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4-694 (Rev. 10-58-98) US. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation Washingion, Die_20538 Subject of Request; KLAUS BARBIE FOIPA No, iso Dear Requester: Enclosed are copies of documents from FBI records, Excision have bees made to protect information exempt from disclosure pursuant to Title 5, United States Code, Section $52 (Freedom of Information Ast) and/ or Seetion 3528 (Privacy Act). In addition, where excisions were sade, the appropriate exempting subsections have been cited opposite the deletions. Where pages have been withheld in the entirety, 2 deleted page information sheet has been substituted showing the rearont or basie for the deletion, The subsections sited for withholding saformation from the enclored documents are marked below: Section S82 Section S820 Bon Dem Oexsy Oe Dome, Qae Wes) lenny Dovey Reaxn Owe Oman Davey a RE Cane, Cow Dens Ow, Dex Dory Dee Dew, Dex (See Form 4.694, enclosed, for an explanation of these exemptions.) Parsuant to your cequest, 107 ___pages(s) were reviewed and __76 __ page(s) are being ‘eleased. During the review of material pertinent to the subject of your request, documents were located which D originated with another Government ageney(ies). These documents were referred to that agency(ies) for review and direct response to you, [1 contain information furnished by another Government agency(ies). You will be advised by the FBI as to the releasability of this information following our consultation with the other agensyGen) (ara! Files Re: Kaus Barby 2 XXNENNAXNKNANANARK XXNNNY SNNNN NO DUPLICATION FEE RS FOR Tits PAGE, XNNWAMANANENAVANNND eat atin nf nt Jesteeteett_St-sabaesiaeiereegninnes a 77 (ES nae “yy a‘ UBTTED STATES WC aN = -- Memorandum enero” — . CONSAENTIAL 2 DIRECTOR, FBI T, LA PAZ (105-122) (P) given front-page publicity to alle ga} 7 mnanager of the Bolivian state-own/d Trahamaritima Bolivians Corporation, is in effect KLAUS SARBIE, the long-sought Nasi Gestapo Chief in Lyon, France, during World War Dwhowas - ‘condemned to death for having ordered the execution of many aaa French resistance fighters fncluding their leader, JEAN MOULIN,» ¥ ALTMANN, who ts 56 yeare of age and a Bolivian eltizen since : 1957 was in Peru when the allegation was first made pub returned to La Par on 1/28 On 3/28/72, Mrs, BEATE KLARSFE. and an official of the International League Agatost Anti-Semitism and Racism arrived ip La Paz with numerous documents which she alleged will prove that ALTMANN ts actually KLAUS BARBIE(y, Ina 1/29/12, press interview in La Par, ALTMANN declined to comment on the allegation that be is in fact BARBIE, He stated be would not attempt to flee Bolivia and would fight any attempt to extradite him on the grounds that be is » naturalized Bolivian citize: Keita C)Prese reports of 2/2, he, indicated that the — ‘government is considering the French requept fox extradition, however, moted that an extradition treaty does not ex] yy ae en coe and Boll 221992 - Lay, * @esrens amy ee Wh ra 9 a Se 1 7 - ¢ oes — Bey U.S. ie