, rephrase, restate See also ‫עקש‬

‫עקפ‬ ‫עקצ‬ ‫עקצצ‬ ♦ ‫עקר‬

,‫ עקמ‬,‫עקל‬ See ‫קצה‬ See ‫קצה‬

To uproot, tear or pluck/pull out, extract, undo, destroy, abolish, eradicate, castrate, mutilate, make barren/lame/sterile, sterilize ►move (house), remove ►hamstring, constrain, confine, cramp To make crooked, pervert, distort, twist, deform ►be obstinate/stubborn See also ‫ עקפ‬,‫ עקמ‬,‫עקל‬ To mix (up/in), mix cement/concrete, whip up, churn, jumble, mingle, intermingle, make an Erub, assimilate, confuse, confound, trouble, interfere, involve, intervene, blend, muddle ►bargain, barter, exchange, be surety for guarantee, pledge, pawn, vouch for, bail ►bet, gamble, wage ►grow dark, draw toward evening ►Westernize ►make sweet, be pleasant/agreeable ►sift, sieve, separate ►be responsible See ‫ערב‬ See ‫ערב‬ See ‫ערב‬ To long for, crave, yearn, pant ►prepare garden beds To roll metal/steel To crumble ►banish, expel, divorce To croak (frog) To pour out, decant, empty, lay bare, expose, denude, uncover, make naked, undress, strip, have sexual intercourse ►exterminate, eliminate, eradicate, annihilate, decimate ►transfuse (blood) ►intertwine, entangle, mix liquids ►spread oneself ►attach, join, connect ►take root See also ‫ערקל‬



,‫ארבל‬ ,‫סערב‬ ,‫ערבב‬ ,‫ערבל‬ ‫ערברב‬

‫ערבב‬ ‫ערבל‬ ‫ערברב‬ ♦ ‫ערג‬ ‫ערגל‬ ♦ ‫ערד‬ ‫ערדע‬ ♦ ‫ערה‬

,‫ ערסל‬,‫ ערס‬,‫ ערכל‬,‫ערכ‬ See ‫ערה‬



To arrange, put/set in order, prepare, set a table, array, align, lay, make, hold ►edit, revise, rewrite ►roll, shape (dough), knead ►compare, value, estimate, appreciate, assess, evaluate, appraise See also ‫ ערקל‬,‫ערסל‬ To entangle, catch, entrap, snare



,‫ ערס‬,‫ ערכל‬,‫ערה‬

‫ערכל‬ ‫ערל‬ ♦ ‫ערמ‬
♦ ♦

See also ‫ ערקל‬,‫ ערסל‬,‫ ערס‬,‫ ערכ‬,‫ערה‬ To leave uncircumcised, sheathe, cover with skin ►be forbidden ►poison To pile/heap up, stack, set deliberately, be crafty/sly/cunning, plan, circumvent a law, get around, cheat, trick ►enlighten, inform ►expose, strip To mix dough, knead ►form an arbor ►connect, compact See also ‫ ערקל‬,‫ ערסל‬,‫ ערכל‬,‫ ערכ‬,‫ערה‬ To swing in a hammock ►waddle, swagger, strut, toddle, sway, shuffle, wobble ►cross (one's legs) See also ‫ערקל‬


‫ערסל‬ ‫ערע‬ ♦ ‫ערער‬ ♦ ‫ערפ‬

,‫ ערס‬,‫ ערכל‬,‫ ערכ‬,‫ערה‬ See ‫ארע‬ See ‫עור‬

To decapitate, behead, break the neck, divide, cut ►drip, drop ►turn away ►change money To make foggy, befog, be vague, obscure ►swell To frighten, fear, terrify, dread, inspire awe ►venerate, admire deeply, worship, praise, adore To flee, desert, run away, defect ►gnaw, bite, chew, nibble To become bent/curved/twisted See also ‫ערסל‬

‫ערפל‬ ♦ ‫ערצ‬

‫ערק‬ ‫ערקל‬ ‫ערר‬ ♦ ‫ערשׂ‬ ♦ ‫עשׂב‬

,‫ ערס‬,‫ ערכל‬,‫ ערכ‬,‫ערה‬ See ‫עור‬

To cradle [MC] ►hold forcibly [MC] To weed


acquire. commemorate To (raise) smoke. deal in. shower See ‫ענת‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫עשׂה‬ ‫ תעש‬. prepare. perform. emigrate. institute. copy. industrialize. contend/deal with. calculate To darken. consider To make ready. transliterate. supplicate. claim ►be busy. enrich. procure. consume ►dim eyes ►grow dark ►exercise one’s strength To fondle. press [MC] To be sleek/smooth/fat/stout/solid/strong ►think. prepare. intend To time. bring about. change. assess. reproduce ►be strong. commit ►use. entreat ►be excessive/superfluous/ abundant. cause. create. transfer. exploit. spend. use incense. seize. move forward. ordain ►spend/pass time ►press. proud ►accede to/grand a request To pray.‫עוש‬ ♦ ‫עשנ‬ ‫עשננ‬ ‫עשננ‬ ♦ ‫עשׁק‬ ♦ ‫עשׂק‬ ‫עסק‬ ‫עשׁר‬ ♦ ‫עשׂר‬ ♦ ‫עשׁשׁ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫עשׂשׂ‬ ‫עשת‬ ♦ ‫עתד‬ ‫עתה‬ ♦ ‫עתמ‬ ‫עתמנ‬ ♦ ‫עתק‬ ♦ ♦ ‫עתר‬ ♦ ‫עתת‬ 132 . occupy oneself. value. make wealthy ►decimate. set. switch. do. be parched/burnt. deal. subdue ►quarrel. translate. measure. dispute. celebrate. haul. grant. fumigate ►be angry/furious See ‫עשנ‬ To oppress. tithe. labor. shift. remove. enforce ►observe. covered with smoke To "Ottomanize" To move. practice. engage. heap. work. accomplish. fix. crush. succeed ►shunt (nautical) ►transcribe. squeeze. take/give a tenth To waste away. get ►appoint. grab. act. extort. do business. rob.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To make. trade. argue. beg. displace ►advance. execute. force. put. yield. employ ►flirt To be rich. affect. bethink oneself. designate. produce. urge. turn into. multiply by ten. experiment. wrong. decay.

spoil. mar ►discredit. be exhausted/weary. abandon ►decay. intercede ►be demented ►bring/lay upon To perish. bombard. lag (behind). beg. blemish. wound ►offend. affront ►hit (a target). plead. rest To meet. faint ►be slow/backward. spoil To damage. entreat. unwind. mutilate. concoct See ‫פוג‬ To batter. die. destroy. insult. be proud ►glean ►rule To access [MC]. find See ‫פדר‬ To ransom. cut. strike. wound See ‫פדה‬ To cover with suet. save. be unfit/defective.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫פ‬ DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To destroy. scatter. boast. crack. make up. touch ► injure. put an end to. cause to be abominate. liberate. implore. entreat. release. afflict. encounter. powder To idle. exhibit ►cry out. free ►sell merchandise ►injure. push. adulterate. relax. brag. cause sacrifice to be rejected. break up. impair. show. contact ►attack. direct To glorify. encounter. make foul. cause to meet. strike ►stumble upon ►beseech. crown. disgrace To demonstrate. open up [MC] To fabricate. collide with. beg. adorn. blow away. fall behind ►idle. redeem. dishonor. abhor. beseech To meet. shell To make unfit. bring together. decorate ►praise. deliver. harm. despise. waste one’s time To yawn See ‫פוה‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫פאה‬ ♦ ‫פאר‬ ‫פאת‬ ‫פברק‬ ♦ ‫פגג‬ ‫פגז‬ ♦ ‫פגל‬ ♦ ‫פגמ‬ ♦ ‫פגנ‬ ‫פגע‬ ‫פגר‬ ♦ ‫פגשׁ‬ ‫פדד‬ ♦ ‫פדה‬ ♦ ‫פדע‬ ♦ ♦ ‫פדע‬ ‫פדר‬ ‫פדד‬ ‫פהה‬ ‫פהק‬ ♦ ‫פוא‬ 133 . harm.

scatter. slack. chill. rail at ►put in motion. blow upon/up/out. extend. reach. emerge. drive away. speak. dissolve ►frustrate. destroy ►violate. puff up.‫הפק‬ ‫ פקק‬. inspire ►utter. cease. offset. promote. be dubious. be strong [MC] To breathe. migrate ►be in doubt ►counteract. spring about ►increase. invalidate. resuscitate See ‫פצה‬ To reel. scorn. waver ►be perplexed/distracted ►anticipate. swell. rise. lessen. break a contract/strike. hesitate. disrespect. melt. coalesce To be here [MC] ►locate [MC] To exert energetically [MC]. release ►evaporate. be numb/torpid. take a breath. inflate. harden. deride. bung To nullify. put on airs ►sniff. show prejudice. elicit. revitalize. come apart. break up. cancel. waver. ease.‫ פיק‬. divide. spread ►grow fat ►rest. furnish. declare invalid.‫פקפק‬ ♦ ‫פור‬ ‫ פרר‬. swell up. hinge [MC] ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫פוג‬ . make ineffectual ►cleave To jump. waver. exaggerate. refresh oneself. shake ►bring forth/out. wobble knees. weaken. relax. congeal. skip. exhale. favor ►split [MC] To cover [MC] To doubt. fan. split.‫הפג‬ ‫פיג‬ ♦ ‫פוה‬ ‫פוא‬ ♦ ‫פוז‬ ♦ ‫פוח‬ . de-energize. expire. succeed. breathe. pant. obtain. vacation To swivel [MC]. blow. expect. neglect ►hackle (wool) To be brittle [MC] To discriminate. relieve.‫ פגג‬. ruin. inflame ►break wind See also ‫הפח‬ To disgrace. void. leap. frustrate ►coagulate. express. hesitate. pulverize into small pieces. shatter. contest the validity of ►loosen. stop up. disregard. revive. vanish ►cool. make cold ►escape. contempt. puff at. annul. stir up.‫הפח‬ ‫תפח‬ ‫פוט‬ ♦ ‫פוכ‬ ♦ ‫פול‬ ‫הפלה‬ ♦ ‫פומ‬ ♦ ‫פונ‬ ‫פוע‬ ♦ ‫פוצ‬ ♦ ‫פוק‬ ♦ .‫ נפח‬. tremble► doubt. afford ►produce. crumble. totter.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To (grow) faint.‫הפר‬ ♦ ‫פוש‬ ‫נפש‬ ♦ ‫פות‬ 134 . plug. relax. wait for To cause to breathe. articulate ►cork. fade away. further ►utter. crack.

grow less. be springy. spin. disband ►squander. squeeze. beat out of shape. reduce. shiver To govern [MC] To be reckless/licentious/extravagant/wanton/wild. decrease. twist. diminish. revolve. compress To vigorously inflate. act rashly To ensnare. cloy. trap ►strip bare To stuff skins/animals. want ►turn. hum. lavish. wear out. devalue. break through. diffuse. scatter. dig To be distinctive [MC] See ‫פיט‬ To fatten. goldplate. impair ►hollow. purify. stuff. flatten. refine. blow/pump up ►buff To fire up pottery ►dry very well To lessen. rustle. frighten. shine ►jingle. waste See also ‫בזר‬ To fear. rotate. put on stockings ►do. flop To disperse.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To be agile/quick/supple. overeat ►compound/mix with spices/incense ‫שורש‬ ‫פזה‬ ‫ פזז‬. jump (about). intimidate. be cross-eyed ►eye.‫הפז‬ ♦ ‫פזז‬ ‫פזל‬ ‫פזמנ‬ ‫פזמ‬ ‫פזמנ‬ ‫פזמק‬ ♦ ‫פזר‬ ♦ ‫פחד‬ ‫פחה‬ ♦ ‫פחז‬ ♦ ‫פחח‬ ‫פחלצ‬ ♦ ‫פחמ‬ ‫פחמנ‬ ‫פחס‬ ‫פחפח‬ ‫פחר‬ ♦ ‫פחת‬ ♦ ♦ ‫פטד‬ ‫פטט‬ ‫פטמ‬ 135 . fix. subtract. ogle. be afraid of/in awe/alarmed ►tremble. snare. be a taxidermist. fizzle. desire. make defective. scare. rattle See ‫פזה‬ To squint. deepen. caper. terrify. mend ►fail. be stuffed See ‫פיח‬ See ‫פיח‬ To batter. squash. dance. wait anxiously. twirl To sing. cram (with knowledge). hop. depreciate ►damage. move energetically ►leap. prance ►be in a hurry ►gild. purr ►write songs See ‫פזמ‬ To make/wear socks.

loose. watch To hammer out. evoke tragedy [MC] To paint black.‫פחמ‬ ‫פיט‬ . slip/go/send away. pull up. blabber. conclude ►die. gush. depart. extract See ‫פוק‬ To trickle. blacken with/turn to charcoal. ooze.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫פיט‬ To send off. clasp ►uproot. propitiate. get rid of. drop. expire. reconcile ►persuade. resign. absolve ►declare ►trigger ►open To patrol. aerate ►electrocute To write poetry. flow (forth). separate. produce coal. be sooty. exempt. split. escape ►abdicate. draw in charcoal or colors. quit. gossip ‫שורש‬ ‫פטפט‬ ♦ ‫פטר‬ ‫פטרל‬ ♦ ‫פטש‬ ‫פיג‬ ♦ ‫פיד‬ ‫פיח‬ ‫ פחמנ‬.‫ פכנ‬. soothe. divorce. prattle. release ►insert. begin to see reason See ‫פכה‬ See ‫פכה‬ To crush. sack. crack. appease. chew audibly. bubble. force to resign. beg. arbitrate. conciliate. set/be free. versify ►chatter.‫פככ‬ ‫פכפכ‬ To make/grow/become sober. percolate ‫פיכ‬ ‫פיס‬ ‫פיק‬ ♦ ‫פכה‬ ♦ . fire. release. goggle ‫פכח‬ ‫פככ‬ ‫פכנ‬ ‫פכסמ‬ ‫פכפכ‬ ‫פכר‬ ♦ ‫פלא‬ ‫פלבל‬ ♦ 136 . squint. pardon ►decide ►draw lots ►cause abdominal trouble ►penetrate ►squeeze.‫פטט‬ ‫פטפט‬ To paint one’s eyes blue. use eye shadow To pacify. drip. carbonize. blacken (with soot). dismiss. perish ►permit. deracinate See ‫פלה‬ To roll (eyes). calm. smash See ‫פוג‬ To afflict [MC]. gash ►throw down. interlace. discharge. babble. shatter. mash See ‫פכה‬ To break. guard.

pinch. intrude. take off. be argumentative ►sophisticate ►pepper To shake. believe ►delouse. sanctify ►think. splice. cleave. dampen. discriminate. split.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To divide. halve. separate. mix. separate. say casually. plough ►worship. tremble. weigh. disconnect To encircle [MC]. embellish. output. wallow. break up earth.‫פלא‬ ♦ ‫פלח‬ ♦ ‫פלט‬ ‫פלכ‬ ♦ ‫פלל‬ ‫פלמ‬ ‫פלמס‬ ♦ ‫פלס‬ ‫פלספ‬ ‫פלפל‬ ♦ ‫פלצ‬ ‫פלצר‬ ‫פלרטט‬ ♦ ‫פלשׁ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫פלשׂ‬ ‫פלס‬ ‫פמבי‬ ‫פמפמ‬ 137 . spin [MC] See ‫פלה‬ To moisten. seek (out) ►argue. rob. rope cattle To flirt To trespass. dispute. pay. debate. break open. mediate. let slip ►bear ►detach. distinguish. search for vermin To split. amplify ►divert ►differ ►cleave. penetrate. embark. judge. advertise To eat one’s fill. debate See ‫פלשׂ‬ To philosophize. expect. slice. sail ►exaggerate. go too far To consume in flames ►(make like) steel To search. align ►smooth (flat). straighten. oppose. split hairs. open ►roll in. quake ►be shocked To lasso. reject. hunt ►be distinct/different. part ►depart. invade. save. set apart. utter. be gluttonous ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫פלג‬ ‫פלד‬ ♦ ‫פלה‬ ♦ ‫ פלל‬. be wonderful/ amazed/surprised/astonished/extraordinary ►be difficult/incomprehensible ►fulfill. pray. work. serve ►give birth to an animal ►steal. cut. confuse. intercede. argue. discuss To search. flounder ►dig. smooth To dispute. discharge. deliver ►vomit. hope. wonder. rescue. eject ►give out. pave a way ►break through To publicize. look for. emit. disengage. bring forth. shudder. pierce ►cultivate. discard. pilfer To escape. terrify. cut up. pay a pledge ►consecrate. embroider. disrupt ►put off. search ►go to extremes To balance. broadcast. level. till. dispute. disregard. incriminate ► marvel. investigate. separate.

branch off. cut ends. depart. clarify To receive a shiner under one’s eye as a result of being boxed To indulge. thin out ►peak. walk. break open ►distribute. omit.‫ פתה‬. declare unfit. have (spare) time ►do one’s needs To safeguard [MC] To fantasize. direct ►remove. improvise (music) To introvert. acquit. tread. find fault. split. climax. transfer. deteriorate. abrogate ►speak contemptuously To fail. invalidate. waver. look. disappear ►refer. reject. muff. vacate. lose. release ►be unmarried/free/at leisure. pass over ‫שורש‬ ‫פנג‬ ♦ ‫פנה‬ ♦ ‫פנח‬ ‫פנטס‬ ♦ ‫פנמ‬ ♦ ‫פננ‬ ‫פנס‬ ♦ ‫פנק‬ ♦ ‫ פרנק‬. indulge oneself.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫פנק‬ To turn. empty.‫פתח‬ To step. be gone.‫פנג‬ ‫פנקס‬ ♦ ‫פסג‬ ‫פסד‬ ♦ ‫פסה‬ ♦ ‫פסח‬ ‫פסטר‬ ♦ ‫פסל‬ ♦ ‫פסס‬ ‫פספס‬ . go away. chisel ►disqualify. cancel. have illusions. part ►shake loose ►trim by singeing See also ‫ פתל‬. pace.‫פשׂק‬ See ‫פסס‬ ‫פסע‬ ‫פספס‬ 138 . interiorize To lend luster (like a pearl). cease ►cut into strips. hew. miss a target/the mark ►go. apply to. disappear. imagine. evacuate. save ►celebrate/commemorate/observe Passover To pasteurize To sculpt. bring up delicately ►enjoy dainties To enter in a book To divide. sever. pamper. be lame. carve (in stone). internalize. trim. turn from/toward/round. max out To spoil. limp. suffer loss/damage/injury See ‫פשׂה‬ To pass/leap/skip/jump over. crest. clear (out). hobble ►vacillate. rule out. approach. spoil. free. coddle. vanish. hesitate ►spare. leap. separate. stripe.

baa. cry. strike. beg forgiveness. be tiny/insignificant. split/break (open). act. discover To crush. trim ►decide. blast. form branches ►deliver. chirp ►peel/strip (bark)/branch off. divide. influence. dash. excite. throb ►trouble. actuate. open. adjudge. pant. allocate (money) assign ►blink. be widespread ► shout. disperse. sever. activate. speak. grind ►pierce.‫פצמ‬ ‫ פצצ‬. dam. bleat. operate. be enthusiastic. make. impel. shatter ►explode. crumble. switch off. disconnect. decode. agitate. reveal. destroy. bomb.‫ נפצ‬. blow up. split up. save ►compensate. split. fix ►punctuate. marvel To beat. pass sentence. separate. judge. effervesce. encourage.‫ פצה‬.‫ פצל‬. interrupt. detonate. stop. crack (nuts).SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To cease. low To diminish. function ►affect. pacify. motivate. gurgle To open wide/mouth. perturb. accomplish. solve. admire. ►impress. gesture To burst. separate. pulverize. jubilate. pervade ►bubble. arouse To decipher. decrease. dwarf To do. arouse action. prevail upon. give judgment. demolish ►wound. crush. open mouth (to sing). indemnify ►shake out ►drive off ►overflow See also ‫פרצ‬ See ‫פצה‬ See ‫פצה‬ See ‫פצה‬ See ‫פצה‬ See ‫פצה‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫פסק‬ ‫פשׂק‬ ♦ ‫פעה‬ ‫פעט‬ ♦ ‫פעל‬ ‫פעמ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫פענח‬ ‫פעפע‬ ‫פער‬ ‫פפה‬ ♦ ‫פצה‬ ♦ . break into song. divide.‫פצפצ‬ ‫פצח‬ ♦ ‫פצל‬ ♦ ‫פצמ‬ ♦ ‫פצע‬ ‫פצפצ‬ ♦ 139 .‫הפצ‬ . penetrate. set free. execute. pause. animate ►inspire.‫פצח‬ . gape. expose oneself obscenely To mouth. settle.‫ פצע‬. cut off. sever. injure ►scatter. be deeply moved/stirred. space (in printing) ►recite a Biblical verse ►provide. apportion. smash. move. part. rule. intone. utter. pay damages. recompense. bruise. frighten. burst. wink See also ‫פשׂק‬ To groan. speak softly. sub-divide ►break/dash into pieces.‫פוצ‬ . work. gesticulate. create. distribute.

do one’s hair. take revenge. assign. count. seek. inspect ►punish.‫פרג‬ .‫פרא‬ ‫פרגד‬ ‫פרגל‬ ‫פרגנ‬ 140 . germinate. explode. expire ►expropriate. grant ‫שורש‬ ‫פצצ‬ ♦ ‫פצר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫פקד‬ ♦ ‫פקח‬ ‫פקל‬ ‫פקמ‬ ‫פקס‬ ♦ ‫פקע‬ ‫פקפק‬ ‫פקק‬ ‫פקר‬ ♦ ‫פרא‬ ‫פרג‬ . free. renounce ownership. recover the faculty of hearing and speaking. release. stretch out. desert ►be skeptical/irreligious/licentious/immoral. change course (ship)►tack To tear open forcibly ►paint one’s face with rouge. trouble. entreat. abandon. control an animal. absolve. split. chastise ►function ►put away for safety. remove the fringe ►extend. recall. requisition ►raise prices arbitrarily ►unsettle the market See ‫פוק‬ See ‫פוק‬ To be irreverent. miss. watch.‫ פרה‬. expand To burst.‫ פרה‬. supervise. trim. bear fruit ►act wildly See also ‫פרח‬ To sprout. discipline. split ►bridle. absent ►haunt. shade To whip. entrust. attend to designate.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫פצה‬ To press. urge. deprive. be watchful. push. number. govern ►stop/cork up ►divert. penetrate ►be stubborn/arrogant/obstinate ►implore. renounce ownership/property. guard. inspect. appoint. break open. observe. deposit. execute. disturb ►have marital connection with To open the eyes/ears. order. call upon ►remember. muster. awaken. offer oneself (woman to man) To be fruitful. declare free/unclaimed. rebound ►unravel ►cancel an obligation. lack. commission. grow ►disturb See also ‫פרח‬ To curtain. plead ►file ►scatter [IM] To command. pass in review. oversee ►open wide To peel onions To perforate. think of ►visit. screen. discharge. be sober/clever/clear-sighted. lash. look. hit To not grudge.

unstitch. divide. rouge ►jerk. separate. spread. demolish. move convulsively. estrange ►scatter. make a living. fidget To tear.‫ פרג‬. nourish ►cultivate. itemize. scrape. do singly ►elaborate. publish. increase. adorn. divulge. bedizen. bloom. improve See ‫פנק‬ See ‫פרשׂ‬ To publicize. crack. detail. flower. be known/famous/popular. divorce. demilitarize ►exaggerate. maintain. blossom. preen oneself. overdo. rip (along a line of stitches). flourish ►fly. confute. make public/common knowledge. titivate. produce. support oneself. grind. ravel To cut. sever.‫פרא‬ To behave like an urchin/ruffian/hooligan. explain To split. disprove To beautify. advertise. unravel. detail.‫ פרג‬. harp ►change into small money. crush. pay dowry To provide. announce ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫פרד‬ ♦ ‫פרה‬ ‫פרהס‬ ♦ ‫פרז‬ ♦ ♦ ‫פרזל‬ ‫פרח‬ ‫פרחח‬ ♦ ‫פרט‬ ♦ ‫פרכ‬ ‫פרכס‬ ♦ ‫פרמ‬ ‫פרנ‬ ‫פרנס‬ ‫פרנק‬ ♦ ‫פרס‬ ‫פרסמ‬ 141 . struggle. disperse. bear fruit. segregate. go beyond. move swiftly ►chase away ►break out (rash). assign ►endow. thresh. decompose To be fruitful/fertile. peel ►refute. grow. untie. behave mischievously/rowdy To play a (stringed) musical instrument. rend a garment. divide. spread (sore/leprosy) ►swim See also ‫ פרח‬. strum. divulge To declare neutral. open. increase. specify. apply make-up.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To separate. sprout. fertilize See also ‫ פרח‬. depart. advertise. support. crumble. break through To shoe a horse To bud. part.‫פרא‬ To publicize. prettify.

say explicitly ►spread (out). dishevel the hair. ruffle. wind up (company). throw/break off ►dismember. dismantle. break in two. erupt. breach. break. clasp. agitate interfere. characterize. remove ►be menstruous ►cross sea/ocean. exact payment. deliver. revenge ►pay/collect a debt. increase. move. fan out. disturb. free. repay.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To neglect. twitch. revolt. act violently. release. split the membrane of the corona at a circumcision ►ruin. disassemble. dislocate. wreck ►plunder. barge in ►be abundant/ dissolute/unrestrained/licentious/defiant ►press. extend. depart. remove restraint ►refrain. declare distinctly. remove. exemplify. annotate. tear down. be importunate/ frequent ►spread abroad See also ‫פצה‬ To parcel/portion land/plots To personify. stretch. flutter ►struggle. leave. loosen ►dissolve (a partnership). state expressly. rush out. mutilate. thrash about ►crush. rob. demolish. fix. strip. slice ►set/go aside. turn backwards See ‫פרק‬ To rouge. be unruly/unbridled.‫פרסת‬ ‫פרשז‬ ‫פרשז‬ 142 . distinguish. disperse. excrete. shake. break down. vent ►solve a problem To turn/lie on back. explain. wound ►break bread. writhe. loosen.‫פרס‬ . dishevel. destroy. redeem. clarify. flow/run over. divide. interpret. deploy. disperse. go on a voyage. defray To button. comment on text. unman. withdraw. cause a disturbance. neglect ►cause disorder/unrest. urge. jerk. extend. save. crumble To burst. let loose. run wild ►bare. cut ►part the hoof ►dedicate See ‫פרש‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫פרע‬ ‫פרפ‬ ‫פרפר‬ ♦ ‫פרצ‬ ‫פרצל‬ ‫פרצפ‬ ♦ ‫פרק‬ ‫פרקנ‬ ‫פרקד‬ ‫פרקנ‬ ‫פרקס‬ ♦ ‫פרר‬ ♦ ‫פרשׁ‬ ♦ ‫פרשׂ‬ . keep off. retire. quiver. abstain. give out. scatter. leave alone. separate. break (through). interrupt. split. pillage ►punish. incarnate To unload. uncover. separate. pass. set sail ►sting. paint the face See ‫פור‬ To specify. demand back a loan. comment. pay (up). come/take apart. deal. untie. spread. ruin. fasten To move convulsively. liquidate ► rescue. sever. discharge. disarrange. disjoint. sever. be torn open.

‫פסס‬ 143 . break up. open wide (lips/legs). arbitrate. tempt ►crumble. botch To transgress. offend ►neglect ►step. thaw. enter To part. undress.‫ פתח‬.‫פסס‬ To melt. search ►permeate. crumb. spread leprosy/disease To split. commit crime. disparage. walk. twist wicks ►throw over shoulder/back ►spoil. tread To examine. straddle. dissolve. revolt. be broke/insolvent/ruined ►be abstract ►raid To knot and fasten ►roll/fold up. reconcile. blow. extend (hand). spread feet apart. bungle. plunder ►stretch/ spread out. demean. acquit.‫ פשׂק‬. mediate. put down. disengage. deceive. defrost ►compromise. settle.‫ פתה‬. tear off/into pieces. be lukewarm/tepid/tempered. remove. pervade. flake ►open [MC] ►be receptive to new ideas [MC] See also ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫פרת‬ ‫פסה‬ ♦ ‫פשׂה‬ ♦ ♦ ‫פשׁח‬ ‫פשׁט‬ ‫פשׁל‬ ‫פשׁע‬ ‫פשׂע‬ ‫פשׁפשׁ‬ ♦ ‫פשׂק‬ ♦ ♦ ‫פסק‬ ♦ ‫פשׁר‬ ‫אפשׁר‬ ‫פשׁשׁ‬ ♦ ‫פשׁת‬ ♦ ‫פתא‬ ♦ ‫פתג‬ ♦ ‫פתגמ‬ ♦ ‫פתה‬ ♦ ‫פתת‬ ‫ פתל‬. strip. stretch See also ‫ פתל‬. extend. flay skins/hides. rebel. make light of ►distinguish [MC] To spread out. facilitate ►separate. tear loose To frolic [MC] ►act joyously [MC] To pluck [MC] To surprise [MC] ►be unprepared [MC] To decree [MC] To compose/recite a proverb/saying/maxim/motto To be foolish/simple/silly/simple-minded ►open wide ►persuade. make possible/feasible. investigate.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To belittle. seduce. act faithlessly. disperse. march. have no respect for. deride. let. straighten.‫ פסק‬. sin.‫ פתח‬. disseminate ►explain. strip ►be flat To take off. make plain. entice. explain ►enable. allow. seduce with words. pardon. simplify ►go bankrupt. permit.

string together ►gather ►deal tortuously.‫ פשׂק‬.‫ פתה‬. set free. be crooked/cunning.‫פסס‬ To twist. alarm To break. crumble. start. interpret. loosen. untie. pervert. declare.‫פסס‬ 144 .SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To open. curve ►wrestle.‫ פשׂק‬. expound ►engrave. stir. free oneself. key See also ‫פתל‬ To mix/blend colors. redeem. etch ►index. release. crush To dig/open a channel. smash. inscribe. plough ►utter. explain. expand. increase ►dig through. begin.‫ פתה‬. fight. twine. knead ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫פתח‬ . be salved See ‫פתה‬ ‫פתכ‬ ♦ ‫פתל‬ ‫פתנ‬ ♦ ‫פתע‬ ‫פתפת‬ ‫פתק‬ ♦ ‫פתר‬ ♦ ‫פתת‬ ♦ . develop ►loose. amaze. divert water To solve. struggle ►widen See also ‫פתח‬ To move forward [MC] To surprise. deliver ►open (wide).

focus. emerge. dirty. skulk ►hunt. divert. remove. fight To cover while moving [MC] To swell. greet ‫שורש‬ ‫צאא‬ ♦ ‫צאה‬ ♦ ‫ צוא‬. mesmerize. color. capture ►lay to waste.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫צ‬ DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To produce [MC] To soil. store. evacuate. bundle ►grasp firmly. clench ►plow crosswise To turn aside/sideways. entice. pollute. attack in military formation. exclude. gather. destroy. highlight ►raise/lift a finger. point. wage war. muster. advocate. rise. shoot. bind ►handle. captivate. mobilize. vote ►handle. lurk. entice. support. paint. aim. grasp To heap/pile/add up. back ►beguile. reach out To dye. assemble for holy/military service. serve ►command. associate. prowl. enthrall ►arrange See also ‫צדה‬ To intend. target ►lie in wait. grip. amass. throng. inflate. step aside. come forth/out.‫יצד‬ ‫ציד‬ ‫צדע‬ 145 . catch. lure.‫ צוד‬. accumulate. outshine. provide ►shunt See also ‫צדד‬ To salute. hoard To cause a bad mood To join. conscript. surpass. pinch (skin) clamp. hold. equip. foul ►go out. leave ►release. publish ►bring/carry/take/move out. produce. mobilize. captivate. clutch. trap. flank ►side with. collect. distend ►desire To seize. dip. furnish. exempt ►rise (sun) ►spend ►happen To overshadow. discharge. void.‫יצא‬ ‫צאל‬ ♦ ‫צאנ‬ ♦ ‫צבא‬ ♦ ‫צבב‬ ‫צבה‬ ♦ ‫צבט‬ ♦ ‫צבע‬ ♦ ♦ ‫צבר‬ ‫צברח‬ ♦ ‫צבת‬ ♦ ‫צדד‬ ♦ ♦ ‫צדה‬ . eclipse To protect sheep [MC] To come together. export. nip. be desolate ►remove ►supply.

chime. exonerate. present. complain bitterly See also ‫ צהר‬. approve.‫צוחח‬ ‫צוחח‬ ♦ ‫צול‬ . cheer. publish.‫ צהל‬. shine. place. clarify ►roast.‫ צלל‬. clear.‫ צהב‬. justify. quiver. cry/shout for joy/distress/shrilly ►shine. complain See ‫צוח‬ To sink. herald. exalt. bestow.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To be just/right/correct. play.‫הצג‬ ‫נצג‬ ‫צוד‬ ♦ ‫צוה‬ ♦ ♦ ‫צוח‬ ‫ צחח‬. polish. glow ►gladden. cast a shadow . ask for forgiveness. present to. brighten See also ‫ צהר‬. show ►set-up. proclaim. preen oneself ►play/toy with . give an order. sound. plunge. broil See ‫צמה‬ To put in a jar To adorn.‫ זהר‬. neigh. embellish. declare innocent/righteous ►apologize. be jealous. (call on the) telephone ►settle. decorate.‫ זהר‬. appoint ►bequeath. barbecue. introduce.‫זהב‬ To be parched with thirst ►travel to a distance place [MC] To rejoice. grill. clang.‫זהב‬ To brighten. ornament.‫ יצג‬. express regret To be/make bright/yellow/reddish. dive. cry aloud/softly. glitter. shine. erect ►detain See ‫צדה‬ To command. vindicate. wail. press out/olives See also ‫צהל‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫צדק‬ ‫צהב‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ ‫צהה‬ ‫צהל‬ ‫צהר‬ ‫צוא‬ ‫צוג‬ ♦ . illuminate ►make public. leave ►institute To shout. stand.‫ צהב‬. make equitable. ring. submerge.‫ זהל‬. perform. defend/excuse oneself. be bidden. state ►make oil. hearten ►anger.‫זהב‬ See ‫צאה‬ ♦ To represent. descend ►grow dark. declare. gleam. glitter. shade ►tingle. tinkle.‫הצל‬ ‫צלצל‬ ♦ ‫צומ‬ ‫צונ‬ ‫צנצנ‬ ‫צוע‬ ‫צעצע‬ 146 .

foul To laugh. connect. blossom. roll/gather/tie up. chuckle. shine. cause a stench.‫צית‬ ♦ ‫צחה‬ ‫ צחצח‬. press. make into a bundle. sheen. reek. make sport of/with/merry. vex. join. overflow. speak clearly/plainly ►dress up ►furbish See ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫צופ‬ ‫הצפ‬ ♦ ‫צוצ‬ ‫ציצ‬ ♦ ‫צוק‬ ‫צור‬ . heed. flow. disparage See ‫צחק‬ To whiten. bloom. parch ►clarify. manufacture. bother. narrow. illustrate. besiege.‫ יצק‬. harass.‫צחח‬ ‫ צוח‬and ‫צחה‬ See ‫צחה‬ To stink. confuse ►discourage See also ‫ צפה‬and ‫צפפ‬ To flower. name. tap somebody’s phone. shape. follow. distress.‫ יצר‬. cheep. compress. look. spy ►kindle. gaze ►shine. flood. ridicule. distress ►constrain ►pour (out). imagine. sketch. ignite To be white/pure/bright/clear/dazzling ►flow ►freshen. limit. burnish. delineate. annoy. buoy ►trouble. tease. grin ►play. afflict. polish. oppress. mock. come/spring forth. produce. paint.‫הצת‬ ‫ צתת‬.‫ נצת‬. shine To cite. picture. parcel ►act as a messenger/envoy ►oppress. pack. clean. proclaim. twitter ►peek.‫צרה‬ ♦ ‫צות‬ . show hostility. tweeter. smile. light. flow ►stick to/swim on surface. joke. bug a room. squeak. eavesdrop. wrap. generate. jest. wiretap. devise. polish ►make sport ►provide with fringes To torment.‫הצר‬ ‫ צרר‬. peep. firm. submit. cast. fashion. laugh at. glance. giggle.‫הצק‬ ‫מצק‬ ♦ . mention. bully harass. be sorry ► annoy. describe. desert-like ‫צחח‬ ♦ ‫צחנ‬ ‫צחצח‬ ♦ ‫צחק‬ ♦ ‫צחקק‬ ‫צחקק‬ ♦ ‫צחר‬ ‫צטט‬ ‫ציד‬ ♦ ‫ציה‬ 147 . brush. set fire to. portray. amuse. create. surround. refer to See ‫צדה‬ To be arid. combine.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To float. be cramped. enclose. suffer. be in straits. appear ►chirp. tie. frame ►draw. squeeze [MC] ►worry. grieve. listen ►listen in on. sprout. chirrup. treat as a foe ►make a rival wife To obey. solidify ►melt ►distill See also ‫זקק‬ To form. conceive ►bind. persecute. quote. shut up/in.

minimize. combine To thirst. rush See ‫צול‬ To photograph. cross oneself. slap. note.‫ צמא‬. film. shrink. combine. condense. nail to/make (the sign of) a cross. be prominent. break out/through. stint. excel To slub ►card wool See ‫צוצ‬ See ‫צור‬ See ‫צות‬ To impale. hang ►interbreed To grill. criticize ►whip. be fully cooked See ‫צמה‬ To cement. roast. be economical/exact. retrench. swing. join. lash. broil. rise. end ►sin To snipe. sign. shoot.‫צומ‬ ‫ צמצמ‬. bring forth. couple. signify. cut down To sprout. harness. compress. fast ►reduce (in mathematics). limit. prosper. lag ►halt. specify ►distinguish oneself. restrict. point out. remark. cling. decrease. link. stop. grow. bind. fasten. darken ►pray for See ‫להב‬ To be fit/good for ►succeed. spring up. adhere. diminish. long for. beat with hand See ‫צול‬ To (form a) scar See ‫צמה‬ To be sticky To attach.‫צממ‬ ‫צמח‬ ‫צמל‬ ♦ ‫צממ‬ ‫צמנט‬ ‫צמצמ‬ ♦ 148 . produce To mature.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To mark. expand. be lame. cross (a lake or river). frugal. flourish ►possess ►pass through. strengthen. confine. crucify. bond See ‫צמה‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫צינ‬ ‫ציפ‬ ‫ציצ‬ ♦ ‫ציר‬ ♦ ‫צית‬ ‫צלב‬ ♦ ‫צלה‬ ‫צלהב‬ ♦ ‫צלח‬ ♦ ‫צלל‬ ‫צלמ‬ ♦ ‫צלע‬ ‫צלפ‬ ♦ ‫צלצל‬ ‫צלק‬ ♦ ‫צמא‬ ‫צמג‬ ♦ ‫צמד‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ ‫צמה‬ . shoot/snap pictures To limp. connect.

withdraw from use To wrap a turban. pace. slip off. embroider. edit. accompany. make smaller. drop.‫צמרמר‬ ‫צמרר‬ ‫צמרמר‬ ‫צמרר‬ ♦ ‫צמת‬ ‫צנא‬ ♦ ‫צנה‬ ♦ ‫צנא‬ ‫צנזר‬ ♦ ‫צנח‬ ♦ ‫צנמ‬ ♦ ‫צננ‬ ‫הצנ‬ ♦ ‫צנע‬ ♦ ‫צנפ‬ ‫צנצנ‬ ♦ ‫צנק‬ ♦ ‫צנר‬ ‫צנרר‬ ‫צנתר‬ ♦ ‫צעד‬ ♦ 149 . restrain. reduce swelling. wind/wrap around. join. restrain [MC] To knit. sink. lead See also ‫צעה‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫צמק‬ ‫צמר‬ . cool down. parachute. decorate To intubate To catheterize ►pipe To step. go down. purge To descend. gather together ►plait hair ►hollow See ‫צנה‬ To fence in [MC]. exterminate. stiffen To chill. feel cold To be modest/humble/chaste/discreet ►conceal. store. fall to the ground To dry. protect [MC] To censor. bowdlerize. cool. shrivel. advance. hide. shiver. shriek. sag.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To shrink. shrivel To fleece. scream See ‫צונ‬ To incarcerate [MC]. produce/sell wool ►heat up. annihilate. entwine ►neigh. expurgate. congeal. sew. shudder See ‫צמר‬ See ‫צמר‬ To destroy. wither. oppress ►contract. be attached ►assign in perpetuity ►heap up. dry up. shrink ►be preserved (meat) be pickled in brine ►have self-control ►meet. march. be/catch a cold. restrain. be febrile/feverish. have the shakes. harden. end. smash. climb up. roll (up). shrink.

sadden To cling. mutter ►float. vex. see.‫צופ‬ See ‫צפפ‬ 150 ‫צפצפ‬ . drain. survey. twitter. cleanse with soap. wander migrate. scout. limit. tilt ►empty. grieve. encode. hope. restrict ►cause/feel/suffer pain/sorrow. dry up To keep watch. drift. lessen. expect. cry. anticipate ►overlay. foresee.‫ צפה‬. treasure up.‫ צקצק‬. plate with metal. scrutinize. congest. lurk. talk loudly. lie down. cloak. bend forward/over. be anxious about. regret ►be sorry. ambush. await. trouble. travel. investigate. tip over. cut out [MC] To cover [MC]. attach. whisper. conceal. preserve. crowd (together). spy. prophesize. incline. enlighten To emerge and increase [MC] To press. close up. roam ►remove a tent. look. reconnoiter. hover ►be in wont of See also ‫צרצר‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫צעה‬ ‫צענ‬ ‫צענ‬ ‫צעפ‬ ♦ ‫צעצע‬ ♦ ‫צעע‬ ♦ ‫צעפ‬ ♦ ‫צעק‬ ♦ ♦ ‫צער‬ ‫צפד‬ ♦ ‫צפה‬ ♦ ‫תצפת‬ ♦ ♦ ‫צפח‬ ‫צפנ‬ ‫צפע‬ ♦ ‫צפפ‬ ♦ ‫צפצפ‬ . lie in wait. shrivel. shroud See ‫צוע‬ To form [MC]. keep in store ►face/turn northward. lurk ►code. annoy. cover. compact. whistle. go North ►brighten. wait. worry. shrink. subordinate. veneer ►waylay See also ‫ צופ‬and ‫צפפ‬ To cover [MC] To hide. scream.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To stoop. tighten ►press. dismantle. pray. inspect. pour out ►march. assemble To be small/insignificant/inferior. veil [MC] To shout. look. disassemble See also ‫צעד‬ See ‫צעה‬ To veil. lay out/over. explore. yell. make dense. call together. coat. contract. clamor ►summon. lament. observe. press together ►break through ►chirp.

SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To rise. add. use. scorch. incise. cheep. singe. peep. smelt. attach. yell. unite. purge. hoot ►turn. tweet See also ‫צפפ‬ See ‫צור‬ See ‫צות‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫צפר‬ ‫צקל‬ ‫צקצק‬ ♦ ♦ ‫צקק‬ ♦ ‫צרב‬ ♦ ‫צרד‬ ‫צרה‬ ♦ ‫צרח‬ ♦ ‫צרכ‬ ‫צרמ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫צרע‬ ‫צרפ‬ ‫צרפת‬ ‫צרצר‬ ♦ ‫צרר‬ ‫צתת‬ 151 . test. cleanse. twitter. force. cheep. slit open ►pull the ear ►hurt ►grate (of sounds) ►jar ►be strident To be leprous To refine (precious metal). scold. squawk. cauterize ►stain wool ►cause heartburn ►be mordent. honk. protect [MC] To chirp. temper ►join. annex ►tighten ►harden. encircle To cover [MC]. be in straits [MC] To burn. rise/depart early ►whistle. declare To split. sound horn of a car. circle. raise a war cry ►castle (in chess) To need. append. necessitate. combine. require. try ►change coins To Frenchify To chirp. make a noise See also ‫צפפ‬ To bind [MC]. sound a siren/alarm. want ►consume. shout. expend ►oblige. corrode To be hoarse/husky See ‫צור‬ To cry. scream. chip. scar. purify. solder. be bound/required to.

put under a tent To pretend to be lame by putting on a wooden leg To receive. welcome ►contain. rent a field. install. repulse. collect. limit ►rob. fasten. bow down. spew. complain. make permanent. blaspheme. rally ►beg. appoint. vilify ►place a dome over. schnorr See ‫קבצ‬ To sabotage To bury. disgorge ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫קאה‬ . insert. obtain. sicken. retch. assume ►compare To disgust. spoil ►agree To assemble.‫ קוא‬. meet. establish. penetrate See also ‫קאמ‬ ‫קאקא‬ ♦ ‫קבב‬ ♦ ‫קבה‬ ♦ ‫קבל‬ ♦ ‫קבס‬ ♦ ‫קבע‬ ♦ ‫קבצ‬ ‫קבצנ‬ ‫קבצנ‬ ‫קבקב‬ ♦ ‫קבר‬ ♦ ‫קדד‬ ♦ ‫קדה‬ ‫קדד‬ ‫ קוד‬. upset To wedge/drive in (nails). adopt an opinion ►cry out. counter ►parallel. enclose ►undertake. add. bend. hold. pauper-like. curtsy ►cut off. puke. nauseate. drive in. accept.‫הקא‬ ‫קיא‬ See ‫קומ‬ To make a cuckoo-like sound To curse. take on a contract/lease.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ק‬ DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To vomit. set precious stones ►fix. spit out. gather (together). be beggarly. deceive.‫ קדר‬. place. accuse ►be opposite/corresponding with/to. take on. despoil. ream a hole. nail. inter. stoop. determine.‫קדח‬ 152 . lay to rest See ‫קדה‬ To bow. split ►breach. throw up. group.

disconnect. cloud ►erode. expect ►gather/heap up. devote. make Kiddush. dedicate.‫קדה‬ To hope. perforate. excel. fight ►cut off. consecrate. snap To sound.‫ קדח‬. cut through/out. feel disgusted/aversion to ►quarrel. go forward. convoke. suffer from malaria ►bore. purify. make noise. be early/zealous ►meet. wait for. perforate. balk ►long for ►retort. take away/possession. be sick To let blood To take. code See also ‫ קדר‬. set aside. contend. forestall. object. seize. steal. anticipate. summon/gather (an assembly) To cry. procure. congregate. prepare ►bless new month ►betroth ►pronounce. welcome. catch/take fire To loathe. throw up. rejoin. cackle. scorch ►be sick/feverish. progress. squawk To darken. penetrate See also ‫ קוד‬. receive. collect water ►vomit. accept. weaken ►have a morbid appetite ►demur. cause a loss.‫קדה‬ To be sacred/hallowed/holy/forbidden/prohibited. conquer. antecede. stunt. buy ►flare up. remove. capture. say/recite Kaddish To be blunt/dull/obtuse/difficult/irksome/tough/hard/unsolvable/faint. penetrate ►make pots. prelude ►surpass. greet. reply angrily To assemble. bring. voice. potter See also ‫ קוד‬.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To kindle. be sad/gloomy/black/turbid/obscured. confront. vote ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫קדח‬ ♦ ‫קדמ‬ ‫אקדמ‬ ‫קדקד‬ ♦ ‫קדר‬ ‫קדש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫קהה‬ ‫קהל‬ ‫קהק‬ ♦ ‫קוא‬ ♦ ‫קוב‬ ‫קוד‬ ♦ ♦ ‫קוה‬ ‫קוז‬ ♦ ‫קוח‬ ‫לקח‬ ♦ ‫קוט‬ ‫קטט‬ ♦ ‫קול‬ 153 . glow. detest. burn. come before. make a coughing sound See ‫קאה‬ To remove essence [MC] To encode. sanctify. receive.‫ קדח‬.‫קדה‬ To precede. pierce. wail. drill. fetch. advance. introduce. exceed ►pay in advance ►bias To cluck.

rear. destabilize ►ensnare.‫ יקש‬. chant a dirge See also ‫קננ‬ To sell/buy on credit. shade with lines See also ‫קוקד‬ To dig a well. exterminate ►frown. endure. preserve. cancel To annihilate. lay a mine/snare/trap/bait ►undermine. come true.‫יקצ‬ ‫קוקד‬ ‫קוקו‬ ‫קור‬ ♦ ‫קוש‬ ♦ . smart ►offer sacrifices when altar is idle See also ‫ קצה‬. sustain. save.‫ קטנ‬. awake.‫הקצ‬ ‫ עקצצ‬.‫קיש‬ ‫נקש‬ ‫קזז‬ ♦ ‫קטב‬ . evaluate ►analogize To set off (accounting/bookkeeping). locate. mourn. hound. wake up. continue. arouse ►destroy. originate ►situate. confirm. rebel.‫ קטמ‬. carry out ►found. stand (up). rap.‫ קיצ‬.‫ קימ‬.‫ מקמ‬. dread. compensate. flow. fear. key ►compare.‫הקש‬ . terminate ►spend the Summer ►shrink. fix. obliterate. establish. remain. be caught. scowl. bring together ►persecute. realize. firm. wail. set up. curl.‫ קטל‬.‫קטה‬ 154 .‫קיט‬ To draw a line of dots and dashes See also ‫קוקו‬ To draw line. inhabit ►rouse. clear of thorns. detest ►arise.‫ קטע‬. attempt to kill ►play a musical instrument. live. appear ►hold (a meeting) ►take upon oneself ►shine forth ►obey To lament. fulfill.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To rise. eradicate. attest. affirm. arouse ►take place. mount. hatch. knock. abhor. validate. dry up. put/set/rouse/lift/get/rise up. contrast. bewail. erect. damage. keep. lend See also ‫הקפ‬ To loathe. site.‫ מקש‬. hold ►satisfy. last.‫הקמ‬ . stir up. weed out ►sting (slightly). spring/pour/gush forth. place. weaken. glower ►polarize See also ‫קטפ‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫קומ‬ . restore. localize. spread out a net. well up To strike. beat. arise. feel disgust. strengthen ►exist. reduce. maintain. awaken. tap ►thrust in ►be mined.‫קאמ‬ ‫קממ‬ ♦ ‫קונ‬ ‫קינ‬ ♦ ‫קופ‬ ‫הקפ‬ ♦ ‫קוצ‬ . appoint. settle. raise. defeat. bore. cast water up. revolt. establish. exist. rebuild.

‫קטב‬ To burn incense.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To cut/clip off See also ‫קטפ‬ To slay.‫קטמ‬ To make even.‫ קטל‬. document.‫ קטה‬. pick (fruit/flowers). slaughter See also ‫ קטפ‬. pluck.‫קטב‬ To pluck.‫ קטמ‬. incite to anger See ‫קאה‬ ‫קטקט‬ ♦ ‫קטר‬ ‫קטרב‬ ‫קטרג‬ ♦ ‫קיא‬ 155 . fumigate.‫ קטנ‬. whine See also ‫קטרב‬ To cotter. truncate. chop/lop off. be perfumed/scented ►rise in circles ►bind. lop ►cover fire with ashes See also ‫ קטפ‬.‫ קטל‬. denounce. make defective. lessen.‫ קטה‬.‫ קטנ‬. bellyache.‫ קטל‬.‫ קטנ‬. fasten with a cotter See also ‫קטר‬ To accuse. cease ►be paragraphed See also ‫ קטפ‬. compress. conclude. charge.‫קטב‬ To be small/unworthy/insignificant. kill.‫ קטה‬.‫ קטמ‬. flatten. grumble.‫ קטה‬. record ‫שורש‬ ‫קטה‬ ‫קטט‬ ♦ ‫קטל‬ .‫קטב‬ ♦ To break/chop/nip/cut/lop off. crop off ►form/moisten dough See also ‫ קטע‬.‫ קטל‬. tie. pierce ►be split up ►terminate. mutilate. diminish See also ‫ קטפ‬.‫ קטמ‬. cut off/through. fasten ►complain. clip.‫ קטל‬. crop. mutilate. complain. squash ‫קטלג‬ ‫קטמ‬ ‫קרטמ‬ ♦ ‫קטנ‬ ‫קטע‬ ♦ ‫קטפ‬ . amputate.‫ קטנ‬. reduce.‫ קטמ‬.‫ קטה‬.‫ קטע‬. interrupt. prosecute.‫ קטנ‬.‫קטב‬ See ‫קוט‬ . smoke.‫קטע‬ To catalogue.‫ קטע‬.‫ קטע‬.‫קטב‬ To cripple.

esteem lightly. applaud See also ‫קלל‬ To sling. braid. take root ►receive. disarrange ►sharpen. allay ►spoil. despise. farm. close ►open To toast. whet. ease. destroy. receive/offer asylum. take in. disgrace. hone See also ‫קלס‬ To mock. whittle ►chance To peel off. cultivate. damage. swear ►be lenient/light/moderate ►relieve. treat with contempt. hold ►understand. be thrown. contract ►stunt To use a cultivator. burn. sprout/gush/jet forth. clap. impair ►corrupt (morally). relieve To stream. sin ►shake. aim at. carve. skin. adorn ►cut out. degrade. consume. comprehend. squirt ►come in crowds To absorb. laud ►dance. parch. grasp ►strike roots. alleviate. scorn. roast. spurt. input. ruin.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To spend the Summer. stir. upset. consume oneself in longing ►dishonor. remove a surface ‫שורש‬ ‫קיט‬ ‫קימ‬ ♦ ‫קינ‬ ♦ ‫קיצ‬ ♦ ‫קיק‬ ♦ ‫קיר‬ ‫קיש‬ ♦ ‫קלא‬ ‫קלב‬ ‫קלד‬ ♦ ‫קלה‬ ♦ ‫ קלא‬. vacation See also ‫קוצ‬ See ‫קומ‬ See ‫קונ‬ See ‫קוצ‬ To make a coo-coo sound ►kayak To limit space [MC] See ‫קוש‬ See ‫קלה‬ To join.‫הקל‬ ♦ ‫קלח‬ ♦ ‫קלט‬ ‫קלטר‬ ♦ ‫קלל‬ ‫קלקל‬ ♦ ‫קלס‬ ‫קלע‬ ♦ ‫קלפ‬ 156 . restrain. deride. degenerate. honor. retain. singe. ease. flow. protect ►record. facilitate. shell. scoff ►praise. lock. weave. pour out. hurl. devalue ►alleviate. connect. swing ►plait. despise. take a shower. curse. hit. integrate To shut. take root. belittle. develop To be swift/easy/fast/light/slight/unimportant/lightly esteemed. pare. scrape. shoot. scorch. pare.

crease. construct To wipe. be sparing/thrifty/ parsimonious/cheap. gain. chop/cut up To play a practical joke/prank. be mischievous To purchase. arch. produce. crowd ►wrinkle. transfer. fashion. economize To vault. clutch. decay. crumple. build. own. wilt. blight. make. fold. loosen.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫קלל‬ To thin out. build a dome To cover with thistles/thorns To penetrate [MC] To envy. press together. attach To take a handful. strip. annoy. shrivel. possess. save. share. make a fist. anger. curl. clean. contract. buy. form. bind. rival. weaken ►space See also ‫חלש‬ To use a pitchfork/hayfork/trident To squeeze in. procure. impart. bend over. shut (tight) ►scrape together. excite/provoke to jealousy To trim. close. tease See ‫קנתר‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫קלקל‬ ♦ ‫קלש‬ ‫קלשנ‬ ‫קמז‬ ‫קמח‬ ♦ ‫קמט‬ ♦ ♦ ‫קמל‬ ‫קממ‬ ‫קמע‬ ♦ ‫קמצ‬ ♦ ‫קמר‬ ♦ ‫קמש‬ ♦ ‫קמשׂ‬ ♦ ‫קנא‬ ‫קנב‬ ‫קנדס‬ ♦ ‫קנה‬ ‫קנח‬ ‫קנט‬ ‫מקט‬ ‫קנטר‬ 157 . dry up. shrivel See also ‫קמט‬ To grind/dust with/mix with flour To bow down. generate. cleanse ►eat dessert To taunt. acquire. prune. be jealous/zealous/angry. win ►create. seize. snatch See also ‫קמז‬ To wither. crinkle ►draw together. take hold of. grasp. vex. get. contract. smooth. water down. compress (the hand). molder. stoop ►compress. fade See ‫קומ‬ To tie up.

enchant . reside. leap (suddenly). roll up ►shorten. shut. slap.‫קפז‬ ‫קפצצ‬ 158 . bend. provoke. vex To flatten [MC] To divine. skip. rebuke. dwell ►penetrate. condense See ‫קפצ‬ To beat. cut short. infatuate To spoil. cut. truncate ►be strict/ particular/angry. pervert . bewitch. oppress. rouse to anger. coagulate. uproot. undermine. make hand signals See ‫קפצ‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫קננ‬ ‫קנס‬ ‫קנצ‬ ‫קנתר‬ ♦ ‫קנטר‬ ‫קסה‬ ♦ ‫קסמ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫קסס‬ ‫קסר‬ ♦ ‫קעע‬ ‫קעקע‬ ♦ ‫קעקע‬ ♦ ‫קער‬ ♦ ‫קפא‬ ♦ ‫קפד‬ ‫קפה‬ ♦ ‫קפז‬ ‫קפח‬ ‫קפל‬ ♦ ‫קפפ‬ ♦ ‫קפצ‬ ‫ קפצצ‬. stiffen. close. nestle. have a sour taste ►destroy. remove scum. violate. tattoo. slice ►shut hand/mouth. aggravate ►insult. affront To skim off. annoy. distinguish. congeal. destroy. reproach. mutilate. bounce (a ball) ►chop. charm ►fascinate. take by force. solidify. offend. cause to float. cut off fruit To make emperor To incise. practice magic. take hold (a disease) ►occupy one’s mind See also ‫קונ‬ To fine. overwhelm. protect. overpower. stamp out ►cackle. thicken. caper. exterminate. pedantic ►mind ►provoke. curdle. punish. hoot. favor ►overlook See ‫כפל‬ See ‫כפה‬ To close. sentence To snare [MC] To chide. pluck. hollow. beat up. condense ►float on surface To cut off. vault. sour.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To build/live in a nest. captivate. infest. congeal. guffaw See ‫קעע‬ To curve. steal. curtail ►rob. cut. shelter. ruin. jump. deprive (of one’s own due) ►discriminate. eradicate. prick/cut in ►tear down. incite. make concave To freeze. strike. maim. draw together ►spring. impair. make one disagreeable ►tease. lose.

►be insufficient/powerless/impatient/brief/short. pray. decide. prepare a précis. ►summarize. set aside. scratch lightly. be commissioned To scrape off. hash. allot. subtract. boil ►whip (cream). curtail. broadcast. shorten. reap. determine. beat. call out/together/upon. snatch To cut off. fell. sue ►approximate.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To clench. carve/chop meat ►stipulate. condense. invoke. trim. estimate ►befriend ►sacrifice. ration. mutilate. enrage. assign ►determine. be called. epitomize To press oil [MC] To appoint [IM] To shout. be furious. allocate. bite ►hurt feelings of. prickle. decrease. provoke. smooth a surface. prick. reduce ►sever.‫עקצ‬ ‫ קצצ‬. rage. strip off bark. whisk. chop. itch. assemble. reap. mince ►decide. announce (radio). time See also ‫קצה‬ To peel. budget. deduct. dice. spice [MC] To become an officer. cut ends of. cause to foam. grab. harvest. cry. abbreviate. appoint. abridge. jeer. plane. digest. scrape. name ►befall. happen. cut off. convoke. allot. offer ‫שורש‬ ‫קפש‬ ♦ ‫קצב‬ ‫קצה‬ ♦ . fix ►harvest/store figs ►sting (slightly). read (aloud/Torah).‫קצקצ‬ . meet by chance. apportion. proclaim. allocate ►stipulate. separate ►harvest and dry figs To anger. fix.‫קרינ‬ ♦ ‫קרב‬ 159 . approach ►come before a court.‫ עקצצ‬.‫קוצ‬ ♦ ‫קצח‬ ‫קצנ‬ ♦ ‫קצע‬ ‫קצפ‬ ‫קפז‬ ♦ ‫קצצ‬ ‫קצקצ‬ ♦ ‫קצר‬ ♦ ‫קקנ‬ ‫קר‬ ♦ ‫קרא‬ ♦ ‫ קרנ‬. bring closer. dictate. cut fruit. summon. truncate. curtail. be sarcastic about See also ‫קצב‬ To season [MC]. recite. separate. cut off/down. outline. shape. cut. shorten. come upon. agree upon. encounter To come/bring/draw near. invite. level ►destroy. fluff up See ‫קצה‬ See ‫עקצ‬ To cut.

occur. caper To pluck. overlay. form crust/film. fall. clip See ‫קרא‬ To cover with skin. bend at the knees. jump. lose/remove hair ►bare. pull. buckle. harden ►sour (wine) See ‫כרסמ‬ To rend. fidget. chance ►board up. rasp.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To scrape. befall. pinch (lips) ►open wide ►form. tear. gesture ►slice. divide See also ‫קרצ‬ See ‫כפה‬ To wink. bend. wave To shear closely. cut. dig ►curry ►comb (a horse) ►To cut off [MC] See ‫קרד‬ See ‫קרד‬ See ‫קרד‬ To meet. crust over. emit rays. bite. leap. raze. abrade. cut/nip off. cave in. struggle. contract. gesticulate. spread To radiate. shine. kneel. fashion. polish To jerk. make an incision. rub off/out. curl hair. screen ►have horns To bow. collapse ►crack from boiling. (make a) roof. encounter. rip. smooth To cut into small pieces. project.‫קרדמ‬ ‫קרדק‬ ♦ ‫קרדמ‬ ‫קרדס‬ ‫קרדק‬ ♦ ‫קרה‬ ‫תקר‬ ‫קרזל‬ ♦ ‫קרח‬ ‫קרטט‬ ‫קרטל‬ ‫קרטמ‬ ‫קרטס‬ ‫קרטע‬ ‫קרטפ‬ ‫קרינ‬ ♦ ‫קרמ‬ ♦ ‫קרנ‬ ♦ ‫קרס‬ ‫קרסמ‬ ♦ ‫קרע‬ ‫קרפפ‬ ♦ ‫קרצ‬ 160 . happen (upon). lop. seal ►read ►suffer from pollution To roll. snip To form a cartel See ‫קטמ‬ To scrape. cover. scuff. carve. beam. lay beams. cut off. grow/make bald. defur ► hew. form a ball. shape ►divide dough See also ‫קרע‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫קרד‬ . scrape. come about.

decapitate To quack. stiffen. revel. join. behead. fasten. solidify. connect . bond ►conspire. contact. ornament ►dart. cluck. prattle ►hoe. chill. make ready To accept [MC] To rattle. converse. collect ►age. scratch oneself To ground (aircraft/pilot). croak. set right. toughen. rattle. quiet. clot. tie. enter into an agreement ►communicate. tingle. freeze See ‫קשה‬ To hearken. brush ►scrape. fly ►correct. dig To bind. base To scalp. attach. clap. harden. tear/pull down. decorate. behave roughly towards To support [MC] See ‫קשה‬ To adorn. listen ►pay attention. shake. associate.‫קשא‬ ‫קשׂה‬ ♦ ‫קשח‬ ♦ ‫קשׁט‬ ♦ ‫קשׂט‬ ‫קשקש‬ ‫קשׂקשׂ‬ ♦ ‫קשר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫קשש‬ ‫קשׂשׂ‬ ♦ ‫קשת‬ 161 . knock ►scribble. tinkle. become old To scale off [MC]. crow ►destroy. pacify. knock. catch cold ►calm. assemble. congeal. satisfy ►cause to well forth To coagulate. knot. shed outer layer [MC] To shoot in an arc. arch ‫שורש‬ ‫קרצפ‬ ♦ ‫קרקע‬ ‫קרקפ‬ ‫קרקר‬ ‫קרקשׁ‬ ♦ ‫קרר‬ ‫קרש‬ ‫קשא‬ ♦ ‫קשב‬ ♦ ‫קשׁה‬ ♦ ♦ ‫ קשח‬. clap To cool. demolish ►dance. get in touch with. cackle. commune ►be thick/strong/vigorous To gather straw or twigs together. refrigerate.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To curry. attend To harden. justify ►prepare. ring. verify. groom. plot against. be difficult/stubborn/severe/sordid/unintelligible/ hard pressed/unable to grasp/reluctant/obnoxious/perplexed ►strive against ►ask a difficult question ►have severe labor in childbirth ►treat harshly. ease. chatter. obey. consider true. shout To ring.

praise. set on high. rear/bring up (children). glorify ►contribute. lift/remove ashes from altar ►put away. do much/long/ often/exceedingly. extend. interview.‫רבג‬ To increase. make a profit ►line a skin with pitch ►ordain as a/appoint rabbi ►swagger. shuffle See also ‫רבצ‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫ראה‬ ‫ראינ‬ ‫ראינ‬ ♦ ‫ראמ‬ . civilize. set apart. make a bed/couch ►put on a chain/necklace around one’s neck ►laminate ►stratify (line with paper) See also ‫ רבצ‬. brag ►bring down a lot of rain ►shoot (arrows) ►lend/borrow with usury.‫ רומ‬. display ►meet. donate. cultivate. decay To capitalize a letter See ‫רבה‬ See ‫רבה‬ To heap/pile up in a disorderly way See also ‫ רבצ‬. approve of.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ר‬ DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To look.‫רממ‬ ♦ ‫ראש‬ ♦ ‫רבא‬ ♦ ‫רבב‬ ‫רבג‬ ♦ ‫רבד‬ ♦ ‫רבה‬ . look/gloat upon. erect ► take off.‫רבג‬ 162 . be cultured/tamed. give ►rear. remove.‫ רבד‬. lift off/up. raise children. extol. show. pick/bring up. notice ►appear. elevate. boast. regard. grow great. contemplate.‫רברב‬ ‫תרבת‬ .‫ רבע‬. conceive ►like.‫ רבא‬. strut. indicate.‫רבב‬ . widen scope of a law ►raise. be manifold.‫ רבנ‬. breed. propagate. reason.‫ רבע‬. domesticate. observe. inquire. maximize. rise. understand. see.‫ רבע‬. be apparent. boast. include. watch. bequeath. uplift. tame ►assume superiority. behold. choose. prefer. interrogate ►consider.‫ רבה‬.‫מרב‬ . perceive. bestow. multiply. be many/numerous/many/great/large/plentiful/in abundance. cause to grow ►be worm-eaten/wormy.‫ רבה‬. educate. inspect. be visible/fit.‫רבד‬ To spread. be high/tall/proud/haughty/lofty. separate priestly dues ►exalt. reflect. enlarge. impart culture. warn See ‫ראה‬ To raise. gaze at.‫הרמ‬ ‫ תרמ‬.

exercise ►lead. thrash See also ‫רבע‬ To gorge/fatten oneself. tremble. lie with/down.‫רבג‬ To lie down (animals). overeat ‫שורש‬ ‫רבכ‬ ‫רבנ‬ ♦ ‫רבע‬ ♦ ♦ ‫רבצ‬ .‫רגז‬ 163 .‫ רגל‬.‫ רגע‬. covet. lump earth To desire. commit sodomy ►stretch out ►water the soil. enrage. strike. fructify the ground. drill. malign ►explore. falsely accuse See also ‫ רגש‬.‫רגע‬ To stone. shell.‫ רגנ‬. practice.‫רבג‬ See ‫רבה‬ To make clods. annoy.‫ רגמ‬. tease. get used to. spy.‫ רגנ‬. sprinkle. pelt. quarter. make familiar. be involved in espionage ►accustom.‫ רבד‬. increase ►square ►quadruple.‫רגז‬ ♦ ‫רגמ‬ .‫ רבה‬. thicken See ‫רבה‬ To couple. mortar ►bruise See also ‫רגש‬ ‫רבק‬ ‫רברב‬ ♦ ‫רגב‬ ‫רגג‬ ♦ ‫רגז‬ ♦ ‫ברגז‬ ♦ ‫רגל‬ . habituate. rage. quake ►alarm ►not to speak to See also ‫ רגש‬. squat.‫רגל‬ To slander.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To be well-mixed. couch ►brood ►water.‫ רגמ‬. yearn for To agitate. quarrel.‫ רגע‬. anger.‫ רבה‬. fly into temper.‫ רגנ‬.‫ רבד‬. mate (animals). vex. excite. teach to walk ►flay an animal from its feet upward ►calumniate. copulate. defame. irrigate by sprinkling ►spread knowledge. be perturbed/disquieted. make a quadrilateral ►encamp See also ‫ רבצ‬. breed. stir up. stretch out ►lay/set with stones ►flay. train. provoke. do something four times.

bread from oven). disturb. stir up. exalt ►fear. stir. relax. soothe ►harden ►shrivel ►twinkle See also ‫ רגש‬. perceive ►flock together See also ‫רגע‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫רגנ‬ ♦ ‫רגע‬ ♦ ‫רגש‬ . challenge. badger See also ‫רדה‬ See ‫רעד‬ To boast.‫רגז‬ To excite. enchant ►notice. press. roll out. fear To furnish a house/room. be dormant/stupefied/senseless.‫ רגנ‬. quicken.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To grumble. rule.‫ רגל‬. subdue.‫ רגמ‬. repose. prevail against. calm (down). rebel. confuse.‫ רגמ‬. sense. punish ►flatten. hunt. tread down.‫רגז‬ To set in motion. act proudly ►acknowledge one’s authority. overlay with metal ►take/draw out (honey from hive. be haughty. be in a tumult/noisy. confound ►dare. backbite. be in commotion. make passable ►be made shallow See also ‫רדפ‬ To fall/put asleep. be quarrelsome.‫ רגל‬. dominate.‫ רגמ‬. incapacitate ►chastise. quarrel. move from place to place ►be at rest/ease/calm. narcotize To pursue. tyrannize. slander. remove. insist ►urge. importune. drive away. follow. chase. shudder. pledge. feel. reprimand. oppress. have dominion over. agitate. reproach.‫ רגנ‬. storm ►enrapture. lay rafters ►start a race. rage. speak rebelliously See also ‫ רגש‬. excite. put to flight ►flow rapidly ►persecute. submit to. beat.‫ רגע‬. declare great.‫ רגל‬. goad ►hasten. seek after. unload ►dam. enslave.‫רגז‬ See ‫רדה‬ To rule. embolden. hurry To tremble. subjugate. pay homage. captivate. run To pawn. murmur. harass. anesthetize. stir up. complain. deposit ‫רדד‬ ♦ ‫רדה‬ ♦ ‫רדד‬ ♦ ‫רדמ‬ ♦ ‫רדפ‬ ‫רדרד‬ ♦ ‫רהב‬ ‫סרהב‬ ‫רהה‬ ♦ ‫רהט‬ ‫רהנ‬ ♦ 164 . stamp. move.

chase/drive away. press tightly ►struggle together ►push one another To empty. sate. relieve. cheer. enlarge. make run. sigh To drink one’s fill. feel with the spirit of. extend. torment. be roomy/in comfortable circumstances. run around. (make/leave) space. nose.‫הרצ‬ ‫ רצרצ‬. bustle. spread ►speak boldly/defiantly To be delicate [MC] To have mercy/compassion ►pity love ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫רוב‬ ‫רוד‬ ‫ריד‬ ‫ ריב‬. rush. sound a signal/alarm. mourn See ‫רמז‬ See ‫רסק‬ To widen. restrain.‫ריח‬ ‫רומ‬ ♦ ‫רוס‬ ♦ ‫רוע‬ ♦ ‫הרע‬ ♦ ‫רופ‬ ♦ ‫רוצ‬ ‫רוק‬ ‫הרק‬ . dispute. cry out in distress. track. dispatch ►bring quickly/hurriedly ►shatter. sniff. rattle ►oppress. profit ►smell. unsheathe ►equip ►transmit See ‫רוק‬ See ‫ריש‬ To grow/make thin/lean. be widespread/spacious. strive (against). refresh. extend. detect See ‫ראמ‬ To control [MC] To shout. break. quench thirst.‫ירב‬ ♦ ♦ ‫רוה‬ ♦ ‫רוז‬ ♦ ‫רוח‬ ‫ רחרח‬. scent. contest.‫רצצ‬ ♦ ‫רוקנ‬ ♦ ‫רוש‬ ♦ ‫רזה‬ ♦ ‫רזח‬ ♦ ‫רזמ‬ ‫רזק‬ ♦ ‫רחב‬ ‫רחל‬ ♦ ‫רחמ‬ ♦ 165 . hit against. lose weight To shout. ventilate. broaden. subjugate ►scream. race. water. drain. earn. crush. contend. plead for. hurry. complain. spread. become bare of ►draw out a sword. collide. associate with ►be broken/shattered See ‫רפה‬ To run. satiate. rustle. expand. wander relentlessly/about ►subdue. satisfy with drink. pacify.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To quarrel. saturate ►drench. hasten.‫ רצא‬. feel relieved/easy►separate particles [MC] ►gain. overload To rule with restraint [MC] To widen. amplify. soak. pour out. cry. wail. evacuate. be large/roomy/spacious. defend someone To roam. shout (in triumph/for joy). run back and forth. fight. air. sing ►be friendly.

growl. cleanse To be distant/remote/far. hover. bound ►thrill. quaver ►flutter. move ►sizzle. occur ►flow. feel.‫רטט‬ ‫רטפ‬ ‫רטפש‬ ‫רטרט‬ ♦ ‫רטש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫ריב‬ 166 . swarm. soar. crawl. bathe. submit. retire. probe into. bully ►leap. hiss To winnow To moisten. yield. vibrate. excite. go far. be green/succulent ►thriven See also ‫רטה‬ To surrender. depart See ‫רוח‬ To whisper. sprinkle. stir. be brought about. cleave. express. place at a distance ►withdraw. sense. capitulate ►extradite ►moisten. quake. quiver ►terrorize. be astir. alienate oneself. disembowel. explore ►happen. electrify. fly ►be imminent/about to happen/looming See ‫רחפ‬ To wash. tremble. rip. creep (insects). dampen. jump. press down ►bandage a wound See also ‫רטב‬ See ‫רטע‬ To grumble. soften ►wring out. wet. smash. frizzle. terrify. shred. burst open. mumble. occur. murmur. think ►investigate. stir See also ‫רתח‬ See ‫רטב‬ To be fat/strong/fresh See ‫רטע‬ To shatter. dash/tear to pieces. tear apart. keep off/away/far from. eviscerate ►retouch (photograph) See ‫רוב‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫רחנ‬ ‫רחפ‬ ‫רחפפ‬ ♦ ‫רחצ‬ ♦ ‫רחק‬ ‫רחרח‬ ♦ ‫רחש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫רחת‬ ‫רטב‬ ‫רטפ‬ ♦ ‫רטה‬ ♦ ‫רטט‬ ‫רטנ‬ ‫רטננ‬ ‫רטע‬ ‫ רטרט‬. come about. reject ►remove.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To spiritualize To shake. clean. murmur See ‫רטנ‬ To shake. tremble.

synchronize.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫רוד‬ See ‫רוח‬ See ‫רוק‬ To run (nose). nod. obtain. possess. espy ►denounce. slaver. shoot. make poor. rob. drip To impoverish. succeed. ►drive out. gather To throw.‫רוש‬ ♦ ‫רכב‬ ‫רכז‬ ‫מרכז‬ ♦ ‫רככ‬ ‫רכרכ‬ ‫רכל‬ ‫רכלל‬ ‫רכנ‬ ♦ ‫רכס‬ ‫רכרכ‬ ♦ ‫רכש‬ ♦ ‫רמה‬ ♦ ‫רמח‬ ‫רמז‬ ‫רזמ‬ ‫רמזר‬ ♦ ‫רמח‬ ♦ ‫רמכ‬ ♦ ‫רממ‬ ♦ ‫רמנ‬ ♦ ‫רמס‬ 167 . fasten. deal treacherously with. centralize. bind. crush. allude. mollify ►anneal (metal) To spy. sink. drool. collect. hint at. compound ►inoculate. issue). focus ►co-ordinate. stoop. break. cast. amalgamate. tenderize. assemble. nod. hurl ►cheat. beckon. destroy. bequeath ►plot To ride. lower. market. deprive. salivate. ruin. indicate. flow (saliva. harmonize To be delicate/frail/timid/faint/mild/weak/penitent/afraid. coalesce. beguile. button up. sell.‫הרש‬ ‫ רשש‬. swindle. slander. eject ►beat down. expel. immunize To concentrate. trample over wetted grain ►lose See ‫רככ‬ To acquire. refer to vaguely ►note To install traffic lights See ‫רמה‬ To direct speed [MC] See ‫ראמ‬ To crowd with seeds [MC] See ‫רמשׂ‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫ריד‬ ‫ריח‬ ♦ ‫ריק‬ ♦ ‫ריר‬ ‫ריש‬ . spit. gain. betray. be faint To tie. gesticulate. combine. soften. show an incongruity To wink. lean (over) ►soften. center. expectorate. devour ►pretend ►inherit. bend. mount. get. imply. suggest. clasp ►stamp.‫ ירש‬. put upon ►graft. get on. lift. join. dispossess. compose. vaccinate. take possession of. flog See ‫רכל‬ To bow down. deceive. gossip ►peddle. lie.

stamp ►swarm. shout with/for joy. frighten. graze. control oneself See ‫רסק‬ To crush (into small pieces). speak evil of/pleasantly. vibrate. shake. tread softly. pulp. cry ►talk about. rage.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To roll/bake/roast in hot ashes See ‫רעמ‬ To creep. vex. renovate. cloak To rave. refresh. refurbish ►have a thought/idea See ‫רענ‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫רמצ‬ ‫רמרמ‬ ♦ ‫רמשׂ‬ ‫רמס‬ ♦ ‫רנה‬ ♦ ‫ רנרנ‬. follow. throng To sing aloud. murmur. chop (up). check. chant. slander. thunder. atomize. hack into pieces ►spray. suppress. restore. lead. mince. quake. teem with vermin. crawl. surf. be troubled. occupy oneself. crash. grumble. sprinkle. rebel. associate/keep company with. bridle. moisten To be hungry/famished. shatter. resent To be fresh. fear See ‫רעד‬ To pasture. trample. curb.‫רננ‬ ‫רננ‬ ‫רנרנ‬ ♦ ‫רסנ‬ ♦ ‫רסס‬ ‫רסק‬ ‫ רסס‬. quiver.‫רדרד‬ ‫רעדד‬ ♦ ‫רעה‬ ‫רעינ‬ ♦ ‫רעל‬ ♦ ‫רעמ‬ ‫רמרמ‬ ♦ ‫רענ‬ ‫ רעננ‬. pursue ►feed ►join. swing ►veil. crush. look angrily. tend. shudder. complain loudly.‫רעינ‬ ‫רעננ‬ 168 . jubilate. roar. shepherd. smash. peruse. befriend. puree. rumble. pound. look/leaf through. glance at See ‫רענ‬ To poison ►shake. anger. murmur See ‫רנה‬ See ‫רנה‬ To restrain. damper. guide. shiver. be heard (music) ►whiz. walk as a quadruped ►tread. gossip. herd. rejoice.‫רזק‬ ‫רעב‬ ♦ ‫רעד‬ ♦ ‫ רעדד‬. starve. rattle. pulverize. rein in. complain ►cause to fret. mash. be a companion of ►browse. crave To tremble.

worsen. grow weak. crush. tread. beat down. endear oneself. recover To unfold. shake See also ‫רוע‬ To drop. upholster. cling ►long for. shatter. ruin. be afraid/terrified of See ‫רעע‬ To tremble. subdue. soften ►despair. murmur To heal. let go. lose strength. mend.‫ ירע‬. drizzle. cover with tiles. rustle. slacken. embrace. refrain from. hurt ►be friendly ►rage. invigorate. pollute. trickle ►tile. be shaken (mentally). dishearten. soften. widen. destroy ►make noise. stamp.‫ רפפ‬. shatter ►weaken. cure. abandon ►anneal ►spread. drop. cuddle. forsake. stretch. treat. support oneself. make flabby See ‫רפשׂ‬ To ferry. transport ►make a ceiling. destroy. pad ►support. destroy. hug. revive. flutter. miss ►be unsteady See ‫רפה‬ To trample. cover with rafters See ‫רפה‬ To lean on/against. elbow. quail ►sink. relax ►make bowels loose ►cease. quiver. befoul. reduce to. stop. cause to leap ►bomb. shell. remedy. totter.‫הרע‬ ‫רערע‬ ‫רעפ‬ ‫רעצ‬ ‫רערע‬ ♦ ‫רעש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫רשרש‬ ♦ ‫רפא‬ ♦ ‫רפד‬ ‫רפה‬ ♦ . shatter. stretch ►tremble. maintain ►refresh. imbricate To shatter. hover. shout in triumph ►tremble. break to pieces. uphold. line. storm. desist. be unsteady.‫רופ‬ ‫רפרפ‬ ‫רפט‬ ♦ ‫רפס‬ ♦ ‫רפסד‬ ♦ ‫רפפ‬ ♦ ‫רפק‬ ‫מרפק‬ ‫רפרפ‬ ♦ ‫רפשׁ‬ ♦ ‫רפשׂ‬ ‫רפס‬ ♦ ‫רפת‬ ‫רצא‬ 169 . rejuvenate To weaken. be frail ►humiliate/humble oneself To enclose [MC] See ‫רוצ‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫רעע‬ . harm. bombard. stamp upon ►press.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To be bad/wicked/evil/defective/sad/displeasing. vibrate. break ►fear. rage. muddy. ruin. link ►move. decline. drip. vacillate. grow/get well. float ►examine superficially To wear out. conquer. cover. suffer. be feeble/lazy/lax/inactive/faint in doubt/soft/flighty/unstable/unsteady. spread. float a raft. be upset. sustain. shake. surrender. grow worse. vanquish ►foul. quake. crack. repair. make bed. make turbid ►shake. loosen. loosen. leave.

assassinate. superimpose. devise. favor. formulate ►distill perfume. enumerate ►procure. jump. arrange in order. crush To be serious To lash. exhaust ►make exclusive To stamp. squeeze. skip. tile. extend ►overlay. spice. decorate ►variegate. placate. decay. tread (down).SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To lurk. flatten (by hammering). acquire To murder. cover ►soar. encircle. fashion ►form an embryo To empty. flog. wish. leap. hop. like. discourse. perforate To join closely. pave ►enclose. jump. appease. desire. be pleased with/fond of/willing/acceptable. crush ►spread. add variety ►shape. accept favorably. consent. flatten. satisfy ►lecture. agree. beat (out thin/metal). commit suicide To press. coat. pardon. prance ►winnow. pay. be worm-eaten/moldy. trample. drain. prowl ►leap. fit together. watch stealthily. go bad To dance. cover. pacify. concoct. address ►count coins. pave with blocks. dance. form. atone. stretch. obtain. slay. design. go sky-high See also ‫רקק‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫רצד‬ ‫רצה‬ ♦ ‫רצח‬ ‫רצמ‬ ‫רצנ‬ ♦ ‫רצע‬ ‫רצפ‬ ♦ ‫רצצ‬ ‫רצרצ‬ ♦ ‫רקב‬ ♦ ‫רקד‬ ‫רקרד‬ ♦ ‫רקה‬ ♦ ‫רקח‬ ♦ ‫רקט‬ ♦ ‫רקמ‬ ‫רקנ‬ ♦ ‫רקע‬ ‫רקרק‬ 170 . skip about. press. give stripes ►cut into strips ►pierce/bore (with an awl). sew. kill. enfold ►sprinkle water See ‫רוצ‬ See ‫רוצ‬ To rot. conciliate. pour out. repay. compound ►dispense medicine ►make fruit jelly To attack with/shoot missiles To embroider. cover with tiles. fly/rise high. crush ►inlay. shake See ‫רקד‬ To thin out [MC] To mix (spices/medicine). reconcile. dart. sift. love. flicker To want. lay out.

find guilty. frighten ►tremble. impress. bind. loosen. mark. show favor. let. deter ►hiss (serpent) To smelt. be furious/angry. relax. tie. shiver.‫רתע‬ ‫רתכ‬ ‫רתמ‬ ‫רתע‬ ‫רתפ‬ ♦ ‫רתק‬ ♦ ♦ ‫רתת‬ 171 . screen.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To expectorate. commit crimes. cringe. list. act wickedly. note (down). censure. be feverish. anger. glow. tie up. accuse. bubble. irate. rivet. enthrall ►strike with knuckles See ‫רתח‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫רקק‬ ‫ירק‬ ‫רקרק‬ ♦ ‫רשה‬ ‫רשל‬ ♦ ‫רשמ‬ ‫רשע‬ ♦ ‫רשפ‬ ‫רשרש‬ ♦ ‫רשש‬ ♦ ‫רשת‬ ‫רתה‬ ♦ ‫רתח‬ ♦ ‫ רתת‬. foam. break the force of ►hang down. join. rage. quail. draw. spring back. weld. shake. cover with netting. register. flinch. engrave. design To do wrong/evil. retreat. neglect. bind. start back. record. confine ►be spellbound. control To weaken. entitle. unfetter. spark. agitate. excite. be deterred. wish well To boil. sin ►condemn. charge with wrong-doing. muddy ►be subtle ►grow/turn green/pale/pallid ►throw ►give a sharp and negative response See also ‫רקע‬ See ‫רקע‬ To authorize. sketch. write. sheathe. strut ►recoil. startle. heat. spit. inscribe. quiver. flash. connect. rebuke To burn. unshackle ►join. enfeeble. hitch. permit. trail To note. attach See ‫ רטע‬and ‫רתח‬ To store in a cellar To unchain. solder To harness. convict. have a discharge ►be miry. reticulate To be indulgent/compassionate/lenient. link chain. be lax/negligent/slack/careless/ slovenly. heat up See ‫רעש‬ See ‫ריש‬ To lay nets/traps.

etc. bellow. leave ►spare. address ►lecture ►use word metaphorically To make noise ►be at ease/secure/tranquil/serene See ‫שאנ‬ To gasp. such as in ‫ שאננ‬or ‫ שובב‬in which case drop the doubled letter and check the Shoresh without it. squash To remain. check ‫ . shout.עבד‬for ‫שחזר‬. draw from ►absorb. question ►seek. require. ingest. salute. drop the ‫ שׁ‬and look up the remaining three-letter Shoresh. make a din ►astonish. yearn for.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ש‬ 1. 2. loathe To ask. lease. suck in. release To leaven See ‫שבה‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫שׁאב‬ ♦ ‫שׁאג‬ ♦ ‫שׁאה‬ ♦ ‫שאג‬ ♦ ‫שׁאט‬ ♦ ‫שׁאל‬ ♦ ‫שׁאנ‬ ‫שאננ‬ ‫שׁאננ‬ ♦ ‫שׁאפ‬ ‫שׁאר‬ ♦ ‫שׂאר‬ ♦ ‫שׁבב‬ ♦ 172 . grant ►greet. be left. request ►lend.חזר‬for ‫שעתק‬. aspire.g.להב‬for ‫שעבד‬. wonder. DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To draw/pump water ►derive. strive. e. inhale. e. be eager for. consume ►snuff ►long for. groan. borrow. crush. check ‫ . desolate ►rage roar (lion). stare To despise. The reader should check both ‫ שׁ‬and ‫ שׂ‬words for definitions and derivatives as there may be some overlap between them. check ‫עתק‬. devastate. ‫ שאנ‬and ‫שוב‬.g. attract See ‫שאה‬ To lay waste. demand. A number of words in the forms of ‫ה‬-X-‫ ש‬or X-‫י‬-‫ ש‬or X-‫ו‬-‫ ש‬can be found under the form of X-‫ש‬-‫נ‬. pant ►swallow. beg for alms. 3. marvel ►gaze. crash into ruins. aim ►trample upon. For four-letter words beginning with a ‫שׁ‬. inquire. be contemptuous of. free. wish. desire. check ‫ . for ‫שלהב‬. obtain. unless a letter in the word repeats itself. look. breathe (in).

scribble. turn. be proud. laud. refresh. slide back. elongate ►stiffen ►doodle. interlace. blunder. braid.‫השב‬ ‫שוב‬ ♦ ‫שׁבח‬ ‫שרבט‬ ♦ ‫שׁבט‬ ‫שׂבכ‬ ‫סבכ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׁבל‬ ‫שׁבס‬ ♦ ‫שׁבע‬ ♦ ‫שׂבע‬ ♦ ‫שׁבצ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׁבק‬ ♦ ‫שׁבר‬ ‫שברר‬ ♦ ‫שׂבר‬ ‫שׁברר‬ ♦ ‫שׁבשׁ‬ ‫שׁבשׁב‬ 173 . make mischief ►apostatize ►answer. smash. forsake. recall. ameliorate. splinter. entangle. come/go. sate. impair. turn back/away/from. examine. extol ►boast. deviate. acknowledge a payment To inspect. whittle. glut To set (a precious stone/jewels). spoil. rend. commend solemnly. bind. confuse. satiate. err. embroil To go on/tread a path ►leave a trail ►grow into ears of corn To wear a headdress/coif To swear. splinter To grow/raise in value. sketch. carry off ►seat. revoke. refuse ►mislead. confuse. reply. checker ► grade ►have a heart-attack To leave. repeal action. come/put back. chastise. discipline. garble.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To return. improve ►calm. misbehave. kill. be wild/ naughty/playful. inlay. ruin. draw To intertwine. fractionalize. flog. disrupt. reverse. shatter. expire. repay. plan ►file. abandon ►die. mark out in square. whip ►stretch. embroider. seduce. soothe ►praise. corrupt (text). make void ►buy/sell grain/food ►aid in childbirth ►give a receipt. reward. assign a position. destroy. take captive/ prisoner. extend. introduce errors. go astray. decorate oneself with branches ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫שׁבה‬ . confound. twist. wreck. brag To beat with a rod. repent. refract ►demolish. inhabit ►redeem. throw into disorder. revert. commend. let go. place. pass away To break. repeat. bring back. change. do again. copy with/make mistakes. be full. restore. still. ensnare. deteriorate. upset. lead away. chip. make appeal ►do seven times. be mistaken. go wrong. break into (small) pieces/fragments. tear. settle. border► interweave. be praiseworthy. make a hedge/dam. capture. repulse. content ►have in excess. consider ►wait. cripple.‫ שבב‬. expect ►hope ►clarify ►view See ‫שבר‬ To do a thing faultily. fit in. glorify. crush. chasten. take an oath ►adjure. give tribute ►be captured. maim. complicate. fracture (limb). chisel. mill. interweave. complicate. respond. multiply by seven To satisfy. entangle To plait branches.

grasp. rape. attract ►mix dross with silver. entice. ravish. wrong. bend. boom. magnify. madden. make a mistake. launch. get. consign. rave. mislead. muddle See ‫שׂגה‬ See ‫שוד‬ To harrow ►arrange [MC]. weep ►improvise a prayer ►change an established form. swerve. make impure To elevate. consider ►care for. plane. reel ►be engrossed in ►seduce. combine To observe. gain. mortise (wood). make great. guard See ‫שׁגה‬ See ‫שׂגה‬ To stray. confuse. set high ►be unattainable/incomprehensible ►praise. magnify. confuse. regard. lockout. dispatch. look/gaze at. strike. overtake. craze. rest. supervise To lie with. laud. thrive.‫השג‬ . protect. interrupt. seduce. laud. overpower. raise. (cause to) grow. mix. remove ►keep the Sabbath. mind. be lofty/sublime/beyond understanding.‫שׂגג‬ ♦ ‫שׁגל‬ ♦ ‫שׁגמ‬ ♦ ‫שׁגע‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׁגר‬ ‫שגש‬ ‫שׂגשׂג‬ ♦ ‫שׁדד‬ ♦ ‫שׂדד‬ 174 . exterminate. tenon ►smooth. absorb ►alloy. blossom ►grow tall [MC] ►obtain. prosper. stream ►speak fluently ►shed tears. transgress/sin unintentionally.‫סגסג‬ ‫ שׂגשׂג‬. watch. err. accustom To feel around. rage ►bewilder. flourish. fumble.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To desist. cry. obliterate See ‫שגה‬ See ‫שׂגה‬ To be strong/great/high. fire. lead/go astray. stagger. baffle To send. cause to fail. violate To join with a hinge.‫ סגה‬. ship ►run. exalt ►make safe. be mistaken. repose. cease. view. reach. flow. defend. fortify. elevate. wander. derange. make mighty. stop/lay off from work. increase.‫ שׂגא‬. raise up. drive crazy. relax ►destroy. polish To be mad. set in order [MC] See also ‫שׂוד‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫שׁבת‬ ‫שׁגא‬ ♦ ‫שׂגא‬ ♦ ‫שׂגב‬ ♦ ‫סגב‬ ‫שׁגג‬ ♦ ‫שׂגג‬ ♦ ‫שׁגה‬ ♦ ‫שׁגג‬ ♦ ‫שׂגה‬ ‫שׁגח‬ . terminate.

sort ►take preventative measures ►involve [MC] ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫שׁדה‬ ‫שׂדה‬ ‫סדה‬ ‫שׁדכ‬ ‫שׁדל‬ ‫שׁדפ‬ ‫שׁדר‬ ‫שׁהד‬ ♦ ‫שׂהד‬ ♦ ‫שׁהה‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ ‫שׂהה‬ ♦ ‫שׁהמ‬ ‫שׁהק‬ ♦ ‫שׂהר‬ ‫סהר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׁוא‬ ‫שׁוב‬ ♦ ‫שׁוג‬ ♦ ‫שׂוג‬ . be late in coming ►live ►deliberate See also ‫שׂהה‬ To tarry. stay. win favor. mark off ►restrain/reserve oneself. linger. soothe. transmit. burn. turn/draw/drive/move back. recede.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To produce nourishment [MC] To produce crops for sustenance [MC] To negotiate/arrange a marriage. try. remove. pacify. dry by heat To broadcast. adjudicate. hold back. delay. remain. dally ►detain. persuade. tempt. make an effort See also ‫שׁדכ‬ To blight (grain). stand still. categorize. calm See also ‫שׁדל‬ To persuade. make a match ►arbitrate. withhold. be coaxed ►strive. close. mediate ►appease. linger. entice. enclose. scorch.‫סגג‬ ‫סיג‬ 175 . send forth. pause. relay To give witness/evidence. repulse.‫ סוג‬. backslide. testify To corroborate [MC] ►support [MC] To tarry. blast. withhold. endeavor. have reservations ►classify. withdraw ►fence in. displace. retreat. hesitate. subdue. dwell. hedge. engage. detain. appease. retard ►meander [MC] See also ‫שׁהה‬ To adorn with onyx To hiccup To imprison To lack value and content [MC] See ‫שבה‬ To turn/move/start back. sagging ►mistake unintentionally To move away.

erect. place. lay. loathe. polish ►reflect. arrange ►appoint.‫ שׂימ‬. ruin. form. resemble ►be fit/worthwhile/ appropriate/suitable ►smooth. put. cruise. despair ►card. mediate. cut off an area. oppress. agree. devastate. plaster. hike See also ‫ שׂטה‬. deviate. implore. establish. roof ►entangle. compose. shout ►be discouraged. lime.‫שׂדה‬ ‫סיד‬ ♦ ‫שׁוה‬ ‫שׁוח‬ ‫שׂוח‬ ♦ ‫שׁוט‬ ♦ ♦ . ordain To put. wander. end [MC] See also ‫ שלל‬. weave. confuse. fashion. allay. constitute.‫ סוד‬. set.‫שלה‬ To value. soothe. cry out. rob. transform. stroll. shade. swim. estimate. damper ►crouch.‫שׂככ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׁומ‬ ♦ ‫שׂומ‬ ‫שׁוע‬ . plow See also ‫שׂדד‬ To be equivalent to. subside. confer secretly ►harrow. overpower. ravage. despoil.‫שׁוט‬ To abate. assess. loiter. liken. mitigate. calm. coast. move. decide ►make. work.‫שׂוט‬ To swerve. row (a boat).‫השׁט‬ ‫ שׁיט‬. intertwine plants To edge lower [MC]. fix. sail. shelter. determine.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To plunder. arrange ►calm. make even. maltreat To whitewash. cover. create. produce ►imagine See ‫שׁחה‬ To walk. roam. placate. be equal/comparable. take counsel (secretly). harmonize ►set. array. appraise. settle. ramble ►go about. protect. level. saunter To float.‫שׁטט‬ ♦ ‫שׂוט‬ ‫שׂוכ‬ ‫שׁול‬ ♦ ‫ סככ‬. roam. scrub. rove. wander ►despise. hackle ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫שׁוד‬ ‫שׁדד‬ ♦ ‫שׂוד‬ . place. settle dispute ►make. turn aside. compare. rate. bend. destroy violently ►assault. laid to waste. entreat. interlace. fence up/in. appoint To cry for help. calcify ►talk secretively. squat ►forget ►hedge about. scorn ►rub.‫השׂמ‬ ‫משׂימ‬ ♦ 176 . rove. screen. appease. contemplate See also ‫ שׁטה‬. equalize.

soften ►row. see. tumble ►lie in wait. sunbathe.‫שׁוח‬ ♦ ‫שׂחה‬ ‫שׂחח‬ 177 . travel. rove ►rumble. desire. observe. tarnish To twist. yearn. crush. saunter To behold. advertise ►rush/range/bustle/run about. look on. braid To bribe. blacken. lay. interweave. brag. spin. place. rustle. journey ►wrestle. regard ►turn aside/from. prostrate oneself. stoop. take a walk. rush to and fro.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To bruise. duck. sunburn. plane. flow/run over ►long for. humble. induce. relate. redeem. lurk ►dance on the rope ►give/accept a gift. paddle See also ‫שׂחה‬ To swim. plaster. fix ►constitute. worship ►be depressed. amble. file (with an instrument). abrade. roam ►melt. dissolve. converse. speak. veer. despair. rattle ►emerge suddenly [MC] To boast. tremble To behold. set in array. put on sale. smooth. bend. smear over. scrape. make. burnish. stroll.‫שקק‬ ‫שקשק‬ ♦ ‫שׁור‬ ‫תשׁר‬ ‫שׂור‬ ♦ ‫שׁושׁ‬ ♦ ‫שׂושׂ‬ ♦ ‫שׁות‬ ♦ ‫שית‬ ‫שׁזב‬ ‫שׁזח‬ ♦ ‫שׁזפ‬ ♦ ‫שׁזר‬ ♦ ‫שׁחד‬ ♦ ‫שׁחה‬ ♦ ‫ שׁחח‬. erect. exult.‫ שפפ‬. see. stare ►burn. brown.‫שיפ‬ ‫שפשפ‬ ‫שׁוצ‬ ♦ ‫שׁוק‬ . scrub ►emit poisonous breath ►be warm ►make much noise. liberate To stroll. contend. wander ►talk. set. corrupt. twine. be suntanned. swerve ►depart. discuss See also ‫שׁחה‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫שׁופ‬ . wish. put through the mill ►rub. crave ►market. run. look. stamp. grind grain. rejoice. act haughtily To water. entice To sink. appoint. crouch. float ►walk. wet. take a walk. bow down/one’s head. deject ►stroll. polish. tan. present See also ‫שׁרה‬ See ‫שׂרה‬ To layer six times [MC] To be happy. brush off. say. make abundant. comprise. station. gladden To put. compose To save. singe. rasp. moisten. bend low.

pulverize. deride. tear See ‫שחצ‬ To rub away/off. deride To search/look for diligently. mock. darken. beg ►love ►rise/do/get out early ►blacken. spoil. grate. be mad. blackmail. ground. harm. seek eagerly. wear away ►grind. pass through. sport. pound. ridicule. ►be hot/parched. heat. be depressed. separate. humiliate See ‫שׁחה‬ See ‫שׂחה‬ To (ritually) slaughter. tremble. jeer. degrade. beguile See also ‫שׁוט‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫שׁחז‬ ‫שׁחח‬ ♦ ‫שׂחח‬ ♦ ‫שׁחט‬ ♦ ‫שׂחט‬ ♦ ‫סחט‬ ♦ ‫שׁחל‬ ‫שחנ‬ ‫שׁחמ‬ ‫שׁחנ‬ ‫שׁחס‬ ♦ ‫שׁחפ‬ ♦ ‫שׂחפ‬ ♦ ‫שׁחצ‬ ♦ . wring. take an interest in. mar. draw/pull out/a cable. jest. grind ►bow down. play. massacre. extract. strive. waste. release See ‫שחר‬ To ruin. pervert. damage. jest. amuse ►act (on stage). extrude. strain water ►fear. wear away/out. sneer at. kill To press/squeeze out/a fruit. exact To thread (a needle). beat/ground fine. grow white with fear To brown. destroy To be demented ►fool. whet. loop. inflame See also ‫שחר‬ See ‫שחר‬ To grow [MC] To be tubercular/consumptive ►weaken. mock. play. erode. inquire earnestly. corrupt.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To sharpen. make fun of ►entice. smile. (grind to) powder ►grow black To laugh. scorn. act haughtily ►divide. make dark red. slip.‫שחמ‬ ♦ ‫שחצנ‬ ‫שׁחצנ‬ ♦ ‫שׁחק‬ ♦ ‫שׂחק‬ ‫סחק‬ ‫שׁחר‬ ‫שחרחר‬ ‫שׁחרחר‬ ♦ ‫שׁחת‬ ♦ ‫שׁטה‬ 178 . be swarthy ►set free. butcher. perform ►sneer. be merry. act foolishly ►laugh. reduce. hurt. waste To cover [MC] To be proud/arrogant/exclusive.

complain. carry off To appoint officers ►rule. turn gray See ‫שׂוד‬ To forsake. blame ►persecute. flood. care for. renounce To talk. lash ►snipe. speak. remove. stretch/spread out. shower ►overflow. deflect. thrash. persecute.‫ סטא‬. deviate ►go astray. be unfaithful in marriage. flow. chant.‫סוט‬ ‫סטה‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׁטט‬ ‫שׂטמ‬ ‫סטמ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׂטנ‬ ‫סטנ‬ ♦ ‫שׁטפ‬ ‫שׁטר‬ ‫משטר‬ ♦ ‫שׁטשׁט‬ ♦ ‫שׂיב‬ ‫סיב‬ ‫שׂיד‬ ‫שׁיה‬ ♦ ‫שׂיח‬ ♦ ‫ סיח‬. accuse ►cherish animosity against To act as an adversary/enemy ►accuse. redirect. nurture ►divert. nag. age. waiver. police To whip. extend. ascribe. regiment. digress.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To turn aside/away. drift. bear a grudge.‫סוח‬ ‫שׁיט‬ ♦ ‫שׁיי‬ ‫שיכ‬ ‫שׁימ‬ ‫שׂימ‬ ‫שינ‬ ‫שׁיפ‬ ♦ ‫שׁיר‬ ‫שׁרר‬ 179 . mediate. expand. shift. harass To rinse. distract ►move slowly [MC] See ‫שׁוט‬ To acknowledge loyalty [MC] ►pay tribute [MC] To relate/appertain to. hammer/roll out To scourge [MC] See also ‫שׁוט‬ To hate. remain. consider ►nurse. turn aside. charge. attribute To name See ‫שׂומ‬ See ‫שנת‬ See ‫שופ‬ To sing. laud. croon ►compose/write poetry ►praise. run ►burst forth ►be carried away by passion. recite. abandon. prostrate ►flatten. converse. say. commend ►leave (over). tell. bother. wash (off). associate/connect with ►belong to. move. reserve ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫שׂטה‬ ‫שׁטח‬ . criticize To grow old. dislike. mislead To spread. relate.

forsake To be calmed/appeased. recline. cut off from consciousness. pat. interlace. calm ►paddle. integrate. experiment ►quiet. reward. inebriate To hire. consider. insert To cause blisters. rest. compensate. put. dwell. gain To move/knock about. miscarry ►cut off from loved ones To be wise. billet. comprehend. lay crosswise ►do purposely acquire sense. cover with snow. do well ►pretend. scull To bow [MC] To join. recompense. fall. cause bareness. expire. instruct. rent ►earn (wages). calm down See ‫שׂוכ‬ To bereave children. be white as snow To build a framework/foundation ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫שׁישׁ‬ ‫שׂישׂ‬ ♦ ‫שׁית‬ ♦ ‫שׁכב‬ ‫שׂכה‬ ‫שׁכח‬ ♦ ‫שׁככ‬ ♦ ‫שׂככ‬ ♦ ‫שׁכל‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ ‫שׂכל‬ . institute To be drunk/intoxicated.‫משׂכל‬ ‫שכלנ‬ ‫שׂכלנ‬ ♦ ‫שׁכמ‬ ♦ ‫שׁכנ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׁכר‬ ‫שׂכר‬ ‫שׁכשׁכ‬ ♦ ‫שׂכת‬ ♦ ‫שׁלב‬ ‫שׁלבק‬ ♦ ‫שׁלג‬ ‫שׁלד‬ 180 . settle (down) ►establish. kick the bucket To look. attach. look at. live. house. fit together/in. combine. profit. observe. teach. transpose ►cross (legs or arms). interweave. splash. imagine See ‫שׂכל‬ To rise/start early To abide. act sensibly/prudently/wittingly ►succeed. lose one’s children.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To cover with marble ►divide/multiply by six See ‫שׂושׂ‬ See ‫שות‬ To lie. lodge ►cohabit ►ravish. turn over ►die. sleep. fold one’s arms. ponder. found. inhabit. benefit. rationalize. enlighten. interlock. lease. shake ►dabble. hope. lie/lay down. have herpes To snow. rape ►place. pay ►have the advantage. lodge. cause to understand. prosper. rest. expect ►be lustful To forget. make/be childless.

shed. stretch (out) ►accompany. deprive ►take away. lord over.‫שלח‬ ♦ ‫שׂלה‬ ♦ ‫שׁלו‬ ‫שׂלו‬ ♦ ‫שׁלח‬ . reign. stitch. eject.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To be at ease/at peace/safe/quiet/tranquil/serene/secure/negligent. dispatch. hem ►run wild. deceive ►seize. sack. extract. retrieve To make a blob. hurl. set free.‫ שלל‬. domineer. cast. escort. slough. cast down/away. restore ►complete an education To cover [MC] To draw out a sword. enforce ►put into effect ►fix signpost To throw. release. perfect (oneself). fire. mislead. riot ►baste. act senselessly. revoke. launch. erupt To rule. complement. pillage. chain with ►plunder. delegate. go with ►commission. ship. end. draw out/off (by untying) ►take off a shoe. draw/pull out. have power/dominion/control over. reconcile ►pay. master. abandon. reject. capture. deny.‫שלה‬ ‫שׁלחפ‬ ♦ ‫שלט‬ ♦ ‫שׁלכ‬ ‫שׁלל‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׁלמ‬ ‫שׂלמ‬ ‫שׁלפ‬ ♦ ‫שׁלפח‬ 181 . accomplish ►make peace. let loose. impose. deceive ►neglect. remove. assure ►mislead. recompense. be chased ►strip.‫שלה‬ To complete. repay. undress.‫השל‬ . indemnify. compensate. charge See also ‫שלכ‬ To vesicate. abandon See also ‫שלח‬ To negate. scatter. blow up a balloon ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫שׁלה‬ ‫ שלו‬. be devoid of ►lead astray. requite. fling. reward. confuse ►hang on See also ‫ שול‬. release. be whole/well/safe/at ease/uninjured/unhurt/profitable. toss ►transfer. discard ►cast forth ►draw/pull out (of water) See also ‫שול‬ To move effortlessly [MC] To be still/tranquil See ‫שלה‬ To send away/forth/off. send. harmonize. forsake. blister. flay ►throw. be prey/despoiled. govern. take control of. command. finish. dismiss. drive out. extend. unsheathe. divorce. remove.

be careful/on guard. deposit with a third party. improve ►smooth To shimmy To hear. persecute To identify [MC] See also ‫ שׂומ‬and ‫שמא‬ To rejoice. nourish. move out of place ►evade. can ►observe. elide. watch. leave a field untilled ►detach. sully. pull. convert to Christianity. chain. deride. abstain. store. devastate ►force to convert. skip See ‫סמכ‬ To go/turn left ►use the left hand. comply with ►refrain. discipline. make small [MC] To grow fat/stout ►oil. develop ►relax/loosen the bowels. defame. scald. understand. do wrong ►cover the body [MC] See ‫ישמ‬ To contract [MC]. infer. treble. drag ►release. celebrate. strain ►wait for.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To boil. beware ►preserve. apostatize. lubricate ►fatten. make merry/happy To let drop/fall. Christianize. assemble ►playback. exult. seethe. baptize. exterminate. deduce ►obey submit to an authority. be posted ►link. trim To do thrice. summon. knot See ‫שמל‬ To destroy. gladden. miss. retain. couple. grease. get off by subterfuge ►trip. slander ►defile. annihilate. filter. purge ►drop a letter in a mailbox. shun. omit. shirk one’s duty. multiply/divide by three. cast down/off. reproduce To revile. be a leftist. cook ►dissect a dead body ►make smooth. lower ►evolve. throw/draw off. stay three days To let/hang down. remit. dislocate. conserve. release from a debt. attend To hold in place [MC] ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫שׁלק‬ ‫שׁלש‬ ‫שׁלשׁל‬ ♦ ‫שׂמאל‬ ♦ ‫שׁמד‬ ‫שעמד‬ ♦ ‫שׁמה‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׂמח‬ ‫שׁמט‬ ‫שׂמכ‬ ‫שׂמל‬ ‫שמאל‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׁממ‬ ♦ ‫שׂממ‬ ♦ ‫שׁמנ‬ ‫שׁמס‬ ♦ ‫שׁמע‬ ♦ ‫משמע‬ ‫שׁמצ‬ ♦ ‫שׁמר‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׂמר‬ 182 . give heed ►announce. proclaim. take heed/care. suffer from diarrhea. protect. pollute To keep. call out. cure. guard. triple. listen. await. cheer. slip off/away. left out.

provoke. libel ►speak distinctly ►change. tear into two. be different.‫ לשננ‬. disguise oneself ►remove ►sharpen. rend See also ‫שׁספ‬ To hew in/cut to pieces See also ‫שׁסע‬ See ‫שתמ‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫שׁמשׁ‬ ‫שׁמת‬ ‫שׁנא‬ ♦ ‫שׂנא‬ ♦ ‫שׁנב‬ ♦ ‫שׁנה‬ . fasten. wait on.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To serve. be hurt/wounded See ‫שנה‬ To gird up. make use of. provoke. calibrate ►determine year To spoil. mark. rip ►incite. lighten. lace. study. rob. teach diligently.‫לשנ‬ ‫ שנשנ‬. steal. rile To weave lattice To repeat. ban. sponge See ‫שננ‬ To divide. teach. entice. make hateful. cadge. instigate. learn. throttle. employ ►have intimate relations To excommunicate. clear ►impress on ►pierce. proscribe See ‫שנה‬ To hate. destroy. inculcate. stutter. draw To strangle. prick. differentiate. recur ►inform on. strap. cleave (the hoof). do service. officiate. learn by heart. graduate. be second-hand ►function. dislike. alienate. plunder. attend. notch. split. say a ‫ שׁ‬instead of a ‫► ס‬brighten. wrap tightly.‫הלשנ‬ . choke. minister. slander. inform. despoil ►rifle. detest ►antagonize. operate ►use. memorize. tighten See ‫נוע‬ To gird (one’s loins).‫שננ‬ ‫שׁננ‬ ♦ ‫שׁנס‬ ‫שׁנע‬ ‫שׁנצ‬ ‫שׁנק‬ ‫שׁנרר‬ ‫שׁנשׁנ‬ ‫שׁנת‬ ♦ ‫שינ‬ ♦ ‫שׁסה‬ ‫שסס‬ ♦ ‫שׁסס‬ ♦ ‫שׁסע‬ ‫שׁספ‬ ♦ ‫שׁסתמ‬ 183 . pillage. focus. alter. separate. set on (a dog) ►interrupt (speech) See ‫שסה‬ To divide. asphyxiate To be a beggar.

give/have pleasure. point To rub.‫שפכ‬ 184 . decant ►be at ease/quiet ►be sane/cured of lunacy. dull To put on a spit. be afraid ►hurl/sweep/whirl away. guess. look around. think. be with whiskers ►hem. reassess To cough To bore. assail. rush off ►bristle with honor ►grow hair. enrage. roast ►chip. pour out slowly. scandalize To delight. stab. trust. dally. conscious ►lay bare ►have a moustache. take by storm. besmear. suppose. rage. sport. reckon. slant. make merry. be moved ►shudder. plane. trim ►calm ►slant To incline. tilt. agitate. tremble. tremble. hemstitch See also ‫שפע‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫שׁעה‬ ‫שעע‬ ‫שׁעט‬ ‫שׁעטנז‬ ‫שׁעכ‬ ♦ ‫שׁעל‬ ‫שׁעמ‬ ♦ ‫שעממ‬ ‫שׁעמד‬ ‫שׁעממ‬ ♦ ‫שׁענ‬ ‫שעננ‬ ‫שׁעננ‬ ♦ ‫שׁעע‬ ♦ ‫שׂעפ‬ ‫סעפ‬ ♦ ‫שׁער‬ ‫שׂער‬ ‫סער‬ ♦ ‫שׁערר‬ ♦ ‫שׁעשע‬ ‫שׁפד‬ ‫שׁפה‬ ♦ ‫שׂפה‬ ♦ ‫שׂפמ‬ . attack/act violently. agitate See ‫שענ‬ See ‫שעה‬ To lop off boughs. contemplate. excite. depend upon. pound. amuse (oneself).SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To gaze. cause Sha’atnez. brandish. turn towards ►talk together ►shut. weary ►annoy. notice ►listen. smooth. regard. suspend ►smear over. trot. conjecture. heterogenize To re-evaluate. enjoy. entertain. scatter disperse. (pay) heed. imagine. ignore. believe To storm. glue together To stamp (feet/hooves). stir. ramify ►divide into paragraphs ►have thoughts. estimate. measure. hold up ►be close to ►shake. lean against. rejoice. run. fondle ►paste over. ponder ►tap To calculate. turn. branch/cut off. pierce. recline. behold. apportion. branch out. gallop To mix/intermingle incompatible things. blow. skewer. blind the eyes ►look away. be hairy ►act as a porter To cause a scandal. play. rely on. irritate. infuriate ►be melancholy See ‫שמד‬ See ‫שעמ‬ To support. be tempestuous. make dull/stupid.

shine. adorn. bring down. tilt. correct. place on a fire. renew.‫שׂפה‬ To lower. vindicate ►govern. establish ►give To be angry/mad ►cut. beautify. empty ►slant See also ‫ שפע‬. litigate. administer. be rich in. officiate To pour out. punish. abound (in). cover [MC] To flow. improve. spill. place. harmonize See ‫אשפר‬ See ‫פרט‬ See ‫שפר‬ See ‫שפר‬ See ‫שופ‬ To set pot on fireplace. evaluate. affect.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To join family. try. referee. repair. ordain. shed. rule. brighten. rip ‫שורש‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׁפח‬ ‫שׂפח‬ ‫שׁפכ‬ ‫שׁפל‬ ♦ ‫שׁפט‬ ♦ ♦ ♦ ‫שׂפמ‬ ♦ ‫שׂפנ‬ ♦ ‫שׁפע‬ . be well/fine. give copiously ►slope. plead.‫שפרפר‬ ‫שפרר‬ ‫שׁפרט‬ ‫שׁפרפר‬ ‫שׁפרר‬ ‫שׁפשׁפ‬ ♦ ‫שׁפת‬ ♦ ‫שׁצפ‬ 185 .‫שׂפה‬ ‫שׁפפ‬ ‫שׁפצ‬ ♦ ‫שׂפק‬ ♦ ‫שׁפר‬ ♦ . incline ►influence. abate. overhaul. emanate ►be smooth See also ‫שפכ‬ See ‫שופ‬ To repair. condemn. slash. cover with leprosy. slant. cause severe suffering To judge. increase by attaching [MC] To smite with scab. afflict with lesions/ skin disease. humiliate. sentence. renovate. conciliate. be brought to trial. lay down. decide. brim over. be lazy/indolent/humble/ gentle See ‫שׂפה‬ To hide [MC]. stream. restore See ‫ספק‬ To be good/pleasing/fair. subside. better. run ►discharge ►make abundant.

recuperate. settle. press down [MC] To water. curve See ‫שקפ‬ To detest. be parched To prolong. make eyes. remain still. defraud. incorporate ►deflect To look out. mirror. gaze. bag To deal falsely. appear. rebut To ogle. be visible. portray. saturate. defile. set (sun). rest To weigh. decline. straggle ►go/lead astray. disprove. show. guard. make abominable See ‫שוק‬ To cover with cloth [MC]. depict. lie ►refute. abate. see. irrigate. revitalize To (cause to) sink. consider. invest. view. persevere. refresh. overhang. misplace. cheat. twist. estimate ►pay money. face. mix ►let hang ►insert in wrong place. redden. extend ►interpolate. recess. X-ray. moisten. ponder. enlarge. transact See ‫שקל‬ To rehabilitate. entice. balance. watch ►shut one’s eyes ►contemplate. tighten. make transparent ►cause to be seen. dip. put incorrectly See ‫שבט‬ To intertwine. arch. color See ‫שוק‬ To be overcome by heat. insert ►subside. pacify. transpose. fool. seduce See also ‫שׂרכ‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫שׁקד‬ ‫שׂקד‬ ‫שׁקה‬ ♦ ‫שׁקט‬ ♦ ‫שׁקל‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שקלל‬ ‫שׁקלל‬ ♦ ‫שׁקמ‬ ♦ ‫שׁקע‬ ♦ ‫שׁקפ‬ ‫שקפפ‬ ‫שׁקפפ‬ ♦ ‫שׁקצ‬ ♦ ‫שׁקק‬ ♦ ‫שׂקק‬ ♦ ‫שׁקר‬ ♦ ‫שׂקר‬ ‫שׁקשׁק‬ ♦ ‫שׁרב‬ ‫שׁרבב‬ ♦ ‫שׁרבט‬ ♦ ‫שׂרג‬ ‫שגרר‬ 186 . submerge into water. loath. press down ►embody in book. drive. set in. lower. be immersed/engrossed absorbed with/in. entangle. persist. ponder ►be imminent ►lean over. give to drink To be quiet/calm/allay/inactive/peaceful/tranquil. forget. swindle. deliberate. observe.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To be awake/vigilant/diligent/eager/watchful/studious/zealous/industrious/ bound/ bent. wink ►rouge. negotiate. overlook. be loathsome. reflect. look (at). hurry ►be almond-shaped To tie down.

abound. pervert. outline. reign. extricate. rest. shrill. redden ►comb [MC] See ‫שׁרק‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫שׁרגג‬ ‫שׁרגנ‬ ♦ ‫שׂרד‬ ‫סרד‬ ♦ ‫שׁרה‬ ‫ שׁרת‬. dissolve ►permit. allocate. twist. devour ►quaff. teem. lace ►wander in all directions.‫סרט‬ . remain alive ►escape. allow. persist. underline. deride ►whistle. have control over. drench. mock. conquer. secure. remain. drink in To swarm. inspire. plod along See also ‫שׂרג‬ To stretch oneself out To burn. make a net. trace. breed. shriek. flee ►weave. entwine To soak. dip. dominate.‫שרטט‬ ‫תסרט‬ ‫שׂרטט‬ ‫שׁרינ‬ ♦ ‫שׂרכ‬ ‫שׂרע‬ ♦ ‫שׂרפ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׁרצ‬ ‫שרצצ‬ ‫שׁרצצ‬ ♦ ‫שׁרק‬ ♦ ‫שׂרק‬ ‫שׁרקק‬ 187 . control ►strengthen. strive. scribe. scream To paint red. minister to. contend.‫שׂור‬ ‫שׁרול‬ ♦ ‫שׂרט‬ . fire ►cover with resin ►absorb. steep/immerse in water. abrade. wait on To sleeve To scratch.‫שׁרר‬ ♦ ‫שׂרה‬ ‫ שׂרת‬. save. rule. prevail. validate See also ‫ שור‬and ‫שׂרר‬ To dwell. lacerate. release. incise. produce abundantly.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫שרג‬ See ‫ארגנ‬ To leave over. tattoo ►wound. survive. draw lines. sip. enact ►maintain. wind. rescue ►induce. suck. reside ►struggle. persevere ►free. support. swerve. sketch a design. reserve ►earmark. loosen.‫סרטט‬ . defeat. drag. send forth ►act as/make a (prince) ►serve. designate To entangle. spawn See ‫שרצ‬ To hiss. go astray. consume. design ►write/prepare/script a screenplay film. swallow. transverse. saturate. draft . pull. regulate. creep ►multiply. screen See ‫שׂרט‬ To armor. cut. wrestle. blaze. chafe ►rule.

put. express vaguely/not clearly To urinate To be afraid/terrified. tap a cask. disarrange ►refute. calm (down). extirpate. chain/link together. unravel. lose blood. cancel. associate. shut. stop/close/lock up. be still/dumb ►paralyze. corrode. lay ►base ►appoint ►weave To rust. soothe. burst open. embed To concatenate. disprove. eat To plant. tear down.‫סתמ‬ ‫שסתמ‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׁתנ‬ ‫שׁתע‬ ‫שׁתפ‬ ‫שׂתר‬ ‫סתר‬ ♦ ‫שׁתק‬ ♦ ‫שׁתת‬ ♦ ‫שׂתת‬ ♦ 188 . quiet. transplant.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫ שׁיר‬and ‫שורש‬ ‫שׁרר‬ ‫שׂרר‬ ♦ ‫שׁרשׁ‬ ‫שׁרשׁר‬ ♦ ‫שׁרת‬ ‫שׂרת‬ ‫שׁרתא‬ ♦ ‫שׁשׁא‬ ♦ ‫שׁשׁה‬ ♦ ‫שׁשׁר‬ ♦ ‫שׁתה‬ ♦ ♦ ‫שׁרה‬ See ‫שׂרה‬ To uproot. uncork. flow (gently). fill a cavity. destroy. fear To join (in partnership). valve. freeze. terminate ►hide. conceal. drag. numb. get cooperation of To silence. loosen. establish. conceal. proliferate To unseal. hang down. partake. drip. anesthetize To break out. obscure ►be silent ►leave unexplained. bore a hole ►close. deaden. upset. disappear See ‫שתה‬ To exert power [MC] ‫שתת‬ ‫שׁתכ‬ ♦ ‫שׁתל‬ ♦ ‫שׁתמ‬ ♦ ‫שׂתמ‬ . branch out. multiply/divide by six ►plunder [MC] To intermingle [MC] To drink. void. enclose. place. eradicate. move To give the sixth part. open. ooze ►found. exterminate ►strike root. set. contradict ►hide (oneself). bleed. block. dangle See ‫שׁרה‬ See ‫שׂרה‬ To strut To lead on. form ropes. implant. participate. undo. graft ►spread. share.

claim. fit. shape. match. portray. vary. bear twins. couple together. ask. sue. bargain. search. outline. modify.בלט‬for ‫תברג‬. narrate. correspond. flavor. summon. appeal. measure. delineate. adapt. for ‫ תבלט‬check ‫ . pollute To cover/mix manure with straw See ‫בנה‬ To demand. correlate. adjust. prosecute. parallel coordinate ►be similar/like to twins. season. revise. conform.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" ‫ת‬ Not listed are many four-letter Shoroshim beginning with the letter "‫ "ת‬which can simply be found by dropping the prefix ‫ ת‬and looking up the remainder three letters. do business To do frequently See ‫תהה‬ ‫שורש‬ ‫תאב‬ ‫תאבנ‬ ♦ ‫תאה‬ ‫תאל‬ ♦ ‫תאמ‬ ♦ ‫תאנ‬ ♦ ‫תאר‬ ♦ ‫תאה‬ ‫תארכ‬ ♦ ‫תבל‬ ♦ ‫תבנ‬ ‫תבנת‬ ‫תבע‬ ♦ ‫תגה‬ ‫תגר‬ ‫תדר‬ ‫תהא‬ 189 . require To sadden [MC] To trade. divide. despoil. extend ►describe. encompass. alter. e. etc. encircle. mark around. improve ►defile oneself. agree.ברג‬for ‫תגבר‬. haggle. check ‫ .g. request. combine. draw. check ‫גבר‬. change. DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫אבה‬ See ‫אבה‬ See ‫תאר‬ See ‫אלה‬ To join. give a fine appearance to To date To spice. harmonize. double ►separate. suit. trace out. portray. peddle. draw. surround. part ►be a piece of See ‫אנה‬ To mark out a boundary.

be dumbfounded. bisect. scribble ►pain. travel. flash forth light. reflect. follow. glorify. boast ►be mad/foolish. outline. pause. amaze. go (astray). survey. act as intermediary/middleman. initialize. harrow. direct ►seek after the heart To romp [MC] See ‫תתב‬ See ‫תוה‬ See ‫התז‬ To rub. set landmark To rival. radiate To bring down to the depths To mark. commend. wonder. delude ►shine brightly.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES See ‫הוד‬ To astonish. break up (soil). center. reset. label. fix a boundary. scan. limit. commence. arbitrate. explore. spy/seek/search out. regret. sketch. scrape. mimic To mark/fix/set limits. grieve. plow. delimit. acclaim. thump To make crownlets/ornamentations ►tag. thrust See also ‫תחח‬ To loosen soil by plowing. knock. start up. behave wildly. mark To wire ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫תהד‬ ‫תהה‬ ‫תהא‬ ‫תהל‬ ‫הלל‬ ♦ ‫תהמ‬ ♦ ‫תוה‬ ‫תותו‬ ♦ ‫תוכ‬ ♦ ‫תומ‬ ♦ ‫תור‬ ‫תיר‬ ‫תוש‬ ‫תותב‬ ‫תותו‬ ♦ ‫תזז‬ ‫תזתז‬ ‫תחב‬ ♦ ‫תחח‬ ‫תחל‬ ‫תחמ‬ ♦ ‫תחר‬ ♦ ‫תחת‬ ‫תחתח‬ ‫תיג‬ ‫תיל‬ 190 . distress ►surprise To mediate. stick/tuck/push in. crumble. intervene. compete with. divide To taper ends together [MC] To tour. be in the middle ►halve. laud. repent To praise. sing praises/Psalms. confuse ►examine. till ►stick in See also ‫תחב‬ To begin. contest ►protect [MC] To place below [MC] To make noise. demarcate. brush against To insert. afflict. copy. meditate. prime ►imitate.

contort To make inferior wine/grape-skin wine. surpass See ‫תלה‬ To whiten. affix. estimate. pin ►grasp. join/sew together. wash. wave. persist ‫שורש‬ ‫תיק‬ ‫תיר‬ ♦ ‫תכה‬ ♦ ‫תככ‬ ♦ ‫תכל‬ ♦ ‫תכנ‬ ‫ תכנת‬. make equitable See also ‫תכסס‬ See ‫תכנ‬ See ‫תכנ‬ To use strategy. formulate a program. trail. suspend. plan. attach. moisten ►mead ►be diligent. sum up ►right. suspend in time or space [MC] See ‫התל‬ To plow up furrows. unite ►follow in close order. deceive. make snowy To hang (up). pass. pick. track To intrigue. plan tactically. do continuously/constantly/steadily. be filled with/freed from worms/worm-eaten. overtake. come in quick succession/frequently ►catch. leave in suspense/doubt/undecided ►ascribe (to). decay ►redden ►be dressed in scarlet To pluck up. mix (liquids). be correct.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To file documents See ‫תור‬ To prostrate ►follow. design. arrange. infuse. formulate. leave a ridge To remove worms/vermin. triangulate To curl. swing. be dependent on. dilute. attach. attribute. employ tactics See also ‫תכנ‬ To follow immediately. tear out/off. hold by. weigh.‫תכננ‬ ‫תכננ‬ ‫תכנת‬ ‫תכסס‬ ‫תכפ‬ ‫תלא‬ ♦ ‫תלג‬ ♦ ‫תלה‬ ♦ ‫תלא‬ ♦ ‫תלל‬ ‫תלמ‬ ♦ ‫תלע‬ ♦ ‫תלש‬ ‫תלת‬ ‫תלתל‬ ♦ ‫תמד‬ 191 . measure. examine ►program. establish. seize ►sway [MC]. detach To divide by three. mislead To be/appear bluish/azure To regulate. furrow.

milestones See ‫תנה‬ See ‫בעה‬ See ‫נוד‬ To recount. be dumbfounded. back. contrive. pretend being naïve To draw a picture ►multiply by eight See ‫מצה‬ To rise straight up (smoke) ►change. rely/rest upon. refine. rehearse. offer ►hire. defile. be exhausted To light a fire [MC] To support. clutch To precede [MC] To finish. recite. bubble. make a condition. be abominable. despise ►pollute. increase value See ‫שׂרט‬ To loathe. repeat. relate. destroy. effervesce. teach (Mishnah/Braisoh). consume ►act honestly. hold up. seethe (with excitement). study. rent ►place. end. surprise. employ. cease. grieve. learn ►mourn. exterminate. improve. report a tradition ►stipulate. markers. replace To maneuver. amaze. maintain ►seize. hone ►spend. be innocent/upright ►feign simplicity. tell. exchange. grasp. contaminate See ‫עוד‬ ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫תמה‬ ♦ ♦ ‫תמז‬ ‫תמכ‬ ‫תמל‬ ♦ ‫תממ‬ ♦ ‫תמנ‬ ‫תמצת‬ ♦ ‫תמר‬ ‫תמרנ‬ ‫תמרר‬ ♦ ‫תנא‬ ‫תנב‬ ‫תנד‬ ♦ ‫תנה‬ ‫תנא‬ ‫תנח‬ ♦ ‫תנכ‬ ♦ ‫תננ‬ ‫תנע‬ ♦ ‫תנר‬ ‫תסס‬ ‫תספ‬ ‫תסרט‬ ♦ ‫תעב‬ ‫תעד‬ 192 . uphold. revalue. exhaust ►perfect.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To astound. agree upon. be in doubt ►behave strangely ►finish. astonish. abhor. scheme To set up road/traffic signs. allow See ‫נוח‬ To be pliant [MC] To emit sounds of calmness [MC] See ‫נוע‬ See ‫נור‬ To ferment. wonder. excite To revaluate. agitate. give.

totter To canalize. order. make bright ‫שורש‬ ♦ ‫תעה‬ ‫תעע‬ ‫תעל‬ ‫תעע‬ ‫תעשׂ‬ ‫תעתע‬ ♦ ‫תפה‬ ♦ ‫תפח‬ ♦ ‫תפל‬ ‫תפס‬ ♦ ‫תפפ‬ ♦ ‫תפר‬ ♦ ‫תפשׂ‬ ♦ ‫תפס‬ ‫תצפת‬ ♦ ‫תקל‬ ♦ ‫תקנ‬ ‫תקננ‬ ‫תקננ‬ ♦ ‫תקע‬ ‫תקפ‬ ‫תקר‬ ‫תקתק‬ ‫תרבת‬ ‫תרג‬ ♦ 193 . hold. busy. typewrite. prevail. repair. catch. clamp. type See ‫רבה‬ To stain yellow. click. arrange. stitch. grasp See ‫קרה‬ To tick. conquer. fix. take possession/effect. go/lead astray. correct. cheat. understand. arrest. take up space/time. stick ►strike.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To err. grasp. emend. deceive. overpower. heal. drum. strike lightly. designate. perceive ►occupy. delude. pitch a tent. slap. install. wander. stick/drive in. stagger. plaster ►impute ►desalinate See ‫תפשׂ‬ To beat. compel. insert. cheat. trifle. scoff. handle. reel. institute. lose one’s way. standardize. prepare. climb. establish. plug into. bump into. grip. contain. innovate ►predestine. sound the timbrel To sew (together). assault. assail. fate See ‫תקנ‬ To blow a horn/Shofar ►thrust. mislead. encounter ►strike against ►weigh ►tackle ►cause to err/stumble To straighten. complete ►reform. drain. sound ►pledge oneself To attack. mend. validate ►ordain. lay/provide with sewers ►be useful/profitable ►cure. seize. capture. mend To seize. meet. wield. treat See ‫תעה‬ See ‫עשׂה‬ To mock. clap hands. get. talk nonsense ►paste. stray. feed on citrons. deceive To punish [MC] See ‫פוח‬ To be silly. be right. engage ►be blamed/held responsible See ‫צפה‬ To stumble. ready.

cast loose earth To divide/multiply by nine ►decrease [MC] See ‫שׁור‬ See ‫נתש‬ To insert. settle. have diarrhea ►splatter. quarrel. fix.SHOROSHIM AN ENGLISH THESAURUS OF HEBREW ROOTS "A RADICAL DICTIONARY" DEFINITIONS AND DERIVATIVES To translate. dare. put into capsules ►carry a knapsack To mast To shield. put in ‫שורש‬ ‫תרגמ‬ ‫תרה‬ ♦ ‫תרז‬ ‫תרח‬ ‫תרמ‬ ‫תרמל‬ ♦ ‫תרנ‬ ‫תרס‬ ♦ ♦ ‫תרע‬ ‫תרפ‬ ‫תרצ‬ ‫תרש‬ ‫תרתר‬ ♦ ‫תשׁע‬ ‫תשׁר‬ ‫תשׁשׁ‬ ‫תתב‬ ♦ ‫תותב‬ 194 . decay. wrestle in debate. reply. fight back To blow trumpet/Shofar. cure. explain. treat To answer. sound an alarm. resist. sound alarm ►protest. squirt. alert To excrete. find excuses. solve a difficulty. remonstrate. splash ►be shocked/frightened/ seized with panic To waver [MC] See ‫ראמ‬ To form pods. clarify. scatter. announce To rot. interpret. soften ►heal. protect. set right To search [MC] To crumble. challenge. defy. forewarn. caution. explain To warn.