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Introduction to Administrative Law

Introduction to Administrative Law


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Any complaint is made directly to a Commissioner, even by a health authority
which may be anxious to have an investigation of a matter for which it is
responsible. The person directly affected and aggrieved by a failure to provide a
service, or a failure of a service or any other action taken by or on behalf of a
health authority or other body subject to investigation may also complain
through a representative where he is unable to undertake a complaint himself.
A personal representative may also complain on behalf of a person who is
deceased. Complaints range across a wide field and include the treatment of
patients by hospital staff, the management of hospital waiting lists and the
transfer of patients between different hospitals. In all of these complaints, it is
the task of the Commissioner to investigate injustice or hardship in consequence
of a failure to provide a service or a failure of that service, or injustice or hard-
ship in consequence of maladministration in relation to any other action.
Following an investigation, a report is sent to the complainant and the Secretary
of State for Health or the health authority. Annual and special reports are made
to the Secretary of State and laid by him before Parliament.

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