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Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats

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Published by Aditi Singh
by edward de bono
by edward de bono

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Published by: Aditi Singh on Jul 20, 2013
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Based on the work by Edward de Bono

Confused thinking arises from trying to do too much at once. not what is.“Thinking-The Ultimate Human Resource”    We can always improve our thinking skills. . We should emphasize what can be.

Argument   . Judgment.Three Philosophers  Socrates: Focused on the Negative Plato: See Shadows of the Truth Aristotle: Concerned with What Is-– Analysis.

Six hats is parallel thinking. .

Results of Six Hat Thinking     Deriving power from focused thinking Saving time Removing ego from decisions Doing one thing at a time .

WHITE Neutral and Objective Deals with Facts .

RED     Emotions Feelings Hunches Intuition .

BLACK     Serious Cautious Careful Lays Out Risks .

YELLOW      Optimistic Hopeful Positive Thinking Constructive Effective .

GREEN  Creative New Ideas and Concepts Search for Alternatives   .

BLUE      Control Organization Responsible for Conclusions Sets the Focus Use of All the Hats .

Use Preset Sequence  Discipline Timing Guidelines   .

Results of Six Hat Thinking Decisions Seem to Make Themselves! .

What If It’s Not Possible to Make a Decision?  May Need More Information Can’t Reconcile Values May Depend on Future Information   .

.  Allows a switch in thinking without threatening ego.Two Main Purposes For Six Thinking Hats  Simplifies thinking by having to deal with one thing at a time.

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