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Negotiations Assignment

Negotiations Assignment

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Negotiations Assignment



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van Beek Michel Temming 2403760 DIM2VA DATE: SUBJECT: The 9th of January.Stuvia.com . M. 2008 Title: Course name: Negotiating final assignment English 3 – Course code 59536 0 .The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material Negotiating final assignment Analyses of the negotiation sessions and personal comment on an article TO: FROM: Name: Name: Student number: Class: Mrs.

Stuvia. 4. 5. Foreword Description of power balance Personal comment on negotiations article References Appendix Page Page Page Page Page 2 3 5 7 8 1 .com . 2.The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material Table of contents 1. 3.

The importance of learning and speaking this language is a vitally important business asset in a competitive world.  The student can write an essay or report. She has drawn up the following points to follow according to the Common European Framework of reference: The student writes at CEF-level B2.com .The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material 1. To apply our learned English writing capabilities we have been asked to write a description of the power balance during the negotiation sessions.  The student can also write simple instructions or an uncomplicated letter of application. you should keep in mind certain guidelines for using appropriate business language no matter what the situation. passing information or giving reasons in support of or against a particular point of view. personal style. This report describes the balance of power during these sessions and also an article about international negotiating is added with a personal comment. M. appropriate to the reader in mind. Our lecturer and coach for learning business language English Mrs. 2 . These were held during English classes between two teams of students representing a company (Visitron or WHA). However.2  The student can write clear.  The student can write different kinds of texts in a confident. van Beek. The personal comment expresses that I have an understanding of negotiating and I am able to give my personal opinion about it. It´s true that standards of what you can and can´t say in business situations are looser today that they used to be.Stuvia. detailed texts on a wide range of subjects related to his interest. works in collaboration with Saxion Universities of Applied Science. Foreword The value of Business language is often misunderstood in doing business.

Both teams were very depended on each other and willing to close the deal. However during the sessions it is noticeable that the balance of power shifts between the teams because of their confidence or being well prepared. maybe even confident enough of their position to walk away. a few however could not. however both parties tried to negotiate the best offer possible. This was an unhealthy situation for the negotiations because both parties seemed to be offended by either a load of questions difficult to answer. the presentation of Visitron was over and WHA started to ask the first questions relating to the content of the presentation. At a certain moment WHA tried to bargain a discount on the total price. It showed WHA’s power of asking the right questions before the actual bargaining phase of the negotiation began. This information was known before the negotiations actually began. this however was refused by Visitron which showed that the company is not desperate for closing the deal. The last bargaining session was a good session for WHA. meaning that a contract for both parties was maybe only one meeting away. Visitron however knew that WHA was incredibly important for their sales. At the end of the meeting however. and the confidence of Visitron started to get a little bit less. the answers to the questions from Visitron weren’t always put with the same confidence because of their lack of knowledge about so many subjects. it seemed that Visitron was more trying to defend itself and WHA was trying to put Visitron in a difficult position. and Visitron was clearly in a weaker position at the end of the negotiations. By demanding more and more information and showing to be unsatisfied WHA took over power during the meeting. the Visitron Company took a great amount of the power balance by appearing more confident and being well prepared to questions or with asking questions. The answers for the questions were scheduled for the next meeting. it was not aware that they were a very important potential customer for Visitron with more power during than they actually realized. Most questions could be answered. At this point the 3 . the total price offered by Visitron was agreed on by WHA. When WHA started the negotiations. At the end of the second session however. The companies only had limited knowledge about each other’s position.com . or a load of answers WHA didn’t hoped for. This shows that the power during negotiating is absolute and can change by several different actions. After the presentation of the new product however. looking at the negotiations generally. but it did not know that the offers from competition to WHA were not as good as the offer from Visitron. The following meeting. When the bargaining sessions of the negotiations started to take place.Stuvia. I will describe what happened with the power balance between the Visitron and WHA Company. Both teams explained their goals and restrictions and both showed a positive opinion of doing business together by showing to understand each other’s positions. This introduction gave them a better position compared to the competitors. In fact. Visitron introduced a new product (the HHS). The very first two negotiating sessions. This showed a little bit that Visitron was ill prepared or known with its own product. power in between teams was not very noticeable. Description of power balance Both companies Visitron and WHA finished their negotiating objectives during the six negotiation sessions held. In relation to this. WHA started to ask a lot of questions related to all the presentation subjects from last session. Visitron now had a product to offer which could be a much better deal for WHA and Visitron was aware of this. The power of WHA grew.The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material 2.

The very last session was about putting together clauses and setting up the final contract.Stuvia. the power balance was equal and the deal was closed successfully. A part from view small misunderstandings during this session. During the entire negotiations.The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material power was equally balanced for both parties. showing the positive position again toward each other to negotiate a successful contract. Both parties were willing to go into business with each other. It seemed that Visitron was not aware of its own position which was just as strong as WHA’s. 4 . generally I must say that WHA was in a better position of power during the negotiations.com . It showed that WHA was more willing to walk away from the deal and appear more confident. WHA took a good advantage of demanding price discounts and showing dissatisfaction for some answers.

as also said in the article. Personally I find the fourth subject of the article an interesting and important rule of negotiating. Personal comment on negotiations article The title of this article already shows that negotiating is a very broad subject in everyday life. you might be able to bargain a good position for both companies (or at least for your own company and let the opposite party feel good with its decision). as well as the level of contribution from the employees which . rather than to motivate.com . you are in a better position to put the other party in the position you prefer. These negotiations are about bargaining good sales. Understand what the other party is proposing and trying to successfully obtain. It started however with a cruel statement. a more friendly relationship is gained in which the employees tend to understand your ideas and targets are aimed positive for all parties. And of course it is a must never to forget the actual intention of the negotiation in the first place. Even though these are two subjects who differ a lot from each other. What was noticeable during the video of these negotiation sessions is that even though both parties of the company formed one united negotiating team. If you are able to notice if a person is nervous.” If you see the opposite party not just as a seller or buyer from which you want to sign a contract. goes up. and the practice we made on Visitron-WHA. Trying to understand and listen to the other party of course is very important to identify the position the other company is in. or to give my personal opinion on the article.The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material 3. Than you can examine the interest of you as well as the other party and come up with options in which you both are making an advantage.Stuvia. if you pay careful attention to the individual people of the other negotiating party. In my opinion to reach this. The first paragraph of the article immediately shows an important rule of negotiation language frames. negotiations to motivate or improve the company structure. to either show the resemblances between the article and the lectures. The article tells us to analyse a person’s unique attributes and to act on this knowledge. The first appearance is crucial when starting a negotiation. instead of establishing a good atmosphere which is important to set the mood for all the employees. they have a stake in the outcome. over confident or is in a position to make decisions. 5 . Not just the negotiating sessions which we analysed in the Visitron-Kamakura video. rather than what the article shows. to treat each person as an individual also played a particular important role in the Visitron-Kamakura negotiations. The article shows a bad example of a director trying to gain power through fear of his employees. Ed Brodow states: “Because they are involved in the process. often persons from the team were addressed with issues individually. In my opinion. it gives you the opportunity to make use of this by approaching these persons in a different manner. My starting point to explain you this is taken from the article. the importance of clearly stating your objective is also given. I noticed the resemblance of negotiation tactics for both subjects while reading the article. it is also important to let go of any personal standards. Mr. The first subject of the article. If this is done correctly. In a following subject of the article. The important thing is the objective of your negotiation upon both parties can agree. Sometimes people don’t speak by words but you can understand them by body language or tone.

com .The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material So instead of letting emotion cloud your objective. A learning experience actually when you think about it. If you recognise the different situations and are able to fluently apply any negotiating rules. Negotiating comes in many ways in everyday situations. make sure you and especially also the other party understands that you are both partners and try to solve the problem together as an object.Stuvia. you are much more in the position to successfully reach your target. 6 .

7 .html Tyranny versus TLC: Five Negotiation Steps for Managers By Ed Brodow Copyright © 2008 Ed Brodow Seminars.negotiationbootcamp.com .com/BSPGoldQuestionTableScott_Maxwell.The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material 4. References Front page image Website: http://www.com/NegotiationArticles/NegotiationStepsForManagers.jpg Copyright © 2009.negotiationlawblog. Inc.Stuvia. Beverly Hills. Settle It Now Dispute Resolution Services. California Article Website: www.

When it came to my attention that one of my 8 . That taught me a lesson. Unfortunately for him.com . and sat down.The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material 5. Not "Good morning" or "Welcome to my department. derived from my Three Rules for WinWin Negotiating 1. On our first day in the new department. I prefer a more affectionate system of management. He finds a way to utilize each person's unique attributes to foster cooperation in service of the company." He was wrong . You couldn't possibly be right about this situation." I was one of eight experienced sales representatives transferred to his department from another division. When I worked as a sales rep for IBM in the '70s. "You are just a junior marketing representative. we were ushered into his office. I was disgusted. each with a set of unique skills. When I became a sales manager at Litton Industries. Appendix Tyranny versus TLC: Five Negotiation Steps for Managers By Ed Brodow On Donald Trump's TV show. my manager didn't see me as an individual who could make a genuine contribution to the company." he told me. Studies have shown that the number-one reason for stress on the job is the boss.by fear . this style of management by fear is counterproductive. This approach to managing people . But by the time my manager realized it. I will never forget the first thing he said to us. Our product line consisted mainly of complex systems that required sales reps to master a certain amount of knowledge.my prediction turned out to be dead-on. The affection-based manager does not try to intimidate his employees.Stuvia. "The Apprentice." employees are told: "If you don't measure up. I tried to view each of my reps as a partner rather than a subordinate. shook hands. it was too late. "You don't have the necessary experience to be able to analyze our overall account strategy. and it accounts for much of the dissatisfaction in the workplace. Were we motivated? Inspired? I know that I wasn't. you're fired!" An old boss of mine would have loved "The Apprentice. I once alerted my manager to a threat from a competitor who was going after our largest customer. If management's goal is to get employees to do what it wants. Treat each employee as an individual. but rather encourages them to apply their strengths in areas where they can make the optimum contribution." He said: "I fired 125 people last year and I'm proud of it!" Imagine the effect his statement had on the group.has long been the norm in the corporate world.

it will make employees want to do better in the future. The best manager I ever had would first describe the task and then give me options for how to accomplish it in my own way. Had I taken the "Apprentice" approach and punished him for his poor performance with the complex systems. People who manage by fear are often abusive in their application of criticism. criticism is a tool for bullying. Affection-based managers make subordinates feel that they are part of the decision-making process. however. Provide clear objectives. Ed Brodow is a keynote speaker and negotiation guru on PBS. I would have lost a valuable member of our sales team. and together they created a new set of office procedures that the employees were happy to follow . Negotiation Boot Camp® is a registered Service Mark of Ed Brodow Seminars.and that ended up being much more effective. and Make Better Deals (Doubleday). 9 . He is the author of Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict. threatened and even fired one person as an example to the others. ABC News. instead of firing or demoting him. He scolded. Nothing worked until we convinced the client to show his employees respect by listening. but if it is delivered in an objective. Develop trust by listening. So he set up a meeting in which the staff could air their grievances and make suggestions for improving the rules. They can later see how they contributed to the end product. Effective managers do not say. uses constructive criticism . In adversarial management. The manager's function is to provide clear options that lead to the desired result. telling subordinates what to do but not how to do it. Give constructive criticism. and they enjoy a sense of completion. Employees who are able to see the fruits of their labor and ideas derive a strong sense of satisfaction from their jobs. My client took an adversarial. and she understands her objectives. 2." They describe the objective. If an employee's skill set is in sync with her position.com .The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material reps didn't have a sophisticated understanding of our big. I asked him to concentrate on smaller systems. complex systems. When employees have clear guidelines for job objectives. Inc. A client of mine with a network of dental offices set up a series of procedures for his employees to follow when dealing with patients. disrespectful position . "Do it this way because I say so. she will get the job done. Fox News."I'm the boss. One leading cause of workplace stress is confusion over expectations. Sometimes criticism is called for. do as I say" was his attitude. Because they are involved in the process. My client finally heard what they had to say. It was the most productive period in my corporate career. But his employees refused to follow the rules.criticism that encourages you to correct the mistake without insulting or offending. The affection-based manager. Workers who feel that they are an integral part of an operation are far more productive than those who do not. this confusion disappears. they have a stake in the outcome. 3. 4. Satisfy Customers.Stuvia. and Inside Edition. Copyright © 2008 Ed Brodow Seminars. It worked. Inc. not feel shame about their mistakes. Involve subordinates in decision making. affirming and kind way. He broke the company record for selling small systems. 5.

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