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Human Cloning Handout

What is human cloning?

Human Cloning is ______________ human __________
produced asexually from _____ ancestor.

Types of human cloning

There are ____ types of human cloning:
________________ Cloning
Taking the ______________________ out of a
cell and implanting that into a _______ and then
into a surrogate mother
________________ Cloning
Using ____________ stem cells for research on
diseases, or cloning ____________ for

Why on earth would you want to [reproductively] clone a

Make an _______ of super humans
ex: ______________________
Take the _________________________ of an old person
and put it into a new _________

How far have people gone with Human Cloning?

Some scientists have successfully cloned a few of their
__________, but most of them (the clones) have
____________ within a short time.

What Ethical Problems are there with Human Cloning?

The main ethical concern is with ______________
This depends on what you view as

What Technological Problems are there with Human

Those few people that do successfully clone themselves
have their cloned _______ die within a few weeks.
In other words, the cloned cells can't perform
____________ as well as normal cells.