July 2013 Coach: Rey Castro

West Ham International Academy Australia – July 2013 U12 – U14

Coach: Reinaldo Portillo-Castro

we will have a section aiming also to improve the unmarking side on players by playing also a 1 touch pass back to players in possession training 1st pass Coach: Reinaldo Portillo-Castro .Monday 15 July 2013 This session is prepared with the objective of practicing / improving participant’s effective first pass while in possession Depending on the level and age of participants.

drop shoulder movement will gradually be introduced Coach: Reinaldo Portillo-Castro . a second ball will be played and instructions such as receiving in back foot. forward passing.Positioning – passing warm up 40*30 2 – 3 touch passing Allocate bibs according on football camp participants Players will be allocated in 2 or 3 teams depending on numbers and start passing the ball. After a few minutes.

West Ham United International Academy Positioning exercise start Objective: Warm up aiming to start focusing the participants on the skills required to practice – improve first pass Organization: 3 playing fields of 20*20 numbered 12 &3. • Players are meant to maintain possession if they lose the ball. press immediately to win ball back 1 2 C 3 Coaching points: Communication First pass Unmarking etc Coach: Reinaldo Portillo-Castro . (depending of philosophy and organisation of camp) Progression: • Players start passing the ball around grid when coach calls a color. players wearing that color move to following grid performing a dynamic move given by Coach. 10 balls 24 cones 18 players (12 minimum) 3 bib colors Time: 15’ Dynamic movements to entire participant group after 3 minutes of active football exercise.

Player receives ball from coach and pass it first touch to a goal Coach: Reinaldo Portillo-Castro .Positioning + Skill Dev Training unmarking. 4 support players on 2 touch passing and men inside unmarking and using support for possession on 1 touch passing Coaching 6-8-10 first pass improvement when pressing.

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