Below-the-Line activity And Rural Marketing In Urban India

Under the guidance of

Mr. Christopher Lopes Regional Head 3HD Media.

Prof. P.R. Kulkarni IBS, Mumbai.

Objectives Primary objective •To understand the current Below the Line digital marketing •To enlist the components of BTL Marketing •To analyze the effectiveness of the BTL marketing in Live Project. • Secondary Objective •To recommend suggestions to the company based on study made •To organize the complete fashion show •To contact Brand Managers of successful firms for sponsorships .

Schedule •To understand the Concepts •Make the presentations •Meet the Brand Managers •Bring Sponsorship •To organize a fashion show .

blogs.Being a one of a kind show what unique benefits our fashion show is offering to the exhibitors.What all benefits will be given to sponsors according to the money they are sponsoring. •Sponsorship Mileage.Marketing done for the sponsors on ground and on digital media. twitter. .What all marketing has been started about the fashion show. •Media Plan.Facebook page.All the media plan and marketing which is decided •Marketing Started. . •Sponsorship Exclusivity.Digital Marketing •Introduction.g.All about fashion Show •Highlights. e.



. Presentation Handling Objections Closing-In this stage I asked the manager for the sponsorship. Follow up-It was my last stage where in I aimed to develop a long-term relationship with the manager.Strategies for Sponsorship Approach-In this stage I made an initial contact with the potential brand managers and tried to find out how they want marketing.

I observed the following: 3 of every 7 people I met were unemployed. managed to create a database of 250 mobile numbers. we interns were asked to generate a mobile number database of the blue collared and unemployed workers. .Rural Marketing in Urban India Objective: To collect data regarding the number of people unemployed or underemployed. Majority of the employed people I met earned less than Rs. 70/day. After visiting and meeting the people in and around the slums. I. Description: At 3HD Media. Observations: After visiting 8 slums and talking to the slum dwellers and other blue collared workers around the city. Methodology: Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in 3HD Media.


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