Edward Snowden (left) has received praise from former Congressman Humphrey (right) for doing the right

thing in exposing massive and illegal violations by the US NSA headed by its commander Alexander. Oddly, the US government is designating Snowden as the criminal and not the goons inside the NSA. It is like the US hunting down the reporters in the 1970s Watergate affair, not the Watergate burglars. Therefore Snowden is right to be fearful for his life. After the end of the Vietnam era, the great new found freedom afforded by the end of the compulsory draft aided by a booming economy spearheaded by the grand wonders of the digital revolution caused the US to evolve itself into a conservative society (i.e. society believing it can do no wrong). The digital revolution brought along immense wealth and technology and, fast forward to the fall of the eastern bloc, the US went from conservative society to fascist entity with dreams of global dominion. By the time of G W Bush, the US regarded itself as fully ready to take over the globe but this course took an unexpected turn or slight detour when the US had to invade or wage war on several Islamic countries. Several trillions of dollars later, the US was deeply in debt instead of being able to finally crown itself master of the universe in our time. Still, the US was always able to manipulate world markets to provide itself a second throw of the dice at becoming conqueror of the world. The US churned out tons of worthless paper and sold them, and gave away rivers of cash to speculators and arms merchants. The worthless paper created a global crash and after the smoke cleared the US found itself in very undesired shit ; it was now to be overtaken by a new rival. The US by then under Obama decided on a THIRD throw of the dice i.e. instigate global cyber mayhem(war) but Snowden stopped it cold.

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