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Week 4: Setting SUNDAY Students begin weekly A to Z reading comprehension and assessment.

Students will be able to read aloud at their level and answer comprehension questions. Resources Reading A to Z books & questions AM / PM Students will be placed in leveled groups Students will work in groups to complete grammar and vocabulary review and one group at a time will come up to select their book and begin reading Teacher explains reading exercises and conducts demonstration. Students read their book silently, then aloud in pairs, teacher circulates for independent reading assessment. Students complete comprehension questions. MONDAY Students will demonstrate knowledge of good character and good leadership through their description of Sheik Zayeds life. Resources Journal Exercise #2 AM Model good story telling for journal exercise. Students work in groups to write their story plan for the Sheik Zayed journal. TUESDAY Students will be able to describe different settings using both visual and figurative clues. WEDNESDAY Students will synthesize information from ECART research into a story plan for their final project. THURSDAY EMSA students will begin EMSA work.

Resources PowerPoint AM Students will complete short pictoral quiz to determine understanding of setting vocabulary. Teacher will show PowerPoint, stopping periodically for student exercises. PM New vocabulary for describing pictures. Students will work in leveled groups to describe various settings. Low level students will be given sentence structure prompts. Extension work for high level students write a paragraph describing a setting without saying where it is. Homework: Find your own picture on the internet and write a description Notes

Resources AM Teacher will provide a model for character and setting descriptions (leveled for each group). Students will work independently to complete a paragraph for both descriptions. PM Students will continue work on describing character / setting. Teacher will remind students of story plan independently students will complete for their story & will receive detailed feedback.

Resources AM Journal #4 practice EMSA writing.

PM Students work independently to complete their journal. (teacher independently circulates to complete reading A to Z)

PM Reading comprehension EMSA exercises.



Homework: Complete story plan for Sunday Homework Journal