Garden Styles of the World

The garden styles of the world are:

1. English Garden:
The grass is the natural ground cover in English country side. This is due to the favorable climate and rains occurring throughout the year. The concept of English gardens is that they should look like the countryside. The main features of English gardens are : i) Lawn ii) Herbaceous border4 iii) Rockery and iv) Flower beds.

2. Italian Gardens:
These are similar to Persian and Mughal gardens. In these gardens, the use of heavy masonry is of great importance. The main features of this styles are i) Massive flight of marble stairs to connect different levels in the garden. ii) Decorative runs iii) Fountains iv) Stone sculptures and v) Statues

3. Mughal Gardens:
Such types of gardens are laid out in symmetrical forms, and are either square or rectangular. The garden is divided by a central water canal. The entrance in this

type of garden is a big gate. On all sides a wall is constructed. At the end, there is a big building. The garden at Taj Mahal is a good example of this style. The most important feature of this style is the presence of running water.

4. Japanese Style Gardens:
The Japanese gardens are famous for their unique style, natural beauty and calmness. The Japanese, being lovers of nature, miniature natural landscape features of the country i.e. Mountains, rivers, lakes, island, bridges etc are created in Japanese style of gardens.

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