JULY 21, 2013

NR # 3171

Solon wants barangays to get a share of their PDAF projects
The barangay officials may soon be given a share of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) allotted to members of Congress. Re-elected Rep. Florencio Garay (2nd District, Surigao del Sur) said the objective of the measure, which he would re-file in the 16th Congress, would utilize barangays as effective partners in the pursuit of national development and social progress. However, the bill will only earmark the amount of P300,000 for every barangay to finance its local infrastructure projects. Under the bill, the barangay officials shall be given the authority to decide on the design, plan, specification and procurement of the equipment and materials necessary to implement the projects. The planning, implementation and coordination of the infrastructure projects shall be under the supervision of the barangay where the particular public works project is assigned. Garay said a way of achieving local autonomy is to entrust into the hands of the local government units, especially the barangays, the right to plan for their growth and economic development. “Under the Local Government Code, barangays are likewise empowered to enforce the laws, maintain public order, ensure delivery of basic services and promote the general welfare of its constituents,” Garay said. Garay said the objective is to decentralize the management of funds intended for projects of the barangay to prevent the delay in the implementation; ensure the full implementation of the projects or infrastructure intended for barangays; promote coordination and cooperation between and among LGUs in the development of their respective localities. “The enactment of such law will bring about maximum efficiency in the implementation and maintenance of projects and it will also ensure the promotional allocation and distribution of public works funds intended for projects of each barangays,” Garay said. (30) sb

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