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Chapter One
I thought I was the one ultimately in control. How wrong I was! Now it's too late and my life is ruined. And it was mostly my fault. My wife was only partially responsible. I guess events just spiraled out of control for both of us. But let me back up and explain a little about us. We first met in college and I fell for her right away. We dated for years before I finally asked her to marry me. Now we're both thirty, married five years, no children. We're too busy with our careers to start a family, although we said we planned to some day. For now, she remains on the pill. My wife, Cindy, is a petite, beautiful blonde who keeps herself in good shape with regular exercise. She has natural C-cup breasts and keeps her pussy trimmed into a cute little triangle. She's sexy and energetic and I used to love making love to her. But over the years, what with work and money pressures, I guess our marriage had become a bit dull. We probably have made love maybe twice a month in the last year. I'm about five-ten, curly brown hair, and probably average in most aspects. How she wound up with me, I don't know. But I like to think I treated her right. Little did I know. All in all, we were a typical American couple, both working hard, living beyond our means. Cindy works as a teller in a bank and I am a middle manager in an office supply company. Maybe we were striving so hard for the things we didn't have that we didn't pay attention to the things we did. My world turned upside down one Friday in May. I had come home early from work and was surprised to see Cindy's car in the driveway. It wasn't like her to leave work before five-thirty and I wondered if she was feeling ill. Parked in the street was a car I didn't recognize. I didn't pay it much attention as I went inside. I started to call out her name when I heard noises coming from our bedroom. With a growing horror, I went to the partially opened door and pushed it wide. There, on our marital bed, Cindy lay under a muscular black man, getting royally fucked. There's no polite way to say it. Her knees were wide apart, her heels resting on his hips and she was thrusting in rhythm with him, making little noises in her throat. If she saw me, she didn't react – she was far too gone into her pre-orgasmic state to have cognitive thought. I stared as this man continued to plow her. His thick black snake plunged in between her creamy thighs, drawing moans and gasps from her. Cindy's mouth was half open and her eyes seemed glazed with pleasure. Clearly,

He just smiled at me. Certainly. So I retreated. Finally. smile at this! and I went to the nightstand next to the bed to pull out my pistol I kept there. The man noticed me but he didn't stop his movements at all." he said casually. "We're almost done.she wasn't being raped. But she did nothing – she seemed helpless under his onslaught. I had always believed I was of "average" to "above average" in size. she climaxed. Why I continued to sit there. "Why don't you go wait in the living room and I'll be out in a minute. I should have left. I staggered back a few steps. He never stopped fucking my wife and she never stopped her vocalizations. Was that sick and twisted or what? . unmistakably genuine. for he would find me wanting." With that. I stared at her. but all I could think about was fucking her myself. I thought. Cindy made increasingly louder noises as she climbed toward her orgasm. but listening to them now. But I had nothing on this fella. I wondered if maybe she hadn't been faking it a bit for me. My rock-hard cock sure wanted to. but thick and Cindy was enjoying every inch of it. after he was done. Although he was bigger than I was and in better shape. a long. I might have hurled myself at him except for a rather embarrassing fact: I was getting an erection. he returned his attention to my wife. thinking she would come to her senses and push him off of her. Maybe she would beg my forgiveness. shrieking coda that made me wince. But the gun wasn't there. it was hard not to make a mental comparison between the size of his cock and my rather ordinary one. but I found myself mesmerized by the sounds of their love-making. Her entire being seemed focused on his cock that was plowing her pussy mercilessly. It shamed me that I would be turned on by such a sight and I also didn't want him making any comparisons himself. but he didn't pick up the gun. He just grinned at me. A huge one. mind you. Up until this point. she made noises when we made love. no more than three feet from my cheating spouse and I could smell the heavy scent of sex. "Looking for this?" he asked calmly. sliding my gun out from under the pillow to his left. The noises I was hearing were full-throated sounds of pleasure. This close. I went and sat on the couch. I had to come close. Ha. The man made no move to stop me as I pulled open the drawer. in fact. It was not only long. I don't know.

That concerned me – was he planning to shoot me so he could keep Cindy all to himself? He sat in an upholstered chair across from me and lay the gun casually down on a small end table. confirming my suspicions. It was hard to realize that because I had allowed myself to become complacent. I guessed Cindy met him through her work at the bank. And her. I could tell he was two or three inches taller than me and probably outweighed me by forty pounds." "You just want to fuck her. when the lust began to fade. man. "Cindy and I work together at the bank. "No." His voice was quiet. "I suppose you have a lot of questions. She's a very sexy woman. then it's .Ten minutes passed and the black man came out. He had close-cropped hair. We both seemed to know. the collar of his blue dress shirt opened at the neck. we just felt this incredible attraction. Darnell shook his head. I knew Cindy had a strong sex drive – it was stronger than mine." he said. "That's up to you. it's not like that. I can't explain it any better than that. Up until this moment. Perhaps I was just numb with shock. white teeth and he looked a little bit like Jaime Fox. "I'm Darnell. I had always felt I was enough man for her. He carried my gun loosely in his left hand. unable to speak. We had made love on our second date." "I'm not going to stand for that. I couldn't get enough of her – until about three years into our marriage. It was obvious he was well-educated and probably wealthy. Can you understand that?" I nodded again. I found my voice. contemplating the end of my marriage. cultured." He pursed his lips. fully dressed in a suit. I nodded. in that instant. "The minute we spotted each other. I don't want to steal your wife away. It surprised me that he seemed so damned calm about it. that we would get together. The irony is. I also felt anger toward her – she could've come to me and talked about it. for I had felt the same way when I first met her." he said. I had created a situation in which she found it necessary to satisfy her needs by having an affair. "So. before running to this stranger. right?" He nodded. I hunched over a bit more and mentally willed my erection to fade. "That's right. Anytime she tells me it's over. are you two going to run off together?" I felt strangely calm.

Her nipples were puckered and soft and the downy triangle below was damp." He turned and cocked his head at me. But I'm fully aware of the situation here. I can't stop you. "I realize this has been a shock for you." "Yes. I was still powerfully turned on and I wondered if maybe I was a little gay. I rose on shaky legs and went into the bedroom. "I removed the bullets. "I don't think you will. I heard his car door thunk close and the engine start. I sat there. I'm so sorry…" She pushed herself up on her elbows. "I care about her. Or about her mind or her hopes and dreams. For one. For that." He jiggled the bullets deliberately in his hand for a few seconds." He stood. satisfied look on her face. My erection had eased. . trying to blink away the glazed. We're simply enjoying each other's company for a while. "Maybe I'll take that gun and shoot you before you make it across the lawn. you aren't the type. And two. How long that lasts is unknown. let you two talk things over. She saw me and stirred. I eyed the gun. leaving the gun on the table. More than you might think.over. frozen. but only a little. If you're that determined to ruin your life as well as hers or mine." "And if I tell you it's over…?" He just shook his head. I apologize. She is an amazing woman." He shook his head again. I could see a large wet spot between her legs and the image of Darnell thrusting into her leapt into my head. then scattered them on a table near the door. How else to explain my visceral reaction to what I had just witnessed? Cindy lay sprawled on the bed in a post-coital doze. We'll talk later. Or shoot her. "So you don't care about the fact that she's married." "I have more. As the sound faded away down the street. "Brian." he reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of copper casings. "I think I'd better go. She's just a body to use. OK?" And he left. I figured." He moved toward the door. I closed my eyes and forced it away.

for Cindy responded and began her vocal encouragement. My efforts were not in vain. "Please don't hate me. The power of it stunned me and I collapsed over her. then leaned back against the headboard and gathered part of the sheet around her. but I don't hate you. After a few minutes. Her breasts rose and fell as she regained her composure. In fact. I realized with sudden clarity there was only one thing I wanted. "I don't hate you. I matched her energy and volume to what I had heard earlier and found she seemed to be enjoying me as much as she had him. I should be furious and perhaps that's why I had made love to her so forcefully." I said. How could you do this?" "I know. I was pounding my cock into her and she had to hang on for dear life. My thoughts were all jumbled and at that moment. murmuring her love for me. I began to strip off my clothes. She spread her legs and I thrust into her at once. "but I've never acted on it. that I wouldn't take no for an answer. it felt as if all my energy passed from me to her. When I was naked. and I'm not sure what. Finally. My own seed shot into her. It was like bigger than both of us. I knew we would fuck. I can't really explain it." That was only partially true – most of the women I was attracted to probably wouldn't have given me the time of . so I just accepted it. We rode together toward the heavens. She seemed to know not to say anything. with some of the women I've seen. I was too exhausted to be angry. There was nothing she could say that would make me feel better." she began. I wasn't sure how I felt. she sat up and adjusted the pillows behind her. watching her. Cindy clung to me and gasped in relief. for she watched me with wide eyes. When I climaxed. The moment I saw him. Mentally. By all rights. I'm very disappointed." I said. I pulled away and lay there. I wanted to prove something."Don't. thrusting and grunting. holding up a hand. "I've felt that way too. That seemed to get to her. I became a madman. I roughly grabbed her and pulled her down under me. But I was also pleased that I could make her respond the same way Darnell had. She was slippery and hot and it drove me wild. knowing that I was thrusting into her pussy that was full of Darnell's seed." It was the same thing Darnell had said. I'm terrible.

you would've." "I was always respectful of you before. "I'm sorry." "What does that mean?" "Come on. you mean?" She shook her You've never made love to me like that before. "I think you're just saying what you think you should say. There's just something about the raw power of it that's intoxicating. the way you just fucked me? That was all lust and…" she seemed to search for the right word. I didn't want to hurt you. that's why. I don't know. "But sometimes." "Oh. Or maybe yes." "Raped." "So you liked Darnell better because he's more powerful?" "Don't make this a comparison." "Well. you have." I stubbornly shook my head." Cindy had the decency to look ashamed. as a man and a husband. I don't need respect. maybe. Animalistic. "Anger?" "Yes. I just need to be fucked. he represents something forbidden. but I was spent. "Not really. "If you felt it the way I did. I really am. maybe. I don't love you any less. But yes. "I don't think I would've. I like to think I would honor my marriage vows. so now you speak for all women?" ." She nodded. Brian." She tucked the sheet up under her breasts and I had the sudden urge to take her again." "I think all women need that." "And you need that.

" "I'll remember that the next time I go out and fuck someone. If you have the chance." She studied me for a long moment. he represents a fantasy of mine." Despite my anger and shock. I thought. But I want you to know: I have no desire to run off with Darnell. I was beginning to understand her. But no matter what I say or how I feel. "Because if the fantasy became reality. it's hard to keep the two apart. well. but I wouldn't want to live in it." "You do! That's why I married you. I can imagine how it might be to be taken by a man who comes in and sweeps you off your feet." It wasn't what I wanted." She put a hand on my arm. go for it." . I just hope you understand that Darnell and I. Great. "So you'd just throw away five years of marriage. I want to make love to you. It's about fucking." "I thought I swept you off your feet. You're a good husband and provider. And I know you'll make a great dad. well… it was just something that overtook us. "Yes." "I know. But Darnell. There's no way to explain this away." "Sometimes. "And I wouldn't blame you. "And what if I did that and found someone I wanted to run off and marry?" "This isn't about marriage." She says that now. if that's what you want."I know you're angry." I was shocked. it would ruin it?" "Exactly. you're going to fuck Darnell again. Will she change her mind later? "So I can fuck anyone I want. But I also understand that what I did was very wrong and that you have a right to get even." she said simply. although I toyed with the idea for a while. I want to stay with you. "He's like the alpha male in a romance novel – can you understand that? When I read those books. just like that?" "Not at all. You have a right to be. It's fun to visit. Brian. I never thought it would happen to me.

And it was wonderful. eventually." "How long has this been going on?" "Just a couple weeks. I couldn't take it." I didn't know quite what to make of that." "Change you how?" "When I'm with him. When he looks at me. I'm helpless to stop him. "So let's say. that we had this 'open marriage'. "I think it's because it would just be too intense." "Oh." "Then why flaunt this in front of me? What man could stand this?" "I'm trying to be honest here. "You must've liked seeing me fuck him a little bit." "Why? Because I fucked you like he did. She certainly never obeyed me in the same way. tell me you weren't turned on. what to do in bed – those kinds of things. how to behave. It might change me. I decided not to press that for the time being." "Change you?" I imagined her becoming some sort of wild sexy beast. We've only fucked three times. when to make love. for the sake of argument. you'll do it?" "No. "There's a reason why society tells us to be monogamous. But I'm not prepared to say no to him right now. "Yes." . How long before one or both of us would become insanely jealous? Or find we like someone else better?" I shook my head sadly. Come on." She changed the subject. And it probably will burn out on its own. Lucky me. although I was determined to explore it later."I don't really understand why. I'm not sure I can explain it right. Brian. I find myself… obeying him. I would hate it if you left me for another woman. Mostly in sexual things. not like that. afterwards?" "Yes." "I know." She paused. boy." "Obeying him? Like if he tells you to jump off a cliff. I could lie to you and tell you I'll end it. What to wear.

of sorts. And I could fuck her after Darnell did. you mean. But it wouldn't go away. My cock told me it was the right decision. I thought of a compromise. when the time comes. Are you going to keep fucking him and risk having his baby?" She leaned forward. but she wouldn't allow herself to get pregnant by him." "Well. It stiffened further. Brian. Both hands felt good. becoming a vicarious alpha male in the process. I can't explain it. You can fuck me like that anytime. yet how could I explain my erection? Clearly a part of me wanted it." She looked surprised. None of them seemed right." So there it was. for it would put me in the position as a knowing cuckold. It took all my willpower not to jump on her again right then. "What if we decide to have a child and you go off the pill. Too many choices. after Darnell is done with you? Sloppy seconds?" I felt my cock rise again and I shifted my thigh to hide it. but I liked seeing Cindy fucked by another man. since you aren't going to stop anyway. "I wouldn't ask you to raise another man's baby." "What. I wasn't ready to give in. I hated to admit it. What was wrong with me? "Yeah.I shrugged. My head swam. I loved it. "You can fuck Darnell and I can fuck other women – but only in each other's presence. I could fuck other women – and I could probably bring them home to fuck in front of her. It felt good." she said simply and reached down to encircle my semi-hard cock with her hand. "What?" "Well. "You want to watch?" ." "Yes?" She sat up and her nipples hardened. She wasn't going to stop seeing him. if I chose. The choices lay before me. Was that weird or what? An idea came to me that at first I rejected as just too strange. yet I hesitated to suggest it to Cindy. And it certainly wasn't what I wanted. although that's not what she said she wanted. I could leave her. I don't want to get pregnant by anyone but you. touching my face with her free hand. "I don't know why that was. But she knew me too well and asked.

Maybe I'll choose to leave you two alone and go in another room." I wasn't sure how to take that. And. Did she know I really had no desire for one? Was I just playing into her hands. leaning back against the pillows. "Bimbo." she said. But I reserve the right to watch. Was that really my destiny? At the moment. "I don't know. I didn't care. "It's a deal. . She climaxed noisily and it made me feel like a man again. I drove my rock-hard cock into her and fucked her just as wildly as I had moments before." Frankly. "You won't get jealous and freak out on me?" "Not if you won't get jealous on me when I'm fucking some big-titted bimbo. "Wow. I yanked the covers off of Cindy and she squealed as I pounced on her.I grimaced." A smile came to her lips and then she burst out laughing. except Cindy. just waiting for my turn. of course. "Wow." Then she stared at me. I'd actually like to see you with a bimbo. being a fool? The future flashed before my eyes and I could see myself watching or listening to Darnell plow my woman as I sat alone and dateless. the same would go for you. when I brought someone home. I didn't know who I'd want to make love to." She shook her head.

" "You must have come to some accommodation or you wouldn't have had me over. but I've never come right out like this. wearing a conservative skirt and blouse under her apron. right?" "Let's just say it's a work in progress." Actually that wasn't right. I'd never felt that way before. you haven't done this before?" "No way." Cindy was a teller. I've snuck around before once in a while." "It is very strange for me too. Darnell came by Saturday night.Chapter Two As we had agreed. man. I'm a loan officer. making us dinner. "But I appreciate having me over like this. I must admit. "You mean. "I mean. you know. Cindy. "Isn't that against the rules?" He smiled." I wondered about that." I shrugged. We were both polite – he even shook my hand. "I thought we should talk. with an arrangement like this. don't get me wrong." Small talk seemed to be the safest way to begin." He nodded." "So this just started when you spotted her across the bank?" "Yeah." I told him. but he clearly understood we were testing the waters of our new relationship. "So." he said. I don't know what Cindy had said to him. "I know. I'm not sure I like it. Oh. she said . "Can I ask why you agreed to this?" "She said she wouldn't stop seeing you. "Are you going to turn me in?" "I'll think about it. this is all new to me. "I'm sorry about the shock. gave us each a peck on the cheek and left us alone while she busied herself in the kitchen. you met her at the bank?" "Yes.

but how do get away with that? I couldn't. "Oh." "It's not really." "Yeah. palms out. tell me. what is it that makes Cindy so ga-ga over you? And I'm talking about beyond your pretty boy looks. I don't want to lose her. By that I mean. He nodded. Cindy. There's no equality of the sexes around me. ." "Yeah. But she likes me because I represent the opposite of that in a very forceful way." "You have the best deal. 'dangerous'. controlled. But I was curious about one thing. yes. They want both. with me." He had the decency to look sheepish. isn't it? They got what they wanted and realized that took all the fun out of romance. for example. she knows who's the boss. Don't they want good safe husband material?" "Women are a contradiction. then. because women have complained for years that they want to be equal in all things. dependable guy that she can have kids with and grow old with. "Your wife is something else. I'm not looking to have her all to myself." "That's funny. It's just the way I am. used. wants you because you're a solid. I thought. "Ahh." He held up both hands. "Darnell. I don't want you to. you know what I mean?" "I don't understand that. I've just learned that women really go for a guy who can be. I thought women outgrew that when they got married. man. none of the pain." And your big cock. All of the pleasure." "I know. They want to be owned.she couldn't stop seeing you." He shrugged." He flashed a smile. either. But in a nice way. Maybe it's because I don't let a woman get the better of me. you'd like to know my secret?" "If it is a secret. um. "I don't really know." He gave me a sly grin.

I'm not going to criticize you in any way for what you want to do after I've fucked her. eventually. you might learn a lot about your wife. Either she or I will move on. I'm going to touch your wife in front of you and make her feel sexy and helpless. I'm just not going to change who I am. I think she'd quickly grow tired of the intensity and would start to rebel against my authority. they don't want to be really hurt. if you've a mind to. "If you want to." "You shouldn't because we both know you'll wind up with her. it makes me feel inadequate. afterwards." "So I'm boring. Like I said." "In that way. a man can't keep his hands off of them. "It would be better if you embraced the situation. but in the meantime. then. You can even watch us fuck." He grinned." "So I can take it or leave it." I wasn't sure I liked that. Who knows. I'm not going to change my attitude or behavior because you're here." "I just have to let you fuck her regularly. if you don't blow it by shooting one or both of us."In a nice way. you see? It's good for you because it means you really can't lose Cindy to me. I may even just leave you two alone. "Well." "OK." "You mean." "Ground rules?" Were there such things in a situation like this? "Yeah. But ultimately." "Yeah. That they're so sexy." . Just consider me a phase she's going through. you win. somehow. huh?" I didn't quite get it. I get sloppy seconds?" He shrugged." He paused. The submission. after I'm done. They just like the danger of it. maybe so. I think I'm beginning to get it now. What you need to remember is that she needs you to fall back on. "If she were actually married to me." "I'm probably just a flash in the pan. "I guess we should establish the ground rules. I'm not trying to ruin what you've got.

That made me think." he said and I followed him into the kitchen. but she couldn't get free. Could I do that? I wasn't sure. I saw his right hand dip down and squeeze her ass check. I filed that all away for later. "Let's see how it plays out. of course. She squealed and tried to escape. "Smells good. He ignored her. not in front of Brian!" I could tell she was just saying that to test my reaction. You can put the apron back on. looking up at him. I wanted to see how Darnell controlled her. Just hard enough to get her attention." I nodded." "What's that?" She asked. "You'll make me burn dinner." He started for the kitchen. I said nothing. "Watch and learn. "Take off your clothes. looks like you need to be taught a lesson. "But. talked about this?" "Ohh." Darnell said to Cindy. Darnell. "All right. His broad shoulders prevented me from seeing her face. putting a hand on his muscular bicep." She looked over at me. so I moved around until I could observe her in profile." he said. I could be the "dangerous" man as well as the good husband. her eyes wide. but I could see he wasn't hitting her too hard. ." I said. "What have I gotten myself into?" "You guys. She wiggled." she said softly. It shocked me. She wiggled it in response. Maybe I could wind up replacing guys like Darnell in her mind – and between her legs. He stepped to the side and used his big right hand to swat her across her bottom." I grinned when I said it and he smiled back. He spun her around and pressed her up against the counter. but he held her tight. I could imagine her thinking. using both hands to cup her ass and grind her pussy up against his erection. Whack! Whack! Whack! The blows fell as she wiggled and cried out. "I reserve the right to shoot you later. "Please. "I'll let you go. um. He spun her around and held her close to his chest. Her head barely reached his chin. grasshopper. but you have to do something for me. but I want you naked underneath it. coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her.

Her nipples were already at full attention. I had to admit. She shrugged off the apron and began stripping down. her body trembling. Her eyes pleaded Darnell for some relief. She kicked them off into a corner. Don't allow her to dictate terms. "I said. "Sandals too?" He nodded. She started to walk past him toward the bedroom but he simply held out an arm and shook his head. one eye on the stove where two pots bubbled. but he merely shook his head. "Let me turn down the heat first. She stood up and faced us. I realized at that moment that I would've let her – and it would've been the wrong thing to do. Cindy was panting and pleading. She could either hurry up and disrobe in front of us or burn dinner. I'll do it!" she said. right here?" He nodded." "No. I dropped her clothes on the . Her finger shook as she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it from her shoulders. give your clothes to Brian." She retrieved her shoes and passed them to me. I could see faint red marks on her ass where he had spanked her. Her skirt was next. Darnell let her go. "OK.When he stopped. It was strange." he said at once. leaving her in sandals and sexy pink underwear. and she passed it to me. "You want me to strip. She unclasped her bra and bunched it up in her hand before passing it to me. I was impressed. Cindy reached for her apron but Darnell slapped her ass and she jumped upright. Already my cock was pressing against my pants. She glanced at the stove. her eyes questioning him. And highly arousing. Soon the underwear dropped to the floor and she bent over to pick it up. Her hand shook as she gave them to me. "Give your clothes to Brian. OK. seeing my demure little wife do everything this big tough black man told her to do." Darnell said and she nodded and handed it over.

you're going to make me come. right then and there. right in front of your husband. Brian?" "Sure. Barefoot. Which in a way. But I waited. I'm starved. she started to sit as well. "How about a beer. I could see her ass cheeks jiggle as she flexed her calves. She paused. her eyes closing and her head lolling back against his shoulder. but Darnell help up a hand. Brian?" she asked as Darnell continued to rub up against her. Darnell stepped forward and caressed her bottom." she said. She nodded dreamily and her mouth came open. For the first time. "Maybe I will. That will make you a real slut." I said." he said to her. Suddenly. His cock seemed huge in his pants. she returned her attention to the stove as Darnell moved away. I realized it was as if he were the host. sighing gratefully to be able to cover herself at least partially. he was." he said and laughed. Cindy got the apron and slipped it on." His hand moved in small circles and she pressed herself against his chest and sighed." Cindy shivered at his touch. Flustered. He controlled my wife. honey. "Ohh. . "Shhh. he slapped her mound and her eyes flew open. I wanted to spank it myself but dared not to while he was controlling her. why not my refrigerator too? We drank our beers and watched Cindy's butt bounce around as she finished dinner. "Ow!" "Finish making dinner. Her breasts showed from each side and her cute butt was an inviting target. reaching around underneath her apron to press his hand over her mound. I was beginning to see how handy it was to have Darnell around. "Are-are you OK with this. "This is how I like to see you. eager to see what else might transpire. her eyes a little unfocused. "Don't talk to him. frozen. She returned to the stove and stirred the table. When we were seated. won't it?" His hand kept moving underneath the apron. She shooed us into the dining room and brought out plates of food for us. talk to me. I wanted nothing more than to push him out of the way and fuck her. naked and making my dinner.

She pulled out the chair. her body shivering a little as his left hand came out and touched her hip. "No. "I'm righthanded. pointing to her plate to his right. I could see how the wetness quickly coated his fingers. "What was that. She stood naked in the dining room." he said casually. She raised her plate up and used her fork to take a bite." She closed her eyes and moaned softly." he said." She nodded and picked up her plate and brought it around to his other side." Cindy did as he asked. her nipples erect in the cool air." she whispered. her eyes never leaving mine. I thought I could see a sheen of moisture between her legs. He began to move his hand all over her ass and thighs. I would have to spank you with my belt – while Brian watched. Darnell?" "You don't need an apron anymore. She did and soon his fingers found her slit." she said quietly. but Darnell grabbed the back and said. my dear?" "I can't eat like this. just move it aside and stand. She untied the apron and hung it over the chair. like one might ask someone to pass the salt. "You're going to make me drop my plate. awaiting further instructions. Take it off. causing her to shudder with desire."Yes. Cindy could barely concentrate on her dinner. preparing to sit. "Oh my god." "If you did. . "Hand me your bread. I was too busy watching his fingers rub back and forth against her sloppy wetness." She glanced over at me but I kept my face neutral. Darnell and I ate. so I want you over here by my left. "Move your legs apart more. all the while eating with his right hand as if nothing unusual was happening. I want to be able to touch you. "I don't want you over there. although I hardly saw my food. I noticed that she no longer was trying to eat. But she kept her plate steady." he said and her eyes flew open.

"Do you have a safe word for Cindy?" He shook his head. Ha! Like I would ever do that. "How do you know how far is too far?" He shrugged. And I felt rather foolish. "Just a feeling. That gave me some measure of control that I felt I had lost and it made me feel better.I could imagine what she was thinking." Yes. because you are her safe word. "You know. "You see?" he said to me when she was gone. We managed to finish our dinners. Not enough and you were "too nice" and didn't excite that bad girl in her. her eyes wide as if begging me to say something. it always helps to have a safe word." I told him. he took the piece of bread with his left hand and brought it up between her legs. I had to chuckle at that. coating it with her juices. deep down. rubbing it against her. this was all too new to me. I thought. I don't think I had never seen this woman before. I could protest and he'd probably stop. but she never was allowed to climax." He winked. I nodded. if you acted in a dominant manner. although it was a close call for Cindy. Still. The mistake most men make is they either don't go far enough or they go too far. There was a look of desperation on her face when he finally pulled his hand away." "But she wanted to. Sure enough. "No. how wanton and sexy. She started to grab the apron but Darnell put his hand on it and shook his head. If I felt this was going too far. I must've lived a sheltered life. that made sense. She put the corner in her mouth and chewed slowly. And she most certainly will. Then he handed it back to her and told her to eat it. Of course. She would never have done that with me. Go too far and you were nothing more than an abuser." he told her and she seemed grateful to be allowed to go into the kitchen for a breather. You can see it in their eyes. "You may clean up. He kept her on the edge throughout." Of course. "This has gone way beyond you wanting to come over and . I was learning a lot about my wife – and about women in general. She nearly dropped her plate a couple of times. "It's really quite amazing. I was fascinated by how different she was with him.

but instead he pulled her down onto his lap. happy to let him make the decision. what's next?" He grinned. He wouldn't have any of it. thrusting her arms out toward me. "Here. but she was shy. I suppose he was dominating me as well as Cindy. I didn't know what to do and I was embarrassed by my erection. But I really wanted to. Watching seemed. "Yes. I think you'll find it useful information. I found myself getting impatient for the next step. "Now. . his strong arms wrapping around her. He came over to me. Darnell slipped his hands under her armpits. grab her arms. picked her right off the couch and stood as if she weighed nothing. One hand went down between her legs and she squealed and squeezed them together. was all foreplay. and I could guess that Darnell was pretty damned excited as well. He slapped her mound and she understood she should spread her legs. well. "Now I fuck her brains out. This. Would you like to watch?" I hesitated. put Cindy down two feet away and bent her over." I shrugged. don't you be looking at him. awkward. "Oh. Cindy was turned on. hasn't it?" His gaze was steady. you know you want to. I was turned on. gripping her forearms. in essence. come on." he said and I did. "So. He seemed to sense my dilemma. "You're asking for it. She seemed breathless. still naked. She seemed embarrassed to be fondled by Darnell in front of me. I expected Darnell would immediately take her back to our room.boink my wife now and again. When she returned. Her eyes kept darting my way and it diminished her ability to let go. He moved to the couch and sat." he said. aren't you?" He growled and even I shivered a little at the commanding tenor of his voice. I'm showing you why she's attracted to me. I took the chair opposite him." I nodded. She grew small and silent.

" Darnell said. bracing my elbows against the arms of the chair and holding Cindy in position as he stepped back and raised his belt." . I almost put a stop to it. "Now. So I watched. and my damned erection kept me frozen in place. pain and lust – and lust appeared to be winning. "Don't you move!" She immediately stopped. bent over and spread open for him. it was clear she was losing herself in it. using me as a backstop. like a cry of the beast within. Whack! "Yes! I'm sorry!" Cindy's eyes were on mine and she was wigging her ass. her expression told me not to interfere. Whack! "Please!" She cried out. Instead. "Please. sir. Her expression was wondrous: A mixture of fear. trying to dodge his blows. Whack! Cindy's eyes and mouth opened wide. And maybe there was a fourth reason: I couldn't stop Darnell if I tried. And yet. I wondered if he was going to fuck her right now. her voice a whimper. I gasped. Cindy gasped. Never in a million years would I have whipped my wife's ass like this. My erection threatened to rip through my pants. But I didn't for three reasons that came to me at once: I was curious to watch Darnell dominate my wife." Sir? She called him sir? "That's better. She made an inarticulate noise in her throat. hold her steady." He folded the belt in half. "You need to learn that Brian won't save you.Darnell made her move her feet apart. Whack! Tears filled her eyes and began to run down her face. She looked so helpless. he slipped his belt from his pants. I don't want her to move.

Her fingers could barely encircle my cock. "You can let her go. She would be so hot and wet for me. But I knew that Darnell was going to be the first man to fuck her tonight. show your husband your marks. Instead. He likes seeing you learn your lessons." "And what else?" "That my husband can't stop you. my pet?" "To obey you. When she turned. I should've been furious. move forward and unzip your husband's pants." We were both frozen in place." he ordered. I could only sit and stare. he added. or won't.Whack! "Aaauuuughhhh!" For a moment. . Darnell came close and began to rub her tortured flesh. I wondered." She rose and once and I immediately missed having her hands on my cock. "What have you learned." Can't. I could see the angry red marks on her ass. As a husband. the wetness below. held there by the command of his voice." I was embarrassed that he would notice my erection and want to expose it. "Now you know that he won't save you. I had hoped Darnell would make her take it into her mouth. But I didn't stop Cindy when she unzipped me and freed it. I should've protected her. sir. I thought she might have climaxed. Her eyes grew wide. I looked between her legs and could see her fluids running down both thighs. "Get down on your knees. To me." he repeated. "Look at how hard it made him to see you whipped. my hard-on a spear between my legs. I imagined myself grabbing her and forcing her down on my cock. stand up and turn around. "Now. "Now. Look at what your beating did to him." I slowly released my grip as she eased down.

"Turn around, bend over and grab his arms again," he said and I knew he was going to fuck her right then and there. We gripped each others forearms with our hands, like trapeze artists, and she braced herself for what was to come. "Keep your eyes on his," he said as he unzipped his pants. She obeyed and her expression was one of lust and shame. I tried to keep focused on Cindy's face, but I couldn't help but glance over to see his huge cock erupt from his slacks. He bent at the knees so he could lay the length of it along her slit and rub the mushroom tip against it. It was obscene. His cock was quickly covered in her juices. He began to saw it back and forth, pressing up against her. Her eyes flickered with desire and her mouth came open. "Now, you watch your husband as he watches you get fucked by my big black cock. Spread your legs apart more." She obeyed at once, her eyes locked onto mine. I saw her lips move and I thought she was forming the word, "Sorry." Darnell pushed down on her back to better align her cunt to him. Her head dipped down briefly and we broke contact. I looked over her shoulder to see his cock bobbing up over her bright red ass. He pushed his invader down and steered it toward her slit. Cindy's face came up and I watched her expression as he began to thrust that monster inside of her. Her mouth opened wide, as if that would help ease its passage. The Cindy I new disappeared, replaced by a whore. Or a nymphomaniac. I could see the change in her face as Darnell's cock slipped in, inch by inch. She was owned by this spear of flesh. She would do anything for it. I knew in that moment that I had lost her. Whenever Darnell came around, she would obey him at the expense of our marriage. She might even have his baby. Whatever he asked of her, she would do. I could only go along for the ride. She gripped her hands tighter around my forearms and I responded by bracing myself and holding her steady. He was fully in her now and started to pull back and plunge forward again, his dark fingers making white marks where he held her hips. Cindy began making those same noises in her throat that I had heard from the previous day and her expression became one of dreamy acceptance. Her eyes looked through me. I seemed to fade in importance – all that mattered was Darnell's cock and her approaching orgasm. With every inward thrust, she made a small sound in her throat, "Uhh…uhh…uhh…" Her head dipped down, her ass remained high. I could see he was pounding her mercilessly, drawing his long cock out and slamming it home again, using his hands

to pull her toward him. Her face was inches from my own hard cock, but she paid it no attention. Once it even poked at her cheek and she merely moved her head aside a little as if it were a small annoyance. "Uhh…uhh…uhh…" the noises continued. Darnell now began to speak, degrading her and me. "That's right, you bitch, take my cock. Your husband loves watching you get fucked. You slut. Look at you. Maybe I should invite some of my friends over to fuck you. Your husband won't stop me. He loves my black cock almost as much as you do." I was shocked, but he was probably right. I did love seeing what he was doing to my wife. But having others in? He was just talking, right? Their rhythm increased and I knew they were close. "Yeah, baby, yeah baby," Darnell said, thrusting hard. "Uhh-uhh-uhhh-" Suddenly, he thrust deep inside her and through my fingers on her arms, I could almost feel his cock erupting, shooting his seed into her womb. Her head came up and her eyes met mine at the precise moment she climaxed. It was shattering. She screamed as if she'd been shot and her whole body shook. I believe if she hadn't been held at both ends, she would've dropped to her knees like a rag doll. As it was, she sagged and Darnell and I both had to steady her. He pumped once more and she shuddered, another small orgasm rippling through her. For a moment, we were all frozen in place. Then Darnell spoke, maintaining his control. "I'm going to pull out now, but I don't want you to lose any of my precious seed," he said. Immediately, Cindy released her right hand and I let go as well. She brought it back between her legs. I watched as he pulled out and she squeezed her pussy lips closed with her fingers. "Don't move," he warned her. "Brian and I are going to change places." I knew this was my chance to fuck her, while she was still filled with his semen. I couldn't wait. She held herself in place against the arm of the chair with one hand while I eased out and got behind her. Darnell sat, his semi-hard cock still free, and steadied her.

"OK, slut, when he slips into you, you reach forward and brace yourself on my thighs. Then I want you to lean forward and clean off my cock while your husband fucks you." I slipped my cock in between her fingers and she let go when I was fully inside her. Some fluids dripped onto the carpet, as I could not fill her as well as he did. Still, I wasn't complaining. She felt so hot and wet, just like yesterday. I grabbed her sore ass and began to pound her, taking out my lust and some of my frustrations on her helpless body. She was busy slurping up Darnell's semi-hard cock and didn't seem to pay much attention to my efforts. Try as I might, I couldn't last as long as Darnell had. Watching her get fucked had kept me on the edge. I climaxed quickly, before she could reach another orgasm. I pressed up tight against her, feeling a bit inadequate. I had wanted to make her scream like Darnell had. Cindy's mouth was still wrapped around Darnell's meat. I started to pull out and he leaned down to whisper something in her ear. Her right hand came back immediately and trapped her pussy closed when I pulled free. I was actually pleased, thinking that our guest didn't want to make a mess on the rug. I expected he would order her to go into the bathroom to clean up. But what he said next shocked me. "Since you didn't make her come, I'll bet you'd like to eat her out and give her the orgasm she needs from you," he told me. I stared at him, my breath caught in my throat. I knew she was full of both of our semen and probably a lot more of his. Did I really want to put my mouth on her cunt and taste it? The answer, surprisingly, was yes. And yet, I had never had a gay thought in my life. So what was going on? I realized I loved the nastiness of it and I wanted to wallow in her defilement. If I couldn't dominate her like Darnell did, at least I could participate in her submissiveness, her degradation. I nodded at Darnell and grabbed Cindy about the waist, intending to take her to the couch and lay her down. But Darnell exerted his control once again. "No, kneel down between her legs. I'll hold her up from behind." He made her stand up as he got into position. His strong arms went around her, pressing her body back against his chest. I wanted to protest, for this seemed to be going too far. With my mouth below her slit, all that sperm would run into my throat. And yet, I didn't say anything. I meekly

It startled me that I could tell the difference. I never stopped moving my tongue against her and was pleased to hear her start to make those same sounds she had when she'd been fucked by Darnell." he said. "Well. this has been fun. her fingers still tight against the hole. He rose. My own sperm had a sweeter flavor. now that we'd all been satiated." I finally said. He remained in the living room while I went into the kitchen and rinsed my mouth out. I could feel it splatter on my shirt. wrapped in her robe. guys. kissed Cindy goodbye. He seemed to know how awkward the situation had become. "Uhh…uhh…uhh…" Encouraged. tasting a slight bitterness and realized that was Darnell's sperm. Soon." "Yeah. "Good job. Some went down my throat. despite the ache in my jaw. gave me a wave. The rest overflowed my mouth and spilled down my chin. When I came out. Immediately. Only then did he allow Cindy to go clean up. using my tongue to stimulate her clit." he said and I found myself pleased. I think both of us were trying to figure out how to process what just happened to us." "Why? Won't it just lead to an argument?" . I was rewarded with her climax and she shuddered and sagged down. I kept it up as more fluids flowed out. As I put my mouth against her. held up by Darnell's powerful arms. and was gone. I think we need to talk about into position. "Look." She didn't offer anything else. "How do you feel? You OK?" "I'm fine. um. I swallowed. strange. I tongued my wife until her voice rose in octaves and I sped up. her reddened pussy inches away. I also needed to change my shirt." I tried again. my mouth was filled with a mixture of sperm and her lubricating fluids. "Well. Cindy and I sat on the couch and didn't say a word for several minutes. she pulled her fingers away. "That was. Cindy was sitting next to Darnell on the couch.

" "I told you – I don't want to lose you." "Yes. she had been partially right. "I think this could easily get out of hand. Brian." Wow." "And I thought I knew you. Yes. I did want to stop this. why should it?" "Because you'll say we should stop. I don't know. I don't think I can stop. Already I could feel her slipping away from me." "You act like a completely different woman around him. before I lost all control." Truth was."No." She shivered. too – his power. "I mean. "Why does that attract you so much?" "If I could explain it. I wish I could explain it better. I know I'm asking a lot. Is that the woman you want to be?" "No." "I saw how you were with him. if you fall further under his spell…" She just nodded but said nothing. I wanted to figure that out later. ." I didn't want to get into what was happening to me. Another part of me wanted to see some more of that mysterious submissive woman she had become. "I know you. "You don't know what I'll say. something I didn't even know was there. his control. And I don't want to stop. It's like he's tapped into something deep within me. I would. No. What power Darnell held over her. and you experienced some of it. that's not right." I cautioned. Maybe it was already too late.

" Which had gone nowhere. it's me. behind my back. It won't happen again. Brian Dean. "I got carried away. I saw how she was with you." I tried to ignore that part of me that said it excited me." "You don't have to participate. "I hoped you would listen to reason. we're done." His voice was professional." "Go ahead. I have another customer." "No. I'd check with her first. I have to go. I would hate to have to call your boss at the bank." "Oh. really?" "Yes. I hoped he would listen to reason and end it on his own. Brian. He was clearly waiting for me." I felt a flush of embarrassment when my mind flashed back on me. They would continue.Chapter Three I called Darnell at the bank the next day. I felt I had the advantage since he couldn't very well talk much at work. I hope you honor that. "Darnell Washington." I said. ." He said nothing else. "Hi. all right?" "No. It – it worries me. squatting between Cindy's legs. "Well." "Sure it will. I could opt out. "You didn't seemed opposed at the time. "Oh. hello." "Have you talked to her about it?" "A little bit." And there it was. Brian." He hung up. neutral. "I think I'm going to have to pull the plug on this. you do that and get back to me. It's gone too far already. But if I were you. feeling Darnell's sperm and mine trickling down my throat.

" She paused. But what really stopped me is what this would do to the relationship I still had with Cindy. about the other night…" She turned and took a sip of her martini. Cin. It's not right. they might opt to keep him and fire Cindy. "We've talked about this. I couldn't unilaterally try to break them up. I can't watch you go through that. It embarrassed me all over again. I told you it will burn out. I was trying to go . I followed her. too. When she came home that night. "Yeah. that was nice. I think it could overtake our marriage. I'm starting to like it too much. "Yes?" "It isn't right. ruin it. I really appreciate you being so understanding. Sure. He's got some kind of hold over you. "Look. Darnell was right – I'd have to tell Cindy what I had planned before I risked both their jobs. Or they might just decide not to interfere." "Maybe that's what I like about it. You were being so understanding." "I don't know if that's true." "You sure seemed to enjoy it before. "Wow. "What? That it will burn out?" "Yeah. about that…" She gave me a long look and went to fix a drink." "Why do you say that?" "Come on. that's because the experience was new. I'm not sure I can go through that myself." I winced. She responded with heat and it took me back." "Clearly you do! But I don't like it.He was so maddening! I felt I could never get any leverage on him. well. I could call his boss and then what? If Darnell was doing well. She was saying the same thing as Darnell again." What I was really thinking is. Tellers weren't as valuable as loan officers." "Just my way of saying. yeah. I saw you two together." "Well. just let it. I met her at the door and kissed her.

I know you're hurt and I'm sorry. I know this is a terrible position to put you in. "No. I told you. "Well. what? You'll sneak around behind my back?" "If I have to. making her cry and beg for mercy. You see. He would spank her regularly." She shook her head sadly. If you decide to divorce me." I had a sudden vision of Cindy under Darnell's complete control: She'd be a slave. I mean." "Right." If ever." "Will you stop?" "I can't. a slut. Maybe she'd be on a leash. But now you say you want to end it. a sex object. you're my safety net. come on – no husband could stand that!" She sipped her drink and didn't say anything for a few minutes. But Darnell gives me something… something I can't even define. I thought. if I let him take complete control. He would parade her around in front of his friends. I'd prefer not to. "So then you're saying you're OK with a divorce. I would be very sad. If you'd just be patient…" "How can I be patient? Besides. naked.along." "Wait! We had a deal – you'd only fuck him when I was around. And that scares me. see how I felt about it. then." She shrugged. Not right now. "It seemed like a good compromise. She cupped both of her hands along my jaw. I don't know what would happen to me. I hear you. what? You've stated your position. She put her drink down and approached me." I shook my head. "Well?" I prompted. I don't think you'll be stopping anytime soon. I would probably go live with Darnell – if he'd have me – and fall further under his spell. . in a way. but I wouldn't stop you. Her eyes bored into mine. "Honey." "And you've decided you can't handle it." "So.

And I can't stop. I don't want you to see him anymore. "What happened? What did he do to you?" . offering her body to me but not participating. in bed. I called her cell phone and got her voice mail. she was probably fucking his brains out. All because I couldn't handle it. ***** Two days later. We ate dinner in near silence. I didn't know his phone number." What she said next chilled me. "I can't do this. Or made to do things that she really didn't want to do. He certainly seemed capable of it. I left a message. Or being spanked. All because I couldn't get around my own ego. Cin. watched a little TV. She could be hurt. I decided right then to "man up" and be there for Cindy. Or did I want to be one of those men that fucked her and degraded her? I sighed." "But what's to keep you from falling under his control anyway? Even if I'm there." There was nothing more to be said. I tried to make love to her. If I wasn't there to act like some kind of safe word. she had decided to go home with Darnell anyway. She finally came home about ten-thirty. "I don't know. thinking about the other night. Not right now. in fact. I paced. "He really has that strong a hold on you?" "Right now he does. Right now. "He is. still wearing her business clothes. Later. I think he's dangerous for you." A feeling of dread overcame me. she was right. I didn't know where Darnell lived. I fucked her anyway and came." She nodded. I'm hoping. Despite my opinions on the matter. but she just lay there. It made me mad that I had allowed this to happen. I knew where she was. For the rest of the evening. looking disheveled and wild-eyed. Sometimes I wish he didn't. called her cell and paced some more.Or I could remain in her life and try to protect her. And I realized in that moment. Not that he'd answer anyway. Darnell might take her too far. Cindy didn't come home from work.

but also to watch how they made her "perform" for them." she said." She suddenly put her head down in shame. not only to protect her. "How do you feel about it. I could smell the odor of sex on her. What happened? Did he hurt you?" "No." "What? Did they fuck you?" "No. as were her panties." she said. "Afterwards. I knew she had worn pantyhose that morning. He had two of his friends come over. "He just…. She seemed shell-shocked." "Perform? How so?" She shook her head. After they made me… perform for them. It was…. I stared – her pussy had been shaved bare! "They did that? They shaved you?" She nodded and dropped her skirt. I grabbed her and eased her down on the couch.She just shook her head. Brian. "I don't remember everything. They made me dance. I wished I could've been there. They made me come. I… I came. The next question came out before I could think about it. "Are you full of Darnell's sperm now. I couldn't deny the raging hard-on I had at that moment. Brian." "Did Darnell fuck you in front of them?" She nodded. but they were gone now. Cindy?" ." "What did he do to embarrass you?" "He… he made me stay naked all evening. "But they touched me. and I felt instant relief. "What? What else?" Without a word. he didn't hurt me. They made me rub myself. she stood and lifted her skirt. When I got close to her. "Please! You're worrying me." She seemed to have trouble talking about the details. right now? Do you feel embarrassed? Ashamed? Madly in love with him?" "A little of all three.

I wanted to fuck her right then. She gasped and threw her head back. Brian!" I ignored her. "Oh. freed my cock and thrust it into her in one quick motion. "I'm sorry." She turned around and lifted her skirt again. Brian! Oh god!" I held her and began to cry. I pushed her down on the couch and she squealed when her sore bottom hit the cushions. but…" "But what?" "I would've obeyed him anyway. hon. "Show me. So much for "manning up. tears in her eyes. How could I do that. Her ass was bright red. the way she was feeling. "Brian. I reined in my emotions. I'm OK now. "Is that how he made you obey? By spanking you?" "Yes. Would that make me a cad? "What else did they do? Did they spank you?" She nodded. She threw her legs up in the air to lift her sore bottom off the cushions.She looked up sharply. telling me how much she loved me. I got off of her and helped her change positions so her sore ass wasn't directly on the cushions. I felt her stiffen and cry out and I felt enormous gratitude that I had made her climax as well." I couldn't stand it any more. He had used his belt on her again." . and nodded. When I came. I trapped her thighs against my shoulders and fucked her like a madman. making noises in her throat and grabbing my arms tightly. I could still smell Darnell on her. god. I was the one who was supposed to be comforting her. I unzipped my pants. With some difficulty." She held me and whispered into my ear. I pounded her and she responded instantly.

" She bit her lip. We'll only have Darnell come over here. "I'm glad you're still with me. if he wants to." Her faced turned red. tell him to forget it. Anything else I should know about?" She looked down and I knew there was more. but I said no. Cin. Oh. "Uh. I mean. It wasn't that much different…. naked between the legs of some anonymous black man. I pictured Cindy. right?" She nodded. I knew what was coming. Darnell wanted me to fuck them. I've done it before. "Was it horrible?" "No-no. "Come on. I wanted to get back to the activities of her evening. for you and Darnell. More tears formed in her eyes. not really. um. "…except…" I jumped on it. this won't work. I found myself wishing I could've seen that." She shivered again. I still said no." "Well." She smiled. "And you'd had enough whipping. He can come by here. all right?" She stared at me." Her voice trailed off. and Darnell fucked you. "Some day." "I promise to be there for you from now on. So he gave me a choice: He could let them both whip me or I could give them. Don't you want to extricate yourself?" She nodded. sucking on his hard cock until he spurted into her mouth and face. So he whipped me. "Except what?" . I worry about you falling more under his control. But hon. blow jobs." "OK. "What?" "He wants me to come by there again on Wednesday."It's all right. If you're not going to be honest with me. I'm afraid of what might happen if you left. "So they spanked you and shaved you and made you perform." "Yeah. I understand. then she said.

Furthermore. "Come on. imagining her with those men. I allowed her into our bed. smelling of another man. "Darnell filmed it. Blackmail? Showing his friends at get-togethers? I could see him now: "Hey. "Let's get you in the shower. I fucked her before we went to sleep. look bros. "You want her to come over? All I have to do is call – she can't say no to me.Her eyes met mine and I could see more tears flowing out. He wants me to sleep with you." I said. But I didn't make her shower." I was determined to get my hands on that tape. "Darnell…" She caught her breath. "He filmed it!?" I wonder what he would do with it." I was stunned." They'd cheer and he'd say. "Why not? You can't want to sleep like that!" "I… I promised Darnell. look at the fine technique of this white bitch." I just stared at her. unable to speak." She immediately shook her head. . smelling of him. Instead.

I want it destroyed. "Yes." I felt my anger building. sir. "No? What do you mean? I wanted all the copies. Darnell came over. I wanted to ask Cindy how she could've allowed him to film her." "It will be safe. "What does that mean?" "It means. he would've offered her a third alternative – one that would not have sounded bad in comparison. I won't do anything with it. but he simply said." "I could report you! I'm sure the bank wouldn't like that!" He shrugged. "Sure. I could see how he would've leaned down to her ear." . cool as you please. You never did. I had called him at the bank and told him to bring the tape." All his others? How many women was he fucking? "You can't do that. For now. As soon as he came through the front door. stopping me in my tracks. which gave us a chance to talk a while before he arrived. But you've got to do something for them. He put the compact cassette into it. with all my other videos. "Is this the only copy?" "No. I had expected he would object. Cindy had arrived first. When she tried to hold out against both bad options. Especially after he had given her such a stark choice – let my friends whip you or fuck you." The threat was very real and I knew he'd do it. all right?" She would've been grateful. but I knew she was helpless to say no to him. I held out my hand. I do." he would've whispered.Chapter Four Wednesday night. "I'd find a new job. you don't control the situation." in that maddingly calm voice of his. "I'll let you up and I won't let them fuck you or whip you. You best remember that. "Cindy. And I'd put your wife on the Internet." "I uploaded it into my computer. when her ass was already bright red and she was crying." he said.

while voices in the background encouraged her. she might've protested. nearly ripping the buttons off in her desire to comply. I'm sorry. She treated it like it was Darnell's cock. I didn't know what he was talking about until I saw Cindy take a step back in surprise and immediately begin stripping off her clothes. boys. sir. She gave in and began to suck and after a few seconds. "I just want to make sure we have the right tape. "I'm sorry. she really got into it. Cindy heard the sounds of the tape and came into the living room. I could see she was already wet. sir. quivering. but Darnell would have cooed." "Please. Darnell slid the belt from its loops and she hurried. I suppose I should've waited." but I doubt I fooled him. she stood there. "OK. His educated language had seemed to vanish. "You're asking for it. "Please. I won't ask you again. get the belt" and she would've capitulated. Can you do that?" Cindy would've nodded at once. her hands at her sides. ho. Darnell took one look at her and barked. Her hand kept working as she thrust her mouth down on the cock. please!" . The blue screen faded into a close-up of Cindy's face. hands and knees!" he barked and she jumped to obey. When he brought out the video camera. sir. I was making dinner…" "I told you I want you naked when I come over – or when you come over to my place. Her hand was holding a large black cock just inches away from her mouth and she was begging the cameraman. don't film me. but I couldn't stand it another minute. "Get down in front of the TV. I covered myself by saying. Don't let Brian see this. thinking she was getting off easy. with make-up running from her eyes." His hand went to his belt. When she was naked." he said off-camera."I want you to put your pretty mouth around their cocks and let them come all over your face. I took the videotape and put it at once into the VCR and flicked on the TV." "Better get busy or these boys will get impatient. tear-streaked. her face pale and a hand over her mouth.

"Now. I'll only give you five swats. looking scared. "I'll do better." "You'd better. the guy seemed close. sir. Watching herself on screen while getting whipped was turning her on! . her ass up. her hand moving faster. to the screen. pure and simple. You know how to do it!" She arched her back. my hard-on a spear in my pants. shooting a geyser of sperm up into her mouth. Whack! The cock onscreen erupted." she said. Her eyes never left the screen. trying to make a stranger's cock erupt. watch your slutty self suck those black dicks. where another Cindy was energetically sucking. So why didn't I do anything? Because I secretly wanted to do this to her myself some day. I could see she had already been shaved and for one perverse second. making guttural noises. It was lust. I want you to keep your eye on the TV." I stood frozen. but it wasn't a groan of pain. splattered with come." "I'm sorry. From his words offscreen. Leon here is next. bringing her soft round ass up higher. Whack! Cindy groaned and rocked forward. Whack! The screen version of her was really moving now. I wished he had captured that on film as well. waiting. She choked and most of it ran down over her chin and onto her breasts. "You're supposed to swallow all a black man's jism." the voice on the tape said. The camera panned her up and down. sucking and stroking. showing her breasts and face. When it panned down to her damp pussy. There were still reddish marks from her whipping earlier in the week and I felt sorry for her. since you're still learning." Whack! Cindy groaned again. Once we got Darnell out of the picture. on all fours. "Come on! Get that ass up. "That was pitiful. My eyes went from Cindy. She struggled to swallow the rest.

watching the screen." Darnell said when she was done and pushed her over into Leon's lap. She put her head down on the carpet until Darnell told her to keep watching the tape. his naked his hard cock jutting out from his muscular body. Cindy spread her knees apart more to accommodate him. "You like that. Cindy seemed to be entranced by it. rubbing it and rubbing it. thrust her mouth down over the cock as he exploded. but she was falling short. Her eyes flew open and a low moan escaped her mouth. He got down on his knees behind Cindy. He was nude. She swallowed and swallowed. . If you do. I want you to rub yourself but don't come. it was clear. "Yeeesss. you want my big black cock?" Darnell said to Cindy on the tape. Now I could see Darnell in the scene. After a few minutes. "Then you'd better do a better job of sucking off Leon. slut. Leon shouted from the background that he was close and Cindy. hmmm?" The one cock was pulled away and she was pushed toward another one between the legs of a man sitting on a couch. I watched as Darnell fucked my wife and she loved it. I knew he owed her one more swat. driving her crazy. She made an effort. I jumped and Cindy gave a little cry. or you'll get another whipping instead!" With renewed energy. The camera was passed over to another man and the image panned back. Cindy began sucking the cock in earnest. Cindy began all over again. although I could see now she was tired. He thrust his big cock into her all at once. rubbing her ass and telling her "what a good slut" she was. don't you? I want you to see this tape every day until I tell you otherwise. "Good girl." she moaned. bless her heart.Darnell noticed it too. Darnell kept teasing her pussy with his dick. Whack! We were both startled by Darnell's last blow. wiggling her wet cunt along the shaft of his cock. but we all seemed frozen by the tape. Then he was down behind her. "Now. He grabbed his cock and began to rub it up and down her pussy. I glanced back and Darnell was holding the belt. Brian here will tell me and maybe I'll let him administer the punishment. only allowing a couple of drops of creamy seed to escape her mouth.

but if you do. you're not allowed to shower until tomorrow. I'll give you a choice. he made her hold her pussy lips together. I don't want my precious sperm going to waste. sir. "But since he isn't here. The camera had come back to her face when Darnell ejaculated inside her and it was obvious she had an orgasm as well. I dreaded his "choices" – they were always degrading. stomach and down to her mound. where his thick black cock stroked her without letup. sir!" "Yes. "Good." I watched as she brought handfuls of his sperm up to her chest and smeared it all over her tits. "You can collect my sperm and swallow it or you can smear it all over your tits. sir what?" . "I can't hear you!" "Yes. standing there naked in front of those three men. She must've done it four or five times before Darnell was satisfied. "Now. He'd better get used to it. Now stay just like that all night. I thought she might fall over." She nodded. you understand?" She nodded again and he said. When he pulled out." he said. She even reached around and wiped some on her ass. Brian–" "That's right. I'll know if you disobey me. stomach and pussy. "Now it's too bad your husband isn't here to help us out. like before. you'd better be naked for me. Brian will smell me all over you." He made her stand and she was shaky." "But." "I'll smear it." "OK. Darnell pounded her and the camera panned up and down her body. giving us close-ups of her face.Onscreen. And the punishment will be severe. the next time I see you at home. her tits jiggling and her bare cunt.

You are amazed to see the girl you married. My emotions were much more confused. Without another word. I got down on my knees behind my naked wife." "Yeah. just begging for it." I began again." So I did. not sure if I wanted to be compared to his cock. I'll let you go first tonight. part of you does. I turned to Darnell." He took another swig of beer. and I can hardly believe it now. I zipped up and stood. I could tell she enjoyed it." She stood up on shaky legs. OK. uh. he said. Would he laugh at me? "Come on. "Go ahead. when she's." He laughed." he said. "Tell me. trying to hide my erection. Or at least." The tape went to blue and I shut off. "I think you do. I turned to Darnell. He went into the kitchen for a beer while I fucked my already well-fucked wife. "I don't like this. did you ever think she'd act like such a slut?" I shook my head. just like he had on the tape. man. I wanted to fuck Cindy. From the noises she was making." he encouraged. when you married Cindy. "fuck her." I hesitated. go finish making our dinner. I stood there." "I think it's more than that. I could see the mixture of my sperm and her juices coating the insides of both thighs. unzipped and thrust into her quickly. performing. stunned. There must be something wrong with me. He shrugged. He was his calm self. "Look at your slutty wife."I'll be naked for you!" "Good. "This has got to stop. Darnell handed me a beer. Had she already been ruined by Darnell? Or was she just too embarrassed? When we were done. "Your cock is saying something else. of course." . To Cindy. "No. She gasped and Darnell chuckled. you know. I like to fuck her. I admit that. I was so horny I couldn't stop and I came within minutes. but I don't think she came." I twisted to the side. He was right. she went into the kitchen. "Now.

huh?" He laughed. In fact. well. I guess you're just born that way." "Look. "Well. that's the thing. it's not a black thing." I admitted. I did." He nodded. But I also know you're worried about her getting hurt. You loved it." "I don't get that. "Oh. "Yeah."See. And two. I took one look at her at the bank and I knew there was a sexy submissive just dying to be released. I don't want her going around fucking everybody you know. man. "But that doesn't mean I want her fucking strangers." . then? I knew I was allowing Darnell to dominate me. there's no shame in it. "And one more thing. You can't deny that. "I'm only doing what you like to do. all right?" And there it was. I gotta be there." I said. it's not even a man thing." I started to speak and he held up his hand. Yes. but part of me rebels against the domination you try to force on me. I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I don't want her going over to your house alone anymore." He chuckled." Shit. "Part of me likes it. It doesn't make you less of a man or anything. at least a little bit. "But what about your friends." I nodded. So how about this: no one but me and you will fuck her without a condom unless you say it's OK. She won't catch anything from them. there were men who liked to be submissive. sure." I took another sip of beer. I don't want her catching something. then. So what was I. one. I couldn't quite see it myself. thinking. Being dominant is. I saw your face when you watched her with those guys. "No. the other night? That worries me. I'm sure you've seen videos on the net of domme women. I know my friends are clean." "So it's not a black thing." "That's because you're not dominant. Or was I simply happy to go along because of what he was doing to my wife? "That's what's difficult. But I wasn't done yet. they didn't fuck her. He did seem to have my number.

"What do you think about tattoos?" he asked. sir. I didn't have long to wait. "I think she needs a collar and a leash. he actually said "trained." She seemed unable to protest. I was afraid I'd have to spank that bottom of yours again." "Yeah. nothing. Maybe a small 'D' on her breast. We discussed her as if she couldn't hear us. facing him. His cock bulged in his pants and he made her rub herself against him while he talked to me about some of the other "girls" he had trained. Maybe we could come up with a compromise. slut? You may speak." I was kidding. When dinner was served. Where and what?" He laughed. my first thought would be 'Property of Darnell' on her ass. "And some jewelry." Cindy shivered a little but said nothing. Cindy knelt as his feet. I nodded. but you may not like that." I nodded. getting into it. I realized he hadn't fucked her yet and I wondered how it might play out. When Cindy came out. Cindy cleaned up while Darnell and I went into the living room. and was fed scraps from his hand. I… um. he made her sit on his lap. for example. naked. "A 'D' on one and a 'B' on the other." he said. "Deal." "Like 'Slut' on her shaved pussy?" "Now you're talking. "Well. Darnell and I ate at the table. I'd love to see her with nipple rings." After dinner. stroking her neck." he said to her." he said. "What was that. man. "Depends. "Uh. Cindy made a small sound in her throat. Yes. but it didn't seem to bother her that he was .He clinked the neck of his beer bottle to mine. but I wasn't sure Darnell was." I couldn't see Cindy's expression from where I was sitting. "Good. He grinned.

But I had come this far and I did want to see Cindy perform for me. I was afraid someone would call the cops. When I first saw her.speaking about her like he might a dog. She was a screamer when she came." he told me. she's still around. "She was a very vocal girl." "So you trained her in the same way you're doing Cindy?" "Yeah. Each girl is different." He patted me on the back. "I met her at a club and could tell right away she loved the black men. She was too busy rubbing her damp cunt against his pants." ." "What happened to her?" "Oh. She was attracted by the danger. pretty much. "The last white girl I trained was Brenda. I'd fuck her myself. And afterwards. He startled me by asking when he could bring over his two friends and "really break that bitch in. "Next week would be good." I nodded. Little did I know. I felt as if I was standing on a precipice. But a guy like me likes to move on to new challenges. but he gave her to me as long as he could be around to help break her in. Saturday night. "Leon and Lorenzo will be pleased to hear. she was with my friend Lorenzo. trying to decide whether I should pull back or jump off. if you know what I mean." "More vocal than Cindy?" "Oh hell yes." This Lorenzo guy sounded a lot like me. you understand." "All right. encouraged that maybe this really would burn itself out." I hesitated. Sometimes. I see her once in a while.

I would be outnumbered – would they do whatever they wanted. Darnell didn't even introduce me to his friends. watching these men with my wife. one hand or the other rubbing her wet slit. but barefoot." and strip down in the living room. And. rub that nice ass against my cock. And Cindy." I felt like a voyeur. It was funny. Leon was as big as Darnell and had his hair in cornrows. in her highly aroused state. I would pounce on her and fuck her until we both came. running his hands all over her body. We all sat around eating pizza and Leon filmed Cindy sitting there. Their . I had to see what would happen. I ordered pizza – I didn't want Cindy to have to bother making dinner. I wanted to fuck Cindy after she had been fucked by all those men. I did wonder if she was fantasizing of him and not me when I fucked her. I. I never wanted her to stop – it was highly arousing. I didn't want to stop it. Leon and Lorenzo also crowded around her. actually. when they arrived. Cindy would come home. before the guys even got in through the door. I observed a little ritual. She'd put in the videotape and kneel on the floor in front of the TV and watch herself get teased and fucked. but they seemed to defer to Darnell. Darnell brought the video camera and he handed it to Leon. until Darnell grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap. too. never complained either. I know. her clothes tossed into a corner. "Come on. but he wasn't here and I wasn't going to be denied. She never allowed herself to come. they each gave her a hug and fondled her naked body. trying to eat a few bites. even if I objected? Should I call a halt to it? Truth was. All three only had eyes for Cindy. Afterwards. give me a look that said. baby. but there it is. One minute. really. which was quite amazing – he had considerable control over her already.Chapter Five Every night that week. They came over on Saturday about seven. She was freshly shaved and smelled great. Lorenzo was shorter and heavier with his shiny head shaved smooth. It was very strange. Cindy was dressed in shorts and a tee-shirt. of course. Darnell smiled when he saw her and gave her a big hug. The next minute. "Don't interfere. she was naked. it doesn't make sense. It seemed I was on a freight train of my own desire. when she was done. Once he was done with her. I worried all week about what would happen when his friends came over. I wasn't sure if Darnell would think that was OK. was ignored.

vulnerable and hot. really. It would be easy to slip it inside her but Darnell had promised they'd wear condoms. "Say it. would she even notice my small offering? Darnell was still dressed. making her nipples stand out. I hoped I would be dessert. But I didn't say anything at the time. don't ya babe?" "Uh huh. Then again. Darnell. She was in a submissive posture – naked." Cindy got up and came over to Lorenzo. didn't you?" She blushed." Darnell ordered and I felt the faint stirrings of alarm. except for him. my slutty wife with his black friends. "You got to know them pretty well last time. Darnell's hands rubbed her breasts. as were the others. As he pulled her down to kiss him. I knew she would get a full measure of sex tonight. I could see she was rubbing her swollen clit against his jeans. "Shall I play the tape for you to refresh your memory?" Cindy hung her head and then shook it silently. . "I don't know them. why don't you go over to Lorenzo and say hello? I think he'd like to get to know you all over again." "I want your cock. He slapped her hip. after three main courses. He made no move to unzip himself – he just allowed Cindy to straddle him. Leon captured all of it on camera. Even from across the room." she said. and it seemed to set the tone for control of Cindy. who was lounging on the couch. preferring to see it play out. "Unzip him and rub your sexy cunt against his cock. of course.hands were teasing her. I could see the bulge in his pants." "What about my friends?" She looked over at them. signaling her interest in his cock. "Well. "You want it. trying to bring herself off." It was her effort at saying she felt a little uncomfortable. driving her wild. But he was playing it cool. She writhed on Darnell's lap. Well.

"Fuck. easing his cock out. She pressed her wet slit against it and began rubbing." he said after a few minutes. Your first come tonight belongs to me. but my view was partially blocked by the camera in Leon's hand. Rub up against it like you did Lorenzo's. feeling the meat of it against her clit. already? Still. When she started making noises in her throat. "Don't you come yet. I tried not to gasp – Leon was huge! "Lick it. that's enough. The table was a sturdy one. leaning over now and then to kiss him. He grabbed her shoulder and warned. She was already under his spell. ain't she?" Darnell laughed and told her to unzip Leon. but I knew it would be put to the test tonight. Her hips began to vibrate. She used her tongue all over the shaft. It was pretty fucking amazing. "she's pretty well trained. her head thrown back and I knew she'd climax in another few minutes. I couldn't wait to see the film later. Leon sat on the couch and Cindy knelt between his legs. like they do when she's nearing an orgasm. getting a good shot of her face just inches away from the bulge emerging from his pants. or I'll whip your butt." she groaned. And it wasn't lost on Leon. I watched. her eyes glazed. he came forward and pulled her away. But Darnell wanted to keep her on the edge. "OK. "It's Leon's turn.Cindy lifted up and unzipped his pants. She whimpered but didn't try to resist him. He was getting some good close-ups. waiting to be told what to do. He swept all the magazines off the coffee table and told her to climb up on her back." he told Darnell. She was rubbing herself harder now. It was soon shiny with her juices." Darnell said. I thought. black and deadly. you can let your pussy have a taste. But she slowed down and occasionally pulled away when she felt her emotions were getting the best of her. He told her to spread her legs wide apart and . "OK. Her fingers went immediately to his jeans." She nodded. God. I was pleased to see it was no larger than mine." he said and the camera was passed to Lorenzo. Cindy climbed up over Leon's lap and pressed her wet pussy against the thick shaft. How could she take that thing inside her? I seemed to be more worried about it than she did." she was told and she bent to her task. Darnell seemed pleased. Darnell wasn't ready to let her come. which rose up like a monolith. She looked up at Darnell. man. Lorenzo was close by. for she was making adoring noises as she worshiped his cock. "Ohhh.

" "PLEASE FUCK ME!" Still he teased. then pull it out again. "What about your husband? Don't you want to ask him if it's all right for you to fuck another man in front of him?" She shook her head. he moved between her legs and began to ease his cock into her. "Look at your husband. "Oh. He'd give her an inch. She was ready to explode. giving her just the tip." he said. Then Darnell unzipped his pants and pulled out his ebony cock.Lorenzo got more close-ups of her sopping wet pussy. he teased her." she said. I felt the camera swing toward me. "No!" "You don't care if he watches?" "No!" "What about Leon or Lorenzo? Can they watch?" "Yes!" "Can they fuck you?" For the first time. sitting there watching you suck black dick." "Please what. Her eyes got wide and she began making those little noises in her throat again. catching Cindy in the foreground and me sitting in the chair across the room. slut?" "Please fuck me. your legs apart like a whore. Still. I wondered if my erection would be obvious. her mouth slurping while her legs stayed apart. "I… I don't…" She looked at me. My own cock was rock hard at this moment. . god. as was Leon's and Lorenzo's. she hesitated. Finally." "Say it louder. "Please. letting her feel the bulbous head rubbing past her lips. He knelt by her head and made her lick on it.

"Don't look at him! He's not in charge here." I said. I am. but my cock wouldn't let me." "OK! I'll fuck them!" Her head was moving back and forth. Brian!" I sat back. "Yes! OK! Please!" Darnell smiled at me. "That wasn't what we agreed on. "You have to be my slutty slave too." More teasing. stunned. Cindy was almost out of her mind with desire. "Please!" "Please what?" "Please fuck me! Stick it in!" "Only if you agree to fuck my friends. stop everything." I said. "Do you care that your husband doesn't agree?" "No! Let them fuck me! Please.I said nothing. her concentration on Darnell's cock . making her say and do anything he wanted. I was ignored. "You have to do something for me." "I want to feel them come inside me! Please!" His cock was relentless. "Without condoms? Do you want to feel their seed splash into your womb?" "Hey!" I sat up. But I wasn't ready to give up yet. then." She turned and looked at me and for a moment. "Yes!" "Tell your husband what you want. It threatened to burst out of my pants and I knew I wanted to see my slutty wife get royally plowed by these three men. Part of me wanted to stop it. his hips continuing to twitch.

giving her all eight inches at once. With each thrust. She looked like a rag doll against his larger body. Her mouth was open and her eyes glazed. Cindy wrapped her legs around his waist and hung on. Leon's hands were gripping her hips tightly. but it seemed to be too late now. He came hard and pushed his cock deep within her. . Leon quickly took his place before I could change my mind and rammed his huge cock into her. she nodded. more fluids dripped out and dappled on the coffee table. "OH MY GOD!" She screamed and shuddered with the power of it. While she was cleaning Leon's cock. Lorenzo was getting some good shots. He fucked her hard and fast. Lorenzo handed the camera to Darnell and slipped between her legs. "All right. as he plowed into her. When Leon pulled out. I had made my devil's bargain. He moved to her head and made her clean him off. After a few minutes he pulled out and I could see his whitish sperm oozing out of her well-fucked pussy. she moved up a bit on the table and he had to pull her back down against the base of his cock every few strokes or she might fly off the other side. "OK. She climaxed again and clung to him. I worried about letting them fuck her raw. I watched. although she was clearly exhausted. amazed. slapping her ass and bouncing her up and down on his cock. Darnell let out a bellow and came inside her. Darnell had to press back on her shoulders from the other end to keep her from sliding off. "Oh my god!" She cried out and hung on to him. his dark skin a contrast against her white and reddened flesh. moving around to capture her defilement from every angle. Brian. Her mouth and eyes flew open and her first orgasm slammed through her. His cock slid easily inside her. But he wasn't satisfied just to fuck her – he pulled her torso to his chest and stood up. he thrust hard into her." she said in a small voice.abated. but I could tell she understood what I was saying. With that." I nodded to Darnell. He carried her around the room. Cindy climaxed as well. He didn't stop and it looked like she came again within a few seconds. Finally.

filling the bottom inch of the glass. I didn't like the way things were going now. When I pulled out." She rose and waddled into the kitchen. holding the glass to her pussy. but I think he could tell I was adamant. "All right. When he pulled out. "God! God! God!" she screeched. She came back with the glass and Darnell made her hold it underneath her to catch all the sperm. Sure. I couldn't wait until I could fuck her." and made Cindy hold her pussy closed. It ran out in rush. Everything had moved too fast and I wished I had never started this. hanging on for dear life. I went and sat back in my chair." cackled Lorenzo. Darnell told the others. No way. go get a glass. I tried to ignore them and fucked Cindy hard and fast. "Watch this. bending her in two as he pounded her sore pussy. "Drink it!" Lorenzo shouted when the fluids dribbled to a trickle. "I wonder if she can even feel his dick after all that hard black cock she's been getting. my arms crossed in front of me. standing there. her eyes glazed with post-coital euphoria." I said. I watched in growing disgust as Leon. "Lookit! They husband gets sloppy fourths. baby. as my mind was whirling with negative thoughts. he dropped her on the couch and began fucking her in earnest. once again holding the camera. Go stand in front of your husband and drink up. but just barely." . she thrust her hips back into me as she cleaned Leon's cock. The three men were derisive. legs apart. a real goopy mess. one hand firmly cupped over her slit. "Yeah. but I got the impression she was just going through the motions." Leon added. He tried to press me. I wasn't going to drink the cum of all of us. "Not tonight. for her reaction wasn't the same. Darnell. I managed to come. Her legs were caught by his elbows. I knew what was coming and I shook my head. "Cindy slut. She looked at Darnell who nodded. I wasn't sure if she did feel me. He came in a rush and I could almost feel what Cindy must be experiencing.Finally. It was all getting out of hand. zoomed in on my wife." he conceded. I moved up to her and slipped my cock inside. we don't want our delicious black seed to go to waste.

but I knew I had no power over these men. I'll give it to Cindy on Monday. "Hey. I want Cindy to have it so she can add it to her daily collection of films she has to watch. When I returned. "I'll protect her – and you. Maybe Darnell realized he had pushed me about as far as he could. I rose and took the glass from her hand. Afterward." he told me. She told me she felt guilty." That stopped me – the thought that my wife would be masturbating to those videos every day while I watched kept me from protesting further. for he didn't object when I told them it was time to leave. There was only a little left. I went to the kitchen and rinsed the glass out and put it in the dishwasher. It didn't really make sense – it would have been better if he had just given her the tape right then. I watched her throat move as she gulped down the sticky fluids while the three men cheered her on. Fuming. "That's enough!" I said. as they headed for the door. I want to save it first." I said. a towel in my hand. "Don't worry. "what about the tape?" I held out my hand. but she couldn't stop herself. it took Cindy a while to calm down from the overwhelming emotions of the night. finding my legs underneath me. Besides." I said. Darnell grinned. Cindy came and looked down at me."No. but I felt helpless to stop her." I said. She raised the glass to her lips and started to drink. "Not yet. . the men could tell from my expression the party was over. But I didn't make any further protest as they left. "Nooo. It was a refrain I'd heard too many times before." "No!" I said automatically.

in rapt attention. was the wrong way to approach it. "OK. but I could tell she missed having Darnell there. like before. she would've confessed – and suffered the consequences. which. In the end. I wasn't sure if I would try to dominate her again later or not. better do it or he'll be mad. getting so close to climax that I didn't think she'd be able to ." God. Monday evening when she came home. But we both felt we were going through the motions. Futhermore. "He wants me to watch it. "I don't know.Chapter Six Sunday. making sure I fondled her and slapped her ass. Darnell was controlling our sex lives. we let the moment pass. I asked her if Darnell had uploaded it to his computer and she shrugged. one hand between her legs." "And masturbate? But don't come?" She nodded. Her expression let me know she wasn't sure how this would work. I sat on the couch behind her as she stripped down and knelt on the rug in front of the TV. God. but I had no doubt that if Darnell asked her if she watched it every night and she hadn't. in retrospect. she didn't even care what he might do with it? Her caviler attitude dismayed me. We watched. Cindy gamely did what I told her to do. perhaps wondering if I would tell on her if she didn't. A real dominant would've just done it. even when he wasn't around. I wouldn't. but that part wasn't nearly as exciting as the others. I reminded Cindy that she agreed to allow me control. rubbing herself. I did too. I didn't ask him. "What did he tell you to do with this?" She had the decency to look embarrassed. My cock got hard again. as those three men plowed my wife. I should have known that things said in the heat of passion don't necessarily come true later. I made her strip down and walk around naked for awhile. not asked her permission first. naked." Cindy looked at me funny. I was satiated from the night before and sex now seemed like a pale imitation. she brought the videotape of Saturday night's festivities. I was curious too. Yes. I had my dick out. playing with it as Cindy stayed on the rug.

I felt powerless to stop what I . "Tip the camera down a bit. In a few seconds." she said. He wants me to contact him on this. "What?" "Darnell says I can't fuck you after I watch the tape!" "You told him we did that?" "Yes! I can't lie to him. "Can you see me OK?" His voice came out of the tinny speakers. pulling away even as tears of frustration rolled down her cheeks." "Call him?" "Yes. stunned. I jumped up and forced her over onto the rug. sir. Cindy. I could feel my erection fade. He said he'd be waiting. "Hi. I want to see your swollen pussy. "No!" I pulled back. She retrieved her notebook computer from the bedroom and sat on the floor with her legs on either side of it and turned it on." She struggled to get out from under me and I let her go. What was she going to do. When the tape ended. You're my wife!" "I know! I know! Darnell says I have to call him first. one hand pressing against my fading erection. but I couldn't move her hand away without hurting her. considering the bandwidth required. legs outstretched. I could see a small box appear showing Cindy her own body." I could only stare as she brought up the video link." She adjusted the picture until he was satisfied. Then a larger box opened up and I spotted Darnell's face in it.stop. "I thought you were going to call him. I sat back." "But you can't possible expect me to sit around. I tried to force her. built into the frame above the display. This laptop came equipped with a small camera. I watched." "I am. "I want to fuck you. pussy on display. call him and masturbate on the phone? Then she did something strange. getting ready to fuck her when she yelled and put her hand over her pussy. The images were surprisingly good. but she always did. I just retreated to my spot on the couch. horny!" I couldn't believe this. puzzled.

" "Did you see Darnell at lunch?" "Yes. "Today. "I got it. She half-turned again and said. her legs apart and held it up. I heard Darnell's voice order her to tell me what happened." Her toy? I sat up. sir. getting the tip wet and then put it in her mouth." Darnell said. he drove me to an adult shop. Cindy rose at once and left the room. Cindy faced the camera and asked what she should do." So she had fucked him alone again. seeing your naked wife with a black dildo thrusting out from her mouth. I wondered if he was recording this and had to assume he was. But I tried it out for Darnell afterward." "When did you get that?" I asked. despite our deal. he made me climb up on his lap and fuck him and then I had to go in and buy a black dildo that was about the same size. He seemed to be rewriting the rules as he went along." "Did you try it out first?" "No. go get your toy. "Good slut. She could only get the first third in. Darnell made her rub it up against her pussy. She returned with her purse and pulled out a large black dildo. handing you a laptop on which her lover was directing her like she was a porn film star. I turned the computer around until I could see his face on the screen. . can you hear me?" I was startled. She sat down again. "Now hold the cock in your mouth and stand up and give the computer to Brian. "They won't let you open the packages. Before he let me go in. made of some rubberized material." she giggled. silly. She turned and glanced at me over her shoulder. "Now. "Brian. At lunch.was seeing. It was very strange." he said. I couldn't help but become hard all over again. with a suction cup at the base." She turned back to the screen. in the car. "At lunch.

yeah." She did so. "Please. I thought she was going to come. I want to see you really fuck yourself. holding the computer between her legs so he could see her naked pussy forming around the dildo. Before you come. Sweat began to form on her upper chest and face. sir!" "Please. She began pushing herself up until the cock was almost out of her."Uh. So I did what he asked. slut?" "Please let me come!" Her legs were tiring now. You may come." I started to protest. what. "Now straddle it. lick the suction cup and stick it on the corner of the coffee table. When the sweat began to fly off her body and her head was thrown back. "Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!" she moaned. sir. Cindy began to move faster. moving fast now." "Good. but something stopped me. she suddenly slowed and looked right at the camera." I found myself obeying. get a close-up for me. anything!" "Good. then falling back down on it. to tell him I wasn't going to do that. I want you to keep the camera pointed at your wife so we can both watch. her thighs clenching and unclenching. Maybe it was already too late. She was really getting into it now and I moved back to avoid causing her injury on a corner of the laptop. despite his order. "Cindy. The cock stood up obscenely. "Brian." ." She widened her stance and eased herself down the big monster." "Yes. sir. Her pussy was already reddened and wet from masturbating and she slid down easily on it. I want you to pretend that's my cock. you must ask permission. "What will you do for me if I allow it?" "Anything. but I didn't realize just how powerful his hold was over her.

held up only by the cock spearing her." "Well. I got up." "I know." I told him." I was angry. "I know. But I can punish her for disobeying me. "What? You don't touch her!" "That's not up to you any more." "She couldn't have stopped me if she tried. I didn't give it. I don't like that he's hurting you like that. I helped Cindy up off her cock and carried her into the bedroom. threw on my clothes and returned to the living room." . Darnell was still online. so I snapped the lid closed." to the distant dominant who controlled her life." I stared. but she was still limp from her climax and helpless to stop me. I was such an idiot! Tossing the computer onto the couch. I tossed her on the bed and stripped off my clothes. don't go anywhere near that guy. no. He nodded. "Ohhhhh GOD!" she cried out. "I told you not to. I returned to the bedroom." "You can't whip her for something I did!" "I told her not to fuck you unless you had my permission. I didn't care. "OHH GOD!" As she collapsed. Her mouth was open and her neck was taut with the power of the climax thundering through her. she muttered. But you should think about what this will mean for her before you go exerting your husbandly rights.Cindy thrust herself down hard on the cock. "Thank you. thank you. stunned. I thrust into her at once and she gasped and beat on my back. before I climaxed inside her myself. "No." she said. her legs slapping against the table. "Did he tell you that he'll spank you if you fuck me without his permission?" She nodded. It's up to me. Feeling very pleased with myself. I fucked her until she rose to another orgasm. "You can't control when I fuck my wife. Cindy was just pulling on her clothes. I realized I was still holding the laptop so he could see. one I forced from her. Brian. cutting off our contact. Surprisingly. Brian. thank you.

sir!" Whack! She called out the strike as I watched. I don't want one. distracting me and forcing me to the couch. "No." There was really nothing more to say. ready to throw myself at him. Brian!" Cindy pleaded. I burst in to find Cindy. I don't think he's going to whip you. "Stop it!" I cried and came over."He's not really hurting me. holding his belt. I could tell she'd already been hit a few times. She had a hand between her legs and she was masturbating. I came home at six. wanting nothing else than to fuck her right then and there. Behind her. I knew I'd have to wait for Darnell to take his turn first. "Four. "When will this happen?" She tipped her head and stared at me as if I wasn't too bright. . "Ohhh!" Cindy said. With a sudden rush of anger. Of course. to see Darnell's car out front. one of her movies playing on the screen. rocking with the intensity of it. is he?" "And you're just going to accept this?" "Yes. "You want to get a beating?" She stood. Almost immediately. it happened the very next night. "He's not hurting me!" "He sure looks like it!" I said." In fact. He just reared back and gave her ass a solid crack with the belt. He's just teaching me. dressed only in her shorts." I couldn't understand how she could be so complacent. "Don't. naked and on all fours on the carpet. but he didn't say anything. but my anger had already begun to dissipate. That's up to Darnell. From the marks on her ass. my erection began to rise. Darnell was standing there. as usual. but I deserve one. "I don't know. her bare breasts swinging free. I had to assume Darnell noticed. She wanted this! Or maybe she needed it." "It wasn't your fault – it was mine!" "Well.

" he told her. I could see their erections growing in their pants and looked away. Despite my hard-on. slut." I said defensively. Cindy. she'll pay the consequences. "Next time you disobey me. Leon held that damn camera and be began filming the action. reddened ass up. one eyebrow raised. even if it had been a little boring." I said. I want you out of her life. "I don't want you to see my wife anymore. slut? I don't think Brian can hear you. I rose up and peeked through the window to see Leon and Lorenzo coming up the walk." The door opened and Leon and Lorenzo came in as if they owned the place. Darnell ignored them. "What was that." "Noooo. my voice hard." At that moment. "Come on. Leon and Lorenzo realized they had walked in on an "important moment" and stood there. If you want to fuck her. I heard a car door slam. "That what you want. watching us. Cindy?" She shook her head. I wanted my wife back. "No matter." she breathed." He shrugged. How could she like this abuse? . He looked down at Cindy. taking in the scene before them. He looked up. she gets punished." "I'm only controlling her. If she fucks you without permission."That will be enough for now. it will be ten strokes. I wanted my life back. "it wasn't her fault. They paused in the doorway. still on her hands and knees." "Hey." "You can't control us like that. I'm going to make her quit her job and find another one. "Shee-it." Leon said. "Hey! I didn't invite them!" I shouted. I knew what would happen next and I wasn't ready for it." I said. you can't go on like this. I really wanted to end this. "Darnell. smiling from behind the viewfinder.

" she breathed at last. Darnell!" I said."You're right. He turned to Cindy. made them let me go. Do you want to stay with your husband. "You know I'll take very good care of her. "No. "If you want me to. "Yeah. as if he were explaining things to a child. slut?" She glanced over at me. He gave her a small smack on the ass with the belt and repeated his question. slut? You want to stay with Brian or come with us?" "I want… I want…" She didn't seem to be able to speak." he said calmly." he said." she said. "How about it. ignoring my spear of a cock. "I'm sure she'd like to fuck some more big black cock. You want to go." "Stop it. slut. but they were too big and strong. Right." Leon added. I couldn't believe it. "No way!" "Yeah. Cindy. then her eyes locked onto Darnell's. "I … I don't know! I don't want to hurt my husband!" "You're going to have to decide. we'll take her. Cindy! They'll hurt you!" I couldn't imagine she'd want to be fucked any more tonight. Any one of them could've kept me immobile. standing now. turning the camera toward me to capture my angry expression. "Yessss. "I don't care! She's not going!" Darnell came over and stood in front of me. "Look. Cindy?" Cindy just looked from Leon to Lorenzo and finally to Darnell but said nothing. with a wave of his hand. or come with us?" My head whipped around. "Leave her alone!" Leon and Lorenzo came over at once and grabbed me. one on each side. I struggled against the other men's grips until Darnell. don't you. "It's already . I don't think she can. You must decide. I struggled. "Speak. Brian." Darnell assured me.

" I did and I could see he was right.too late. But Darnell had taken over Cindy's willpower. I'll protect her. "I'm trying to make you understand." she said simply. throwing clothing into an overnight bag. right – you've done a bang-up job of that so far. Cindy loved what Darnell did for her. Darnell turned to her. it had been a lark. but I didn't feel calm. "And put that camera away!" Darnell nodded at Leon and the camera went off. One of relief and joy and acceptance. I couldn't really explain it – for me." I said again. then I pushed past the other men and went after her. Cindy got up at once and headed toward the bedroom. Look at her. They'll abuse you. Instead. Your wife isn't your wife anymore. you can't want this! They'll brutalize you! They'll humiliate you!" "Brian. go pack a small bag. "He gives me what I need. You've lost her." His voice was calming. "You can't possibly want this. "Cindy. but eventually. we'd go back to the way we were. She was his now and I had made it all possible! "No. as if he controlled her. still naked. "I don't expect you'd understand. "You're not taking her. But I belong to Darnell now. Or maybe I had in mind that I would take over for Darnell and Cindy would become my submissive. I didn't really have a good response and I feared I might start crying if I tried to speak. letting her gang-bang two of your friends. she wants to be humiliated." "Oh." She moved at once." She looked at me with an expression I hadn't seen before. I had imagined that we would "play" at this for a while. I was stunned for a couple of seconds. "Cindy." I turned angrily to Leon." I said. Just bring the necessities. She's my slut now. And she knows I won't brutalize her. Brian." "But what about us? Our marriage?" "We can still be married. Brian. She was moving about the room. grabbing her arm. Cindy. I had trusted both Darnell and Cindy when they said this was just a phase they were going through. I just stood at stared at Cindy." . a sexy new way of seeing my wife. so I said nothing.

Now. twice." I pointed the gun at his midsection. "What… what happened?" I said. Cin?" "As many as he tells me to. Our marriage was good and all." Darnell raised an eyebrow. but he has awakened a new part of me that I can no longer ignore. "So you're just going to leave. fully loaded again. If you shoot one or all of us. and I yanked it out and followed her. She wants to go. Lorenzo made a sudden move to grab the gun. "She's not going anywhere. I turned to Leon. My gun was there." she said simply and walked out of the room." "What? You want to be his slut and do whatever he tells you to do?" "Yes. but I did care." "I don't care. . just like that? Throw away five years of marriage?" She paused and her next words drove a stake into my heart. Everything happened at once after that. Anger overtook me and I spun to the nightstand. When I awoke. Brian." "I will if I have to. I could see the boots of policemen everywhere. "You really don't want to use that. congratulating her on her decision. As Leon thrust out the camera. I heard it go off. "Darnell makes me feel things that I never thought possible before. I wanted that tape. you'll go to prison. once." I couldn't believe it. The room got hazy and I faded away. "Look at the facts. I was on my stomach." He shook his head."Darnell? The guy who hands you off to his friends? How many different men are you going to fuck. Not to mention that the tape. but my hands were handcuffed behind my back. "Hand over the tape. They were all standing close to her. then Darnell threw himself at me and I fell painfully to the floor. You can't stop her. "will become evidence in your trial." I said. Like she had a choice! I raised the gun and told them. Everyone will know how you lost your wife." he tipped his head toward the camera in Leon's hand. I tried to get up. I felt the gun being wrestled from my hands and then someone hit me in the jaw.

leaned down. "You mean." "Where's Cindy? Where's my wife?" "She's being interviewed. What an idiot I had been! . What had I done? I looked around and spotted a red stain on the rug not far from where I lay helpless. I thought. "… a gentleman by the name of Lorenzo Tatum was wounded. relieved. It would show how I was complacent at first. How she was leaving me for some dominate man who made her feel all gooey inside. Darnell? That would be fitting. the tape would be become public and be used against me. And they'd be right." "Oh. I allowed it to happen because it turned me on. "Who got shot?" I interrupted the detective." I could just see the expressions on the detective's faces when they heard her story. He paused. What happened?" "Brian Cooper." "Your wife is fine…" I sank back down. I just wanted them to go away. but I could no longer hear him. "You awake?" "Yeah. And the tape! Just like Darnell had predicted. even if it meant fucking his friends. A jury will probably think I got what I deserved.A man in a rumpled suit. god. you don't know?" "No! The gun went off. his badge tucked into his front pocket. How she loved to do his bidding. He had a crewcut and he looked at me like I was a bug. You have the right to remain silent…" He droned on. And because I thought that I could replace Darnell in my wife's life. but objected later and threatened the men. He's at County General right now. I looked around for her. Then I wondered who had gotten shot. Who had I shot? God. I hoped it wasn't Cindy. you're under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon and use of a gun in a felony. I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

I can remember seeing Cindy and Darnell in court that last day. But I had no doubts they would show up at Darnell's house later to celebrate Cindy's new life. I looked. once I got out. "He's outside." "Why? Don't get me wrong. Divorce papers. but she was happy in her new subservience to Darnell. I figured. It took me a few days to get settled into prison life. But I knew. And me? I got six years. I was held in jail because I couldn't raise the two-hundred-fifty-thousand dollar bond. People snickered when the tapes were played and everyone looked at me like I was some kind of bug after that. sad and happy at the same time. After the verdict was read and I was taken away. I turned to see them staring at me. But I knew what she was thinking. Cindy would be a completely different woman.Chapter Seven The events of the next few weeks went by in a blur. She looked good. I've lost her forever to a dominant man. so I wasn't facing murder charges. but the evidence was overwhelming. albeit a bit dazed. about two weeks after I went in. Probably from all that sex. "Where's Darnell?" I asked. It took the jury just two hours to come back with a verdict of guilty. I was very pleased – and surprised – to see her." she said. but I didn't see Leon or Lorenzo in the crowd. She would welcome it. Probably will serve just four. Darnell had one arm protectively around her and she looked. She brought some cookies. My attorney did the best he could. I doubt she'd even remember me. . I just didn't think he'd allow it. with good behavior." "He wants me to give you these. well. once. I'm happy to see you. pulling some papers out of her purse. The trial was an ordeal. She was sad to see me go to prison. Fortunately. He sent me in here alone. when the jury filed in. Damn him. I couldn't even pay the twenty-five thousand to a bail bondsman. Cindy came by to visit me. if that was possible. Lorenzo survived. The bullet had struck him in the stomach and he made a full recovery. They would all fuck her brains out and degrade her.

"So you are leaving me for him.I nodded. Brian. I forced myself to stop thinking about her." "That's it? Five years of marriage. You didn't have to shoot poor Lorenzo. You could've come along with us and we would've included you. I wondered at first. Even now. but just to see what a slut she will have become. Not to cause trouble. I have to admit. so there was no property to divide. We had rented. it was a favorable settlement. an idea tickled at the corner of my mind. Still." She flashed me a smile and left. our plans for kids. I signed the documents and put the envelope out for pickup. You could've shot me!" That was true and I closed my eyes in relief that I hadn't. when I think of how she behaved around him. THE END . when I get out. Of course. Maybe. It worked for the most part. "I was just trying to get my life back." "I was protecting you!" "I didn't ask for your protection. of course. but after a few months. She didn't ask for spousal support and she agreed to pay her debts as long as I accepted mine." She stood. Now it's too late. "Please sign those and mail them back in the envelope provided. Brian. Certainly not at the point of a gun." "Yes. what she must be doing. Cin – can't you see that?" "That life is over. I might look up Darnell. all shot to hell?" "You could've gone along with it. I still get an erection. The days passed slowly. All in all. I took the papers back to my cell and read through them. from my point of view. just to see how she's doing.

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