ASCP - 102

Intermediate Guide to Implementing ASCP
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Agenda Quick Review of ASCPASCP-101 Data Collection Methods Safety Stock Levels Substitution End Item Substitution Component substitution Q&A 2 .

One Time Setups Define Instance and organizations Setup Responsibilities Define Plans Recurring Activities Refresh MDS Data Collection Plan Run Act upon recommendations 3 .Review of ASCPASCP-101 Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) is a comprehensive planning solution that decides when and where supplies should be deployed within an extended supply chain.

ASCP Data Flow 4 .

Collection Methods .Complete 5 .

Collection Methods – Targeted 6 .

Collection Methods – Net Change 7 .

Safety Stock Purpose of safety stock Ways to define safety stock levels User defined Based on Forecast Calculated by ASCP 8 .

Safety Stock – User Defined 9 .

Safety Stock – By Forecast 10 .

Safety Stock – calculated by ASCP 11 .

max Day1 15 Day2 15 Day3 20 Day4 20 Smoothen across time interval MSC: Maximum Percentage variation in safety stock values MSC: Minimum Percentage variation in safety stock values 12 .Safety Stock – calculated by ASCP Three steps Calculate safety stock based on percentage and days Day1 10 Day2 20 Day3 30 Day4 10 Smoothen within time interval MSC: Safety stock change interval (Days) MSC: Smoothing method to calculate Safety stock within Change interval – Avg. min.

Substitution Setup item relationship Setup relationship on BOM Setup ASCP plan options Check exceptions 13 .

Substitution Results – End Item 14 .

Substitution Results .Components 15 .

Gotchyas Need to collect master org data End item substitution is not automatic Substitution on Internal Orders Substitution and ATO/PTO models Safety stock variations 16 .

com 513513 -325 325-9026 17 .Q&A Sandeep Gandhi ssgcinty@yahoo.

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