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French, Natalie

From: Sent: To: Subject: Ries, Natalie Thursday, February 09, 2012 11:40 AM Audra Meyer ( Walkthroughs

Hi Adura, I would be interested to see the letter you send to your staff after our walkthroughs yesterday. Ive compiled some of my notes and am passing them on you. I dont remember the names of all of the teachers we stopped to see so I am grouping them in the order of our observations. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Listening to CD, student working individually on desktop computer Teacher comments: Get busy, You know what you need to do next, Honey you need to sit down, You dont need to staple it, Do you have a name on it? Work on capital letters/word choice Promethean board is outlining RAFT process Students working in pairs to write a letter with a specific audience and purpose in mind, each group has a different task Three pairs working quietly and efficiently 1 pair tipping the chairs 1 pair digging in the trash Loud voices, students discussing Teacher working with pairs individually to provide feedback or answer questions Watching ten commandments video on promethean board Students working individually on a worksheet that asked them to reflect on the commandments Two students passing papers One student reading Two students turned around talking to peers behind them Teacher pauses to ask questions, rephrases students responses Newz brain weekly on promethean board, students know how to use the board as opposed to only the teacher using it Students seated in teams, quiet while waiting for their classmates Teacher comment, pay attention to the key number or key word Students sitting on floor, raising hands to speak Comments from teacher: Whos with me, I like how quiet were being when were waiting our turn Student project in groups on transportation Expectations/directions very clear, repeated twice, allowed students to ask questions: Do we have to draw a picture Promethean board on, no use during class

Middle School


Students working quietly Two students walk up to board to check HW One student receiving positive feedback from a teacher One student unfocused on work

Room 2 - All students quiet and engaged - HW/Assignments and expectations on board Science - Using laptops to do research for biomes project - One student using laptop for games - Very loud, little direction - Three off task conversations between three students or more - Students sitting with friends - Audra When do you decide to intervene and when do you decide to let things go? Spanish - Assignments on board - Music playing - 14 students - All students reading or working on homework Social Studies - Sign out/pass system - 16 students - All quiet and reading or working on HW - Assignments on board Wow! I am impressed at how many rooms we got to! Next week Im available Tues, Thurs, and Fri from 12:55-1:40 or Wed from 12:25-1:05 if any of those times work with you to meet. Enjoy the end of your week. Natalie

Natalie Ries
Indian Hills Junior High 8th Grade Spanish