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TRAUB, KEEFE AND ERRANTE, P.C ©} DOCKET NO. A22M-CRO05-0057898-S : SUPERIOR COURT | STATE OF CONNECTICUT : JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF MILFORD v. : AT MILFORD ROBERT DULIN : MAY 15, 2009 MOTION FOR SANCTIONS AGAINST AFFIANT PETER CARUSONE The defendant, Robert Dulin, respectfully moves as follows: 1. That on this day the defendant has filed a Motion to Dismiss the Charge of Violation of Probation (attached hereto) in this case. 2. That for the reasons outlined in that motion, the defendant respectfully moves the court to hold a hearing and appropriately sanction those members of the Department of Adult Probation for their inexcusable, dishonest, unwarranted, and malicious actions in this case, As a result of those actions the defendant Dulin has been greatly harmed, including being falsely arrested, 3. The defendant incorporates herewith those arguments and allegations made in his Motion to Dismiss the Charge of Violation of Probation. THE DEFENDANT By: HUGHE, KEEFE, ESQ-—" Lynch, Traub, Keefe, & Frrante 52 Trumbull Street ° ‘New Haven, Connecticut 06510 Fax (203) 787-0275 Juris #034876 TRAUB, KEEFE AND ERRANTE, F.C. ° ORDER ‘The foregoing Motion having been heard, it is hereby ORDERED that the motion be GRANTED/DENIED. BY THE COURT JUDGEVASSISTANT CLERK CERTIFICATION Thereby certify that a copy of the foregoing was mailed and/or electronically filed on May 15, 2009 to all counsel and pyro se parties of record as follows: Assistant State's Attorney, G.A. 22 Office of the State’s Attorney 14 West River Street Milford, CT 06460 Martina Kardol, NCC Regional Supervisor CTP.SB. 955 South Main Street Middletown, CT 06457 Peter Carusone Office of Adult Probation 867 State Street New Haven, CT 06511 Robert Santoremma Office of Adult Probation 867 State Street New Haven, CT 06510 KEEFE, ESQ.